February 27, 2015

You are simply the Wholeness. You are simply God.

One thing that I believe it is important you never forget is that this "contact" is beyond the body. It is beyond the form because your contact here is not a contact with a person. There is no one in this room as there is no contact between people. What we call contact between people is an illusion. What we are used to, this so-called relation in the mind, (between these so-called people), that is where the conflicts take place.

Contact, relationship between people in the reality of the mind, whenever we have, are conflicts, always conflicts. And this contact with this work is not the contact with a person. I do not see myself as a person and it is a huge mistake to expect in this "contact", a contact between people. Contact between people are clashes, relationship between people are clashes. All the ego knows is a conflict´s relationship.

The mind lives its relations in conflict internally and externally. But what we have in this work, in Satsang, is the relation with the Presence, with the Grace. It is not a relation in the level of “contact”, of clash, collision, conflict or  relationship. Relationship presupposes two, and here we only have One Presence, a Single Awareness, then this "contact" we have here is a "contact" in the heart, in a non-mental level.

A whole new level, an unknown level, a level of non-separation, is where the work becomes possible. All the work is internal, in the level of consciousness, in the level of no-mind, in the level of non-separation.

When you approach to this work you need to be able to surrender. Surrender is something greater than trust, which means a willingness to embrace the unknown, to be open, to be sensible, to be receptive to what is out of the mind. Trying to understand this work is to loose this work. Trying to understand this work is to look for a confortable formula that you can find yourself, that you can rely on. A few days ago I heard someone saying in Satsang: “This is very new to me, I need to get a better understanding of this to know where I am stepping”. This is exactly what you should not do. You cannot understand this better, there is no way to understand it better.  If you believe you understand it better and be sure of where you are stepping, you will actually be completely lost, completely out of this work.

This awakening is the awakening of this Unlimited and Unknown Presence.  This is out of the known, it is out of what is practical, reasonable, plausible, recognizable, understandable or explicable. It is the vision of the ultimate reality, the vision of the Absolute. It is the vision of Conscience in the Conscience. This is the awakening of wisdom, of liberation, of real peace, of real freedom, of real happiness, of the non-world, of the non-body, of the non-mind, in which the world, the body and the mind have been standing.

You achieve your natural state, you achieve your innate wisdom, you achieve this innate freedom, this innate peace. The Bible calls this peace, the peace that surpasses all human understanding. One day Christ said: “this is the peace that the world cannot give us, nor cannot take from us.” It is evident that something like this cannot be learned or understood within the mind’s context. It is not something that can be explained by the mind. We are talking about something completely unknown to the mind.

Question: The supposed "I" seems like an eternal motor, always on and ready to choose each microsecond if likes or dislikes, wants or does not want, is attracted or repelled, it is good, or it is bad. It feels like a buzz in the bottom of the mind, always labeling, classifying, judging life, judging what it is ... How do we turn off this motor?

Answer: Listen to this, first we believe in the possibility of turning the motor off. Or we fall into despair after trying several times, and different ways. Due to this failure we get desperate because, in fact, it will not work this way. The nature of the mind when, having an identity, is to continue this movement. No intention, no desire, no need, as stronger as can be, will stop it. The higher the effort in this direction, the more the mind will be resolute to continue its own habitual movement.

Here the only thing that works is to have the patience to observe this movement. And when you realize that there is an identity behind this movement, do not value this identity, let the mind do its job, but do not put an identity in this. This is a work of patience. I call this a work of Grace. Once you have this disposition, this vulnerability, this sensitivity, to surrender to the Presence, to the Grace, you can do this work because it is not you, it is the Grace showing you, pointing out to you. It points where this identity appears within this movement. And at this very moment, the Presence takes place, and the Grace makes this identity fall. This happens very, very quickly. It captures you so quickly that you need to be patience, to be able to look in the moment, and on the following moment, then later, later and later, moment by moment. I would call this Presence, Awareness; this inclination, this sensibility and this surrender; I would call it as LOVE TO THE TRUTH.
This is the real basis of meditation, this movement of the mind, this continuous motor, this buzz in the back, with its words labeling, judging, etc.  This is something very mechanical, very unconscious, very fast and with great skills. This is the nature of mind, and it has been there for millenniums. You are starting to look at it now, when you approach Satsang, you are beginning to find out the art of Presence, of Awareness, of Being. That is the art of release, it is the art of happiness, it is the art of being God.

The mind has been there since millenniums ago, and in this mechanism only a couple of decades. Then understand that it is simple but it is not easy. I have never said that it is easy or that it is not simple, because it is very simple. But it's not easy. You have to dedicate your life to It.  You may have two, three or five decades at the most ahead of you.  This is a short time to accomplish It. All of you in this room have a short time to accomplish this, and to make matters worse, you are very distracted.

When Satsang’s day comes, each one of you go to somewhere; one will stay with his daughter, the other will stay with her husband, or will travel. So you have this opportunity to be in Satsang, facing this energy, in front of this Presence and you leave to do other things.  You believe that you have family, have a wife, friends or a husband.

