April 9, 2018

How to live beyond suffering?

Master: When you are looking at me, what do you see?

Participant I: No confusion!

Master: Why? Because there is no thought, there is no worry, there is no past, there is no future. When there is none of it, there is no sadness, there is no fear, disorder, chaos. Human life is in this "balance" between fear and desire, but in your Real life there is none of it. Today I live my Real life and all of you are part of this.

You have to decide to live beyond the mind, beyond the thought. You really do not need the thought. My difficulty with you is to show you this, which is the secret of my joy. Do not allow the thought in you. How do you do it? Observe yourself! When a thought appears, you look at it. When you just look at it, the thought has no power. But, when you do not look, it captures you and when that happens, you show sadness, joy, fear, desire - "I want this!... I hate this!"... Thoughts! All this because you were captured.

My eyes are always clear, because I do not believe in thoughts. Practice this all the time, now! Every moment is always now, but you are lazy. You must practice this, until it becomes your Natural State, pure Consciousness. When that is your Being, you are Love. There is no problem in Love, there is no problem in God... God is Love!

You are addicted to thought, feeling, emotion, sensation, excitement, and this creates the illusory identity. There is no identity other than that created by thought, giving life to the sensation, the perception, the experience that is happening at this moment. Also, there is no problem in sensation, perception, emotion, or thought, but you do not look at it and the place it has. When you look at thought, it already assumes the place it must assume.

People ask me and they have doubts about it, or when they do not ask directly, it is implied in what they say. There is no doubt that thought is necessary and they say: "How can I live without thought?" Thought is part of life, there is no problem in it. It is the thought that makes things happen, or rather, it makes feasible, apparently, things happen.

Everything you see in your outer world was built by thought. The chair where you are sitting, the floor where you are sitting, this building where you slept tonight, the bed where you lay down to sleep... Absolutely everything was built by thought. Look at your body... It was also built by thought, it is the fruit of desire (the thought of sex came into the head of your mother and your father and look at you there).

Everything, absolutely everything, is constructed by thought. Then, there is no problem with the thought. The whole problem is always the illusion of a present entity, determining to itself, in the illusion of the "person", the fulfillment in an accomplishment, in a thought, through a thought and by the thought itself. While this Natural State of Being, which is Meditation and absence of identification with thought does not stabilize in a definite way, the work is not done yet. Realization is not inputs and outputs in a state of absence of identification. There is a lot of confusion about it, out there, when they say, "I am very sad, but I am not the sadness, because this comes and goes" -this is very correct, it is just like that, but this is not your Natural State.

This is like to take an elevator and go up to the seventh floor of a building like this, but you cannot stay there all the time - you will have to go down; then, you go up again, at the other day, another time. You go to the supermarket and come back. You need to go up into the building again, take the same elevator, go up and down. As long as there is this "up and down", you are still present in the "up and down", but, at least now, you know that there is no reality in these variations of internal states, because that is tied to "the person", to the sense of "person".

Then, this building, with this movement in it, which is the "elevator movement," is like the movement of identification and of the disidentification. So, an hour you are identified and in another you are unidentified; an hour you are on top and another you are down; an hour you are on the seventh floor, another you are on the first floor or on the ground floor.

You have every day to work this, to learn how to look and listen, to learn what the thought is and to learn how to "think". Here, "to think" is without the thinker and not in the sense of a verb, where you would be the author of that thought. Here, "to think" is to deal with thoughts without being confused, without confusion. Can you see where you have neglected? Can you see that you are very condescending to thoughts and feelings, when they appear in the body? Very condescending to beliefs - "She does not like me!... He is flirting with her, but he is mine!"

This is so weird! You are not only too busy with your own thoughts, being identified  with them, as you still want to identify with the supposed thoughts that the other is having. In other words, you are so psychologically nosy, that you want to guess what the other thinks about you or about some situation, whatever it is - so addicted you are in the thought! You love that, you love to be busy - this is an occupation.

So, this "being a person" issue is critical to you. There is a conspiracy (familiar, regional, national, international, world, and "cosmic") for you to "be someone." The central idea is: "Be someone; suffering is part of this - do not complain!"; "Be someone and suffer is part! Everyone suffers, the important thing is to be someone! "So everyone takes it in a natural way, in other words, "being someone in the midst of many and to have problems like everyone else does". All problems are based on the thought about what appears, happens, including the thought about the "thought that appears."

The idea of ​​being identified with the thought creates upon it a supposed reality, which is only an imagination, becoming very real to you. You who? The supposed thinker, the so-called "person". If something makes you suffer, leave it. Is not it simple? If your husband makes you suffer, leave him. If the thought makes you suffer, leave it; or you leave the thought or you leave the husband. If, in your imagination, your husband betrays you and makes you suffer, leave the husband, but do not imagine anymore, because when you have another husband, you will imagine the same thing. Then, you leave the husband and also the imagination!

People live by complaining that others are causing suffering in their lives. They need to give up suffering, but they are not willing to do this because, for example, they want to "continue with their husbands", imagining being betrayed and suffering. The basis is, "Be happy," but to be happy (really) means to live without imagination, whether you have a husband or not, because the idea is that "the husband makes you suffer" - I am giving the example of the husband, but it can be anything else: the girlfriend, the son, the family.

