December 22, 2014

The engagement with the Truth


Once more, in this meeting, we are making it clear form the start, as we always have been doing, that we are not in just a conference. This is not another conference. Here we are not, nor we will be, discussing about any specific subject related to religious, philosophical, mystical, political or any other concepts. We are having this meeting to talk together, to be quiet, to be in silence, however someone is using the microphone in the position of a speaker. But our purpose here is not just listen to the words.

It is not a meeting to talk, to exchange words, questions, information… It is a meeting for self-realization, it is a meeting for investigation about ourselves, to find out who we really are. And it is about this that you will hear in this meeting. It is about this that we will be talking here, even though there is just one with the microphone. But, if we listen quietly, we will find out that although there is just one with the microphone, we are all together. We are not in a debate, we are not dealing with anything strange, anything that demands too much of any of us. This doesn’t require any special knowledge, any degree, or a preparation.

In fact, the essential subjects in life are very simple. However, our intellect has great skill in creating a great number of complications about what is fundamental, important and at the same time simple. All complications concerning life, or living, it is not because life is complex or difficult, but because the intellect has been creating all this, has been producing all this. The purpose of this meeting is to discover our essential nature; to get closer of the truth that is inherent in each one of us. To discover who we really are, beyond what the intellect has been telling us. We have been living by the intellect. We have been expressing ourselves based on the intellect. We have been getting conclusions about life around us using the intellect. Discussing with each other based on the intellect. We believe that life in the intellect is intelligent life. However, the intelligent life is the live in its wholeness, something that the intellect, just a part of it, just a fragment, can not reach. That is why the invitation to this Satsang meeting, that means “The engagement with the Truth”…

The actual word “Truth”, for the intellect, has to have a meaning because it is the nature of the intellect to provide meanings and always give an adjective, an explanation, or search an explanation for an adjective or for a substantive, and so on. But, when we use the word “Truth” in Satsang, we are talking about the “Truth of the Being”, the unlimited Truth about this Presence, this unlimited Consciousness, that cannot be defined into words, that cannot be explained… Therefore, our pledge in this meeting is to find out “who are we”, to find out the essential nature of each one of us. To go beyond this limitation, this fragment called intellect. Therefore, it is not the words that interest us.

We are not interested in the analysis, in the conclusion, in the combination of ideas for then have something to take home, or to go to sleep in a while. It is not that! We are here only to find out what “being QUIET” means, and reach in this silence our “Real Nature”. This investigation of our Real Nature necessarily goes through the discovery of what we are not – and that until then we believed we were. Part of this, is this intellectual ability that is to live. That is why we leave that aside and get closer to the investigation, with a clear consideration for the preciousness of this investigation. We call these meetings of “self investigation”- this investigation about ourselves, of what goes through our minds and our hearts, our reactions, our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts. This investigation about who we are and what we express in our lives, in our daily lives, in our relationship with others. It is not something that someone can do for us; it is something that we need to do for ourselves.

We have seen around us great sorrow, great pain, great misery. The human life centered in this illusionary identity, that has not been investigated, understood – and from what we haven’t been released from. This has meant a life in profound confusion, profound disorder, profound suffering, and profound misery. And, nevertheless, our essential nature, our Real Nature – the ones who have been doing work with themselves, have been investigating themselves, the ones who have been going deep, beyond the shallow layer of conscience (that is the common men’ consciousness, the men that carries that weight of contradictions, conflicts, day after day, after day) – those that have gone deeper into this investigation of themselves, that have the engagement, the real interest... Those that have gone with eagerness towards this direction… They have discovered, and have been telling us that; in our Real Nature, we are essentially perfection, truth, beauty, peace and happiness.

