June 25, 2018

There is no way to attain realization if you are identified with the mind.

The approach you have, in this space called Satsang, is meant to show you that great illusion in which the mind has lived. As you have always been identified with the mind, you take it as your reality, as if it were the reality of your life.

If you discover how to explore the Real Nature of Consciousness, you will find out that It does not have these objective interpretations. In other words, every way of conceptualizing life around you is a way the mind knows, classifying everything around it. In Satsang, you are within an approach of Wisdom, of an encounter with Truth. This is the meaning of the word Satsang.

In the mind, you carry various concepts, beliefs, opinions and conclusions, and you consider this is real for yourself. However, here is the illusion of this false “me,” that "person" who, for example, at this moment, seems to be listening to someone - someone listening someone. These are the objective interpretations of the mind. The mind, in its illusion, makes everything objective around it, placing itself as the subject. So, the mind is the subject, the "I," and everything around it is the "non-I." This is the concept, the belief, the illusion of separation. This Consciousness is the Nature of the Self, is your Real Nature. It does not have these objective qualities. This is a pure creation of the mind!

So, the way you are living in the mind is totally wrong; it is a totally illusory life! What is known as "human life," "personal life," is something similar to the dream you have at night. When you wake up in the morning, you realize that there was no reality, it was just the mind making images, producing experiences, and all of that was inside it. That world in the dream was not an objective reality. That experience of the sound, the images, the people present in your dream, everything was as unreal as you were in that experience. Everything in your dream was built by concepts and beliefs. So, the objects, the people, the sensations, all these experiences were only within the mind itself. Everything was pure imagination.

This world of yours, which is the world of the mind, is the same dream world you have at night, while the Truth of your Consciousness, of your Real Nature, is beyond that. The purpose of this meeting is for you to discover the Reality, the Truth about yourself. If this is clear, there is no more illusion; the mind collapses!

There is no any suitable name for this Realization. Some call it Awakening. This Reality is the Reality of Silence. All the mind knows is names and forms, they are experiences produced by the mind itself, but we are pointing to "something" beyond the mind, "something" beyond this illusion of the "me." The mind cannot apprehend the Reality, cannot reach That.

The mind always lies in the field of duality, which is the field of its own experience - subject and object. Everything the mind knows is within that duality. It separates itself between mind and body, mind and world. However, there is no subject and object; there is no thought, no thinker. The thinker is just a thought creating the illusion of an entity responsible for thinking. There is no thinker and thought; this is thought’s belief. There is no mind, body, and world. There is no vigil, no dream, no deep sleep, no death, no postmortem state. All this is only the mind’s production.

Every day you have the experience of talking to other people, having thoughts, feelings and emotions, but this is not true. This is only the mind in itself, by itself, experiencing itself. Even if you have an encounter of third kind, a contact with extraterrestrials, this will also be within the experience of the mind. There is nothing outside the mind and its experience. The ego is eager for mystical, esoteric, spiritual, extra physical experiences. It is the search of the mind for extraordinary sensations. Ego loves this kind of fancy.

Truth is the end of the mind and its experience; It is when the mind collapses, falls, disappears. The mind itself is made up of concepts, appearances, names, beliefs. So, all experiences are projections of the mind itself. In fact, the mind itself is constructed by these projections, which are not separate from it; these projections are the mind itself.

When your story ends, the mind, the ego, which is the illusion of that sense of a separate "me," also ends. So, there is no mind, there is no body and there is no world. Your Natural State is Being! This is Meditation, Consciousness, Freedom!

I have just one more thing to say to you: this whole movement, this dream, is just a dance of Consciousness. The problem is not in this dance, is not in the movement. The problem arises when you try to take the place of Reality. Therefore, you are - and always will be - facing a paradox. Truth cannot be reached by you. There is no way to realize That identified with the mind, taking the mind as real.

* Originally published on May 23, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online meeting on the evening of January 29, 2018 - Join our online meetings, download the Paltalk app and access the meeting room, open on Mondays and Fridays at 10pm (Local time: Brazil – BRT TimeZone)

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