March 26, 2018

Love is Wisdom, it is Intelligence, it is Freedom, it is Happiness!

Here, in this meeting, we are discovering how to go beyond this illusion, discovering life free from this sense of separation and, naturally, free from conflicts.

You know that the basis of conflict is always the division, the scission between "I" and the "world", "I" and the "other", "I" and the "life". One day, you may come across your Natural State - I have called it the blossoming of Awakening, the blossoming of that realization of God - and when you come across This, there is no more division, there is no more conflict.

Your doubt is if this state is possible, however, this is a totally wrong collocation. The realization of Truth is not a state. Truth, Realization, You as Consciousness, as what I call the Natural State, is not a state; so, the doubt should not be this one. Yes, you must question and doubt this common state of division, of separation and conflict, in which suffering is present; in other words,  you must doubt this what you call life - confused, disoriented, unhappy, problematic ... This is what you must doubt of! There is only a secondary value in what you call life. Real Life is You in your Real State, and this is not a secondary state, it is a simple, natural, primary state.

Therefore, in Satsang, we are dealing with something very simple, very basic, quite primary! We are dealing with Life as it is, without the interference of the mind, of the thought, of this supposed experiencer. In an instant of Silence, in which thoughts totally disappear, you recognize Life as it is! Life is only this Consciousness, this original Consciousness.

Here, we are always in touch with our Real Nature, which is always present, which is this unique Reality. This is your Real Nature: it is Love, it is God, it is Silence, it is Life. This is Satsang! What you call the "world of names and forms" is only the result of the thought, of the activity of the mind. That is why, our emphasis is on Meditation.

Is that clear?

So, our real space is this Consciousness! It is necessary to avoid this identification with the body, with the mind and all the objects that it projects. So, you have the possibility to remain in your Being, in your Consciousness, in your Real Life, in that which is Natural!

We have heard a lot that knowledge is power, but power is ignorance! Everything the mind knows is within its limitation. Knowledge is always limited and, therefore, it carries the burden of ignorance. Truth is in Wisdom, and Wisdom is Love - but it is not that "love" that the mind knows. The Love we are dealing with here has nothing to do with power, with knowledge, with thought! Love is Wisdom, it is Intelligence, it is Freedom, it is Happiness.

What we have known as "life" (which is not real) is a life centered on thought, knowledge, choice, power - which is ignorance and which I have just called secondary movement. This is the artificial life that the mind knows, whereas Real Life is this primary natural action of Consciousness, which is Love, Wisdom, Intelligence, Freedom; which is the Real and True Happiness! This is the Nature of Truth about yourself. This is your Real Nature.

* Originally published in Portuguese on January 19, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online meeting at the night of September 22nd, 2017. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10p.m., download Paltalk App and Get Involved

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