April 11, 2018

The Real Meditation

In these meetings we are trying to share with you what the real meaning of what everyone is looking for, the real meaning of everyone's search... What we are actually seeking is what the real meaning of happiness is.

It is something very habitual for the mind to seek meaning for things that happen or to seek for giving meaning to this. Ordinary life, human life, has been showed quite complicated because of this. The mind, when it seeks meaning for what happens or gives meaning to what happens; it always translates this into its limitation. Basically, it is there that the sense of personal illusion is.

Life has amplitude, an extension, or a representation that the intellect will never be able to define - the mind cannot achieve this. Life will never show itself to you... You cannot grasp the meaning of it, for it will always remain as something unknown. No matter how much the thought tries to translate, interpret, and feel at ease with this occupation, all that the mind can do here is to create an imagination - it will distort Reality!

When you come to Satsang, when we put ourselves in that position, where we are tonight, we have the opportunity to open ourselves to the unknown. Though you will never be able to capture This, despite you wil never be able, somehow, to capture the meaning of Life, the meaning of Truth, or the meaning of Happiness, This is something you can live. To know intellectually, to explain intellectually, to translate intellectually... Never! But the Mystery, the Truth, the Unknown, the Life, the Happiness can be experienced in life.

Does everyone follow this?

So, when we are in Satsang, we are inviting you to see This, we are making a convocation for you to take a close look at this Reality, at this Realization, which is the Realization of your True Nature, because you are Life. However, This is not possible within this illusion, of the ordinary thought, of this belief of "being someone." Awakening, Enlightenment, Realization of God, Truth, is to assume what you ARE, and what You ARE, in your Real Nature, is impersonality.

These "serious" human problems (because that is how problems are considered) are based on this illusion, which is the illusion of ego identity. In it there is no Truth, Happiness, Peace, Love, nor Intelligence; in it there is not the end of the suffering. All this is possible when this illusion ends, it is no longer there. That is what you were born for! You were born to discover the Truth of God; you were born to recognize That or Who You are and the recognition of this is the end of this illusion - the illusion of being a separate entity from Life, from the Whole, from Truth, from God, from Happiness, from Intelligence and from Freedom.

These speeches are deeply challenging, because they challenge you to stop suffering, and this represents a great absurdity for the mind, something inconceivable indeed. It is true! In the mind the end of suffering is impossible, because in it the end of illusion, of the sense of separation, is impossible; however, that is the challenge.

To see the "mind" here means to "know" it, that is, to see what, in fact, it represents, which is imagination, only. It is a huge amount of concepts, beliefs, thoughts and images with ones you are confused, tangled, blended, filled, and so you seem to be moving away from your Real Identity, from what you actually Are. Notice that these speeches are always saying something very basic and quite straightforward. We do not have an interest in making subterfuge here. We always want to get right to the point, to what we are really interested in, and what interests us here is finding out who you really are or What you are.

The Self is not "someone" who is discovered, so, it is not related to who you Are. The Being is the Indefinable, Indescribable Reality, the Pure Unknown. Then, it is not related to who "you" are, but What you are, what you really Are.

Everyone around you represents, within the field of mind, a part of this belief. For you, everyone surrounding you, from the point of view of the mind, is part of that same imagination. Everyone shares this same belief - it is something common to everyone - and this means an obstacle of great consideration. In other words: everyone around you represents what you believe to be; everyone looks like "people" and you see them like that, as you see yourself. To go beyond all this is something that requires a deep, absolute, unreserved surrender.

It is very easy to get here and say to you: "You are This!" It will be very easy for you afterwards, to leave here repeating this. But, the repetition of this, the verbal, intellectual affirmation of this is not the Reality; it is just another belief! So, a real work in that direction is necessary and that is what we are proposing to you in these meetings. If we could handle it here on Paltalk - in other words, if we could solve it here on Paltalk - it would be great, as well as, by way of a speech, reading some books or watching some videos. However, with regret, I inform you that this is not possible.

I would be very happy if everyone who entered this room would awaken with just a few meetings here. But, this Awakening does not happen that way. It has a way of happening and we do not have how to know a secret path to indicate to you. I confess that if I knew a secret path, I would point out this path to you. Heaven is a very desirable thing - everyone wants to go to Heaven. So, if I knew a secret hatch, I would even try to help everyone in this room, for you to pass through that hatch and get to Heaven faster.

Realization is not like you are reading in the books, on Facebook pages or watching videos on YouTube. Realization is the State of Buddha, it is the State of Christ, it is the State of Ramana Maharshi, of Jiddu Krishnamurti, of Anandamayi Ma. Realization is you in your Natural State but that State is the end of this "you", as you see yourself in this social context, at this very moment.

Some are prescribing spiritual practices of various sorts and one of the most common, in modern times, is the famous practice of meditation. I need to tell you: the practice of meditation will not solve this. The practice of meditation can at first make you realize that you are not the body, the mind, the thought, and therefore not a separate entity from the world. However, meditation as a practice only gives you glimpses of this. Meditation, which is defined as Pure and Direct Realization, is not a practice; it is you established in your Natural State! This requires self-annulment - the annulment of this false "me", in a total, complete and radical way.

We have dealt with this Real Meditation in Satsang, especially in the presence meetings. Real Meditation is the end of identification with the illusion of an experiencer, here and now. This is not a practice - half an hour, an hour a day, half an hour in the morning, half an hour in the afternoon or half an hour in the evening. None of this! It is necessary to surrender all fear, all choice, decision, will, belief. Then we discover Real Meditation, which is no longer a practice, no longer a "secret hatch" or a "fast" and "safe" path.

Actually, Realization is an adventure beyond the known, which implies the end of all that the mind knows. The mind will create innumerable strategies, various ways of escaping from this, it is going to disguise itself in various ways, it is going to even spiritualize itself and will also be able to "enlighten" itself. In this way the "person" soon becomes a "enlightened" person, but this still does not mean the Truth of the end of fear, of the sense of separation and of all this illusion - it is still there. It may be sublimated, it has become quite subtle, but it is still there.

Do you follow this? Can you hear this well? Are not you shocked or angry at me?

Nowadays, there is much talk about a collective "awakening" of the humanity. I do not see it like this! In my view, humanity is what it has always been and it will be what it is today. Enlightenment is not an issue for the collective. One cannot speak of this Realization as en masse movement happening; this is one more of a fantasy! The Realization of God, the Realization of Truth is for you, here and now, and not for humanity; it is for you, who is being called by this Grace, by this Presence, by this Truth, because it is in your moment. This is not the moment of humanity, it is your moment; it is not the moment of the human mass, it is your moment.

We find this idea of ​​a collective awakening of humanity very pleasant, because it is very "romantic" and "encouraging", it is a very enthusiastic view of life that "everyone is awakening." This is not true! You are in the process of Awakening... not the humanity! Awakening is for the end of the illusion of the individual and not for the end of the illusion of human consciousness, of the consciousness of humanity. You who stand before this speech, this meeting, at this moment, this is your moment! Do not imagine the collective in this, because there is no collective in this. You are alone to Awaken, to recognize What Is, the Truth about yourself!

Any questions?

OK people! Let's stop here. Thanks for the meeting. I await everyone here in person. Namaste.

* Originally published in Portuguese on January 30, 2018 ** Transcribed from a talk on an online meeting at the night of December 20th, 2017. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm - To participate download Paltalk App on your computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

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