The Ashram

Ramanashram Gualberto is a space built especially for Satsang meetings and to allow a deepening self-enquiry work. Each room has been designed to comfortably accommodate the participants and to promote greater integration with the Master.
Surrounded by an exuberant nature, the Ashram is located on top of a mountain in a preserved area of the native forest.

The Master resides 15 days a month in the Ashram. Occasion when the retreats normally occur in the first two weekends of every month, besides longer Satsang retreats.

Being at the Ashram is a rare opportunity to interact with someone who realized the Self in a perfect atmosphere for real meditation and silence.

The name “Ramanashram” was given in honor to Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, who found Master Gualberto when He was 24 years old and, by His Grace, led him to the Awakening "Sat-chit-ananda".

Come know our space and experience the atmosphere of peace, love and serenity.
Address: Josiane Rodrigues da Silva Street, 485 - Vila Chantal
Campos do Jordao / SP, Brazil.