March 29, 2018

When there is no desire, there is peace and fullness.

This is another beautiful opportunity to be together. What are we doing here? Is this another quest, another search, or are we here interested in something else? It is necessary that you understand what we are doing here, or this will be just another quest, another search - which is nothing more than the desire to get rid of the problem of the desire.

There is a difference between investigating the desire and wanting to get rid of it. What I have noticed is that people are not willing to go beyond desire. They have the desire to get rid of the desire. You may have an attitude of investigating the nature of the desire, or you may have the desire to get rid of the desire. Those pursuing to abandon the desire are, in fact, trying to find Happiness. It is impossible to abandon the desire in order to achieve Happiness, Peace!

So, people want to be free from desire, but this is because they have a desire for Happiness, for Peace. Notice the real problem: Happiness and Peace do not happen when the desire itself abandons the desire. Desire will never abandon desire, and thus there will never be Peace and Happiness. It is necessary to investigate the nature of desire, of unhappiness, of conflict.

What I am saying is that you will never know what Peace, Happiness, or the "end of desire" is by wanting to accomplish It. Happiness, like Peace, cannot be found, and the "end of desire" is not a thing that is obtained by the desire. In other words, the end of desire is Peace, is Happiness, but you do not put an end to the desire through your own desire.

If this investigation is successful, you penetrate into the nature of desire. This state of "no desire" seeks nothing at all! So, this state is of Supreme Completeness, Happiness and Abundance! Look how interesting this is! This Totality is absolute Peace, and It is already present; it is not a thing that is found by the desire. You do not find Peace, Happiness through the desire. In this state free from the desire, there is Peace, Happiness, and this is born from the investigation of the nature of the desire and not from the desire to get rid of the desire. Is this clear?

You investigate the nature of the desire and that puts an end to it. When there is no desire, there is Peace, Happiness, this sense of Fullness. So, you do not free yourself from desire, because your Natural State is already free from it. Notice that we are giving a key to you, unnoticed by many who spend years studying this type of subject.

You are not here working to end the desire, but to realize your True Nature, and for this you need to investigate the nature of the desire. You will not reach Happiness, Peace, the Self. You will discover in yourself the obstacle, the barrier that prevents you from seeing What is already present. That is why you do not attain enlightenment, do not realize it in the future. Realization of God, Enlightenment is something present here and now. All you need to do is to find out what is stopping you from being What You are.

Your work is to realize this illusion, which is the illusion of the mind with its desires. Therefore, you know what you are really seeking is nothing more than this Completeness, the Peace of this Natural State, which is the state of "no desire". However, it is not a quest to get rid of the desire through the desire and to reach that state. It is an investigation, an observation of the movement of desire. You will only observe how the mind projects itself to be fulfilled by its imaginations, and that is the end of desire, the end of the illusion of an entity in the experience of the desire.

Notice that this has nothing to do with the desire to stop desiring or any effort that can be made in order to achieve this Realization. It is not an effort, but patient work in yourself, to nullify the conditioning, this egoic movement, this movement of the mind.

When you observe yourself, you are really forced to admit that, every day, you are a prisoner of desires. You are a prisoner of the mind and its projects, of the mind and its imaginations. So, when you say something like, "I am a prisoner of hundreds of desires," you end up confessing that it distances you from your Essential Nature, which is Peace. These desires are the basis of conflict, of suffering, and when that is present, there is no Peace, no Happiness.

There are many who seek Peace, Happiness, Enlightenment, the "end of desire", but this search is totally mistaken and purposeless, that is, it is just another "journey" of the ego. The ego loves this movement to go somewhere and now it is in search of Enlightenment. Even nowadays, there are already many "enlightened" egos, and others are "attaining enlightenment" due to this effort, because they are seeking this, and when they seek it, they end up finding it.

Around the planet, every day new "enlightened" egos arise, and here, in Brazil, this is also happening - it is a kind of global epidemic, because everyone is looking for it, studying, learning and "attaining enlightenment" ... It is like accomplishing a desire, such as a higher education, in which you seek it, become technically specialized in certain knowledge, which gives you a qualification, and then you become a "enlightened" person. If you enjoy talking, making speeches, you may even become a "guru". Of course, this has nothing to do with the Natural State, which is Happiness, Completeness, Freedom, Intelligence.

The Natural State is a state free from suffering, free from the contradiction of this false me. When Realization is present, your mind is not present. In the Natural State, there is no "one", there is no guru, no "person", no teacher.

Let's stop here and until the next meeting. Namaste!

* Published orinally in Portuguese on January 10, 2018 **Transcribed from a talk in an online meeting on the night of November 06th, 2017. To participate in our online meetings, just download the Paltalk app on your computer or smartphone, and search for the room “Satsang Marcos Gualberto”. Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm (Local Time: Brazil BRT).

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