April 30, 2018

The Nature of Desire

There is a search present on each one, and I would like to start by talking a little bit about this! After all, what is this search for? In fact, a search with no results. It has already become clear to you that the search is for Peace, for Freedom, for Happiness ... What is not clear is the true way to accomplish This. Some are searching for It in relationships, others in drugs, in material conquests, and so on, but everyone feels the need for Happiness and Peace. However, no one knows exactly what Happiness is. What result can you reach to, if what you are searching for remains unknown? In other words, how can you search for and find that which you do not know?

All you can see and admit about yourself is that every day you live as a prisoner of desires and conflicts. Then, you seek, through desires, to conquer this unknown "Thing" called Happiness - all desires are for getting Happiness! But, when you accomplish a desire, you discover that Happiness is not there and you have another desire. So, it seems that instead of staying in this desire-changing movement, it would be better to stop and investigate the nature of desire itself. That would be a lot smarter!

What we do in Satsang is to investigate the nature of this inner dissatisfaction, which is the nature of desire. If this investigation succeeds, you will discover the nature or real purpose behind all desires. What any desire in fact seeks is a state free from desire, which is Happiness! Observe this attentively and see how simple and basic it is. What any wish is, in fact, is a state of non-desire. This state of non-desire is a state in which we demand absolutely nothing, we desire absolutely nothing! So, this can only be a State of Abundance, of Wholeness, of Completeness – that is how I call that state free from desire! The mind does not know this, the mind knows only desire. The mind always represents its world through objects, images and sensations. However, this State of Total Abundance and Completeness is the State of Being, it is the Nature of Happiness and Peace.

Now, you already know what you are searching for: the end of all searches! What you are seeking for is to relax in your own Being! This is out of the mind! In the mind, you are not relaxed in your own Being, because the mind is a false being, a false "I," a false "you." There the suffering is, for you are not in your Natural State, you are in your false “self”, you are in the mind. This Fullness will be revealed as Happiness and Peace only when your True Nature is assumed.

Now that you have understood the ultimate goal, you realize that, in fact, it is not a goal, an end that you can achieve through effort ... Just relax in your own Being here and now. You need to surrender, to let go this fake "I". However, you will never do this, you will never hand this over, you will never be able to solve it alone, without a mysterious action of God, without this action of Grace, and that is why you are in Satsang. If you knew how to solve this by yourself, you would have already solved it.

So, Liberation, Realization of God, Happiness, is not something that you can get by accumulating knowledge or performing mystical and spiritual practices,and so on. Even doing all this, dedicating oneself, applying oneself, striving oneself, the state of duality will remain. On this path, there is no self-taught. This false "I" will not end with this false "I". This is like someone in a maximum security prison: he has to take the help of someone from outside to escape. This is an illusory prison for an illusory prisoner, but, paradoxically, this is very real to him, and therefore he will never perceive the illusory arrest of his illusory identity without a mysterious action of Grace, without a mysterious action coming from God.

This action of God, this action of Grace, which is outside this prison, is the work of the Guru! Only the one who is outside the prison has the perfect plan to blow it up. For an illusory prison, only a real sight! Real vision brings the Real plan, the plan of  the Truth.

* Originally published in Portuguese on February 26, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online meeting at the night of January 08th, 2018 Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm To participate, download Paltalk app.

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