February 18, 2018

The immersion of the mind into the heart

Welcome to Satsang! We are once again together in this wonderful purpose, which is the approximation to the recognition of this moment. Our Natural State of Being is right now, at this moment, of absolute Happiness and that is what has escaped from us. What obscures the flow or expression of this Happiness are these constant thoughts occurring inside the head, in a rapid succession.

Thoughts are like clouds obscuring our Natural State of Happiness. The habit of the mind is this restlessness... The "egoic mind" is extremely agitated and in this state we are unable to experience this inherent Happiness. Unhappiness is this agitation of the mind - too much occupation, worryness, anticipation - and all confusion is a consequence of that. The truth is that the mind is constantly being driven by its old habits and conditionings. So this movement of identification with thoughts, which produces desires and fears, is something very constant.

Thus, the mind is constantly urged to move outward, always moving towards its externalities, always toward things that it imagines to be important for itself. If you observe, the mind is always occupied with particular subjects, always involved with stories connected to the sense of personality, personal. The purpose of the mind is to accomplish something for itself, as the sense of "person" is very important to it. The mind is, basically, this sense of "person". Thus, this Natural State of ours, of absolute Happiness, present in this instant, it is being obscured by the constant movement of the mind and its thoughts. The greater is the activity of the mind, the more obscure this State becomes; the faster is this restless movement of the mind, the more is anxiety, stress, nervousness, worryness, suffering.

Right now, in this room, you have an encounter with a speech born of this Natural State of Happiness. So, the Master is the one who shows us that it is not possible to realize or to reach Happiness, because it is something already present here and now, in this instant. All we have to do is turn ourselves to the right direction, which is not the exterior; the correct direction is the immersion of the mind into the "Heart" and this is the space or place of Happiness.

Perhaps your question is: "How to lessen this agitation? The mind and its agitation, the mind and its thoughts, the mind and its plans, projects, worries, anticipations"? Maybe that is your question, and this is why our emphasis is on Meditation. The art of Happiness is the art of Meditation, but it is not what you mean by meditation, for quiet the mind temporarily, so that it will stir again, it is not Meditation. This kind of meditation has been taught around the Planet.

What I understand by meditation is to be quiet, not to be still physically, nor to force the mind to stillness. This, in a certain way, with some exercise, some practice and time, you can do, learning to focus the mind on one single point, to breathe in a certain way; there are several techniques that can give you this, in this format. Our emphasis here is completely different. Basically, Meditation is the flowering of your Natural State and the "terrain" for the flowering of This, of this Meditation, your Natural State, is the careful, patient, applied observation of this moment-to-moment movement of the mind. So this self-observation is the Real way of investigating the illusion of this false “self”. Therefore, self-inquiry is self-observation.

If you are driving your car or walking somewhere or sitting watching TV, this is the time to observe this false "I". Just watch! Observe the thoughts that come up, what are the concerns, the motivations, what are the memories of two hours ago, from a previous day. So, in front of the TV, driving the car or walking, you are watching the story of a false “self" revealing itself. When that comes, it tries to capture you in time, which is created by thought, by that imagination, which is memory. Thought is always imagination, which is knowledge.

This knowledge, which is thought, imagines the past and the future. When you get lost in this time created by thought, you are identified with a character, with the story of that false “self”. As you drive the car, walk or watch television, it is not this moment that matters to the "ego-identity", but the story that arises at that moment. When you are captured by the story, you are in the illusion of the false “self”, agitated by this "ego-identity", and there is no Freedom, Peace, Love, Happiness.

So, Happiness is not present in driving the car, walking or watching television. You are identified with a character, trapped to the story of the "I", of this false identity. This is the illusion of this character, your illusory state of being; it is the absence of your Natural State of Meditation. Therefore, Meditation begins when this space is completely clear from this mental agitation, memory, imagination, of these thoughts.

It is necessary to discover the Happiness of your Natural State, which is Meditation in that instant, in this present moment. This is Real Meditation: to completely dissociate yourself from this illusory "I", this character. This fundamental Presence of our Being is pure Consciousness, pure Freedom, Truth, Happiness.

Notice that in our lines, we never separate "Being" from "Happiness", because Being is Happiness and Happiness is never separated from Meditation! This is the truth behind everything. When, by an action of the Grace, you are attracted to Satsang, when you come to Satsang, the only purpose of this encounter is the encounter with God, which is Being, Consciousness, Happiness. So, the Guru, or Master, is the one who attract us exactly to show us the irrelevance of the mind, the illusion of this character that you believe you are.

It is quite interesting... Everyone is drawing your attention to exteriority. When the Master comes up, he captures your attention so that you turn inward - hence the importance of the Guru. He is the one who tells you: "You are not the mind, you are not the body"; "You are not these feelings, nor these thoughts". My understanding of this is that you are in no condition to discover this alone, otherwise you would already have. The Master is the one who points you this, who signals, who shows you this, because in a true Master this work is already finished. What I am talking about is that a true Master is the One who has already realized This; I am not talking about a teacher, a mentor, someone who still feels like a "person" but speaks theoretically of this "non-person". Therefore, sharing the Truth is sharing the Being, the Happiness, and This is Meditation!

OK? Let's stick around. Thanks for the meeting! Namastê!

* Originally published in Portuguese on November 28, 2017 ** Transcribed from a talk in an online meeting on the night of September 20th, 2017 - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm - To participate, just download the Paltalk App and enter the room that is open only on the time of the meeting.

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