The problem is that you believe that something external is making you suffer, while I am saying that what is making you suffer is the imagination of "being someone who does not stand this", and at the same time you stand this, because you never do anything to end “this” up inside you. No one, or nothing, forces you to suffer; however, suffering is the most desired thing, because imagination is what one desires the most. So, everyone loves suffering. The exception is the wise ones, who will not continue to carry on a personal life with stories, nor will they continue to complain; they will simply do what is needed to be done so they do not suffer anymore. These are rare souls!

All you care about is "being someone", then, the greatest insanity is to remain suffering, complaining about suffering without doing anything. If you have a cancer in a part of the body, you go to the doctor to see what can be done, to take care of that part of the body and thus take care of the body. But this is the doctor's business, because in this matter you cannot do much. The doctor may be able to do something (really "Maybe", is not it?), But that is none of your business.

Now, you have matters that are only yours and no one else. If someone makes you suffer, it is no use saying: "Stop making me suffer! I cannot stand it anymore! I do not want to live like this anymore!" That does not solve because he is not interested in you, he is interested in him. It is an example of something that only you can solve, but you only solve it in the real way. What do people do? They enter into this substitution. If something makes them suffer, they substitute for something else that they believe will not make them suffer. But, they soon discover that "that" is also making them suffer and they substitute them for something else; then, they find that this, is also making them suffer.

Why is this all happening? Because, basically, suffering is not outside; the suffering is within them and they are sustaining it. It has nothing to do with the other; it has to do with the model of the search for the desire of being "someone". So, the person sustains the model because he/she is not willing to end the suffering; he/she likes this, loves the substitution game. Everyone lives in this dishonesty - it is the nature of the ego. You are not in search for the Truth about yourself, which is the liberation from suffering. You are in search for something that fulfills you, even in pain. Is not it?

It is not the outside, it is not the other, it is not the world, it is not the husband, it is not the thought. It is the thought about thought; it is the idea about thought; it is the thought about the husband, about the other. There is only Happiness when there is absolutely no suffering and there is no suffering only when you are, absolutely, alone. To be alone is not to be without the other, without the world, it is not to be without family, without children, without relationship with people, like the baker, the gardener, the boyfriend. To be alone means to remain unidentified of this false “me”.

Then, you do not make the decision to abandon the other anymore, but to abandon suffering. If the other does not bear your happiness, he will literally walk away from you. But this is  "his" matter, because he wants to understand the "mechanics" of the thing. He needs to investigate this, come to Satsang, and perhaps he does not want to investigate this, but rather continue suffering, living in the illusion of this suffering. Your initial question was about this "addiction of being a person" issue - that is the answer!

This is curious, because what applies in the relation to the other applies to "anything," even in relation to one's own body. If you feel you are fat or too thin, if you believe that you have a crooked nose, or something bothers you in your body, fix it! What can be solved must be solved, and what cannot be resolved, is already solved and it is no longer your business, for you to solve. You need to get rid of this psychologically, internally, and only then there is no suffering! Do you understand what I am saying? If it is something you can do, you go there and do it; if it is something you cannot do, it is done. That is, you welcome it intelligently, you dissociate yourself from the story that thought creates on this subject and you are free from suffering. Always, the secret is to be alone.

Participant II: Being alone with oneself, is not it?

Master: Alone! Always alone! "Alone" is disidentified from what thought creates about one's own body, about the other, or about the world around him. This is the first and last step to Happiness, to Freedom, to live intelligently. However, it is from the person, from the illusion of the sense of "person", to be lazy and, for being lazy, living replacing. So, the ego lives anxious on diets to weight loss or on less painful techniques to get what it wants. It is substituting what is "easy" for something that is "easier," which is "easier" for what is "much easier," and so on, and the problem is basically only one: identification with thoughts.

The problem is not being fat or being thin, or not being with the perfect husband, the perfect woman or the perfect family. The problem is not being alone. The family is on a smaller scale, but it is the representation of the world, of all the families of the world. The great human family is exemplified in this family of yours of five people: you have three brothers, one sister, and the human family is entire, there. This family of five, who is there, is you. "Eh! Now it caught! It was so cheered up! I thought it was just stay away physically from the family... now it caught!"

Participant III: We find another family to put in the place, is not it, Master?

Master: The substitution... you replace husbands, wives, children (even children you replace). Of course! Why do not replace the children? You adopt nephews as children... adopt cats, dogs, and they become "your children"! If you replace the other, you always replace everything. That is not the point, here! Realization is not this! Realization is the awareness of the Truth about oneself. So, you need to be in yourself, you need to be alone; it is not isolated, it is alone! It is to know how to say "yes" and how to say "no", in order to be alone. It is to know how to be disidentified from stories that is not related to you, which are thoughts, that others try to sell to or lend you, and you assume them as being true to you (your ego is living from this, it is living in this).

It is not uncommon, it is very common, a mother, that the children have married, left home, be still solving the affairs of the family of these children, taking care of the grandchildren, and feeling responsible for them. You do not know how to say "no", you are identified with the story of the other and this gives you a very pleasant, painful (see how contradictory it is!) Because you love it. You are suffering, but enjoying. This has nothing to do with your reality, only with the fantasy of remaining "someone" for "some," having "some" for "someone," for you, for yourself. See how this question of being a "person" is vast in the world.

Participant II: It is a crowd, Master!

Master: You never give up on this inner crowd, because that gives you a sense of "person." Total mediocrity! How can there be Happiness, Intelligence, Freedom, Wisdom? Correct me if I am wrong!

* Originally published in Portuguese on January 27, 2018 ** Transcribed from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in João Pessoa on December 2017
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