Therefore, it is left to each one of us to discover this. Not to just stay in the theoretical field, the speculation field, the belief, but to discover for ourselves! This is why we have this meeting, this opportunity. That is why we have this divine opportunity to be part of this meeting, with this engagement, with this real interest to search for ourselves. And in this journey, that is not a journey, that we are doing together (without doing anything) – each one having its own opportunity to live this in a direct way, without searching for second handed opinions, without trying to repeat this verbally, intellectually… We are talking about a direct experience. We are talking about a direct trial (without someone experimenting) of our Real Nature, our Divine Essence, of what we are and that has been forgotten…

This room is the room of memory, of remembrance. It is the room in which when we come to a meeting like this, we can return to childhood again, to discover simplicity, in which each one of us were born, but has forgotten, it is suffocated by this weird behavior, created by the act of copying, the imitation, by this huge conditioning that we have been receiving since childhood – and that has been left behind... And here we have the joy of being together. And here we have the opportunity of staying quiet and looking inside ourselves, with that simple look of wanting to find out, without any intervention, any interference, any intellectual support, but with a straight look, letting that what is inside come, flourish, show up.

That is Satsang: this meeting with ourselves! This meeting with the Truth of Being! It is not something that we can be informed intellectually, we have to experience this directly. We have to learn the meaning in a direct way. We have to get closer. And we are here tonight exactly for that.

That is why it is a joy to have you here in this meeting. It doesn’t matter if we are in a virtual room. The matter that we discuss in these meetings is The Matter. It is the matter of Being. There are many subjects to discuss, but basically the main focus is the real Being in each one of us, it is our Real Nature.  And if we are in a room – although a virtual one – if our hearts are engaged together, devoted to this in a simple way, in an objective way, in a direct way, in an eager way… If we are committed together doing this… Our hearts will be united as just one heart! And we will feel this Grace, this divine Presence, waking in each one of us, creating this profound sense of unity, this profound sense of oneness, of complicity, of the one and Real Truth of what we are.

Therefore, relax, open your hearts. Lets forget the sense of being a person, a separated identity. All these are created by this separatist sense that has a very, very strong base in the intellect itself. That is why the purpose here is not intellectual, the purpose here is not verbal, not theoretical. The purpose here is not to stay within our brains, searching inside from the information that we already have and have carried out for a long time. It is not possible to have this direct closeness of what we are through the intellect, through thoughts.

Wisdom is not born within the intellect. It is born from the comprehension of who we really are in our True Nature. The intellect is limited; it is an useful instrument for very specific purposes of daily life. But, in regard of the awakening of our essence, of our Real Nature, our Conscience, this unlimited Conscience, we have to find this reality form within the silence, from a dive, leaving everything that held us back on the surface, leaving all the weight that has kept us, to go beyond “this person”, this personal identity, in this complete realization of what we are – we have just given an example here, but there are many names to it, but none of them is real if it only stays in the intellect level, as an information, a remembrance, something that we repeat, repeat, repeat… It doesn’t matter the names, it can have many names. It is not the words that matter to us, it is the experience that does. The experience of this quietness, the experience of this Presence.

Now I would like to discuss a little bit about “the Presence”. For many, the realization of this Truth of what we are is something that will happen in time, and therefore, we have been trained, educated, stimulated – and in this regard, the books also have “helped” a lot – to believe that we must do something to achieve this. That we have to make an effort, to dedicate ourselves, to do many practices - such as spiritual, mystical, and so on – to realize THIS somewhere in the future. And what we are saying here, in this meeting, is that when we speak about this Presence, or Real State of Presence, we are talking about something to be realized within this moment. Presence is something that is met in this moment. Otherwise it wouldn’t be Presence. We are talking about Presence, and THIS Presence. And THIS Presence is something that is here right now, presenting itself in a direct way, in a very clear way. It is so clear that all our conditioning has been blocking us to see it.

That is why it has become something hard, because all its difficulty rests on this conditioning that each one of us have. That is why we are making an effort to reach THIS, we are training, practicing, connecting ourselves to a rich system of beliefs, filling our brains with information because we believe that this way we will be closer, we will reach it faster. The notion that we have is that we have to go through a long time of mornings and evenings until we can realize this. But when we speak abut the State of Presence, of Divine Realization, we are not saying something located in time. We are talking about something away from it.

