April 18, 2018

The real knowledge

In Satsang, we are handling the Truth, which is the real Knowledge. Real Knowledge is the unlimited, that cannot be enhanced or reduced. You know knowledge can be enhaced by study; the more you study, the more you know, because you know more. Thus, this knowledge is limited by nature. For example, if you suffer an accident, your head is hit, or you suffer any damage to a specific part of the brain, it is possible that this knowledge disappear. So, this is knowledge that can be lost or diminished. In life, our whole experience of the world is only a mental experience. Thus, this knowing or this knowledge, which can be increased or diminished, is only part of the thought – so is "your" whole experience of the world.

The True Nature of Being is pure Knowledge, but not this kind of knowledge. In these encounters we are handling with this limitless Knowledge of Being. Every experience you have from the world ends up being kind of limited knowledge, while Realization is that unlimited Knowledge, synonymous with Consciousness. Realization is pure Consciousness! This unlimited Knowledge, which is Consciousness, is the Truth of Being. So, by birth, you are this Consciousness, this unlimited Knowledge, and that is Wisdom.

People seek happiness, but in their state of pure ignorance, of total unconsciousness, they cannot find it. They seek happiness in the world of limited knowledge, in the mental world. The reality of experience is pure Consciousness, which is present at this moment, here and now, as Happiness. Every problem arises when you mistake yourself for thought, for that limited consciousness, which is distortion of reality, of experience, and this is unhappiness.

So, in the mind, you are not living the reality of experience, but the illusion of the experiencer; this is the distortion of this consciousness, the limitation of knowledge.

Ramana Maharshi used to show insistently to those who came to him that their perceptions of the world were an illusion. The view you make of the world is the illusion of thought. So, your relation with the world is from the point of view of the illusion of an "experiencer". Your experience of the world is similar to the experience you have during a dream, in which you believe you are an "experiencer" of the outside world, of an external world.

You never doubt that the person you are talking in your dream is just a production of your own mind, or that there is no experiencer there. In fact, it is just the mind in its own game of construction. The mind, which is thought, is creating your body and the other’s body who you are apparently talking. This happens both in the dreaming world and in this world where, apparently, you are listening to someone through Paltalk [online platform chatting]. However, all this (this experience of speaking, of hearing, of seeing and of feeling) is only thoughts, which are unfolding from this impersonal and boundless Consciousness.

One day a man came to Ramana and said, "Master, I have a toothache. Is that just a thought?"

When Ramana said yes, the man asked him, "Then why cannot I just think my tooth is normal and thus get healed?"

Ramana replied, "When you are fully absorbed, occupied with many other thoughts, this pain diminishes greatly or, depending on the volume of thoughts, you do not even feel this pain. It is like that too when you are sleeping. "

Then, the man said, "But even so, it is still here."

Ramana replied, "The human conviction that the world is real is so strong that it gets quite difficult to be free from it. But the world is no more real than the very subject who sees it. "

Every experience you have, attached to the thought, about the world is completely mistaken - the experience of a supposed "person" present in the experience; this is an illusion! Liberation, Realization, Truth of Being is pure experience, but without "someone" to interpret it. So, if there is pain, it is only pain; if there is pleasure, it is only pleasure; if there is thought, it is only thought. As Ramana said, the conviction the human mind has that the world is real is very strong. I mean that as long as you are bound to the idea of "someone" present in this experience of the senses, of the body and of the mind, illusion will be present, this limited consciousness will be present.

All you have to do is to disidentify from the idea of "someone" present in the experience. The real way to get rid of all suffering is by abandoning the illusion of "someone" present and alive the in experience. All the difficulty you have is in the conviction that your personal story is real, which authenticates this "someone". So, this sense of “me” in the experience - which has name, body,  story – and the valorization of this will continue to give you the belief that you are who you believe you are.

So, if some day one who is part of this story, which you believe is yours, is removed or taken from you, by dying or just leaving away, the personal suffering of that limited consciousness, this distortion, that misconception will be evidenced, exemplified.

However, if the "sufferer" dies, who is left to suffer? If the "experiencer" disappears, who is left to experience frustration, disappointment, pain or lack? By accepting, embracing and observing all the manifestation taking place, without the conclusions of this false “me”, nor the interpretations of this supposed entity in the experience, this illusion begins to lose the power to enchant you, and this sense of self-importance and personal valorization begin to be unmasked. This is our proposal in Satsang: to unmask this false “me”, to depersonalize the experience and to reveal your True Nature.

*Originally published in portuguese on March 7, 2018 **Transcribed from a speech in an online meeting in December, 2017.
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