October 26, 2015

You do not have any conditions of deciding anything

The Guru is the Presence, the Grace, the Consciousness, the Truth in a human shape. In the ego, the mind, you are confused. The mind’s nature is confusion. The mind’s nature is the choice. Every choice, in the mind, and the choice itself, as a mind’s product, is born from this confusion. 

You cannot, you do not have any conditions of deciding anything about this Liberation, this Realization. The way this work happens here, is about surrender, it is not about a choice. It is needed a total surrender. The work, all of it, is from the Grace! All the work happens from this Presence! This means that the Guru, the Master, which is the Presence in a shape, will work directly with the disciple and point him what he needs to see.


In Satsang we are learning what kind of behavior we need to have when approaching truthfully in relationships, the proper way of having an encounter between us. 

We have been emphasizing the importance of having this meeting without the separatist aspect of personalities, since personality is the synonym of belief, ideas, concepts and preferences; that are egocentric and personal states, serving the separatist purpose.

This type of behavior is not the more adequate in a relationship, where the main purpose is to find the unity, the oneness, the non-duality. But if we understand this limitation, we can get rid of it completely.

Ramana and Philosophy

It is those who are not learned that are saved rather than those whose ego has not yet subsided in spite of their learning. The unlearned are saved from the relentless grip of the devil of self-infatuation; they are saved from the malady of a myriad whirling thoughts and words; they are saved from running after wealth. It is from more than one evil that they are saved.

The intricate maze of philosophy of the various schools is said to clarify matters and to reveal the Truth, but in fact it creates confusion where none need exist. 

To understand anything there must be the Self. The Self is obvious, so why not remain as the Self? What need to explain the non-self? 

I was indeed fortunate that I never took to it (i.e. philosophy). Had I taken to it I would probably be nowhere; but my inherent tendencies led me directly to inquire ‘Who am I?’ How fortunate!

The Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
in His Own Words 

October 25, 2015

The mind’s circuit

QUESTION:  Is it possible a progressive path of non-identification and non-conditioning, that in a certain moment achieves the possibility of having a vision of what the mind is in its totality (non-identification with the mind)?

ANSWER: All and every movement is still a mind’s movement. All and any evolution or progress is still something inside the mind. You can know the mind profoundly, but you are still in the mind’s circuit. When I say “you”, I am referring to the mind, but in Satsang we are speaking of your Natural State, that, which is this Consciousness, and that is outside the mind. Every progress, evolution, growth, expansion, is something inside the mind. In Satsang there is a work happening, but it is a work in this mechanism (body-mind). And it is a direct work of this Consciousness, this Presence, this Grace. It is not a mind’s work.

QUESTION: I feel many conditionings falling in my life, and each and every moment I feel more confident in not having answers, in not knowing anything, but in a more sensitive way, intelligent. That gives me the impression that I am getting closer of this Natural State that you speak of…

ANSWER: This is very curious, a real trap my child. Come urgent to Satsang, your situation is severe!

Where is the joy?

There is always a great joy in the present moment, in the now. A joy that cannot be found, because joy is not something you search for. The search for the joy in this present moment is the withdraw of this same joy, because the mind “escapes”. The nature of the mind is always to search for something. You are here, now, and have never left, but the mind is never here; it does not find the now, because in the now it disappears. 

When I speak about the mind, I am not talking about the intellect, I am talking about the mind. The mind is another name for this separatist sense of the now. Your mind is never here and now, because here and now there is no mind. In the present moment, the mind is always looking for memories, or for that that it idealizes. The present moment is just a means to the mind, an utilitarian thing, which it makes use of.

But in the now is the natural joy, without contrary, without opposite. The joy that has an opposite is still a mental joy, with a history backing it up. Peace is inherent to this Natural State that reveals itself, now, as your Real Nature. Realize or allow this to yourself: Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Love, Truth, which is a non-dual experience of the now, without the separation between the subject and the object, experimenter and experience. 

