February 13, 2018

The Beauty of That Realization

You do not need to learn what you already know, you just need to remember, but you are so busy that you have no room for it. The space is being taking by activities of the mind and its desires, its vanities, its whims, its search... The mind is taking all the space that you have for Being. So, you get married, you have children - or you still want to do that - what implies work, the necessity of working, the necessity of building a life to attend all your desires. Desire has many consequences. Some may look good and others may not, but these consequences are either good or bad for the one who is busy with it, and when you are busy, your space and time are taken. Thus, there is no time and space for Being, for Happiness, for Realization, for Completeness, which is this Love, that is this Freedom.

When you come to Satsang, you are willing to be unoccupied and find some time for Being, to investigate the Nature of Being, the Nature of Reality. But, you cannot investigate the Nature of Being, the Nature of Reality, and come across that Wholeness, that Completeness, that Freedom, that Love, that Happiness, while you are dealing with the "person" and its desires – the desire of being a father, of being a mother, of being the head of the family, to accomplish something... The "person" will never have time and space for anything else than itself, but when the “person” is there, there is not Truth, and if there is not Truth, the illusion operates, and illusion is suffering.

Ignorance is not real; the Truth was just not remembered. The Truth is not remembered while the illusion of ignorance remains. The illusion of ignorance is this remoteness to other things, which occupy the place of Truth, of Divine, of God, of Consciousness, of Wisdom, of realizing your Divine Nature, your Real Nature. That is why sages speak of the importance of going beyond the world, of renouncing the world. Now you understand the implication of this! To renounce the world is to live without conflicts that desire produces. To renounce the world means to be "dead"!

That is why Satsang is scary! That is why some people come and then they give up! Satsang is for everyone, but, in fact, it is only for some because, deep down, no one wants to die. Everyone wants Happiness, Peace, Freedom, Truth, Love, but they want the way the mind wants. In short, you want to have everything you have acquired and everything with which you identify, but you want to remain without conflict. So, Happiness is an impossible thing!

Being "someone" means having things, which makes you feel "alive", and "someone alive" is not in peace, because dealing with what you have gives you a lot of work, a lot of worry, it takes a lot of space and time. Have you understood the whole question? That is why one speaks about renunciation ... It is indeed a death! It is not basically abandoning everything from the outside, because this is relatively easy. If you dare to say no to everything and everyone, you can do it. Some have already done! But "death" is not in this! It is something much more radical! It is an inner matter!

This space and time that is needed for this Awakening begin and end here and now. They begin with the reminder that you are not a body and that this body is not yours, or that which it comes into contact with - people, objects and places. So, the center of the question is, "Who am I?"

Perceive the beauty of Awakening, the beauty of this Flourish, the beauty of this Realization ... It is not about what is outside the body, nor about what is inside the head, but about this realization of your Real Nature, of this innate "Thing." The recognition of This, the remembrance of This, is the death of the illusion of ignorance, it is the death of the "person," it is the death of desires, and when desires end, fear also ends. I am not talking about a real death, but an illusory death, because only that which is an illusion can die. What is real does not die! Only what has appeared can disappear, and what has appeared will disappear, this is a matter of time. So, it does not matter what you love; it is not yours!

Notice how beautiful it is! There is nothing that is permanent that remains unchanged, untouched by disappearance. Impermanence is the nature of apparitions, but there is something there that cannot disappear, because it never appeared! You know it is there, but you have never seen it! There is something that is present, it cannot be denied, but it will never be found, because it will never be seen! It is like the eyes: you know they are there, but you have never seen them. To see them, you have to look at the mirror. But, when you look at the mirror, do you see your eyes or the mirror? Do you notice this? You will never see your eyes! At most, you will see something that reflects something. Likewise, your Being cannot be seen, your True Nature cannot be seen, cannot be captured, be picked up, but It is there. You have forgotten of Being, you have forgotten what you are, and now you are with objects, you are with mirrors. You will never know who you are! Remembering is possible, knowing is not!

The only thing you have done wrongly, erroneously - and that is why you are entrapped, suffering, confused, disoriented, scared, full of problems - is to get confused with what you are not, forgetting who, in fact, you are. You are doing this by looking at mirrors, finding things you cannot hold. You cannot hold your material wealth, your emotional riches, your possessions ... People are psychological possessions, psychological images and things are physical possessions, but you cannot hold this. You cannot hold the body, because it is also a wealth that does not belong to you. When you get sick or your body starts to fail, you become very desperate, you become very scared, but the body will disappear. You have to use this time and this space to remember that you are not the body and that the best place to be is in Satsang, especially when the body is failing because it is where you discover that you are not the body.

In India, it is appreciated very much the opportunity to stay before a Jnani, before a Sage, before a Master, who is the one who lives in totality, unidentified of the body and, consequently, of the world and the apparitions. Then trust is in Grace, in Presence, in Sanity, in the Holiness of a living Master, because, perhaps, a look will be enough to leave the form serenely, without cries of despair. If you surrender your life to God, then also surrender your death to Him! You do not control your life, so you cannot control your death. But if you surrender your life, God takes care of your death. So, the point here will always be this: Who are you?

If you ask a Sage, "Do you know who you are?" He will answer, "No! I do not know who I am ... I Am!" With this Realization, who is left to know? Nothing is left! You may ask, "Are you an Enlightened One, a Realized One?" I do not know! I only know what I am not: I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am not the world, I am not the experiences, I am not a father, I am not a mother, I am not a grandfather, I am not a story tied to this body. So, if you say that I am handsome, this is your business, not mine; if you think I am ugly, that will be an issue for you and not for me; if you call me Guru, that will be your business; if you call me fraud, it will also be your business, not mine.

It is simple, is not it? I am anything you want me to be right now, because the next moment you will want something else and you will also have this freedom to see me any way you want. I will not care either, because I know what I am not; because I am only what I am.

* Originally published in Portuguese on December 13, 2017 **Excerpt from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in the city of Cabedelo - João Pessoa - on December 2016

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