June 27, 2018

My technique is:

Happiness is not a denial of life, but it is not an affirmation as well, the way the egoic mind wants it to be. The egoic mind desires an affirmation of life that Happiness does not know.

Then, what is the problem?

The problem lies on living addicted to the guidelines that thought has for you, all programmed by culture, by society, by the model implanted in the world. Over this model, you have been educated, you growed, and now you are there, allowing yourself to be driven by the thought to move in this or that direction, acting in a programmed way, cultivated by fear and desire.

So your goals, with your model of existence, are fated to failure, to produce more and more suffering, more and more lies, more and more confusion, more and more misery.

Due to this absurdity of uncontrolled thought inside your head, there is no Consciousness, there is no Intelligence, there is only this chaotic, confused and disorderly movement.

Basically, you think; that is the problem! You only think because you accept this inner gossip as truth, as part of your reality. It happens there an objective and essential thought for the body, such as: "I am thirst, I want water", in the midst of a billion thoughts like: "It is horrible", "I do not like her", "I do not like him", "They are lying to me", "I can do it", "I can", "I do"... That is, a billion thoughts involved with the self-fulfillment of a supposed present entity living within the body.

How there will be no misery, no suffering, this way, if what you call "life" is the lie, the programming of lying? It is not Life! How there will be God, Truth, Intelligence, Happiness? It is not possible! How there will be Realization, completeness of Being, now, at this moment?

Within this chaotic movement of thought, the idea of ​​evolution is also created: "Today I am not, but tomorrow I will be", "Today I have not, but tomorrow I will have", "Today I am not enlightened, but tomorrow I will be."

The sages say that to be here with the only Truth it is not required time nor effort. Then the thought does a philosophy over that, it starts to explain what it has seen about it and distorts everything. Then, the mind begins to practice to "stay here and now", and also to teach this: "Stay here and now"; "It is just about be here and now"; "Do this or that exercise to achieve this". And there is the movement of the old self, still engaging in some form of practice, some meditation technique. You all have been practiced various meditation techniques to try to get somewhere.

What I call Meditation is to look at this that is in this instant, without jumping over it, without giving credibility to it, without trusting it, without holding on to it. You do it exactly in this second and, in three days, you do it in this very second and, in three years, in the same second. You only have one second to do this, and it is now, here! So, notice that it has nothing to do with practice, but with Attention, with Presence, with Truth… The Truth to not trust this inner voice, to not trust this inner feeling, this inner disposition, that says you are this or that, that needs this or that. That is why I never put you into practice; I place you in the art of Meditation, but not in the practice of meditation.

Look carefully, listen carefully, feel carefully... When the thought arise, keep your attention on this inner madness, to not be a thinker. The thinker is also just a thought. There is no thinker, only thought, repetitive, continuous, programmed, invader. Every thought is invader! You do not have a single original thought; no thought is!

Thought is not your nature, it is not real in your Being, it is only real as a phenomenon, just like that couch. You were never born! Since this too is a phenomenon, it is not real in your Being.

Your Being is not what you think to be! He is outside the thought! Thought is not your Being! So, you just say this: "It is not". Your job is: "It is not". Do you want a technique? People come to me and ask for a technique. My technique is: "It is not". This feeling? It is not! This thought? It is not! This sensation? It is not! This certainty? It is not! "But, Master, Silence has come!". Then I say: "It is not!". In Zen that is very common. The monk listens to the Master for a while and then says: "Master, I have reached Silence". Then the Master says: "It is not. Throw away!".

* Originally published in Portuguese on May 26, 2018 ** Excerpt from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in João Pessoa in March 2018
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