If we examine well enough the “time”subject, the only really reasonable, practical, it is the time that you, when looking at your pulse in the morning, sees the watch’s hand move. Then is the watch’s time. When you wake up in the morning, the sun is at a certain position, and little by little it changes its position.  In this vision of ours, it seems that it is going up, up, up… Then, this is the time. Later on it comes the afternoon and the sun starts going down, down, until it disappears behind the mountains. We have seen this happen many times. This is the only time that exists. Now we have been conditioned to believe in a different time: the psychological time. Everything that happened to “me”, happened in the past. In fact, if I can remember, I can only remember in this present time.

Therefore, in fact, what I have from the past is just a remembrance. It is always THIS instant, THIS present moment, that makes it possible even what we call the “past” of the remembrance, or the “future” of a dream that I want to achieve, to accomplish. It is just the thought projecting itself, moving inside the Conscience field, and that happens NOW. Now is the only moment, now is the only truth, now is the only reality.

It doesn’t exist such thing as a psychological time. What exist are memories. Chronological memories, of situations on a chronological time. Just that! Yesterday or thirty minutes ago, the remembrance that I have is just a memory of an experience in time, based on the chronological time, called “yesterday” or half an hour ago. But there isn’t a psychological time. There isn’t any other type of time! The Truth – if it is really the Truth – is present now. It cannot bring in the chronological time what is not manifested in this present time.

Therefore it is an illusion our idea of realizing the Truth of the Being, to realize God, Enlightenment – or any name we want to give – tomorrow, within five years, within ten years. As if it was not here this thing that we are searching for. And, if this is clearly understood, even the verb “search” looses its meaning. We are not here to keep on searching. We are here to engage with the real state of Conscience that we are, in this instant, now, in this moment. The difficulty is that we don’t know how to allow this to happen to us because the intellect is full of ideas and concepts of what should and should not be done for this to happen. This is the obstacle that we have.

Meditation is simply to allow what is present to come out, crossing over this present transparent thinking, of the present conditioning. All forms of conditioning are transparent. The Real state of Conscience has the freedom to happen now, and cross over all this conditioning. All this in a simple and direct way. Meditation is the awareness of what we are now. It doesn’t require intellectual analysis, it doesn’t require this thing of emptying the vase little by little, until the vase is completely empty, and when the emptiness is empty, the plenitude will come and fill the vase. Nothing like that! In this observation state, all conditioning becomes transparent, all internal moves of the conscience become transparent. And this state of Presence now, crosses over all this conditioning. Through this crossing, there is a liberation of this Real State of Conscience that we are. There isn’t any power, there isn’t any prison of the so called conditioning if it is perceived this way. The difficulty that we
have is that we are not informed about this. So they give us rules, give us systems, disciplines, behavior patterns, meditation techniques, to see if we can break through this conditioning, by a certain effort…

The question is if we can be alert – just alert to this internal movement of the conscience, without any effort, without any discipline, without this will to change, to transform what we see in something else, but just look, stay straight with this. It doesn’t matter what time of though, its quality: if it is good, if it is bad, fake or true. This “backstage” that judges, that assesses: “this I like, this I don’t like”… When we are with this direct observation, everything becomes transparent, and the State of Conscience, that is present now, takes over its own place. And with this direct comprehension that I am, I don’t keep myself in the methodological path of discipline, because this is present now. Here is the peace that surpasses all the human comprehension. Here is the truth that has no name, no shape, and that we can call by many names. This is the direct state of perception of what I am. I don’t need to follow anymore any organized religion, I don’t need to believe or disbelieve in anything, I don’t need to exchange this information for another one, I don’t need more information. I don’t need any of that!  I am directly in what I am. And this reveals the Truth.

