July 4, 2018

My whole focus is to show you what Real Meditation is

In Satsang, we are working together on this matter about Realization. Realization is the encounter with the Truth in ourselves. What we call as human mind has proved to be an extraordinary mechanism, but it carries an aspect, within its movement, that has produced (in you) the state of separateness - you and Reality, you and God, you and Truth.  

The mind has this chaotic movement of thoughts, of feelings, of emotions, of perceptions, wishing to break the mind off. All this suffering, all this inner confusion can be stopped, but not by you.         

It is better to put it this way: interruption  may take place, but you cannot interrupt it. Thought can stop, but you cannot stop it. Suffering may end, but you cannot make it end. Fear can end, but you cannot end it. You are the fear, the confusion, the inner talking, this inner chaotic state, and this "you" is the illusion of the false "I". You are too much attached to this movement to be able to interrupt it. You are entangled with that. You are too identified with the thought to be able to interrupt it. You are too identified with internal confusion to be able to get rid of it; too identified with the imagination to interrupt fear.

Your work is to Awake, because all of this is the "sleep state," but you do not know you are sleeping. This is similar during the dream without realizing that you are dreaming. All you seek is Love, Peace, Freedom, Happiness, Truth, but as you have been mistaking yourself for the mind since so long time, you try to find This  inside the mind itself. You have to awaken, so  Love, Truth, Freedom, Happiness and God can be real there. As you are "sleeping," "dreaming," you are seeking Peace, Love, Happiness, Freedom, God externally, that is, you are seeking That inside your "dream," in the "sleep state."

You are seeking Peace and, simultaneously, producing confusion in relationships, against the very own Peace you are seeking. You want peace, but you do not want Peace. You do not know what Peace is, so you are not able to find It, that´s why you seek This outside. That also applies to Freedom, to Happiness, to Love. You do not know what Love is; you know what pleasure is, fulfillment by affective, emotional and sentimental pleasure, but this is not Love. That´s why you seek this in relationships and then you want to get married, to have children...

You seek happiness in objects. You believe that the more objects you get, the more happiness you have (in order to have the objects, you must have more money; the more money you have, the more objects you have, the more objects, the more comfort; the more comfort, the more happiness). However, comfort is not Happiness and object does not give Happiness... Nothing on the outside, absolutely nothing, provides That!

Everything on the outside produces pleasure and pain. Love, Peace, Freedom, Happiness, God is something that is inside, not outside. My job with you is to show you what You Are, because you only need to be alone. Everything You Need Is Already Present In What You Are. It is not outside!

So, my whole focus is to show you what Real Meditation is. You need to find out What is present, What is already there... Just find This out! You will not produce it, nor bring from outside, you will only find This out. My job is to help you remember how to access this discovery.

As long as there is any form of dependence - and dependence is to be connected to the external world that the mind produces in its dream, in its fantasy, in its desire to express - you will remain outside yourself, outside your Essential Nature, and there will be no Love, no Peace, no Freedom, no Happiness... There will be no God! All that you were born for is to realize the discovery of What is there, but it is not this body, this mind, nor objects, places, people, things, images, that is, it is absolutely nothing on the outside.

When your Being, your Real Nature, blossoms, everything remains in the same place, but now everything is in a new place. What I am saying is that it is not the external world that has to disappear, it is the illusion that the mind makes about the external world, what it projects over all this exteriority, people, things, places, objects, sensations, perceptions.

It is like there were a cake with a topping. Nobody knows what that cake was made of, it is not known what kind of cake is there underneath that cover, whether it is an orange cake, carrot or chocolate. In fact, we do not even know if it is a cake, because, due the topping, it may not be a real cake, but something with a very beautiful and quite convincing cover. The mind has created this covering over your Real Nature. You do not know what "cake" is, because you are enchanted with the topping. All of your experience called "life" is about the “topping” and not about the "cake."

So, when you come to Me, I say, "This is not real." People get angry at first, it is true. They get furious when I say, "You are a fraud!" I am not saying He or She is not Real, I am saying “he”or "she" is not real; everything he or she knows about him or herself is not real. People live in constant internal tumult, inner tumult, in a complete contradiction inside. This “inside” is still the "topping," the surface.

So, I say there is no way for you to stop it. The mind is this, this confusion; it is this "topping." This is discouraging... There is no way to stop this mind. But now, there come other news that is not so that bad, it is good news: there is no need to stop the mind; it stops! It is possible to break this model, this pattern, to get rid of it, but no action is necessary on your side. Look how interesting! There is in you an element able to break with this pattern, but it is not "your effort," in the way you understand this matter about effort. So, you do not need to try to destroy it, to stop the mind.

Now we touch the matter of Real Meditation. The problem with traditional meditation, which people know, is that it tries to stop you from thinking, and you do not have to do that. The mind may even hide, but it will not stop; it will return again. You do not need to try to stop the mind, it stops, but it is not you who stops. The mind stops by itself when there is room for Consciousness. Give room for Consciousness and the confusion of mind disappears!

How do you give room for the mind to stop by itself? Attention! Only that. Just be aware of its craziness. Is it crazy or is not? You look at its movement and then the dream ends. And this is because you naturally are not identified with its madness, with its inner chatter. It is not the mind trying to stop the mind, it is patient observation, careful, unhurried one... deep interest in observing. So, the confusion ends, the identification with that crazy thought that you have disappears, because the dream is over, the sleep is over - You awake! When you awake, there is no more mind. The mind is unconsciousness; it is the dream that happens during sleep, because you do not observe the craziness. Then, the crazy one goes together with the craziness, the madness drags the madman, but if there is attention, disidentification, there is no madman, there is no craziness.

What does to be awake mean? It is to be disidentified from body and mind. So, there are no beliefs or conditioning patterns about family culture, politics, religion. You are in your Being, in your Real Nature, which is Intelligence, Love, Truth, Peace, Happiness! You do not seek This; This reveals Itself as your ever-present Nature.

You do not try to control the mind, the desires, the fear, the anxiety and the ego identity with its craziness. All this goes away. Do not try to stop thinking, feeling, desiring, being afraid. Do not try any of this, just bring awareness, observe it. When you observe it, you realize that this is not you, but rather a crazy, addictive, repetitive, mechanical, unconscious impulse that comes and drags you. But now you have got it, you see, and, as I am used to say, you are weaning yourself off being miserable. You are turning back to God! In a religious language, you are becoming a saint, ceasing to be a problem.

Your work is to awake! It is totally your job, but it is not "your" job. It is a Work of Grace, of divine Love, of that inner Consciousness, which is the Guru.

* Originally published in Portuguese on June 4, 2018 ** Transcribed from an online talk meeting at Ranashram Gualberto, in the city of Campos do Jordão, on April 2018 - To participate, download the Paltalk app - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm (Local Time – Brazil BRT)

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