July 9, 2018

What does “turning inwards” mean?

Turning inwards does not mean behaving in a certain way, breathing in a certain way, sing a kind of music, recite a few words ... Turning inwards means not to trust in the mind, in what it says there. Do not trust in thoughts, in any of them!

There are no Truth in the thought, only the "truth" of its own. If you spend some time near me, you will discover this: I do not trust in thoughts! If I do not trust, you may begin to mistrust it, too. That is all I expect from you. But I can take another step with you. The first step with you is to show you that no thought, feeling, sensation or perception is real in your Being, in your True Nature. Do you want to know what the second one is? Take that first step with me and I will reveal you the second.

Awakening is to assume the Truth that there is nothing but God! So, we trust nothing but God, or we trust that all is God, which is the same. God is another word for the supreme Bliss, supreme Happiness. There is only the supreme Happiness! This is where I live, this is where I Am that I Am, that You Are What You Are. You forgot that and I am here just to remind you.

Do you think I suffer? No! Why? Because there is no imagination. To suffer, you need the thought. And what is thought? It is imagination, and it is always associated with objects, with images of things, of people and of situations. So, notice how simple it is to live without suffering. The only thing that matters is to abandon the exteriority, which is created by the thought.  Thought is also exteriority.

Therefore, notice that Meditation, which is your Natural State, is very simple. It is you staying in the Now, and the Totality of the Truth is in this Now, which is Peace, is Freedom, is Happiness. There is no "person" in the Now! The Now carries no "person." I bring you to Meditation. In all Satsangs, I am bringing you to Meditation. I do not teach a meditation practice, I bring you to the art of Meditation, I take you to Meditation. Sometimes, you run away, you follow some imagination and it is a hard work for me to bring you back to this Space that is not tainted by thought, by time, by story.

So, my work with you is to bring you to this moment, which is not an "instant", it is the Heart of the experience, that we can give various names: Consciousness, Presence, Being, God, Truth ... It is any "Thing" where "you", the "person", are not present.

So, do not get attached to the identity, abandon it, for it only belongs to time. When you assume an identity in the experience, that is, when you assume to be living in the world as a "person," then you have preferences, choices, fears, desires, and stories to tell. When you are Consciousness, you are this Presence that empties all the content of personality, of the ego-identity.

When you are this Presence, there is no longer "you," and then there is only something very beautiful, like one of those roses ... a very beautiful thing, very attractive, with a higher beauty! However, those things are not what your desires and your choices reflect ... It is exactly the absence of all that, which is the Void, this Vacuity, what reflects all the Beauty!

* Published orinally in Portuguese on June 14, 2018 ** Excerpt from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in the city of João Pessoa, Brazil, on May, 2018

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