In this revelation of the Truth, I am free, I experience this freedom that is my essence, this freedom of my real nature. All the knowledge is broken, all illusion is undone. There is no more search, there is no need to keep running from one pattern to another, from one discipline to another, from one book to another, from one religion to another. All this gets undone, all this disappears. And when this happens – and this happens now, in this present moment – there is a now an energy. A new flow, a new moment. An remarkable moment, of an extraordinaire quietness, of extraordinaire beauty. A moment where a space opens in the heart, and it has a new energy and a new presence, this presence of compassion, this presence of love, this presence of Divine Grace. There is no more suffering, no more conflict, fear, anxiety, despair – as also no more hope. The reason of being is to be. A reason without a reason, a state free of every other state. This is a joy without a cause, without an external reason. An existence that is free of the separatist sense of “I”; an aware conscience, with a full conscience that everything, really everything, is part of this Single Conscience that manifests and hides everything.

Unicity, not dualism, not separation, not separateness. There is not the “I” concept anymore, the world, and God. Only this free state, in which freedom is the state itself, and where the person is not present anymore. The organism is still present with its tastes; if it has a profession, it keeps doing it. Everything remains the same, nothing is different from the physical and biological states. But the internal state, in comparison with the previous one, there is a new vision of life, a new perception of life. All concept of “my life” is gone. All concept of “my story”, based on the intellect, the thoughts, in all this gathering called “I” disappears. This is called Self-Realization, Enlightenment, Liberation. Everyone searches This – and want to find it outside.

We are This, now and here. We just were not informed yet. So far nobody informed us about it. We are provided with many information, but nobody told us about this yet. They are trying to give us something, but not this, they haven’t showed us this that is so simple and direct. A life completely free, because there is only Life. Now it is just The Life. Not “my life”, but Life, the life in its Grace, in its beauty, in its Truth… The discovery of this Supreme Reality that is present now.

Therefore, in this meeting – we have been talking for almost sixty minutes - if you observe what has been said, we haven’t spoken about a formula, about a system, about a determined practice. We are just trying through this meeting, to remember this. We are searching for a clear memory on this subject, on this subject that its only one matter: the matter of Being, of the Truth that we are. If you have been with us until now, listening and not judging, not analyzing, not discussing inside your head. “I agree with this that he has said, but I disagree with that other thing…” If you have really listened until now, completely… Some of you, I would say everyone, are together in a state of Presence where much more that this internal vision is happening. In this exact moment we have the Direct Presence.

I think that is enough.

Thank you very much!

December 19, 2014

Celebration is What You Are Now

You are this freedom ... This freedom that is inside this encounter with yourself, with you alone . It is this quality of existence that reveals itself in this instant, in this present moment; which appears like a dance, like a dance of that tree that is out there: where the wind blows is the rhythm of the music. She moves to the left, to the right , back and forth ... Her leaves dance... It follows the wind's rhythm , because that is the rhythm of the music in which it dances. This is the quality of life, this is the quality of existence, the quality of freedom when you are not present. When only the music is present, when only the sound blows , there is nothing to be done, there is nobody to do anything. It is a way of singing, dancing, being alive. Happiness is your real nature, Peace is your real nature, Love is your real nature, Freedom is your real nature, Celebration is what you are now. A party, where all the guests are well dressed, smelling good, being gorgeous, there is nothing outside THAT. Stay there , stay there... Your place, your space.

( ... )

We can look at it directly and see... Look without this sense of someone being present, but only that Presence that sees. It is only this Presence that sees everything . Are you seeing how it is? This requires no effort, does not require work in the sense that we know. There is an application there, a surrender, an entire engagement of the heart. This is not for the mind; this is not about the mind. The mind fears it. This is the end of the mind; is the end of this programming, this pattern, of all this training... This training to be miserable, to be unhappy, to feel like a slave that wants freedom. This is the end of it all... This is the end of it all.