This is our motion in Satsang, all we have here is the now.

October 5, 2015

The Reality and the Truth Turns out what we are

It's important to us to get here the real meaning of this meeting, we can not put THIS into words, that is the first thing that needs to be made clear to each of you present at these meetings, this meeting is not intended to make clear in words, because it is just impossible, the truth is not something that can be defined, explained, we cannot define what is the truth, we can not put into words what is the truth. 

In Satsang we settle down in silence, notice that we do not unite ourselves, we do not get together, we do not get together to do something. We cannot get to the truth, to sit in silence is the only purpose, the purpose of settle down in silence. The truth and the reality shows, the reality and the truth are revealed, it reveals itself as what we are, it is revealed as our true nature, all knowledge is limited, every definition is something stuck inside of the measures of thought, within measures of experience, knowledge, and meeting with the silence of Satsang is the encounter with the truth that we are, when we are quiet, seated together, as now here. 

So the purpose of Satsang is to settle down in silence and find the terms in this silence, this truth of our real nature, nothing to add, nothing to put on it, we cannot put anything on it, there is nothing that can be done, there is nothing that can be discovered, uncovered in the sense that was hidden and now revealed, comes the light, the truth is not like that, the truth is  something present,it is not the truth that reveals itself , it is not coming to the light, the illusion that falls apart, the illusion falls in this silence, in this meeting, in the purpose that is Satsang. 

Notice that the mind always wants to do something, you guys already tried everything, and when you come to this room or come to Satsang for the first time, or repeating the same mistake you do it a second time or third, the mind always tells you it has something to be done, something to do, something to learn, so you've tried everything, you are now trying Satsang. 

The mind is never satisfied, it will never be, it is the nature of mind to search, without the movement of intention, the motive, the interest, the desire, the ambition, the mind disappears. Nothing satisfies the mind and then when it arrives it says: - I am here to have a greater satisfaction, I want something deeper, I want an experience that will give me a greater meaning, that satisfies me, that makes me whole, that makes me happy! - That's the speech of the mind. The mind is a kind of hand that grabs the experience, trying to hold back the water, the experience is always something going on, and the mind is always trying to grab the experience to maintain its continuity, it fears to disappear, it fears death, it fears the end, it fears to undress all, that is why we move around this way, we are always stuck or grabbing something. 

A striking feature is that the fear is inside us, because of the presence of the mind, so it is always looking to do something, buy something, make something, get something, catch something, then it will get something and then try to hold, as it tries to hold water in its hand, the more it tightens more it escapes through the fingers, this is the play of consciousness, the mind will never be satisfied. 

The mind is searching for millenniums, inside this mechanism it has only a few decades, but it has the same behavior of all of us, across the so-called human being, all those which we call human beings move that way, this is the movement of mind. 

When you are invited to Satsang you are invited to this moment, the moment of stop it, the moment of realization of your True Nature, it is very scary for the mind, for the mind that is the death of you, as you know. The mind is afraid of losing something, but actually it has never had anything at all, we are always imagining having the imagination that we have something in this great game of thought, whereas in fact, what the mind is doing all the time, is this thing, trying to hold back, giving a meaning and interpreting everything. 

Any questions? 

PARTICIPANT: Who led us through this wrong path? 

MG: This is an interesting question, I will modify this question, I'll ask; "When did this happen?" - The question here is when it happened, not who led us ... 

PARTICIPANT: When was there a break? 

MG: We're only facing a game, when asked who and when there is not a who, nor is there a when. When we disconnect from the source? Never! It is always what it is, the source never fails to be the source, there is not someone disconnected from the source, the mind is living a misconception, the illusion of separateness, the illusion of an entity, an identity that moved away, which broke away from the source, which is disconnected from the source, and when the question involves time, is the notion of the mind, that same movement away at some point, that's  the “when” point. The illusion that someone breaks and the illusion of time, the mind, the illusion has no beginning, it can only has the end, but it does not start, the illusion never got to someone, but it can end for a mechanism for this , or that other one. That's when it can have an end, it may have an end in this mechanism, but in reality it has never started so it cannot end, it ends to that mechanism, then it ends to another mechanism, then to another one, this is curious because when it ends for this mechanism or another one, for this or for that one it becomes clear that it has never started, it was just a game, a big joke. "Cacau" ( the Master's wife) says that one day it has began ... And the question is for who and when? This who is not real in any time, “when”  it is not real in anytime either , because there is no time, we are dealing with a paradox, a joke. The truth is not hidden in time. 

