May 16, 2018

Real Knowledge is experiential

We are facing something in which nothing can be said. Satsang is something surprisingly inexplicable. The Truth Is - it is just like that! Nothing can be said about That. So, this meeting is a moment without explanations; it is a moment of revealing the Truth, the Silence. That is the greatness, the simplicity and the uniqueness of Satsang. What you hear here may seem very strange, but I can assure you that the more you try to know about the Truth, the more you distance yourself from That, the more you remain inside this "sleep."

This is the time to live this Presence, to feel It, to have Its revelation, not the explanation about It. I am not a philosopher, a teacher or a preacher you are listening to. There is no way, no formula, no method or system for you to know It, for It to be revealed to you. It is possible that you disappear in This, but not that "you" understand This. In other words, this is not an objective thing, which "you," as a subject, could know. You cannot hold It in your hands and say, "I got it! I have it here with me, now it is mine! "- that is not possible!

If you go to an Advaita-Vedanta teacher, he will give you explanations, will speak of the non-dual nature of Existence, the nature of Truth... Then, he will tell you that everything is already what it is, that Truth is something that is present and that your true nature is this Truth. Anyway, he will tell you many things, he will give you many explanations, and, in this way, you will end up learning about it.

What you do here, in these encounters, is to investigate the nature of the Truth about yourself.  It is not about having knowledge about It. This kind of knowledge is also part of ignorance, because it is merely theoretical; it is just accumulated words through which you create new knowledge. In reality, Consciousness is Knowledge, but it is another kind of knowledge. It is not the knowledge of words, it is the Knowledge of Being. This is the real Knowledge of Truth, pure Knowledge, which is Being, Consciousness, which is not verbal, intellectual knowledge.

Thus, you can know words such as love, truth or freedom. However, knowing the word “love” does not mean knowing Love; knowing the word “truth” does not mean knowing the Truth; knowing the word “freedom” does not mean knowing Freedom as well as knowing the word “God” does not mean knowing God. Therefore, the word is not the point.

Truth is existential, whereas knowledge of mind is non-existential, it is verbal, theoretical,  conceptual. So, what the mind knows as truth, as freedom, as God and as love are only words. So, either you Are That or you talk about It. Do you notice the difference? If you Are That, then you are not a teacher, you are not “someone” talking about It - you are living That! If you are a teacher, you are just talking about It. So, this is the clear difference between the Sage and the philosopher, between Being and merely knowing.

When there is Love, there is no need for words such as "I love you." When there is Truth, there is no need for huge, logical, conceptual explanations about It. Truth can be felt, experienced; It cannot be known or explained. In fact, it is possible to explain the Truth, but if so, it is destroyed, is no longer there, because Truth is not in explanations, not  in speech. When I say that you can feel It, live It, I mean that you can be present in This, that This is present in you, as You! In these meetings as well as in the retreats, we have the opportunity to be in this direct "feeling", of purely Being - This is the Truth, is Love, is Freedom! This is God!

This is the true work of Realization. You cannot examine It as if it were something on the outside. This "feeling" is the only possible Knowledge, for you cannot examine That, which is only inside, as if it were something external, from the outside. This "feeling", this Being is the only possible Knowledge, which I call Real Knowledge, which is Consciousness.

So, this Real Knowledge, which is Being, is Wisdom! Knowledge based on understanding and on comprehension of words is pure ignorance, but it is not the beautiful Ignorance of the Sage; this is mere intellectualism and verbal, theoretical understanding. So, this knowledge is the real ignorance, and this does not represent Realization, because it does not represent Consciousness. 

When there is Consciousness, true Knowledge is present, and then Truth cannot be ignored. In this regard, to know God is to be God, because it is not about learning about God. Additionally, it is not about learning about Love, Truth, Freedom, but  rather about being that Love, that Freedom, that Truth. The Truth is in this Silence, in this Consciousness, in this Love, in this Freedom; it is not in these words.

So, this experience is Consciousness, something that happens inside you. You will not hear, read, or learn about It. There is only one direct way of experiencing That, which is through devotion and through Awakening by self-inquiry - self-inquiry brings the Awakening of this direct experience, and devotion is what makes It possible. You cannot read It on the scriptures, neither hear It from anyone.

* Originally published in Portuguese on April 04, 2018 ** Transcribed from a talk of an online meeting held on February 5th, 2018.

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