February 5, 2018

The Real Meditation

These meetings deal with something essential, fundamental. We are talking about the recognition of our own Being. We are dealing with the recognition of this impersonal Being, which is Consciousness, of this unlimited Truth that we are, of That which is always present. Some call this recognition of Awakening or Enlightenment, which is, actually, the simplest, clearest, and obvious fact of life. However, the paradoxical thing is that this has been neglected, because all the education you receive, since childhood, is to neglect What you are. You are so busy with a history, that you are forgetting, neglecting, where it is, in fact, been unfold, emerging, appearing, happening, because all the conditioning we receive is to deal with the "history."

Therefore, our interest in Satsang is in this recognition of our own Being, this impersonal, boundless and ever-present Reality, called Awakening or Enlightenment, a simple and obvious fact, something really intimate of each one of us. However, attached to the imagination, to the "story", we neglect THAT, which is present as an unimagined Reality, where this "story" unfolds, appears; where the thought, imagination and the story, appears.

You can spend your whole life studying this subject theoretically, verbally, listening to speeches like these that we have done in Satsang, or reading books that deal with this same subject. However, this will still be a part of the imaginary story of a present "I", of a present "entity", whereas, in fact, this is pure imagination, for there is no entity, no present "I". You need to go further, beyond that, which means stopping this imagination. In other words, you need to explore this Presence, this Consciousness, this Space where all this unfolds, where all this happens, That what, in fact, intimately, is yourself. You are conscious now... So this Consciousness is not strange to you. You know about this Consciousness, you know that you are It.

So, if you explore this Consciousness, which is, in fact, intimately known, you will discover that there is no limitation in It, for It is not located, personal, and It is not in time. The thought and the body, with its sensations, imaginations, feelings, emotions, which can be remembered, explained, translated into words, those are part of the time, but That what is witnessing all this happening is not limited, is not personal and is not part of the time, of the imagination, of thought.

The nature of the Reality is the nature of that Consciousness, which is Freedom, Truth, something outside, beyond limitation - this is the subject in Satsang. Only That which is aware and present, now, as Consciousness, cannot be limited, located. Only this Consciousness can know of Itself and, therefore, only It knows itself boundless, without location, independent, present and aware. Thought, sensation, emotion and imagination cannot do this, but can only appear due to this Consciousness. That is why I said it is something simple and obvious, and an intimate experience of each one.

In this way, the relation between Consciousness and these appearances is that they all appear in It. You, as Consciousness, are present and aware of these appearances. It is not these appearances that are aware, present, and aware of you. You are conscious of the body, mind, emotions, objects and sensations, such as the touch, smell, taste, and so on. It is not these what is are aware of you, but it is you who is are aware of those. Do you understand?

Thereafter, Awakening, or Enlightenment, or the Realization of God, is the recognition of this non-spatial, non-temporal, non-limited Consciousness beyond the body, mind, and world. This awareness, this recognized Presence, is Meditation. It is not the practice of meditation. I am talking about the Real Meditation, in which there is no "someone" in a certain practice (this is still the movement of the thought, in this illusion of "someone" present in the experience of meditation). The Real Meditation, which is the recognition of this aware Presence, non-limited, non-spatial, non-temporal, is the Nature of the Being, of Freedom, of Enlightenment.

Is it really weird to hear that?

Participant: Master, even the idea of the world must disappear in this experience?

Master Gualberto: The nature of this mind-body-world experience is Consciousness. So mind-body-world is the way this Consciousness is presented and it is not separate from It; it is an appearance in That. This separation between Consciousness, mind, body and world is only produced by the thought,  it is an imagination, for there is no separation. These appearances come and go in this Consciousness, which is your True, Real Nature. 
The real meaning of this Liberation is to be disidentified from the illusion of the body-mind-world experience, from the illusion of these appearances, from the illusion of an experiencer within them. There is no "someone" in this experience, there is only the Consciousness, as body, mind and world. The illusion of this identity, of this experiencer, of "someone" present disappears, and if this disappears, suffering, conflict and fear will also disappear. All your experience of suffering lies in this illusion of being "someone" within the experience, trying to do things right or trying to change, to modify or to transform what is being presented into something else. That is, there is the illusion that there is "someone" who can do this. Here is about recognizing that there is no "somebody" present, what I have just refered here as recognizing this Presence, as being aware of this Consciousness, which is spaceless, unlimited, timeless.

Participant: So all perceptible objects are creations of this Consciousness?

Master Gualberto: No. All objects are this Consciousness. Consciousness creates nothing. It manifests Itself, as appearances that are present here now, and, in the next moment, disappear. Everything is It, in Itself. There is no separation in this Consciousness. Therefore, it does not have a point, a line, a demarcation, a border, where the Consciousness ends and the objects begins. Everything is this Consciousness, without separation, without division; everything appears and disappears in It. It is this Real Nature of your Being. You are Consciousness. You are not a "person" with decisions, choices, desires, and fears. You are not a "person" in the search of peace, freedom, happiness and in the seeking for God. This "person" is the illusion of an experiencer in life, which comprises body, mind, world, thoughts, sensations, emotions, feelings, and so on...

This, basically, is the end of the sense of separateness, of duality; the end of the conflict and fear. If we look simply and directly to any and all experience happening at this time, we will realize that there is no distance between this perception and that experience. Distance is created only by a belief, an idea, a concept, of an "I" separate from the "non-I", which is the experience; the "I" experiencing the experience, which is the "non-I". But this separation, division, is created only by the imagination, by the habit of thinking that way. This habit of thinking this way produces the "feeling this way”, which is an illusion, because there is no border, there is no division between "I" and the experience. It is like the illusion "me in the body", "me and the body" (the body as the experience and "me" in this feeling, experiencing the body). This is only a belief, because there is only the body, there is not the "me"; there is no "me" within the body. So, this "I" that has a name is an illusion... This name is only memory, it is only a thought, which does not have an owner; it is just an event in the machine, in the mechanism. This movement of memory, in the illusion of the imagination, it is an "I" thinking, whereas, in fact, there is only the movement, the thought itself, and not the thinker with his thought or the "I" with his body.

If you are willing to see this in a direct and real way, as a Realization, not as a theory, a belief, a concept, come to Satsang face-to-face meetings.

* Originally published on October 28, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online meeting on the night of February 15th, 2017 - Download the Paltalk App and join our meetings that take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10pm (Sao Paulo-Brazil time)

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