July 2, 2018

All the Beauty is already present!

This Realization is not something new that should be added to you. It is like an abandoned palace, which has no dweller for hundreds of years. It is forgotten, lost, like a hidden treasure in some corner of the world. This palace is housing the cockroaches, rats, bats and spiders. The floor, the walls, the furnishings, the mirrors and all the furnitures in this palace are covered with dust. In it, rats and cockroaches multiply.

This palace has been there for thousands of years and, behind all that dust, there are furnitures made of the strongest and most beautiful wood that can be found on Earth. The mirrors frames - which are many - are of the finest, most exquisite, most delicate material. There are large halls, large bedrooms, and the floor, like everything there, was placed very carefully. There are many details of great charm for the eyes, of great beauty, but everything is covered with dust. The amount of insects is huge! Unless this palace is found, discovered, and all that dust on the furnitures, the dirt and the insects are removed, its beauty will remain hidden. Realization is something like that: it is already there, but there is a lot of things covering it!

The palace was not built for the dwelling of rats, cockroaches and spiders. The purpose for building this palace was much more noble. They are the kings, princes, monarchs, who live in palaces.

The purpose of these lines is always the same. They are not meant to teach you something new, but to make you discover the old, to perceive That which is already present. You are a palace, but you are busy with too many dust, rats, cockroaches, spiders and various other insects. You are a palace with large and beautiful spaces, beautiful furnitures, but very busy.

You are like a huge ocean mistaking yourself for a small wave, a small ripple, living in a narrow piece of the sea, crashing against the rocks at all times. With small variations, the same wave repeats. Time after time, it hits the rock, vanishes, comes back and vanishes again. It gets "born" at a certain point and "dies" when it hits the rock, and then returns with a small difference in shape. Thus, months, years, centuries, millennia goes by, and you, who are all this immensity of the ocean, inexplicable, indescribable, remain mistaking yourself for a small ripple, a small wave.

* Originally published in Portuguese on May 30, 2018 ** Excerpt from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in Ramanashram - Campos do Jordão, in February 2018. Check out our agenda and schedule to be with the Master in our face-to-face meetings.

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