PARTICIPANT: Master the Paltalk's Satsang threatens mind? Here it seems that is exhausting and I'm almost sleeping... But when it ends, I become 100% awake ... 

MG: That's exactly it, Satsang is dangerous even at Paltalk, the mind has no interest in it here, it also happens  personally, it  knocks a strange drowsiness, then when we do a break, everyone is super alert, speaking a lot, then we restart the Satsang and the sleep is back again, you may have woken up in the morning, having slept all night, there is nothing being treated here that interests the mind . (laughs).

Actually this is the great miracle that each of you are looking for, it is the miracle of the world without the person's life going on, without the sense of separation, the miracle that is God Himself, Grace itself, Life itself , Reality itself, this very direct and the Presence, it is an absolutely natural miracle, the sense of separation from the order, the order of the sense of separateness, the end of fear, the end of the search, that to the mind is something very, very scary, the miracle of birth, someone calls this awakening or illumination, I call it Natural State, it is the collapse of the sense of self, me, ego, belief and unbelief, what in Zen they call cutting firewood and carrying water, what they call in Zen of taking rice porridge and then washing the bowls. The question master; took his soup and the disciple says yes and the Master says, now go wash your bowls. Absolute simplicity, absolute naturalness, in everyday life, the great miracle, and a mind that tries to do this and never can, the mind of the seeker is always looking to capture it, within its schedule and cannot. It means life happening and no one doing anything, no one inside, nothing spiritual, nothing mystical, nothing philosophical, nothing religious, nothing miraculous, this is the great miracle.

Love is your natural state, peace is your natural state, the truth is your natural state, being is your natural state, God is your natural state, and there's nothing spiritual about it, nothing unusual. Are we together guys?

Here is nothing to fear, here death is presented as a concept  ...

PARTICIPANT: I still feel a lot the death of my daughter, I would feel it in the whole of eternal life but I still feel a great emptiness of separation, there is no peace yet.

MG: Enter deeply in  it, not separate from this pain, it is an experience going there in this mechanism, when you say I would feel it in the whole, are you trying to do anything with this feeling? Do you want to get rid of the pain, the question is: who wants to get rid of this pain, there's only pain, there isn´t someone in pain experience, there isn´t someone out there in this big empty experience, there's no one out there in the experience of separation, who establishes the presence of pain, let it comes to fore, let it show itself, let it reveal itself, just the pain, do not put an identity on it, do not put someone special who can not feel it there, do not put someone saying; "I would feel differently, I would get rid of that emptiness, I would get rid of this separation, like peace.

PARTICIPANT: It is present 24 hours a day.

MG: No, it is not present, you need to embrace it entirely for a minute, for a minute, it already does a great job there, what happens is that  the resistance is present 24 hours a day, welcome it just for a minute, but with whole, wholly, completely, without any thought, without any belief, no thought, no memory, only the welcome feeling, just a feeling, a memory disregard, disregard the mental images that arise at this time, but do it  only  for a minute, but with great intensity, that is the only way for you to honor this feeling, this feeling is the only way you could free your daughter, that is important that you experience in reality that your daughter is just a picture, with a background of pain, embrace the pain, welcome the pain, just for a minute, abandon all imagination about it, every imagination, every memory, every reminder, if the body shakes, this has no problem, if the tears arrive, taking the body, and if the emotion is so strong that throws the body on the floor, no problem, whatever happens in the level of the body, with no memory is something going on, it will not do you any harm, it's only a break in the pattern of memory. I want to see you this weekend here in São Paulo ok?

