March 19, 2018

A Buddha in this world is a miracle...

Only by being in Satsang, before a Buddha, that you see how far you have been away from “home”. This is so with everyone! You need to give yourself time in Satsang to get close, by far, to the meaning of the word Happiness, the meaning that a Buddha gives to the word Happiness, because, to you, happiness is only the relief of a superficial and specific suffering that you are having at the time. So, if you do not give yourself time to investigate this in Satsang, you have no chance to getting out of maya, going beyond samsara.

Are you following what I am meaning?

The state of unconsciousness is very large and the state of "love" to this lie is very strong. This makes that the ego be contented only with this shallow joy of worldly distractions, even because it gives an immediate relief to that specific and superficial suffering in which the egoic "mind" lies. But what this egoic "mind" carries in the background, hidden behind this superficial suffering, is much greater... This suffering is much greater. So, it is totally unconscious, but quite purposeful on the part of the egoic "mind", in its delusion, to seek suffering and this is due to its miserable and illusory state of being, something that is passing through as you.

If you have the opportunity to be here, as you are now, and you simply turn your back on THIS, you are prolonging the misery, you are losing THIS. Do not do such a thing; do not remain "masters of yourself"! You are completely lost inside of this illusion.

What is the question?

Participant: I was wondering if it would be legitimate for us to want to stand before You in order to relieve the suffering, or if it is another fraud of the ego and the mind...

Master: You cannot do anything else at the moment. Any move you make, still without this full Consciousness, in this unconsciousness that you bring in this egoic-state, it is still not the right thing to do.

You should not come to me to feel relief from suffering, but rather to investigate the illusory nature of the suffering. But of course that when you get here, you realize that your suffering is relieved. It is for better to be here in relieved suffering, even knowing that it is temporary, investigating the real nature of the illusion of the suffering, rather than taking a glass of “pinga” [brazilian drink], filling yourself up with whiskey, drugs or at a night of orgies.

Here, you have a moment of Presence, of Grace, where you feel temporarily relieved of this burden, of that burden of suffering, but, next to that, you are having the opportunity to investigate the illusory nature of the suffering. So, this here is no longer an escape from your pain, but a door that opens up to show you that the pain is an illusion.

Now, you have to allow yourself to deepen this here with me, because otherwise it may take a long time for you to stand on your own legs. If I, as a doctor, prescribe you a "medication", you should take... You should not question anything. You have no authority to question my "medical knowledge", whether there is a better "medication", another kind of a more effective treatment... You may even do that, but you will be wasting your time.

This is like getting on a plane, getting into the cockpit and saying: "Can I talk to you? Did you drink today?". You need to trust in the airline and their pilot. Here, you need to trust in your "doctor", you need to trust in your Guru. If you do not trust in your doctor, the disease can progress to something much more serious. If you do not trust in your pilot, you will, for sure, miss the flight, and get late for your appointment at your destination. If you do not trust in your Guru, you will continue to suffer miserably.

My words are wise, my Heart is noble and the atmosphere around me is of Freedom and Happiness. You either welcome or lose THIS! From the first day that you meet me, you are facing a miracle. Wise ones are those who have not been far from my eyes since the day I met them. Blessed ones are those who have accepted, since that day, from the day of the miracle, this approach I have with them today.

Every time you are with me, forget everything else. It is the moment of trust... it is time to accept, blindly, these words. You have no way of knowing whether the pilot drank or not; all that your doubt can do is to miss the flight. All that your doubt can do for you is to aggravate your clinical condition, because you did not take the medication. All that your doubt can do in this contact with God - who came to you on a miracle day - is you do not receive this Blessing. This expression: "that which is impossible", "that which is only possible for God in your life", that is what we call a miracle. A Buddha, in this world, it is a miracle... It is your miracle!

Do you think that I spend many hours studying to bring these lines to you? Do you? Do you think this is second-hand knowledge? Is it knowledge that I am dealing about? What am I dealing about here?

Participant: It comes to me that it is about the Truth, that I have nowhere else to go.

Master: Yes, I am the Truth! It is Fresh, New, Spontaneous and Natural and you are just like me... The same Freshness, the same Novelty, the same Freedom, the same Intelligence, the same Wisdom, the same "thing", but you have to be quiet, on here. You have to give yourself that! Give yourself Freedom... Give yourself Wisdom... Give yourself Happiness, Peace, Sanity. You do not have to go anywhere else any more.

** Originally published in Portuguese on December 12, 2017 ** Excerpt from a face-to-face meeting at the Ramanashram Gualberto in Campos do Jordão in October, 2017

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