March 25, 2015

The only place that always IS

Welcome everyone. What a great thing that we are all together.

Let’s begin by saying how welcome you are at your home. You are welcome in this meeting, in Satsang. You are welcome to your own Self. This is the only place where you can not be distant, where you can not get far from. It is a place where you also can not be close to. Not close and not distant.  Welcome to your own Self. To your own and only place. To the place that always Is.  This is what we deal with in Satsang.

In Satsang, this only place. The place which always Is. There is an idea that remains, an idea happening in this instant. An idea of an external world, and of someone present in this world, perceiving this world through his senses. The touch, the vision, the sense of taste. And this idea of an external world being experimented by someone inside the body is an idea that happens in this instant.

In Satsang we are telling you that your own Self is the only place not close, and not distant. This Self is the only reality that You Are. And even this idea of an outside world being felt by someone inside the body, even this idea is not something separated from this Self. It is also an apparition in this Self. Nothing is separated from this place, the only place which always Is. But here we face a situation, once there is a belief, a belief of someone thinking this external world, feeling this world from inside the body, then we see all these apparition becoming a prison. The prison of this supposed present entity, this supposed thinker. I hope you can follow this.

This is how the “I” illusion is born. Of the “I” in the world.  And of a world for this “I”. There is only the Self present, now and here.  The Self is the only place that is not close, nor distant. And however, an illusion appears there, the illusion of a thinker, from the impression of inside the body. Here inside. This creates the separation. The world outside for a supposed person present inside. This person experimenting the world. And for this person, for this thinker, there is not this Real sense of unity, of non separation. On the contrary, everything is a great multiplicity, of things, of feelings, of emotions, of thoughts. And a little “I”, as a thinker, as an experimenter of the world.

And here I dare you to notice this illusion. Notice this that we are telling you, this “I” is this illusion, this experimenter is this illusion. Sometimes you write me things such as “I am afraid”, or “I am confused”, “I am like this or like that”. In fact in this moment you are just with an experience. There is not an experimenter there, it is just an experience. Any experience is separated from this unique place, which is you in your Self. And this experience is not you. It is an apparition that does not separates from this place, from this space. As an experience, there is not an experimenter, confined, identified with this experience.

Therefore this is the ego, the identification with this experience. The identification with the experience of the confusion that creates that confused person. The identification with the though creates this thinker, the identification with the feeling creates someone who is experimenting this experience. What I am telling you is that this Self, this place which always Is, does not chance. The experience changes, but your Self does not change, your Real Nature does not change. This Presence, that is the Self, does not change.

So when we talk about the “I”, we are talking about an illusion. The illusion of someone experimenting, taking hold of a thought as something that is his.  We are talking about the illusion taking hold of a feeling as something that is his. The point is that the illusion does not need to be destroyed because it is just a belief, it is just an idea, it is just a fantasy. The problem emerges when this fantasy, this belief, this imagination wants to do something to get rid of this thought or feeling. Then it makes this experience stronger each time. The ego is being fortified, moment after moment, after moment. Is that clear?

We are saying this in a very simple way. If you stop reinforcing the experimenter, if you stop feeding a sense of an “I”, if you stop feeding the feeling and thinking of self importance in the experience, this “I” disappears. And one beautiful day you find out that there is not more fuel for this fire. 

They call this enlightenment. The end of the ego, the end of the sense of someone to experiment the world, to experiment the mind. When there is not anyone to experiment the mind, the mind disappears. When there is not someone to experiment the world, the world disappears. It does not disappears as an apparition, but as a sense of someone in this apparition.  Then everything is present in this Presence, which is Self, which is Consciousness. And there is not the sense of separation anymore. And when there is not the sense of separation, there is no more suffering, no more fear.

That requires some work, that you surrender.  You need to let the world to be in peace. As I have said many times, it is not about you being free from the world, but to let the world be free of you. If you let the world in peace, the world leaves you in peace. Because the world does not disturb you, it is you that disturbs the world.

You say: “Master I have decided to spend the next 3 whole days without making any complains. Is this a good exercise to begin?”.

I would say that a good exercise to begin is not to begin! It is not to ever show up! To observe each experience and let it stay there, let it be what it is. Do not touch it, do not get evolved with it.

And here, by my side, Cacau says that that is something difficult, especially for someone who is beginning in this work. 

I would say that a good measure here is the observation of the one there who is disturbed with this apparition, with this experience. Because when you say “you complain about a situation”, you only complain about an unpleasant situation. So you make the exercise for 3 whole days and when an unpleasant situation comes you do not complain, but when a pleasant situation comes, you are cheering with it, identifying yourself with it. So those pleasant situations are welcomed and you identify yourself with them because they do not give you any problem. But on the difficult situations you make the exercise of not complaining, or try not to identify with these situations.

