May 14, 2018

I cannot stop thinking, so how can I go beyond the mind?

The proposal of this work is to go beyond the mind, although there is a huge confusion about what this really means. For example, the concern about the need to stop thinking is present, because for many people, this is the meaning of going beyond the mind. So, there is always that question: "I cannot stop thinking, so how can I go beyond the mind?" This is a very common question. In fact, you cannot stop thinking. Get this: the point here is not that this movement cannot cease, but that it cannot "be ceased". Realize the difference.

So, this concern regarding interrupting the thought is a thought’s preoccupation itself.  Notice the clear difference of this. Realization is your Natural State beyond mind and, therefore, beyond thought, but you cannot stop thinking - this is something that needs to get very clear to you in this work. You can get something very important at this work if you comprehend that the mind can stop, but you cannot stop it, that thought can stop, but you cannot stop it.

That is, it is possible to be beyond the mind in this non-mind, and this happens when there is no longer this movement of thought. The difference between them is very subtle. When thinking is no longer there, the non-mind is present. But you do not reach this non-mind by ceasing to think, for ending or destroying the mind itself is not mind’s work.

Many are trying this, for example, in all kinds of meditation practice, but, in fact, behind this practice, there is the mind trying to destroy the "mind." Ramana called it "the thief, dressed as a policeman, trying to capture the thief." So, I want to let this matter of trying to stop the mind clear to  you: do not make any effort to stop thinking, for it is an effort of the mind itself, of the ego itself. It is not necessary to take any action against the mind, because that would be the mind fighting against itself, would be you splitting the mind into two (were one the "police" and were another the "thief").

Do not try to stop the mind! The only thing you can do is to be quiet and watch it! This does not require any effort and is very simple: you just stop and observe, and let the crazy mind loose; do nothing against the mind, do nothing in favor of it. Do not be for or against the madness that goes on inside your head, for they are all thoughts, and they are not yours; the head is not yours, but of the body. The head belongs to the body and the thoughts belong to the mind, but you are this Consciousness where the body appears with the head, and the mind with the thoughts.

I do really know the problem with you and I will tell you now. You have already decided that there is something wrong with the mind, and then you have been against it, you have become its enemy. However, that's when you are captured by the very own mind. So, sometimes you say, "I cannot stand those thoughts anymore," as if that state were not the "annoyed" thought itself saying that. But who is saying that? So, the mind separates itself and now wants to demolish the "mind," and you remain in that game - that is duality, in which there is separation: a thought wanting to demolish another thought; a feeling wanting to destroy another feeling.

Realization is the fruit of Consciousness! In Consciousness, there is no separation, no duality, no mind. So, in that State, you just watch the mind and there is nothing wrong with it. Sometimes, in the morning, you look up at the sky, you see it full of clouds, but you do not say there is anything wrong with it, you do not complain about the sky full of clouds. You do not say, "I wish these clouds to disappear, so that only the blue sky would remain." Thoughts are like clouds that sometimes appear in the sky, in this "sky" that is Consciousness, and when you just remain still and watch it, this observation works like a gentle wind, which begins to sweep the sky and the clouds, and so clouds begin to vanish.

So, notice what I said: thought can disappear, stop, but you cannot make it disappear, stop. It is not your effort that will make this, because this effort is still the "nervous" thought, is the movement of the thought itself. I am telling to you about the art of getting disidentified from the mind, letting the mind and its madness disappear naturally, effortlessly. Look at this with deep reverence, do not be a fighter. Just watch it! Stay detached, disidentified, distant, just watching. The good news is that the deeper you observe, the deeper is your Consciousness; the "sky" gets clear and the "sun" shining, wonderful! This is the way to deal with the mind, and then the entire Life becomes transparent as the Consciousness itself!

* Originally published in Portuguese on March 29, 2018 
** Transcribed from an online meeting on the night of March 7th, 2018
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