May 21, 2018

A Great Miracle

Satsang is a great miracle! Having the heart turned to this meeting, to this moment is a great miracle! In the mind, you are always restless and unhappy, so the opportunity to investigate the nature of the Truth about yourself is a great miracle!

You have never paid attention to yourself, and now you have that opportunity. Your mind is always attached to people, to ideas, to things, to images... So, this opportunity to pay attention to yourself and to give up the mind is a miracle! Observe how you act, how your reactions, purposes, intentions, memories, remembrances, images are... They are attached to external and imaginary situations, linked to thought. This is how the mind works. This is not your Natural, Real State. This is not the Truth about you. In India, there is a name for this Truth about you: Samadhi. This is not actually a state, but it is your Being, which is out of every known states of the mind. In these talks, I call This as Meditation. Meditation is your Natural State.

The mind, which deals with ideas, people, things and images, is an imaginary and fictitious prison that you have built around yourself. As long as you are prisoner in this imaginary prison, you will not be in your Self, in your Natural State. One thing is sure: what is Real is not imaginary, but everything you can live in the mind is. So, these things, people, ideas, images and occupations in the mind are all imaginary. What you need is to go beyond the tendencies of this false “me,” which is the mind in its own movement. Thus, being here to investigate, to inquire, to observe, to doubt about this movement, which is the old and well-known movement of the mind, is a true miracle.

There is nothing peculiar in this present moment, because, basically, it is not different from the past or from what the future will present. However, there is "something" present that is beyond this present moment, beyond the past and the future. This is the Beauty, the Miracle, the Grace of Satsang! We are talking about this Presence! “I Am” is always now! It is not about what happens.

Things happened in the past, are happening in the present and will happen in the future, but what makes all the difference is “I am”! This "I Am" is this Unchanging Presence, which is not bound to body, to mind, or to events in time. So, what makes this present moment so different? Obviously, my Presence, my Being, my True Nature. You need to be aware of That, otherwise you will continue in time, in the present, in the past, going to the future, attached to situations, to circumstances and events, and mistaking yourself for the body and mind. When that happens, you get stuck in that imaginary prison of the mind. The past is placed in remembrances, in memories; the future, in the imaginations, desires and dreams; and between the past and the future, there is the present fear, the present anxiety.

Therefore, this present moment gets filled with the past (remorse, guilt, regret...) and with the future (desire, dream, imagination...). This is the imprisonment of this imaginary character, of this false “me.” Then, you end up giving reality to transient situations such as feelings, thoughts, emotions, sensations and perceptions. All of this is tied to the body and to the experiences of the mind. They are not You, the Truth about Yourself! The more you do this, the more you strengthen the illusion of being a separate entity in time and space, living a human story. In this way, you are always bound to this limitation of time and space. Time created by the mind and space created by the sensations and perceptions of the senses, by the idea of ​​a present body. All this is a result of the ignorance about the Truth about yourself.

There is no particular cause for events, everything is just happening. The “particular” is imaginary. The mind creates a relation of cause and effect in the attempt to explain what happens to a supposed particular entity present in time and space. In fact, time is unreal, space is unreal, the “particular” is unreal, so are the happenings.

So, our invitation, in Satsang, is for you to go beyond what the mind is producing. It has been producing all this, all this notion of reality, body, mind, world, time, space, person, history... This is the illusion of that separate identity. Therefore, keep with the inner gratitude for this miracle called Satsang, for the opportunity to be present in this investigation.


* Originally published in Portuguese on April 18, 2018 ** Transcribed from a talk in an online meeting the night of March 19, 2018 - Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm (Local time: Brazil BRT Brasilia) - To participate, download Paltalk on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

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