Do this for all and every experience! Do this for this thought that is coming now, in this instant. It is just a though. Let it loose. Do not jump on it. Do not identify yourself with it, so you do no feed this sense of “I”, feed this thinker. If an opinion comes up, an assessment, a comparison, do not identify yourself with this. You just observe in an unidentified way. It does not matter if they say the party A is good and the B is bad, because it is just a thought. Can I keep myself unidentified with this thought? Can I just bee an observer that does not identifies myself with this thought?

So here the point is, not to get identified with whatever is appearing there, in this instant, with the experience, either of pleasure or of pain, either a pleasant or an unpleasant situation. This is not something to be done for 3 whole days; it is something for this instant. If you can do this for just 30 seconds, for one minute, it is already very good. Do not think about 3 days. Look at these 10 or 30 seconds this way. Do this in this instant, always in this instant. So a good exercise to begin with is this one, start now! Do not make assumptions, do not hold yourself into illusions, do not judge, do not accept or reject, do not choose… Just stay unidentified. In the next 30 seconds, in the next minute, do not identify yourself.

You keep saying, “Master, does it help to make the question ‘who is afraid?’ Because it seems to work with me, because I can not find it…”

Great! Perfect! There is not someone there, with fear. There is not someone there, sad. There is not someone there, anxious. There is not someone there, thinking. So who is here? Who am I? If you can stay with the question, without a verbal, intellectual answer, you can allow yourself, I mean, allow yourself, to go deep with the unidentification with this experience.

You say “I can not find someone”…

That is what we are saying, you are Consciousness, you are Self, you are Presence. It is the only place that always Is. But it is not someone, it is not inside the body, it is not in this experience as an experimenter. Therefore it is not possible to find someone, there is not anyone to be found. So this question “who am I” can help, if it does not become intellectual, if it does not demand an immediate answer to get rid of the pain. Make this question without even formulating this question! Unidentify yourself with the painful experience and do the same with the pleasant experience. The question “who am I” is not a bargaining chip! You do not change the “who am I” question! With it you can not buy the freedom of the pain and at the same time keep the identification with someone in a pleasant experience.

Here we are talking about the unidentification with the sense of being someone.  Someone in this experience. There is not anyone present inside this body. You do not live in your head. The mind has the illusion that you live inside your body, specifically somewhere between your ears, somewhere inside your head, behind your eyes...  (LOL). This is very funny, because it is just a belief. You are identified with the body. The sense of being someone in the body is something very, very strong. And this sense of being someone wants to get rid only of its suffering, not of its pleasure. And the mind keeps its whole life trying to grab this absolute pleasure. Absolut pleasure is what the mind would call happiness, absolute satisfaction, absolute security, absolute peace. Peace in the mind is impossible! Because the mind’s nature is conflict, desire, fear, it is this dual sense, this sense of choice. I speak of the ego’s mind, this belief, this illusion, the illusion of the Self, of reaching the Self, of seeking the Self.

My invitation in Satsang is to this emptiness, the emptiness of Consciousness, the emptiness of Presence, the emptiness of Plenitude. There is nobody there, just mystery. This something that is beyond all comprehension, all definition, all absolute pleasure, all absolute happiness, all absolute peace.  

Pay attention in what we are saying here, you need to find out what is to listen, to listen from all your heart. You can not gain something with this. This is the end of this you that you believe you are, that you desire to be, that you think you are. We can not accumulate this. We are addicted to accumulating, we accumulate knowledge, we accumulate acknowledgment, we accumulate name, we accumulate prestige, we accumulate money, beliefs, concepts… We are full of things that we accumulate to become better people!

 This simple joy of the Self, of Presence, of Consciousness, is something that is over casted by these beliefs, by this accumulation, by this search for something more, something bigger, better… You need to go back to this simplicity, to this absence of search, of desire.  So the Real Peace is possible, the Real Freedom, the Real Love, the Real Happiness. This, which is beyond the mind and its imagination. To be free is something totally without effort. It is something very very natural. It only requires your absence! If you disappear, you in your Self, your Real Nature flourishes. If you die you are Real Life.

Ok? Let’s stay here?

Thank you for this meeting.


