February 1, 2018

Truth is Happiness

Once again we are together, focusing on what is essential. Once again we put ourselves in this disposition, having a legitimate approach, which is this approach of the "heart". Our purpose in this meeting is to investigate this question of Reality. This work is for those who have already realized, clearly feel, that life without this Realization is a life without meaning; is for those who feel a real impulse and are willing to truly investigate this question about Realization which represents the Real Happiness.

Life without this real meaning, which is the realization of what we truly are, it is a life far from the Reality, distant from the Truth, and Truth is Happiness. The basic theme in Satsang is always the question about Happiness; not the search for a meaning to the life, but the realization of Happiness, which is the Life. The mind is always seeking for a meaning to itself, which is the meaning it projects as being real to itself. Here we are not interested in the mind and the meaning it seeks. The mind, with its projections, it may be in search of peace, freedom, happiness, or whatever it projects, but everything it projects is part of what it wants, or part of what it fears. So, this cannot be real.

Happiness is the State of Being, it is not a state that the mind can attain, because everything the mind can obtain is still part of itself. Enjoying the real Happiness of the Being, that we are, it requires that the mind return to the Source, leave its usual agitation. The mind is usually very agitated, with thoughts, feelings, desires, fears, imaginations, conclusions, goals, and all of this is turned out, to what it knows. These activities of the mind are the cause of all disturbance, all confusion, then, it needs to cease these activities, and that is when you are disidentified from the mind.

Being identified with the mind, means that you are far from your Essential Nature. All confusion lies in this identification with the mind. The true Happiness is something described as this Peace, of which the scriptures treat of, talk about, a Peace that surpasses all human comprehension - it is this Natural State of Being, in which the mind, with all its activity, ceases; it is this understanding of your Real Nature. You spend the most part of your day by mistaking yourself with thoughts, feelings, and all that the mind knows; having a few moments of rest in Yourself, of rest in this Presence, in this Consciousness, in this Truth of Yourself, which is Happiness, Peace.

Do you understand that? Notice that this is exactly how it happens!

So, all this activity creates the disturbance, dragging you away from this simplicity and calmness of only Be. Happiness is something that already exists here and now, within us, and in fact, it is our true Essence, our true Nature. But the mind is always looking for sensations, seeking satisfactions and achievements of pleasure, and, in addition to this, it is constantly running away from something, some pain, which is fear, basically. This is the movement of this ego-identity. When we say that Happiness is essentially our Being, we are saying that this same Happiness is the nature of the Consciousness in us. So, when there is the Consciousness, there is Happiness.

If you carry some form of suffering, this is a sign of unconsciousness, of identification with the "egoic mind". It is impossible to have unhappiness in the Consciousness. Misery and suffering is possible in unconsciousness, but this is something impossible in the Consciousness, because the Consciousness is full Happiness, it is full Freedom. Unhappiness is imprisonment. It does not matter the condition of the body nor of the psychosomatic structure itself, that is, it does not matter the condition of the body or mind (here, mind is this mechanism of perception, movement of thoughts, memories, intellect, and so on...) when there is the Consciousness all this works in a very natural way, without any conflict, disorder, disturbance and suffering. The only strange element here is this "egoic mind", it is the illusion of an identity attached to this identification with the stories, attached to the imaginations of thought.

Usually, the sense of "person" is present in this unconsciousness, overwhelmed of beliefs, stories, desires, worries. Therefore, Happiness means Consciousness, and Consciousness means true knowledge, without any delusion. In India, this true knowledge is called Jnana, that means the understanding of what is false, and this understanding is the end of the false, of the illusion; this is the Real Knowledge.

Is this clear?

When the false is seen as false, the illusion loses all its power and disappears. So, what is present is the Freedom, Consciousness, Happiness. Thus, the mind returns to the Source and disappears there. This is Silence, Intelligence and Truth. You cannot know what you really are whilst identified with the mind, its desires and fears. Unless you have this clear vision, the true knowledge of who you truly are, you will always be living in fear and desire, and by living in that way there is no chance to have the Real meaning of the word Happiness. That what is your Natural State can be seen only within this realization - when the mind ends - and, then, every quest ends; the material, spiritual quest, ends.

All of this needs to be found, or verified, within you, not outside. The word Satsang means encounter with the Reality of the Being - the Reality that you are, here and now, within. This is Being, Consciousness and Happiness - Sat-Chit-Ananda (this is the expression of the Vedanta).

Okay. Let's stick around. Thanks for the meeting. Namaste.

* Originally published on November 22, 2017 ** Transcribed from a speech in an online meeting on the night of September 11th, 2017. Meetings online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm. Download the Paltalk App and join us!

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