Well guys let's stop here, thanks for the meeting see you next meeting at Paltalk and our next personally meeting in São Paulo.


October 4, 2015

What to do with the fear of death?

If the body is breathing, it will always be searching for the next breath, searching for the joy and the benefit of the next breath. That is natural.

But the egoic mind is not busy with the next breath; it is searching for the continuity of being “someone”. The next step is not what matters, but instead, the future, in this illusion of “being”, and “becoming”.

The body, for each one of us, is the most intimate form of thought. We feel that anything that can represent a threat to this “intimate thought” is frightening. That is why we are very much afraid of any illness.

Here in Satsang I recommend not to identify yourself with the thought, to die before being dead: to die for the thought, for your whole personal history that is connected to the idea “I am someone”, “I am the body”. The body is something present in what we call time, but time is also a thought. There is something present that doesn’t change and that it is not submitted by the notion of time: this something is You.

October 3, 2015

Never get offended

It’s been said to me: “you are a fraud”, “you are the Guruji”, “I don’t believe in you”, “I believe in you”, “you are my Master”.

Ok, I reply to them. This is with them, it is not with me. I AM WHAT I AM and that will keep on. Is this clear, that they are just ideas, beliefs?

Never get offended, hurt, or sad with what people thing about you, or say about you. All and every thought is just a though, and only has the reality that a thought has, nothing beyond that.

But, when you hold this, it assumes a reality for that “you” that you believe you are. On the other hand the Sage is pure Joy, pure Love, and you cannot make him sad. He will not love you because you love Him. He will love you because he cannot stop loving you. Your love is conditional, the Sage’s is unconditional! Your joy is conditional, His’ is unconditional!

Who are you?

Who are you?

When I ask that question, your answer me with an image. It is all that you have to say to me, since you cannot say anything else about yourself.

This is the need of the egoic mind. This supposed entity upholds himself in this apparition, the thought, this imagination, and then, creates this person’s image that you believe to be: the wife, the husband, the son, the mother, the father, the nephew, the friend, the neighbor.

Is it possible to live without images? Without this self-importance, that is the base of all misery, of all sorrow?  Yes, and without this self-image you don’t suffer. Your just stay with the life as it appears, as it shows, without the ego, without the “I”, without the “person”, without this illusion of being someone. 

What is work?

What is work?

The Red ovenbird builds a house to live with his female, has his babies that are borne, grow a little and leave. Then the parents abandon the nest, without any attachment. If you observe them building the nest, you would thing that it takes a great work, and that it would be a very hard work for you. But for them there is no work there; it will not fulfill them in anything; there is no fear of the pain, or desire of pleasure.

You still believe that you are the authors and executers of your own enterprises. You still believe in having security, because you are in control. You believe that one day you will be happy, because you have achieved, through work’s realization, happiness.

The sense of authorship, of realization, pushes us to this slavery, to this limitation, to this search of personal realization called work. In the nature’s existence you don’t see this. All beings seem to work, but none of them, is really working.

The nest of the Red ovenbird (rufous hornero) is a common sight in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Has God created the mind?

Q – Has God created the mind? What is the mind?

M – God hasn’t created anything. God is just God expressing himself. And He expresses Himself as body, as mind, as non-mind, as any apparition or any thing disappearing as well. In God there isn’t any creation, there isn’t the concept of time. Creation implies time. Time is just an apparition, when something seems to appear, the notion of time arises in the mind. Only the mind knows the notion of time. Only the mind has the idea of creation.

Your can keep on playing this game of spiritualizing yourselves, every day more spiritualized, until one day you get tiered, and find out that the beauty stands in disappearing, and not in appearing, in being build, in being reformed, in being, being, being. Here we deal with Being in the non-being. In not to be, to Be. It is not to be something. It is simply to Be.