*Transcription from an online Satsang via Paltalk on 18/03/15

March 19, 2015

God is not spiritual

You know that in these meetings we are investigating this Truth, doing this investigation about what we are. This simple joy of Being is something that has become clouded by the concepts, beliefs and ideologies of the world. In this search for something greater than simple ordinary life. As result, we are relying on the supposed person we believe we are, in this pursuit of concepts, beliefs, philosophies and religions that have brought us to this point. We believe we are someone who lives and make choices, accumulate experience and knowledge, striving to become "someone" in the world. In Satsang we are saying: all this is a dream, like the one you have during the night, where the world imagined by the thought is presented.

This person, in fact, is only a memory. The person is only memory, which is just imagination. And this is the dream. This person searches for freedom. But, being only imagination and memory in this set of beliefs and ideas, this pursuit of freedom takes place in the game called spirituality, which is another form of search, although thinner and more refined. The mind gets tired of the world and begins to search beyond the world. This is what happens to you. The seeker is the mind in this imagination and dream, searching for his own dream; the imagination searching for what it has imagined itself, and so the game goes on.

The mind will turn anything into part of its ambition, in this world or another, but always within itself, turning anything into a means to get there, an effort to get something. It is a wonderful mind’s game doing its work. Doing what it is good at; always seeking, wanting and waiting. The mind tries to escape from the past, which is memory, and searches for the future through desires and projections of dreams; it is a dream after a dream, which is also imagination.

The view you have of yourself gives you the image you have about the world, which is a fantasy, a dream, an illusion. Your life is an illusion. The mind will always softly whisper that there is another possibility, inventing something else, in this acquisition’s market, in this or another world. So what can you do now?

We desire this realization, which is the end of this world of the mind’s imagination. But you always get lost in the mind. You can never see the real world in what it is, because the mind is always setting this on its own terms.

While the mind is present, the illusion will also remain, with all these assessments and fragmented conclusions. You need to let the mind go, releasing from the process of being established in the imagination, with all beliefs, thoughts and judgments.

You need to drop this way of seeing, feeling and being, that the mind represents. The person is this: an illusion. You as a person are an illusion. Right now, let the idea of being ​​someone listening and allow yourself to hear without anyone, without a conclusion of this speech, without any certainty. Do not let what appears to become another belief. We have to use words here, but they are just written concepts that do not matter. The mind loves words and feeds itself by concepts. The conclusions and all kinds of beliefs are the muscles of the mind. The mind’s strength is in its beliefs and conclusions. The mind loves it.

The mouth here delivers a speech. The mind clings to the words, turns them into a belief and gives strength to it, increasing the person's structure, which keeps you as a prisoner of being a person. If the mind says, "I need to drop it," this is another desire or dream, based on fantasy and imagination, but it does not work well. The mind always misses the point. She loves the past and future, which gives her life, but without them she gets unemployed and her muscles become atrophied, her beliefs and conclusions loose the importance.

I know how you feel when you listen to me in the mind’s perspective. These single words are pointing to the end of the mind and this is the last thing she wants to hear. So you get scared, but still stay there. Allow yourself only to listen, because it is not a matter of doing, it is a matter of evidencing. Doing requires time while to evidence is something immediate. Only in the present truth and the reality can be evidenced.

The mind always wants something to do, but I never give anything for her to do. You have tried everything. We are doing something during our entire life, but nothing satisfies the mind. Some people think they will have greater satisfaction in Satsang, something broader and deeper. Knowing this is frightening, but here is the end of the mind, of ambition, of the search and desire of fulfillment. Here, your desires, motivations and dreams become thin sand that escapes from your fingers. Look at how it is, how there is almost nothing left after you have opened your hand. Try it with water too; try to grab it and then open your hand and see what remains.

Both material ambition and spiritual ambition behave like that, but you cannot have this here. If you want to be a "spiritual being", this is not the place for you. The spiritual being or an ascended Master are always growing in order to become "someone more evolved". God is not a spiritual being. You in your Real Nature are not spiritual. You are God, which is Awareness. You are not "someone".

The realization of the Self is the end of the illusion of the sense of separation. It has nothing to do with being spiritual; it is this dive into the unknown, into what you already are. That is the real truth in its totality.

This is the real happiness; innocent, pure, truthful, without any mental contamination. Our true nature is unconditional love, which is God. It is not a wonderful concept, but it is something very real. This means the death of everything you have ever known, of this "you" that you think you are, that feeds you. You shall be opened to This present here, which always was and always is.

These statements are contradictory, some people find them confusing, others think they do not say anything. They are all correct, because we are always pointing to this space not contaminated. Rain, war, snow, as well as feelings, thoughts and emotions, everything comes and goes, in this Presence, free of its content.

Let’s stop here.

