May 11, 2018

There is only one Nature present

You, in your Real Nature, are not a separate entity, you are not a person. You are this Omniscience, this Omnipotence, this Omnipresence. I speak of your Real Nature! The mind, the body and their experiences ... none of this is you! The experiences of the mind and body are experiences of the Nature. Even the idea of ​​a world present is also just a belief. You will discover that there is no world, no universe; there is only one present Nature, which is only an expression of this Omnipresence, of this Omnipower, of this Omniscience.This is not personal!

This is a clear vision of this Reality, which is beyond the name, the form, the body, the mind and the world. The experience "world" is a "body-mind" experience, which is natural, existential, but it is not personal. I know that this dethrones you as a present entity, take that "you" out of your reign. At first, this is very desperate, because all your wishes and dreams, all your projects, are of no real importance, because they are only imaginations, and none of this is happening for "someone." Everything you live, when you refer to yourself as the body and mind, is something that happens in a natural way, but it is not happening for you in your True Nature, for this Real You.

At this time, for example, there is the experience "body" in this hear and in this speak, but there is not "someone" listening or speaking. This is rather funny ... If you recognize yourself in this Real You, in your True Nature; you discover that you are this Imperishable Being, this Immutable Presence, this Indescribable Consciousness. Therefore, you were never born nor will ever die. Everything is this Consciousness, everything is this Being! When this sense of "I" – stuck on experiences, feelings, emotions and sensations - disappears, the illusory sense of "person" disappears. When I say that, people believe they will be completely annihilated. In a way, they are right! But, in fact, they will not be annihilated ... They do not even exist! There will only be the realization that there had never been people present; that there are no people!

In this Realization, you discover that you have never been there as a separate entity. So, you are not annihilated; you simply are not real! However, there is Something present when this "you", who you believe to be, is not; and this "Something" is indescribable! You are always This (the word "always" is not adequate either). You are That which is prior to time, Pure Intelligence, Pure Grace, Pure Beauty, Pure Truth, Pure Happiness (not theoretically, not conceptually, not verbally). Apprehending the meaning of This, is Enlightenment, it is Liberation.

What brings you to this space is this longing for Truth, which is this very Presence, which is Omniscience, which is Omnipotence. It is a call from Grace to Grace. Here, this so common notion to everyone, of truth and illusion, good and evil, divine and profane, right and wrong, of what is and is not, all this phenomenon of contrast, it completely loses its importance because it is connected to the mind, to that what the mind knows. This duality is very important for the dream, in which you are very important!

When you wake up in the morning, you do not think much of the dream you had at night anymore, right? It was just a dream, and all that disappeared! As soon as you wake up you realize that it was only on your head. In the same way, you realize this realization of the "ego-I-me-person" illusion. When this dream ends, this all ends.

This illusion is only the way that thought represents what happens. The point is that you spent a lot of time - and you still are - stuck to that model. You mistake yourself for these thoughts, for the idea of ​​this experiencer in the "body-mind-world" experience. Then the world becomes real to this "someone" within the body. This is within this “I-ego” dream.

This space called Satsang is an invitation to Liberation. Liberation is the end of this illusion! This means this non-dual Silence, the end of the sense of a present "I", the end of this "your world." Life goes on, everything keeps happening as it has always been happening – it is already happening without you, but you believe you are in this. When there is no longer this illusion of you present in this, the suffering ends. All of your problems lie on this so-called "you" basis, which is this illusion of being someone. So, your problem is an illusion. When you go beyond this "you", there is only this Real You, which is not a personal, private "you".
So, here is the invitation for us to work on it. The only thing you are here to do is this. You have nothing else to do in this world!

* Originally published in Portuguese on April 26, 2018  ** Transcribed from an online meeting at the night of August 26th, 2016 (2nd part). Meetings every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 10pm - Download Paltalk App and participate.

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