When you arrive in Satsang, your journey ends. This means the end of what we know as the mind, which is nothing more than a group of beliefs and concepts, knowledge and experiences. In Satsang your are invited to Be, and to Be is Freedom, Love, Peace, Silence, Timelessness. This is what Liberation is, mukti, in India. Sat-Chit-Ananda.

Don’t be personal!

Always say this to yourself: “I don’t care”; “I don’t, care with what I think, with what people thing, with what I feel, with I don’t feel”. Always say to yourself: “I don’t care”; “I remain untouchable”.

Pay attention to this! Put your heart entirely in this! Don’t create a story, don’t interpret, don’t create conflict with what IS.  Don’t be personal. Don’t be personal at all!  Life is not about you.

So, don’t say: “I need to defend myself from this fear”; “I need to defend myself from this feeling”; “I need to be loved by someone”; “I need to have someone to love”. What is the meaning of all this? All fantasy! Embrace what IS! Stay with what is presented to you. Always say: “May Your will be done!

Common Spiritual Mistakes

None of this is real: 

1.    Participate of study groups, debates, forums

2.    Make constant readings of spiritual books: sacred, mystic or esoteric

3.    Meditation practice, breath in a certain way

4.    Sing songs, recite some sacred words

5.    Listen to talks, videos and films.

Doing all this you go through many experiences, much learning, reach many virtues, abandon many vices, begin to speak in a softer way, behave in a more spiritual way, wishes the well being for all beings in the planet, already forgives easily, do not hold prejudices, do not hold more vanity, is “someone” very humble, very spiritual.

All this is very inspiring, but this inspiration is nothing but an egoic state, because all this is still happening in the ego. It is only the mind adjusting itself, copying, programming itself, but this is not Liberation, it is not the Truth, it is not God, it is not the Awaken.

October 2, 2015

The Realized’s compassion

The Realized’s compassion is manifested in a very different way from what we are used to see coming from the mind. He does not see Himself as the "savior of the world". He does not see Himself as anyone to rescue anyone, nor to release anyone from anything.

His compassion is in His uncompromising sharing. In His spontaneous way of indicating the direction, helping everyone who comes to Him, who seeks Him, to release their illusions. 

His compassion is in His availability to work with those who truly are willing to look to the Truth, even if it means the end of all their beliefs, of all their patterns, of all their concepts, of all the images that make themselves. Those who are willing to go where He is, in order to have, along with the Realized, the possibility to be quiet, to stop and, through the act of surrender, the confidence and full availability, to let themselves look in the direction that He points, with infinite patience, one, two, three, a hundred times, until they can find out who they really are.

Edited 2/19/2015

Realization (excerpts from free talks)

Realization, for most of you, is a state, a colorful world where nothing unpleasant, hard, complicated and painful shows up. This is pure imagination. The truth about Illumination, or Realization, is the freedom of not mixing with the mind, with what the mind imagines.

The Truth is revealed in this instant, in what is presented when the mind does not resist, does not fight, does not judge, does not interpret, nor tries to defend itself from what is life, from what it is in that instant. Hearing this does not make any sense to the mind, the mind that searches for separated results from this simple and direct living state, from this simple and direct experiment without the one who experiments. 

We are always surrounded by things, by people and more people. It seems like we collect everything. We are always storing things and more things.  We never stay alone, we don’t accept that, it is too frightening. We are always getting ready to a new event, a new party, a new chat, a new trip, to meet new things… of something that produces sound, such as a mp3 or a radio, or along with a book… always something, we are never alone, and then we don’t find out who we are, the richness of our depth; we don’t find the heart of what we are. If we had found, we would find the heart of all things around us, and of the “people”too, and, in this so called “loneliness”, we would find bliss, the supreme happiness.

