March 12, 2018

Where there is searching, there is suffering

The search itself perpetuates one or another form of suffering, because, basically, "That which is" can be sought, but It cannot be found. You say, "I am looking for myself..." are not you? Do you have to look for yourself? Is it the self you are looking for? Are you not here and now? What disquietude is this? What uneasiness is this? What restlessness is this?

So, what are you looking for? What have you been doing here? What are you going to do? Where are you going? This is the addiction of seeking, this addiction of looking for new things. You get one boyfriend, then you get another one, then another... Get a car, then get another, then another... Anything has to be new, in order to get old in your hand, and then you can go after something else. And why? Where is the crucial point of the question? What is the real problem?

Participant: The pursuit of happiness...

Master Gualberto: You cannot find happiness! Discard that! Look at what is here, which is this restlessness, this uneasiness, all this human despair, this conflict, this fear, this discomfort, all this pain and unhappiness. And now? You already know that searching will not work out, because you will find something else to try to cover this hole, but this other thing will be smaller than this hole and you will not be able to cover it... The hole is much bigger! So, the problem is this hole, this emptiness, this unhappiness. And where does this search come from? Is it from the emptiness or from an imagination about what can be done about this emptiness?

The imagination of what can be done with this emptiness initiates the search and, then, everything that is found is smaller than this emptiness: you put something in this void and this swallows that. Everything that is found is very small before this enormous void of unhappiness, of incompleteness, of insufficiency, of pain. Freud, Jung, Adler, Maslow... Who solved that, doctors? Nobody resolves this! Who solves this? [Participant points to Master Gualberto].

It is not like that... I do not solve it. You solve it! What I can do is what my Guru did for me: to show you how you can solve it there. I was alone, in this same situation of yours. When I meet you, you do not surprise me, because I do know what this is, but this is not here anymore. You resolve it by an action of Grace... You resolve that you will not continue perpetuating that, and then it is resolved by an action of Grace, a Divine action, an action of God, an action of this Unknown Thing... an action of the Guru.

In that sense, you are right: if you do not mess around, I will solve it. You resolve it by letting me solve it, but you cannot run away. I teach you to be quiet, to stay there, not to disturb, not to move. I bring the break of the enchantment for external things, of your attempt to find something outside to fulfill inside. I will occupy it!

For more than twenty years, my Master has occupied the place of all things in my life, it was the time I needed. Each one needs a certain number of years, months, days, or hours, because we are very stubborn... Is not it? I teach you to unlearn, to stop looking at the outside... I teach you to look inside. All my work is for you to stop looking for, everywhere, anywhere, something to put in that void.

The truth is that you were born to Be, only to Be... not to be  mother, father, businessman, son, grandmother, grandfather, wife, teacher, doctor... You were born to Be, only to Be, and you forgot about it. You are being "something", and that is the hole, the emptiness that never fulfills itself. Then, to make it worse, the mind (this is an old trick of it) compares itself to others and says, "That is what is like to be happy." Not satisfied about desiring to be "somebody", you want to be a "someone" like that "someone", so you will study, fight, strive, work in that direction. And being "someone" means having the things that "someone" must have, because "someone" special, as you see and fell yourself, must have a house, a car, a husband, a wife, then a half dozen children, then a beach house…

All the relatives get very happy when you give a son to your husband. You feel yourself fulfilled! You feel like a fulfilled man when you give grandchildren to your mother, nephews to your sister, to your brother... You make everyone happy! But, you look at yourself and say, "Is that all?" Then, the mind says, "No, there is something else you have not conquered yet." It seems that the more things you put, the more this void becomes evident.

 In order to fill this void, you also go to religions, to seek gurus... The emptiness is only created by the feeling of being "someone". It is not by Being, but by the desire of "coming to be", by the intention to be. You, who were born to Be, have forgotten how to Be, by being confused with the operations of the cultural and social mind, educated and trained to acquire. Thus, happiness cannot be your Real Nature, and instead of that, there is unhappiness.

Do you realize how it is not about searching? Search makes you more unhappy! Being is a matter of unlearning this thing of "coming to be", of being "somebody", so it only remains That: To Be! So, the mind breaks this inner chatter, this monologue, this thing of talking to yourself all the time. You are someone who is constantly being offended, hurt... You have something and say, "Now I will be happy!", but it frustrates you. It is a great frustration to be "someone": to be a mother, a father, a husband, a wife...

It is amazing how simple this is! So, what are we really dealing with in Satsang? We are talking about the end of the illusion of being "someone"; we are pointing to a state free of the ego, of the fear, and of the sense of a present "person" with its endless pursuits and dissatisfactions.

We are talking about the end of the egoic mind, which carries in it so many beliefs and ideas, so many concepts and knowledge, so many experiences and so many solutions, which never solve anything and also create more situations, which also create more situations. So, it is better to go beyond the "person" and to let the world on that One who is playing this way. At first, it seems very cruel to you, but it is just leela (as the Indians say) the way God deals with everything.

You raise children for them to have children and to perpetuate all human misery, because these children will also have children who, and so on; and this human pain, this misery, this leela continues. You will not change that! You will awaken from this dream; that is all you can do. The dream is like this: it carries good and evil, cruelty and goodness, stupidity and human wisdom, building and destroying. So, awaken from the dream! Therefore, you are beyond the ego, the mind, this game, this emptiness, this restlessness, that stupid absurdity that is human life without the Divine; the life of the "me" with all "my" (my home, my wife, my children, my husband, my body, my mind, my health, my illness...). And now?

*Originally published in Portuguese on November 18, 2017 **Originally published in Portuguese on November 18, 2017 **Excerpt from a speech in face-to-face meeting in the city of Fortaleza on April, 2017.

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