December 16, 2014

Suffering is the thought "I am the body"

In a Satsang our master Marcos Gualberto told us this story about Ramana last days:

"From 1947 onwards Sri Ramana had been suffering from ill health. He had rheumatism of the entire body. His legs were crippled and his back and shoulders were racked with pain. He was also generally weakened. Although he was seventy years old, he looked much older than that, but he was not interested in doing anything to improve his health. The reason for his frailty was the fact that he was alleviating the karma of his devotees. There was evidence that he truly bore their burdens. There were many incidents where his devotees’ suffering disappeared when he took over their pain.

In the last year of his life his devotees grieved and suffered his oncoming death, but Sri Ramana did not care. A small nodule appeared below his left elbow in early 1949. In February the doctor removed the nodule thinking nothing of it. Within a month it recurred. This time round it was larger and more painful. Now it was diagnosed as a malignant sarcoma (cancer of soft tissues). In March doctors from Madras came and operated again. The wound did not heal properly and the tumour soon grew again to a larger size in a higher location. Amputation of the arm was suggested but as a jnani's limbs should not be removed the amputation was denied. Sri Ramana then allayed their fears by saying, “there is no cause for alarm”, as death to him is not alarming at all. Although there was obviously much pain, Sri Ramana did not appear to suffer. He answered one of his attendants: “where is the pain if there is no mind?” A jnani does feel the pain, but his mind being in bliss, the pain is much more tolerable.

The arm, which is afflicted with this sarcoma, became heavier and more inflamed each day. In August a third operation was done followed by radium treatment. After a few months of apparent improvement, the tumour reappeared climbing up higher in the arm to be nearer the shoulder. A fourth and last operation was performed in December. After this the doctors gave up hope. He celebrated his seventieth birthday on the 5th Jan1950. Many devotees knew that it was a matter of weeks. After this the tumour grew bigger up the shoulder, causing anaemia. The pain must have been excruciating, but he never complained, except that he moaned during his sleep. He was not eating, and yet he was able to thank his attendants for their care. Many devotees suggested that he should have used his own power to heal himself. His answer was a scorn: “Who could have such a thought!” One’s prarabdha (G-plan) has to be fulfilled. To the devotees who were concerned for their own welfare, he answered: “They say that I am dying but I am not going away. Where could I go? I am here”

Then our master explained to us:

"Have you ever found yourself the limitation of thought? His incapacity and limitation of known? Already noted that this is what you call "my thinking" ? Why give so much importance to a small and limited phenomenon, which we call my mind, my thoughts, my sadness, my joy, my ideas, my problems? Observe the life happening around you. What place have your personal thoughts? Today it's raining, yesterday was the sun, some children are born and others died, some birds are now fleeing the rain, others taking advantage and taking a nice bath under that same rain, We could describe things happening. The thought in us is something that also happens and without our control. Do you believe that a sentiment that occurs in this body is yours, thus as a thought and so you feel one "person" who suffers or enjoys. Some thoughts make your face smile and others face to cry, but it happens to the body, not its real nature. There is one powerful presence both inside and outside the human body that you believe is your body, all things moving and this same powerful presence is giving this body movement and life. This is absolute and supreme consciousness.

And what about thought? What is thought? He is something that happens, it's a phenomenon, independent internal and involuntary, are not you. There is no control. As the body happens, also without your control nothing is yours, or are you. Watch these physical senses open to the outside world, things are happening without you, there is no "I" in it. Smell, sight, touch, taste, this is an event that does not depend on you, you arrive in an environment and the body feels a strange smell, you come walking down the street and suddenly one scene is seen, when the fingers touch something in the brain says it is hard or soft, hot or cold, etc.

At put something in the mouth the tongue says it is bitter or sweet. everything that appears in consciousness, she is showing, are events that require the presence of the body, but everything is within this Supreme Consciousness. The problem begins when I say "I feel it", or "I think", what does that mean? When we make one consciousness experience one personal experience. When thought appropriates the phenomenon, the event. Here we have the appearance of this idea,"I am the experiencer, the author, I am the body, one person, one individual", and so all problems arise. So it is easy to observe and see where this whole "our" problem. it occurs when we identify ourselves with the thoughts with what we call "my mind" and the physical senses we call "my body". If we did not believe in this illusion there would be no problem, we would not have problems, they exist because the thought "I am the body" is there.

