March 1, 2018

Awakening is the result of work

You see a pianist playing with all his resourcefulness, ability, spontaneity, and you say: "How beautiful it is. He is so natural doing it! I wish I could do it." So, the first time you sit down before the piano, you see how this is complicated, but for him it is very simple... When he does it, there is so much grace, so much beauty, so much naturalness on it!

It is exactly the same when you come across a Sage, a Self-realized One, and you say: "How beautiful is This! Why cannot I do this? This is so spontaneous, so natural... Why does not my piano play, make music like that?"

But, you should not feel that way, since that pianist started training at the age of five. When he was two years old, his mom would already put him sitting on the stool and make him play with the keys, picking up his delicate and little fingers and tapping them on the keys... He started very young; he has been working on it for many years.

The realized Sage is the result of many hours of "piano". A man like Ramana, who was never captured by the web of illusion, was born with many hours of "piano". So, you should not feel this way... You need to "sit at the piano" and get started. Since your fingers have no ability yet, the brain "does not work well with the hands", there is also no motor memory in the fingers, the mechanism, the "machine" [body], and then you do not reach the "notes"... There is a lot of effort and no result... A lot of Satsang and you look and say: "Nothing is happening. I still cannot see the life, the world, not even the people that way"; or "I am still offended, hurt, I feel rejected"; or "The 'sheet music' is in front of me, I know the notes are there, but I cannot get it right..."

Do you understand what I mean? I know the whole theory, I have heard it for thousand times. Trust in what I am telling you. Do not give up! You still have difficulties, because you do not know how this egoic mechanism works. You cannot understand the whole trick, you are easily distracted. You do not realize what is clearly happening there, the old tricks of the mind, and it has been in this exercise for a long time. When we meet each other here, I say to you: "Do not give up!" After all is settled, there is no problem anymore, and then the music is played easily. But, at this moment, you need to give yourself time. Truth is not in time, but illusion is the time!

There are some Advaita teachers who are already "playing the piano" with skill, easily, seeing it is very simple, so they can say to you: "You do not have to practice... It is all so clear! There is nothing you can do or need to do." This is the current Neo-advaita speech, but this is not my experience with my Master.

One day I heard a speech from Jiddu Krishnamurti in which someone from the audience asked him: "Sir, this seems so simple when you speak, but I cannot live it." Do you know what Krishnamurti's answer was? "Get out of here and live this. You do not live because you have no interest." He had so much strength in his argument, so much Wisdom in his speech that no one could really argue with a Buddha, but this does not work out, because the person goes out from there and everything remains the same.

I was fortunate to have never heard anyone talking about this "Thing". In the year of 2007, when “This” happened here, when the "bomb exploded", I did not know what had happened, because I had not heard anything about It. I had contact with Ramana, my Guru, but in the heart. I had not read about It, had not known who He was, who He had been.

Only many years later that I knew His story, and only now, not long ago, I began to read about Ramana. I did not know anything about This, so I was very happy. My guidance was in the "heart" for 21 years, from 1986 to 2007, when the "bomb exploded", and I did not know what had happened: "What is this? I am in everything! Why am I inside her, him, the objects? Why is there only me? Why is this 'thing', which I call now Joy?  Why is it all silly? Everything is very funny!”

For 21 years, there was fear, doubt, sadness, trouble, but there was a direction from Him... Ramana was alive here, far away from any imagination about this thing happening today around me. So, from my experience, you have to be patient with it, to trust in your Master. At some point in your life, the Grace of God will touch and draw you  – that is when the Guru takes shape for you.

Therefore, it is not like the Neo-advaita ones say. Perhaps, some were already born "playing the piano", and others are pretending to play (this is much more common to happen), but this is not my experience, because I was not born "playing the piano". In my case, it was not at 16 years old, not at 8 years old (as in the case of Papaji, who could only settle all this, establish the State, at the age of 34 before Ramana). So, in my case, it was not at 16 years old, not at 8 years old, but at 45 years old.

Yesterday, we had a cake: 55 years... And I have been here for ten years, in my Natural State. I am 10 years old! I am a child! You should not remember my chronological, biological age, because I do not care about that age. Since you like to remember things, remember when the Guru was born, when your Master was born. When he was born, he was born because of you, to find you. He was born to love you, to be the only Love of your life, the only real Life. So, you have to be patient with yourself and you need to trust in the One who "came" before you.

* Originally published in Portuguese on November 24, 2017 ** Excerpt from a speech at a retreat at Ramanashram Gualberto in the city of Campos do Jordão, on October, 2017.

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