May 7, 2018

The true Art is the Art of Happiness

In Satsang, we are facing something quite unique, for here we approach the direct realization of the Truth about ourselves.

Sometimes, when you have the opportunity to be alone, with nothing else, and for some reason you are not busy with external activities, it is very clear to you that, at this point, you experience tremendous internal neediness, deep inadequacy, such "existential void", so to speak. This is common to all and seems to be a common destiny to all, as well as is something that produces a strong need of fulfillment, in order to “drown” this lack, this emptiness. This is what leads us to an action, a constant action...

For your information, what we consider great works built by the intellect or by the emotion of man were born from this state of neediness, insufficiency and pain. So, when you are amazed in front of a painting - which you call a beautiful work of art - or before a sculpture, a song, a poem, a written novel, a book, a great bestseller, all this is a result of this search for internal fulfillment, which has led the so-called "artist", "musician" to an activity that made that be born. However, that, which is so admired, paradoxically, is born from much pain, much suffering, much neediness... You can look for in the story of the great masters of painting, of music, of dance and will discover what had motivated them in their works.

What I am saying, in other words, is that Happiness creates nothing, produces nothing. The mind produces, but the Self does not! Self does not act, does not do anything. Self is pure Being, pure Consciousness, it is what sustains the apparitions; it does not need self-expression. This is quite different from the mind, which needs it, needs to fulfill itself with expression.

A man like Buddha, Ramana, or Krishna has no need for self-expression through the mind, because there is no mind there; there is no longer this emptiness, this frustration, nor this desire for action to compose poems, sculptures, paintings, songs. I am not saying that art cannot happen, but this is a completely different Art from what we consider art arisen from this existential frustration.

Kabir, Rumi and other saints and sages also made poems and songs. Some Sages wrote books, Jesus left his speeches, Ramana left his Silence. But the sages and the saints were not there. There was no "someone" occupied with an action, with the construction of something; it was only an event; so are the speeches that are born in Satsang, which are born from this Silence, from this Consciousness, from this Presence, that are not born from frustration, neediness, or the desire for self-expression.

So, I am going to repeat this to you: this action may appear, but it is not the action of frustration. The speech that is born in Satsang or the actions that are born from this Presence, from this Consciousness are the overflow of that Joy, of that Freedom, of that Happiness. This is the true Art... it is the direct result of Meditation, of that Natural State. The true Art is the Art of Happiness!

Anything you call art that was not born from Happiness is not genuine art. Truth is the basis of all genuine manifestation, but it is not a necessity be born from the desire for self-expression, from that general motivation the mind knows to fill itself in the action. If we come closer to this, we will see that all this can only give ephemeral happiness, joy and fulfillment.

To be in Satsang is to stand before Life, real Happiness. This Life, Truth, Happiness is something within You, but it is something beyond the mind. This is the last satisfaction, the ineffable Joy, without reason, something always present, beyond this illusion of the "me".

Are we together?

Happiness is what lives within us, with all its freshness and purity, something that cannot be contaminated by the mind and its desires, projects, intentions, premeditation. True happiness does not come, does not arise from things. If Happiness would have came from things, it should be greater when we had more things, less when we had fewer things, and completely zero when we had nothing. But it is not like this...

The rich man is the man who possesses many things, but he is not unfailingly happy, because, on the contrary, he has many more concerns. Not even the poor one, who has very little things, is necessarily unhappy for this. But when the poor and the rich ones go to sleep, when they are both in deep sleep, they are in perfect peace, without any worry, without any suffering, that is, the poor one has no debts, nor the rich one has concerns; neither of them is sick. Everyone feels deeply happy when he is in deep sleep, preferably without dreams - Ramana used to talk about it.

Happiness is in the absence of the "egoic mind" and not in the presence or absence of things. It does not matter if you are very rich or very poor: being in the ego is being in unhappiness and misery; being without ego is to be in Absolute Happiness!

The true Art of Happiness is the Art of Being!

My invitation to you in Satsang is: abandon the illusion of the "I". When you are free from this desire to get something or to get rid of anything, you can go beyond this frustration, this neediness, boredom and loneliness... you can go beyond this common destiny to all!

* Originally published in Portuguese on January 25, 2018 ** Transcribed from a talk in an online meeting on the night of September 27th 2017. Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm – Local time: Brazil BRT.  To participate, download the App Paltalk on your computer or smartphone.

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