Observe what I tell you now, is the body that tells you "I am the body" ? Or is the thought? I'll repeat what I said, without the idea "I am the body", where are your problems? You in fainting or deep sleep where are your problems? Is it the body that is afraid of death? Where are the traumas, phobias, depression, anxiety, stress? We can not ignite the sky thus we can not hurt the real Self, our true nature, the Supreme Consciousness. Let the "mind" aside, get rid of it, all its conditioning, which revolves around the thought "I am the body". This is the end of suffering - at the end of this thought "I am the body", the end of this duality "I and the world" - here is the supreme happiness and freedom".

See what the mind has been doing with everyone

M = Master
D = disciple

D: Dear Master, help me? This morning I made contact with a sensation that accompanies me for a long time.It's like I'm out of my place in the world ... But I think it goes beyond the ego, it's like I'm out of a place ... I get a craving for doing something that is beyond a decision of the ego, of the intellect, it is strange ...It's like I needed to find the way to share that would be beyond a decision of my ego, a need to be whole in what I do.

M: See, relax in this observation... You cannot go beyond your real nature... There is nothing that can happen that cannot be observed by THAT which you are. So the only thing is to observe everything, without choice, without identifying yourself with what appears, without identifying yourself with the mind, What happens to it, or to the body, these reactions, no matter what they are, let it come, do not hold back ... But do not identify yourself with it either. You Are THAT which witnesses everything.

D: In this observation, is it possible that all I perceive disappears? That interrupts the flow of life in me? I do not know how to express this perception better ...

M: See, that's impossible! Your life is beyond this "you" that you believe to be. All of this is still your mind telling you things.. Look at it from the silence and let it say whatever it wants.

D: And the worse part is that I know that, my ego wants to find a job and a role in the world, wants stability of money, wants to build a path without scattering. Distresses me to realize that I cannot have focus to build something, it anguishes my ego, LOL.

M: See! But you were captured! That’s the way it is ... The mind never gives up, that’s what it makes very well.You cannot do anything in your mind. These projects are its illusions. Nobody can do anything. There isn´t "someone" on it. If you simply surrender to the truth of What Is, things take the place that they have to, and that is the real peace and happiness in What Is.

D: But what I'm doing here then? LOL

M: See! Who's there? Who asks this question?

D: The ego, the mind.

M: It's always like that, the "mind" is always creating traps.

D: This is exhausting me and causing pain in my entire life.

M: In whom?

D: In the ego, lol. I have been feeling - the ego lol – a desire to disappear, to isolate myself.

M: It's always the "ego", the "mind", that suffers, and wants to change everything. It is unhappy by nature, it is part of your illusion. But it is not you, it only seems to be. Disguises itself very well and still deceives you. It is like this with everyone, you will soon discover its tricks and will see what you are and what "it"is. So, thing collapses, the illusion falls, as it is now happening here. It's just the self inquiry, meditation and surrender that does it.

D: Does the Self lives fully independent from the ego? Right now, in this bullshitness of the ego, is the Self complete, full?

M: What ego? Whose Ego? This is an illusion, created by the identification there with this story that the "mind" produces to survive disguised as being "someone"!

D: What a crazy thing!! lol

M: Exactly... The question is "who" sees craziness in this? Mad for the "ego", for the "mind.

D: lol

M: This is beyond it.

D: Help!!!

M: "Who" is asking for help?

D: Does the chaos that the ego sees in the world exists?

M: "Ego" is chaos, it is only in it that it exists. All of this is in the mind.

M: Outside the mind there is no world, specially in disarray, or things out of place.

D: And the pain of humans and other beings?

M: Where is the pain?

D: Is there pain in a mistreated animal? In a devastated forest!