You believe you have other things to do, to get married, to have children… You only have one thing to accomplish here, in these few days that are left. The only thing you have to accomplish here is God, his Real Nature. This thirst, the search for experiences, this search for sensations, for acquisitions, for achievements, this has nothing to do with you. It has to do with the mind. The mind is in search of those things. You have been born to realize yourself, to achieve what you are. You have born to accomplish this release, in order discontinue this confusion, this misery in this so-called life of achievements.

You are here to recognize yourself and to see the beauty that is life. In life all comes and goes. In the mind you get confused with these apparitions. All of them, accomplishments, families, businesses, everything that the mind can imagine. Your realization is the realization of what you are, it is beyond imagination, while the mind can imagine infinitely.

In the mind you can live identified with things, people, places, situations, objects, achievements, the dream can continue infinitely. You are here to accomplish the end of the dream, of an identity within this dream. In the mind you are sleeping, you are tangled with that perpetual motor, this motor is always in this or that position, making this buzz at the back, always labeling, judging, classifying, saying “I want”, “I don’t want”, this is good, this is bad. Actually, this is misery. I'm here to tell you that you are silence, peace, freedom, love. You are God.

In you all can appear and disappear, can come and go, such as business, family, children, everything. Nothing else keeps you inside this story as a person. This is the beauty of the Truth. In Satsang you are facing the opportunity to realize what you are, this is my invitation to you. Realize your Real Nature, be free, be what you were born to be.

What you were born to be is your destination. It is not what you were born to perform, you are not a person. You are the Whole, you are God. Beyond all limitations, all definitions, beyond all concepts, beyond all pleasure and pain, all sensations and all experiments.

Ok guys, let's stop here? You are beautiful. See you here at our next meeting.


Edited on 02/27/15

February 12, 2015

Listening to my song, the sound of joy that spreads all over!

Welcome once again to this unknown space, to this innovative space! Consciousness is this space. Every day, we are sharing That, either by speech or by silence; sharing this meeting, a meeting in this place. You can always welcome those who come to you in this place, which is a new place, unknown, unheard, called Consciousness.

Consciousness is this ocean without beaches; it is this indescribable amount of water on all sides. These waters represent, in this metaphor, this Light that pervades, that permeates, and that is everywhere. And more than this, Being all things. Nothing is separated from it.

I am every day inviting you to go beyond this limitation of being an object, of being something. So that you can be what you really are: this ocean without beaches. This ocean without beaches is God. That who will always remain nameless, without location, out of time and space. It is this immeasurable thing, bathing everything in His waters. Nothing can escape Him.

You do not know why you came to this space called Satsang, but I know why you came. You are hearing my song, my chant. The dance that happens with the sound of this music spreads joy everywhere, and you heard it, and you came. You are my guest. When you listen to this song, you receive my invitation that allows you to bathe in these waters and dance with me.

There are so many tears everywhere. There is the appearance of darkness before all this light of Consciousness. There is the appearance of dryness everywhere in this wilderness before this water floods everything. Nothing escapes.

In India they call Sat-Chit-Ananda: Self, Consciousness, Bliss. That's your Real Nature, the  Nature of God. This is the music of your lips, the steps of your dance and the glow in your eyes. It seems that you forgot ... it seems that you forgot.

You didn’t decide to come. I decided to seek you, in spite of you and your entire fight with me; in spite of you and all your strength and apparent deafness. Because you tell you are deaf and paralyzed, unable to hear and unable to dance, just like this dry desert without life. But in spite of you, in spite of all your persuasion, your commitment and desire to convince me of the opposite, you remain being to me what you really are: Sat-Chit-Ananda. I will not give up on you, because you ARE what I AM ... You ARE what I AM.

Satsang is this: to assume this expanse of water or presence of Light, which is Consciousness. Satsang is not only hearing the chant, but singing too. Not only seeing the dance, but giving up the illusion of paralysis and deafness; it is listening and also dancing.

I AM THAT nameless, that cannot be found in time; neither in the past, nor in the present, nor in the future. I was not there; I am not here and will not be there.

This moment is your moment, and although it has a lot of Grace, it is also very bland. I bring Grace, bringing you to this party. It will be much better this way. That is why I came in and I got immerse in your Life. I AM your Life. Your Life is ME, your Life is Myself. Do you not know that? You know, but you forgot. I repeat, you know, but you forgot. 

You get confused, you allow yourself to get disturbed by the dream of being "someone"; someone who is alone and afraid. You do not realize or do not want to see? You cannot be alone because I am with you. You cannot be alone, because I AM YOU. Here where I am there is much celebration, there is joy, there is a lot of dancing, there is a lot of music. Just stop lying, relying on mental stories, in dreams, beliefs, or giving yourself this sense of being someone alone, someone in solitude. I Am your joy; YOU ARE my joy.

You are with me everywhere, spread out all over the place, as this present light where the whole world appears. You are this Light, the light of this world. One day, Christ spoke about this Light referring to you, when He said, "You are the Light of the world"; He spoke of this immensity, this indescribable presence everywhere, making possible all apparitions. 

You forget who you really are and you stop dancing, seeing yourselves without legs, useless, with a supposed paralysis. So I came to remind you of who YOU ARE: God is your name; Truth is your name; Peace is your name; Freedom is your name; Happiness is your name; Grace is your name; Holiness is your name; Presence is your name; Silence is your name. And so it is: I am here for You.

Transcription from a online Satsang via Paltalk on 01/16/15
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