June 14, 2018

Nothing is hidden from this Real Consciousness

There is nothing outside of this Consciousness. This division created between conscious and unconscious mind is totally arbitrary. The very mind creates an arbitrary division about itself. The mind is a content, which may be of ten years or ten million years old, but it is a single content. Thus, whether the mind is apparent on the surface or submerged in depth, hidden, it is the same phenomenon.

There is no division between "conscious" and "unconscious". What we call "unconscious" is the non-science of what is submerged, and "conscious" is what is on the surface, of which there is science. But when we "look" at the mind, we observe a single content, which is not hidden from this Real Consciousness.

What is hidden and what is shown is what the mind hide and show to itself. What it hides from itself, it calls "unconscious"; what it shows to itself, it calls "conscious". However, there is no such thing as "unconscious mind", "subconscious" and all that "blah-blah-blah". All these divisions are created by the mind. In fact, there is nothing in the mind that is hidden from this Real Consciousness. Consciousness is self-effulgent!

Just as the moon cannot hide from the sun, the mind and its content cannot hide from Consciousness. That is because the Consciousness is That where everything appears and disappears. The content of the mind is only imaginary, connected to time, it has no material, substantial reality. This content of the mind, whether it is of ten years or ten million years ago, it is all an imaginary content, known to this Consciousness which, by the way, ignores it, because it is not Real.

By understanding this, you can ask the appropriate question. The question you have is: "How can I get rid of this hidden content that shows itself to be a trauma or an illness?". Trauma and disease, as the body, are only imaginary appearances in time. So, the first thing to be understood is this: do not give reality to what has no reality. Trauma and disease are appearances linked to another appearance (body), and both them are illusory.

The other thing is that there is nothing hidden from this Consciousness and, if that is so, then it is present now. So, what prevents it from “coming to light” and disappearing? The strong identification with this illusion called "reality of the mind". When one trusts that the sense of “self” is real, when this is validated, this remains unchanged. Only this prevents all this content from being volatilized at the light of Consciousness. That is the diagnostic and the treatment is Meditation; but the Real Meditation! This present moment is important, because it can open a door to this timeless moment, which is Consciousness.

So what is the treatment? This detached, unintended observation, not involved with what happens now. When it happens, there is no way for the experiencer, who is the egoic mind itself, to structure and remain hidden. So, all this egoic content is revealed in this present moment.

There is nothing you carry from this or other lives. When we deal with this question of time, we are dealing with an illusory question, because there is no time. For the Consciousness, everything is present now. So, the only thing that is needed here and now is do not identify oneself with the experience. This I call Meditation!

All this content can reveal itself and be volatilized, be burned and disappear, because it has no reality, other than this "reality" that the illusion of the egoic mind itself holds, in the idea that there is an experiencer in experience. This requires a little Attention!

Are you understanding? The diagnostic was given and now the treatment is being handed, which is: here and now there is no experiencer! Whatever is appearing in the machine (body-mind) is not for an experiencer. When that is assumed, there is freedom for what is hidden to appear.

* Originally published in Portuguese on May 13, 2018 ** Transcribed from a speech in a face-to-face meeting at the Ramanashram Gualberto - C. do Jordão, on September 16th, 2017.

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