M: Everything suffers changes, and that is natural. There is no "someone" in it. Dying and feeling pain is natural to the body. Therefore, solve your pain first and then look at the world. First know who You are, and then you will know what the world is. The world is in your head, not outside it, Can you see it there? How the mind has been doing? With everyone? It's distracting everyone to look at themselves, trying to fix the world, they want to put an end to the pain of the world!

D: How do I solve my pain?

M: Your pain? It is your illusion of feeling like being "somebody", a "person" who can do something. Give up from the sense of "I" and the world disappears and all the pain too.

M: Anything else? Any more questions?

D: Oh, ten million of questions ...

D: But will calm down now, and keep the answers processing.LOL

D: Much deconstruction with this!

M: It's better this way. Questions are like cancer cells, they Love to multiply ...

D: And deep inside the answer is always the same!! LOL

M: Exactly, for all questions there is only one answer: get rid of the questioner.

D: Namaste, Dear Master

December 13, 2014

Walking on The Water

The disciples were alone in the boat, in the middle of the ocean, when they saw Jesus walking on the water. They shouted by His name. Jesus, showing all His love and compassion for them, walked towards them. Peter, seeing the Master walking on the water, asked his Master to allow him to do the same. Jesus consented and said to Peter to go out of the boat and walk on the water towards Him. Peter, in full “wifi state” (totally connected to the Master), in that passion for the Master, left the boat and walked towards Him. He took a few steps towards his Master, experiencing the same "miracle".

When a light breeze touched his body, he left the “wifi state”, he lost the connection to the Master, and then he focused on the mental perception of his body in that situation, in that place and condition. The fear then came upon him and he began to sink into the ocean. He begged desperate for His Master help, saying he would drown. The fear was so profound that he forgot he knew how to swim. Jesus in all his love went to his direction; He extended his hand, pulled him out of the water and put him on the boat again.”

How often will we ask the Master to get us "walk on the ego" and how many more times will we ask him for help when we let the mind "sink us"?

Keep the wifi, Notice that all the pressure that the mind does is a great game for the mind itself. You believe that there is a real world outside, with people, situations and real problems, when in fact, we are faced with the mind itself, closing in. It is a great game. The mind, in desperation, creates all kinds of pressure to drag you down back to it and back to its world. When I address you, I speak of Reality, of this Truth, of what remains unchangeable. About the mind, it will take you back again to Maya.

December 12, 2014

The Real Miracle

Our Master, Marcos Gualberto, told us this story. It is about Robert Adams when he was with Nimkarali Baba and one of his devotees came to him and said: "Master, my husband is dying, only you can save him." Nimkarali Baba was a funny old guy. He looked around and said: "Me? Can I save him?" Then he looked at all his devotees and he asked: "What should I do?" His devotees replied: "Go save him." So he said: "Okay."

So they all trudged a mile down the road, to a little shack and there was her husband in a bed with candles all around him, lying there. Nimkarali Baba looked at him and while he was looking, the candles started flickering and they went out. So Nimkarali Baba started to run back to his Ashram and everybody ran with him. When he got back there, they asked him, "Master why did you run away? What happened?" He turned around and said, "Ah God wants him to die." And that was the end of that.

So Marcos Gualberto explained to us that Nimkarali Baba's disciple asked him to do miracle, to save her husband, to change the order of the world because the mind is never satisfied, it will never be. It is the nature of mind to be unsatisfied. Without the movement of intention, the interest, the desire, the mind disappears. Everything is never quite enough for the mind.

When a desire is met, the mind make plans for the next desire, the next wish. The mind is always saying that- “I am here to have a greater satisfaction, I want something deeper, I want an experience that will give me a greater meaning, that will satisfy me even more, that makes me whole, that makes me happy! - That's the speech of the mind.

The experience is always something going on, and the mind is always trying to grab the experience to maintain its continuity, as it fears to disappear or it fears of dying. So there is nothing wrong with the death of the physical body. It is not a problem. Moreover, there are no problems - only the mind thinking that something would be different then it is. The real miracle is to realize that everything is right, everything is just what it is.