June 7, 2018

A boundless space of deep silence

Your world, which is your story, which is you as a present entity in the experience, whatever it is, it is only the mental content. I will give you an example of what this mental content is. Do you know your middle name?

Participant: Yes!

Master: What is the middle name of that one?

Participant: I do not know!

This "know" is content, and that content is your world, which is only real to you. This "I do not know" is real for everyone; it is the absence of content. The Sage has no content, he has the "do not know". When there is this "do not know", there is this huge Space. When I asked you the middle name of him and you said "I do not know", it was possible to see that a huge Space opened. When I asked for your middle name, then you left the Indefinable Space and entered into a definable space and time. That is the ego!

Your Natural State is this Indefinable and indescribable Space of “do not know”. This is Wisdom, it is the absence of the story. You do not know your middle name; you become to know only when I ask you. So you see that this is not real, because it is something that appears with memory. After the question is made, you search for the answer in memory. Before that, you did not know what I was going to ask, so you were in that "do not know". In this "do not know" there is a deep relaxation, but in the "know" there is tension. Want to see? Are you a boy or a girl? A woman or a man? There is not a tension?

Participant: Yes! I felt difficulty when you asked my name. I had trouble getting it. I thought: "Wow, what is this for?".

Master: Beautiful! Exactly! You need to search in memory, which means that you have no name. So when I ask you whether you are woman or man... What a petty thing! You need to look up and say: "I am a woman!" But, when you are in the "do not know", you are in a boundless Space, of deep Silence. It is a world that extends, that opens, and that Instant, that Moment, that Space, which is where this Happiness reveals itself in Being, (which is not being something, nor being someone) is lost.

The "hear", the "feel", the thought appearing, they must be treated in the same way, in this Space. You do not grab the wind - you feel and listen, but you are not interested in grabbing it. But when a thought comes into your head, you "catch" it and bring it to the "person". When you do that, the "person" appears and then the problems arise. This is what I call "contraction".

When the present entity arises in the experience of the thought, the thinker comes up. The thinker has a story to tell - first to himself and then to the world. He has to keep confirming this story all the time, otherwise he ceases to be someone.

This is very painful, is it? For me, this is liberating - not being the thinker and not having a story to tell, neither for yourself, nor for anyone. This is Enlightenment!

The expression "Enlightenment" is not a space full of light, but the absence of the illusion of space and time. This is Love, This is Happiness!

Right now, in this Unlimited and Indescribable Space, there is no shortage, but as soon the desire arises, a "trip" comes up: "Oh, I would like to be now at ...". Your intention in being on this "trip" is to relax in your Being, but you can only relax in your Being here and now. Then, you get to the desired place and say: "Wow! What a beautiful, wonderful place!". But it takes just a few seconds of relaxation for you to say: "What am I doing here? I had to be at... ".

The mind continues in this trick, taking you to time and space, in an attempt to make you feel the completeness of being What You already Are, here and now. However, this never happens, because you are always "traveling" with it. You go from one pleasure to another, and another... The mind has always to be seeking this to feel complete, which never happens. It gets excited to seeking for sensations. It needs that, because without it, it disappears... So, only You remain in your Real Nature.

* Originally published in Portuguese on May 03, 2018 ** Excerpt from a face-to-face meeting in João Pessoa in August 2016

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