April 3, 2018

The Art of Freedom and Happiness

Here we deal with something that I consider to be fundamental, very important that is the direct answer to this permanent pursuit of Happiness. What keeps you out from living it? What is the real impediment? Thoughts. They have held you inside this impediment.

Observe what thoughts produce inside your head: conflict, war, confusion, chaos, contradiction, madness... You, in your mind, are completely crazy! When you believe in thoughts, you are crazy, completely crazy! Thought is a sign of madness! You do not need thoughts, but when you think you need it, you are entangled with them. Here is the madness! It is not possible to realize happiness by thinking. This is the secret of the Sages, the secret of Wisdom. Can you see that?

So, what are we doing in Satsang? We are discovering the art of Being, the art of Happiness, which is the art of Freedom. I resolved not to suffer anymore, so I stopped thinking. No one forces you to suffer, just like no one forces you to drink, to smoke or to have some other practice. These are just habits, addictions. Therefore, it is you who decide: "I will not suffer anymore, I will not produce more suffering, I will not fight anymore, I will not create confusion anymore." The mind lives in confusion. It loves it! Confusion, war, trouble... you all love it!

Living in the ego is living in the mind, and there is no Love and Peace when you live in your mind. Do you understand it? This is very simple. The mind is creating confusion all the time inside you. Imagination never ends: "He does not like me; she does not like me; the world is too cruel; I am never lucky in my life…"  Is that right? Therefore, there is no chance! You are addicted to thoughts, to comparisons ... You compare yourself to those have more in order to feel inferior and to those have less in order to feel superior. That is the ego, that is the problem. Isn’t it beautiful to see the truth of what is being said here?

Participant: Is gratitude also an illusion?

M. Gualberto: It is too! There is nothing to be thankful for and there is no one we should be grateful. There is only God doing everything! Who would feel grateful? And who would feel giving “thanks”? When the one, who expects to “receive” this gratefulness, does not receive it, he or she feels ingratitude and, therefore, injustice. So, expecting to “receive” gratefulness is as miserable as the illusion of the self-importance of trying to show that you are grateful to the other by giving “thanks”.

When you add zero plus zero, do you have positive or negative value? Zero and zero is equals zero! When an ego feels grateful and gives thanks to other ego, it is only zero being added to zero. This has no value, because it does not go beyond the ego; both of them have not left the place of the illusion of ego identity. An ego that gives, feels happy for giving, and another ego that receives, feels grateful, happy for receiving it. The one who gives, feels important and worthy of being recognized and “receiving” gratefulness by the other, for having been so generous, so noble, so great, so special; and the other, who receive it, is grateful, but none of this has anything to do with Happiness! Happiness is beyond gratitude and ingratitude, giving and receiving. Gratitude is in the realm of imagination; Happiness is in the realm of Truth.

Happiness is the deepest center - a center without borders, without circumference - of your Being. At the deepest center of your Being is Happiness. This work, in Satsang, intends to take you beyond the ego and your imagination, beyond all the beautiful things considered important by the ego, such as imaginary love, imaginary gratitude, imaginary goodness, imaginary freedom, imaginary happiness... You are full of beliefs and imaginations about what Love is, what Happiness is, what Truth is, what Peace is... All fantasy!

I am talking about this Realization, which means going beyond the dream, this dream of the mind, and living this direct experience of Being. You are this Consciousness, this Presence, this Reality, and That is the Happiness of your Being. Is this clear?

* Originally published in Portuguese on January 17, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online meeting speech on December 15th, 2017. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm (Local Time: Brazil Brasilia - BRT). To participate, download the Paltalk App for free on your computer or mobile device.

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