March 14, 2018

All this must end

Here, at this meeting, we are before a real way of listening to This. At first, we may get in touch with this by the merely theoretical and verbal side of this subject, or we may have the opportunity that you are having here, where our interest is not in words. We have nothing to add to you from the point of view of a teaching, we have no knowledge. So, it is not a thing to be learned - not in this meeting, in this room. If your goal is to learn about this, I recommend you look for some book that can tell you about it. Books and lectures are important tools for learning about a particular topic or subject.

The subject that interests us in this meeting is the investigation of the Real Nature, of the Truth about ourselves. Since Truth is not found in words, there is only one way to investigate it, and that way is this "right listening". So, when you come across, in this encounter, the Silence that comes from this inner observation, you can come across the Truth. So, there is nothing intellectual about it!

This action, this activity implies in this absence of any preconceived idea. We are not here struggling to reach an imagined goal - Wisdom is not the result of it. You do not see the Truth of your being by struggling. That way you can neither imagine nor fight. Therefore, the imagination, the struggle and the basis of a preconceived idea are totally false. We cannot count on this in Satsang.

Satsang means encounter with the Self - with your own Being - the nature of the Truth. So, it this is not a subject to study. Here, you investigate the nature of the illusion, since the nature of Truth cannot be attained. Thus, you attain a perception of the illusion. Once illusion is seen, there is no longer any illusion there. Therefore, when the false is perceived as false, the Truth is already present. So, we will not bring your Being from anywhere else, we will not reach It and pull It with a rope. It is not a matter of acquiring or of reaching the Truth, but of a simple realization of Its presence when the illusion ends. When the illusion is seen, it disappears... so it ends.  That is the greatness, the excellence, the beauty of Satsang.

You cannot get it before a teacher; all he can give you is knowledge. All that a book, a lecture, or a teacher can give you is new instructions. Only the Truth expresses, communicates the Truth. The Truth is the Self itself, the Consciousness itself... So, here is the importance of a true Guru. This is the true Guru, it is when you are fortunate to come across this Presence on the outside. This external Presence is the Sage, who is the Truth! A Sage, the One who is in his Natural State, is not a teacher.

So, can you realize what the opportunity to listen directly to this means? Listening to this is to stand before the Truth, knowing about it is to stand before a teacher.

This knowledge, nowadays, is everywhere! You have easy access to this knowledge! However, listening to this for real is very rare... real Satsang is to stand before the Guru. And, here, the Guru is the very Being, the Consciousness, the Grace, the Truth. So, your own Being is this Presence. This moment is unique to you. We are not teaching you anything, we are only facing the Silence. It is from this Silence that the response to "Who am I?" comes. This is a result of Meditation and not of knowledge, of experience, of specialization, of the ability to communicate, or to understand it.

The Truth cannot be achieved, as we have already stated, It can only awaken! When everything is completely ready, when all obstacles are removed, all beliefs, conclusions, opinions, judgments, imaginations... when all desires end, then Truth express Itself.

The movement of the mind happens inside you like this: "When I look at myself, I clearly observe this... I am forced to admit that every day I am a prisoner of hundreds of desires!" So, there is no Happiness, there is no Freedom, there is no Peace! If the investigation of what we are is the end of all illusion, then there is this awakening - the awakening of Truth. All this must end; this is the condition for this revelation, for this Real manifestation.

There is no amount of studies that can be done, of books that can be read, or of lectures that can be listened for this to happen. What I am saying is that it is necessary to plunge into yourself, beyond the mind. It takes work of complete renunciation of this false “me”. That is why I recommend everyone be in touch with the Truth, directly! In this sense, the Guru is essential, and the work of surrender is fundamental; without this, there is no work going on.

You can spend a lifetime studying about this subject, reading all the books that have been already written and might be written, listening to all the talks, learning about all this, mastering the subject, and even making speeches about it. You might even become a great teacher, known worldwide as it is happening nowadays! However, all we have is an instructed, educated person... My invitation is for you to disappear! It is the end of this person, it is the end of all knowledge. This Realization is the Realization of what I could call the unknown. The Realization of the Unknown! This is the Real Knowledge.

Realization is the finding of the knowledge that will never be known. Therefore, It can never be taught or learned. This is the Art of Happiness, which is Meditation, Being, Wisdom. This is present when you are not present, when the whole sense of person evaporates.

* Originally published in Portuguese on January 05, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online meeting talk on the night of October 25, 2017 - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm (Local Time: Brasilia BRT Brazil) - Download the Paltalk App and get involved!

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