April 27, 2018

The importance of face-to-face meeting with a living Master

The first and most important thing to do here, in these meetings, is to figure out how to actually listen to these speeches. It is necessary to know how to listen to each word, as well as to be before this Silence. 

Truth is not something that is revealed to the intellect, which means that it is not enough to follow this verbally, intellectually; it is necessary to figure out what it means to be here in this meeting. Wisdom is not born of conclusions; it is not the result of analysis, deduction or some logic. For a lifetime, you have been seeking Wisdom, Truth, in logic, in conclusion, in analysis. But This is beyond logic and therefore beyond any analysis, conclusion, speculation or deduction... 

The Truth is the awakening of God's Reality. You have always heard that God is inside you. If so, everyone has God inside themselves; however, we realize that this is only a belief, because even having this belief, everyone is in some sort of trouble - suffering, difficulty and pain are common things to everyone. So, where is the Truth of God´s Reality present considering all this confusion in which human beings live? Even absorbed in this confusion, everyone is in search of something out of all this. So, even though there is the "truth" that God is a Reality present inside you, why are you depressed, anxious or with fear?

Actually, you have heard what was said at the beginning of the speech thousands and thousands of times, with different words. If you are here just listening, you are going to continue like this, listening to words for the whole life or looking at promises in some places, in some books. There is always someone ready to teach and many others interested in learning. And as I just put, this is not going to solve anything, because there is no truth in the knowledge. 

What I mean is that the truth of knowledge is only the truth of the mind. And for you to really know the Truth, you have to go beyond the mind. Only then it is possible the Wisdom which is in the Realization of God's Truth, and not in belief. It takes a real sense of the pursuit for the Truth, which is not the "search for the truth." We may even use synonymous words - "pursuit" and "search" - but I will put these two words here with an entirely different meaning. Those who are "searching for" the truth are doing so within the mind itself, through knowledge, experience, spiritualistic or esoteric practices. The search for this path is a search for self-satisfaction and personal fulfillment. So, for you, the truth will be found in the tarot cards, the crystal ball, the "buzios" (type of seashell)... 

So, you are going to look for it in the astrology, palmistry, and so on. Nowadays, this has been called self-knowledge. 

Here, at this moment, what I can tell you is that, in order to understand the real sense of the pursuit of Truth (and not the "search for truth"), you have to get rid of it all. Therefore, there is a difference between the search for truth and the pursuit of Truth. The pursuit of the Truth is within oneself, through self-investigation, meditation and surrender. This is something entirely different from what the mind has built up for over a thousand years, which is this fantasy, this circus of this so-called spirituality or "search for truth." 

t is necessary to give up on  the belief that there is something separate from you, like the Truth; it is necessary an attentive and penetrating vision, a complete surrender of the illusion of the sense of a present "me" searching for something, such as the so-called "Truth". The sense of the word Truth is found when the sense of “I” disappears; the real meaning of Truth is the end of the illusion of this egoidentity. 

I started the speech talking about the importance of learning how to listen to this. A teacher does not communicate the Truth, because a teacher is someone who knows something and gives you information that you do not have. It is necessary to stand before the Truth to receive IT, and only a living Master can do it; a teacher cannot. Then, you can go into this room and listen to these speeches, these words, but that will not work for you. You need to experience the death of the ego, of this old "I" that is there. 

So, now I am going to "tighten the screw a little bit," I am going to be clearer for you. I see some here in the room who has never been with me in person.... I want to say to you that it is no use of listening to these speeches, neither here nor in YouTube video. You have to lose that sense of the "I" that is there or you are only going to be accumulating information, and more information, which is not a real work - this is exactly the movement of the search. 

So, I want to tell you who is here only in Paltalk (virtual room): your presence here is something lovely, but it is not working. It is very pleasant to hear someone who has mastered a certain subject; in particular, a subject like that, which is very fascinating. What I mean is that every time you are in the room, you are going to have a delicious feeling that you are learning something, but that is an egoic feeling yet, it is not real. It is like the pleasure of reading a book, watching a video or listening to an audio – that is still in this dimension of this egoidentity. 

If you really want this, if you want to Awaken, if you want to Realize the Self, to go beyond this false "I" full of conflicts, of problems, that takes offense and hurt without purpose; who gets annoyed by anything; who carries this sense of offense, fear, desire, anxiety, come to Satsang in person, in order for you to see yourself in this mirror and realize how much ego still exists there. If you keep running away, it is not going to work; you will never free yourself from this ego like that. It is time to Awake, it is time to Awaken, and this is only possible when this ego identity disappears. 

So, this is the talk of that meeting for you: run to Satsang in person! Look at yourself and realize what you are seeing - if you are happy, if you really know who God is, what Life is, if you are fulfilled, if you really do not carry more jealousy, envy, fear, a sense of concern because of self-image, a sense of offense, of annoyance, of like someone and dislike others ... Ok? 

So, let us stop here folks! Namastê!

* Originally published in Portuguese on March 05, 2018 ** Speech transcribed from a speech on an online meeting at the night of October 30th, 2017.Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m.To participate, download Paltalk App

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