March 17, 2018

It is in you that the universe appears

I am Meditation, I am Joy, so I do not need anything... You already have a lot, just go with it. Do not want anything else, because then you create the future, and you have to listen to the lecturer teach you how to make a plan for five years from now! I find it very funny... "Make a plan for the next five years! Where do you want to be?" Where can you be other than Here? That makes no sense to me…

Does that make sense to you? Where do you want to be in five years from now? At here! And fifteen years from now? At here! (laughs) How can you get away from yourself? Time is a social convention! Thought is the social and time is a convention of the thought, it is a social convention! There is no such thing as time! Time is distance between appearances. If I throw this thing [master threatens to throw an object] I conventionally create the illusion of time to say that this appearance has gone and get to some place, but what I call place is the illusion of the space where only appearances are possible. But what is the reality of the appearances without the space? So, where did the time go? You do not have to study physics to see that. Time is only possible in the space, they are distances between appearances - what we call objects. But what are these objects? They are appearances in the space! But what space are we talking about if there is no appearance? So, where is the time? It must to study physics, to know mathematical formulas? Please! (laughs)

When you say that the peacocks are on the other side... how can you affirm such a thing? You have to build a space! And this space is just an imagination, and that is what creates time. So, in order to this object called body get out of here and realize the existence of peacocks on the other side, this apparition called body has to be real, that space has to be real - that space that is the distance between that supposed body, that supposed object and the peacocks. And what we have here as "real" is only thought imagining things, imagining a space, imagining peacocks, imagining a body ... all imagination!

In your Natural State which is Meditation, there is no time! Everything is there, but there is nothing there! As in the Being: everything is in the Being, but nothing is in the Being; everything is in God, but nothing is in God; because there is nothing besides God, because there is also no God; this is just a thought that we throw away too! (laughs). So what do you have? Nothing! Everything! You! You are God! Only "you" says that God exists. So, first there is "you" and then comes the idea of ​​God. Who is real? Who came first? (laughs) So there is only You! It is in You that God appears and also disappears. It is in You that the universe appears, that the peacocks on the other side of the house appear, that this body also appears... All your imagination! You are the Consciousness, That what makes these appearances possible - makes possible imagining.

Do you realize how beautiful is all this? That there is nothing in no place? That there is no place? That everything is What It Is? Give whatever name you want for it! God, Consciousness, Presence, Self, Being, I...

You only get aware of the space, because you are the Consciousness of it! When do you get aware of it? When you create it. How do you create it? By imagining it! If there is no imagination about space, there is no space... then there is no peacock, there is no distance, there is no body. First, the body needs to appear and then the space, the gap between you and a supposed body called peacock, there on the other side. All this is in the imagination! The only Reality is that everything is What It Is, but not what you see; it is What It Is! What you see is imagination; What IS, it’s beyond imagination.

Stay there! The body disappears, the mind disappears and also the peacocks. Space, time, birth, death... everything else disappears. This is the "Thing"! Unnamed! The thought does not reach, word does not define, only the Silence - the Silence beyond the silence that you know. All this is beyond "you". Paradoxically, everything is You. You are this!

Do not think!

Stay there! This is Meditation! It has nothing to do with the body stillness, with a meditation technique... The thought is creating the world, but there is no world without thought. When the thought appears, the peacock appears, the wife, the children, the work, the problems... all appears. Without thought, there is no world, there is no nationality, there is no country, there is nothing... The only thing that does not disappear, that has never appeared... You!

The body appeared, but it is not You; the space appeared among objects that also appeared; everything that appears is not real, and what disappears too, but You are there. You are beyond thought! Close your eyes and remain thoughtless and you will find that You are there. There is no body, no name, no gender, it is not a man, not a woman, not white, not black, not a disciple, not a guru ... only You!

* Originally published in Portuguese on December 08, 2017  ** Transcribed from the excerpt of a speech in a retreat at the Ramanashram Gualberto in the city of Campos do Jordão in October 2017.

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