Who am I?

The main question that we ask ourselves when we hear about Marcos Gualberto is who is this person and what happened to him? So, in a few lines, I will try to answer this question.

Since childhood I have searched for God. Although I was growing up in a religious family, I still had a great internal dissatisfaction that had never been fulfilled, even with the prayers or fastenings that I would do.

However, on December 1986, my life began to change dramatically, when a book of the teachings of BHAGAVAN SRI RAMANA came into my hands. At that moment I began to experience several internal changes that, led by Bhagavan Sri Ramana, would go on for more than twenty years.

Then, in 2007 something indescribable happened. I call “the drop of the bomb” event. Suddenly, while I was reading an article on the computer that had nothing to do with my Master Ramana, an immense silence came out of nowhere. It brought a total new energy, such an inexplicable and extraordinaire change that, even now, some years afterwards, I laugh when I remember how stressed I used to be in some past situations, and that today, they don’t have any internal effect on me. In other words, all conflict is gone.

From that moment on, everything was part of that silence, and the separateness’ sense had ended for good. It became suddenly clear, that everything was One Thing, just This Thing. From that day, this thing we call “I” disappeared, and along with it, all suffering. My heart is filled with love and peace now, and it doesn’t know what emotional and sentimental agitations are anymore. If I write this to you today, is to provide my statement that it is possible to have a vision of God when we are free from the personal identity of the “I”. And to remember that this had only been possible by the encounter with my Real True Nature and its Divine Grace.

The search has finished.

Marcos Gualberto