February 26, 2018

The illusion of the pursuit of happiness

In general, the view you have about the world, the life, and everything around you is something driven by choices, desires, and fears, something that you are constantly trying to manipulate; this is the basis of human conditioning. We do not remain with the reality of the present moment, and that means that we do not remain with the truth of what is, what is here. Thus, the totality of the events is always being mentally interpreted. That is, we are constantly interpreting the life, the reality through the thought, the ideas. We are always trying to fix, to adjust the totality of the events.

We cannot approach the Truth through the thought. There is no reality in the thought, for it is just a phenomenon happening, like any other, which can give no meaning to anything. The thought cannot interpret what happens, nor can interpret life, this thing so vast and mysterious, and yet this is what you have been trying to do through the thought.

All knowledge and information always involve the notion of time, space and a perceiver of the things. So, perceiving the things is always in this notion of time, space and a perceiver, with the thought and his ideas about what happens. What I am saying is that every notion you have, for example, about family relationships, is something that you, as a perceiver of what is happening or seems to be happening, are always evaluating in time and space. You are always creating a personal history about all of this, and, of course, you are very involved with this history.

Your personal identity is inside this history. You are the perceiver, in time and space, and this falsifies completely the reality of the phenomenon, of this simple event. You are always judging, comparing, accepting, or rejecting, and this is producing suffering for this false "me" present, because this is the perceiver of time and space inside the events. This is completely false, for it is not possible for you to know the totality of the events as the perceiver, identified with the illusion of this false identity.

All of this information involving time and space is only a creation of the thought itself, and, consequently, this mental representation you have becomes necessarily dualistic. In other words, the mind is judging what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong, and it is within this thing of like or dislike. See how interesting this is: this is duality and that is exactly what sustains the illusion of a sufferer; and suffering is only possible when there is a "sufferer". This is the world that you know when you are lost in the mind, identified with this belief.

The mind creates a psychological time and space - it tries to evolve within that space and, in order to evolve, it needs time. It is never satisfied with what is arising at this moment. It is immersed in all sorts of knowledge, experiences, and trying to turn "what is" into something else. So, it creates all sorts of illusions, the greatest of them is the pursuit of happiness; it projects a "happiness" that it idealizes and goes in pursuit of it, through a personal, professional, loving accomplishment ...

This is the model, supposedly logical and true, of the reality in which you were educated to live, but, in fact, it is only a psychological representation of life, a mental interpretation of a purely subjective, imaginary reality. Now it is clear to you why we call it "sleep state", in which the "dream" of separation, of an entity separate from God is happening; as if there were you and God, you and the Truth ... This is the "dream" happening in this "sleep" of the ignorance about who you truly are

There is such a beauty in this moment called Satsang, where we can talk about it, not with words, but through self-inquiry. There is something that can break all this up: a life of surrender and dedication to the investigation of the Truth. You were born just for this. You were born to discover that you had not been born, that there is no any separate entity present in this one reality that is God.

So, this intellectual, verbal, mental, imaginary representation of the world, which is based on this belief of time, of space, and of a perceiver, is completely false. This ends up inducing the appearing of this state of unconsciousness, known as "sleep”. The basis for all this is the identification with the thought.

How can you follow this? After all, what does hearing this mean to you? How does that touch you? How does it sound to you, that you are not this personal consciousness, that you are not who you believe to be, that there is no individual present at this moment?

The thought is always the basis of time and space; the basis for this false identity to "move".

OK people. Let's stay here and until our next meeting. Namaste!

* Originally published in Portuguese on November 14, 2017 ** Transcribed from an online meeting on the night of September 18, 2017 - Online dating every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm – Local time: Brazil, Brasilia BRT.

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