Transcription from an online Satsang via Paltalk on 02/02/15

March 17, 2015

Free of all beliefs

We are once again touching together the Self-realization issue. At first, you have no idea of what that means. You have no idea of ​​where this speech will conduct you. Even the participants that arrived here before you, they are literally kidnapped by this unconsciousness, realizing that only later. When we talk about Self-realization, we are talking about the end of this unconsciousness, which are ingrained habits and patterns continuously repeated and practiced by a supposed person. The end of this “I” is the real Presence.

This speech sounds very strange, because the real Presence is the only possibility, which is that soil where everything flows and that state that allows everything to appear and disappear (including the ego unconsciousness, which is the movement of separateness).

There is nothing to be found through a spiritual search or practice. You destroy the possibility to realize this Presence here and now when you get busy with the future, believing that one day you may be able to achieve This through some effort. By doing it so, you destroy that possibility. We insist on the point that this Presence is already the peace that have never been lost.

We are always pointing to That, which is the alpha and omega, which is this land, this Presence of unchanging Peace, Freedom and Love. It is so grateful for us to be here now investigating the entire movement of this convincing illusion, which is this divine trick, so substantial and solid. However, upon closer investigation, we can verify that there is no substance and that is all about beliefs.

This illusion is the idea of ​​a world outside noticed by an entity inside, like you hearing me now and believing there is a supposed person saying things. However, there is only one movement encompassing the spoken and the heard sound in the same space. Therefore, there is no transmission and reception; there is only the dance of this wonderful and convincing mental game assuming the existence of two entities: the one inside and the other outside, the one communicating and the other hearing.

We forget that there is only one space, allowing these phenomena to happen. So, welcome to this mystery called Consciousness. The same happens to the concept of the thinker and the thought, the observer and the object being observed, the one felling and the feeling, the one talking and the other listening.

This is not an illusion to be destroyed. You will not destroy the illusion because you are the illusion itself and you cannot do anything about it. Whenever you appear, the illusion is present. When you disappear, the illusion ceases, as well as the sense of duality.

It is possible that this is the meaning of the word advaita*, I am not sure or care about it, but once you notice the phenomenon apparently engendered in this unique reality, the illusion ceases. You as a thought are only an illusion.

When first coming to these meetings, the first idea that comes up is the need to disappear. You then make a lot of effort to do that, but by doing so, you further strengthen the sense of being "someone". Thus, it is necessary this illusion to be over. However it will not give an end to itself, because you cannot put an end to yourself.

Ramana Maharshi used to say that this is just like the thief pretending to be a policeman to catch the thief, that is, himself. This is not your job, but a job for the Consciousness. “You” will not attain Self-realization one day, as this is a useless idea. Where do you think this center called "I" is? This is only an idea.

Nobody is doing this because no one is able to do this; it just happens. You are fully involved in this work; however, the work is not happening conditioned to something “you” do. On the other hand, this work is not effective if you do not surrender your life to It. You need to disappear, die for It, but this is a very hard work for the mind, that does not want to hear about it. The mind enjoys being active and striving to reach something, but here we are talking about a different direction.

From that Space, Self-realization is possible. You are not listening to a theoretical teacher. This is not a school. Notice that there is nothing being explained here. This will always sound like an invitation to this possibility of realizing this Presence, this Silence of the Real Consciousness.

You are approaching Satsang with many theories, convictions and knowledge. It is quite difficult for you to listen, since you compare the speech with something that you have read and studied. You come here believing that you know everything. You can tell that you do not know anything, but in fact, you "know too much". You have concepts, beliefs. This has been the main difficulty of those approaching Satsang. This person is in search of freedom, where he or she will say at the end: "I have succeeded, I have done it." It is always the freedom from "someone" to someone; the mind becomes confused and finds a comfortable refuge in the knowledge to be able to find its freedom, however Self-realization does not happen that way.

This is the path of spirituality and of spiritual search, where you relax and surrender, diving deep within yourself and doing profound reflections, analyzing and questioning, but remaining as an ego-person. You remain as an ego-person, continuously transforming and improving, having a soft-spoken, being a more humble and simple “person”, avoiding certain foods, drinking and smoking. In that way, everything will apparently get better and you will spend the rest of your life trying repeatedly to improve yourself so that after many years of great efforts, you can finally be "someone" spiritual. Someone….

I will be honest with you: your situation is worse now, being aggravated by the pride and arrogance of a spiritualized ego who know something. The Realization of God has nothing to do with this. It has nothing to do with your intellectual capacity, eloquence, kindness, modesty and humbleness resulting from imposed disciplines, as Self-realization is simply the end of the sense of separation. You need to leave all that behind, to “vomit” all that.

