July 30, 2018

A Great Misconception

Human beings live in a constant search for pleasure, mistaking the fulfillment that it gives to you for real Happiness. You are in Satsang to investigate that, not only verbally but also existentially.

The whole thing is that pleasure is never alone. It is like something you want to buy, but you must pay a very large amount of money – the price for pleasure is pain. Therefore, you will never dissociate pleasure from pain, because in order to get one, you must also have the other. So, mistaking Happiness for pleasure fulfillment, and this is what human beings do, is to be in a great misconception. Very different from that, the Sage considers Happiness as the Contentment, which differs from pleasure. 

In the Ego, there is never contentment! When things go bad, there is a pain there, and when they go well, even among pleasure, pain is also there, watching, waiting for the next opportunity to show up. So, you always face this matter of duality and it is basically this way that ego’s mind works. I want to show you the beauty and the importance of the Natural State, which is Contentment.

Notice the difference: the Natural State is free from worries, from accomplishment of desires, from the burden of duality, from this matter of pleasure and pain, which is something that will always be present in the manifestation. The human body is biologically prepared for pleasure and pain, but since in the Natural State you are internally and psychologically free from ego’s sense, you are also free from duality. That means that you are free from the need of searching for pleasure or escaping from pain, and that’s the beauty of the Natural State.

In the duality that you live, there is always this search for something, in the attempt to escape from another one. In other words, in the ego you live classifying what you like against what you don’t, what you want against what you don’t want. This way, there is never contentment and therefore there is no Happiness. The subject here is the basic and natural matter of Happiness.

It is interesting when you observe nature: living beings have no problem with this issue of handling with pain, because pleasure and pain are inherent in manifestation. We see this among nature, animals and nowadays studies have shown that in plants too.

However, when you look at a human being, you see this confusion in identifying oneself with the mind and, this way, one is always translating the experience of pleasure and pain based on a personal point of view of this false “me.” Thus, there is no Happiness, no Contentment. For a Sage, the acceptance of Life as It shows, as It is, is Contentment. So, there is Happiness, because there is no search for pleasure by escaping from pain.

Human being carries a very strong sense of the doer, which is pure vanity, suffering and frustration. Have you ever found yourselves complaining about the lack of some pleasure fulfillment in your lives, saying: “How miserable I am! Everything goes wrong in my life!”? Just because there was no pleasure, which was denied, you were frustrated and angry, very angry, and that means being attached to this wrong view of life.

I have something to tell you: you will always feel, physically, pleasure and pain. However, you are not doomed to live forever in this duality of frustration, of desire and of fear. You just have to awake! When you are out of this inner feeling of duality, of the search for fulfillment in pleasure, fighting against pain, you are free. This way, it is possible to recognize your Real Nature, which is Contentment, Hapiness; and This is Peace, Freedom!

From birth to death, you will always have situations of pleasure and pain, and it will always be determined by external things. Physically, you will always experience this, but internally, you are able to live free from this personal sense in experiences of pleasure and pain.

The Sage lives his life just like any other person, from the external point of view. But, from an internal perspective, the Sage is in Contentment, in Happiness, in Freedom, because He knows that it is God who determines everything that happens. As He no longer mistakes Himself for the body, the Sage no longer has any problem, because He is not in favor of pleasure and against pain. This means that all of your problems only appear because you see yourself as a "person," as a separate identity, "someone" who might control something by getting rid of another.

If your true goal is Happiness, forget about the search for happiness and realize your Natural State of non-duality. Stop mistaking yourself for external experiences, let them on God’s hands. I will be practical now with you: if someone does not like you, this is not your business. You are getting involved in completely wrong situations! Your business is to get rid of this “someone” who you believe to be, it is not to care if someone likes you or not. I am giving you an example of how you care about what goes on outside, ignoring the Reality of who you Are inside.

This sense of “I” cares about what seems to be happening outside. This way, you will always be unhappy, for you will always be trying to protect yourself, to defend yourself, to justify, to improve this self-image. The search for pleasure is, in itself, pain, ego’s importance. Let things outside where they belong to. Do not search for pleasure or run away from pain, and when one or another appears, don’t mistake yourself for the experience, because it comes and goes.

* * Originally published in Portuguese on June 08, 2018 ** Transcribed from a speech in an online meeting on the night of May 25, 2018 - Online meeting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm (Local time: Brazil – BRT)
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