I am inviting you to hear the bird singing, to feel the scent and to see the beauty of the flower blooming, to walk the streets feeling the ground beneath your feet; to be vulnerable to life as it presents itself, being free of all beliefs, disciplines and actions based on concepts of spirituality.

This means being vulnerable to the falling rain, to the sun shining and to the sound of children screaming. It is the freedom to be the Silence that welcomes life as it is, without any pattern triggered by fear.

In Zen, they use to say, "eat when you are hungry and drink when you are thirsty, in a life without past or future." The mind has nothing to do with Self-realization, because That is out of it. This is not a goal that the “person” alone is able to reach by itself.

That is the way it is…

Transcription from an online Satsang via Paltalk on 04/02/15

March 2, 2015

Being God is possible, recognizing Him is not

Lets talk about some things; here is a question for you: What have you been doing? To accumulate conflicts, difficulties, adversities, problems... You have been conditioned, programmed to trust in thoughts. This confidence on the thought came to establish you in this dimension, in this space in time, in this place of history, of knowledge, of experience.

I am not talking about the experience of this moment. I am talking about the experience in which an entity positions itself, as a “doer”, an author. Life is the unique experience of this instant, and in this instant you are not there, you are just a thought. Life is this impersonal expression of Divine Presence, of Grace. Here you are invited to release this trust, the trust in this “I”, the trust in someone, in this story, in this space. The content of all this memory is also in the service of this identity.

Life in its beauty is only the experience, without someone in the experience. Give up this habit, the habit of being a person. The person has a story, but the Awareness has the Presence. The person has the knowledge, Awareness is unknown, the person has the limitation, Awareness is this non-limiting Presence.

Right now the thoughts do not have an author, they happen to nobody. The idea we have is that we are in this thing, but actually, thoughts are uncontrollable. They are unstoppable because there is nobody who can control them, who can provide them; so are the feelings, emotions, sensations, and experiences. All these are what I call unique experience, something without a cause, without a reason, the idea of action and reaction. Cause and effect in this experience is only for a presumed identity, it is not real.

In this presumed identity everything just seems to be. Then it is possible to see the signs of action and reaction, cause and effect, choice, determination. But all this is framed within this limitation. Something possible only in the mind and the way it presents its proposal, its history, its limitation. Are you following this so far?

But this apparition is only an apparition. When you recognize yourself, and by recognizing we mean Being, Being is the unknowable. And this unknowable Being is beyond recognition, it is the one that recognizes and knows everything. So now it looks like everything is even more confused: we are saying you cannot be known even by yourself, but you are That who knows. You are That who knows and who all recognizes. You are That who knows everything and who recognizes his own Self.  But it is beyond this recognition, as That will always remains like unknowable Presence.

Being always remains Grace, and Grace is always a mystery. In other words, Being God is possible, but recognizing it is not. All that can be recognized is limited, and there is no limitation in your Real Nature. This unknowable Nature, this elusive Nature, this Nature that is the mystery, that is the Grace, that is this Presence. So you assume this or you keep yourself identified with the mind. You take this limitation, the limitation of this space, which is the space of knowledge, of memory, of history, always connected with the idea of a "person", an "I", a "me". While you remain as someone, you remain only as an idea, as a belief, as an imagination of separation.

And this is the field of thought, is the space of thought, is the space of experience. You are definitely not a belief, a thought, nor an idea you have about yourself. You are definitely not in time. The thought is in time, knowledge is in time, the experience is in time, the memory is in time, what can be recognized and known is in time. While you are That who knows, you are That witnesses that can not be known, cannot be seen, cannot be recognized, cannot be limited, and it is not part of the time.

This means letting life be what it is, not interfering in it. Do not be insolent. If you do not assume the person there is nothing to loose in the story, there is no reason to suffer.  You are out of the story, you are your Real Nature; that is Awareness, which is unknowable, which is the Presence, which is Grace, which is the mystery of life itself.

We use the speech in these meetings and you experience this speech, but there is something that is beyond the speech. So all and any speech, questions and answers, discussions, subject and matter, all these are within this limitation. So no answer is the real answer, no speech is the real speech. It does not matter who is Him who is realized and sharing this. It is not this speech that is doing the work. This is the work of this Presence, this Grace, this mystery, this tune we have here together in the heart. Sitting in silence, in this Presence, this unlimited space that is Awareness, that is Being, that is Grace.

So be welcome to Satsang.  The mystery of the Grace. The mystery of the Presence. 

Transcription from an online Satsang via Paltalk on 03/28/14