This meeting in Satsang is an encounter with this instant Presence, this present Presence. Satsang is the meeting with the Truth of our Real Identity, witch is the Divine Nature of ourselves. When we get closer to Satsang, the most common idea is that we are not mature enough to realize what happens in this space, to investigate That thing we are. But actually, once you have managed to reach to Satsang, you are already ready to look at this. I truly believe that the only requirement that makes you mature enough is the fact that you are here, that you “have been borned”, “that you are experiencing this moment”, being apparently the body.  It is not possible to see this without being in this condition, therefore, this condition is the requirement of a certain maturity. And you are exactly within this moment to see this. You can’t see this in a future moment.  You couldn’t have seen this in a past time.  The present moment, in this present Presence, that is you now, is the instant that everything can be realized.  I say that all this is this simple Truth that it’s you.  All past impressions are just records of knowledge, experiences, memories in this mechanism; something that happens in this present moment, that is this Conscience.  This present moment.  For the mind, things have happened. But for this present Conscience, that is you, in your Real Nature, nothing has happened, nor is about to happened.  There is no past and there is no future.  And naturally, also there is no present.

Edited 1/28/2015

5 Things that you are going to hear from a real Guru

1.    Find a Master and stay with one Master only.

The nature of the mind is confusion. You don’t have any condition to decide anything about this Realization, because every choice in the mind comes from this confusion. The Guru, the Master, which is the Presence in Its form, will work directly with the disciple and point, directly to him, what needs to be seen.

2.    It is required to be sufficiently mature to be found by a Master.

To find a Master is to be found by the Presence. The disciple “finds” the Master and gives himself up, surrenders to Him. The Master, in His Grace, dissolves all the questions, all the uncertainties, all the fears. The Master, in His Grace, provides this Realization to the disciple.

3.    Master, Presence, Consciousness, is the internal truth of the disciple. 

The external Guru, this external Master, is the same internal Presence, only one voice, only one and single Grace, only one and single Presence. The internal Guru, this internal Presence, presents Himself as your Guru on the outside.

4.    Your encounter with the Truth is your ending.

 It is the end of this “you” that you believe you are. It is the end of all knowledge, all experience, all questions, all certainties, hopes, beliefs, fantasies, dreams about this; the end of all illusion.

5.     You are accumulated of many things, carrying a very big luggage.

The Guru will look into your eyes and request something from you. And nothing that you have to give Him, can fulfill Him in any way. But, for sure, it will reduce the weight there, which is the weight of “being someone”.

The work of a Guru is to teach you to be devote, to surrender, to do the self enquire and the meditation… It is to show you the importance of releasing all this content, this accumulated trash in your mind, investigating, with you, this illusion of being a “person”, having a separated life, with choices and decisions.


Only You are the watchman, you are the Guardian of your monastery. Do you know what a watchman does? He cannot sleep.

In ancient Zen monasteries the Master elected someone to be the watchman, the Guardian of the monastery . I think to myself  that you have just been elected... Elected.

It seems that it is just now, but it has always been like this. However, now you are aware of it, knowing that it is this way. Therefore, do not sleep! Let the body sleep, but do not sleep! The nature of  the mind is “to sleep”. Let the mind sleep. But You, do not sleep! You are not the mind. You are not the body. You get confused with the mind, you get confused with the body, and sleep... And forget that you are a Watchman, which is a Guardian.

Consciousness is the Presence that never sleeps, never sleeps.  Mind is unconsciousness, which is never awaken, that never wakes up.

In your Real State, in your  Natural State of being the watchman, the Guardian of this  monastery [body and mind], everything is complete. That is why they call him "awakened", "Self Realized" – the one who does not sleep.

There is not  someone there to sleep. You are not "someone".  The illusion of "someone" is to be in a "dream", is to be here in the dream, is to be mistaken. Do not be mistaken. Do not fall asleep. Do not get confused. You are the one in the tower - the Vigil Tower. The one who never sleeps.

The mind has been sleeping for millenniums, not You. You get confused with the mind. It pretends to be you. And it has been doing this with great mastery, for a long time... For a long time.

I know it is not comfortable to leave this dream in which you have never really entered. It only seems to be like this, but this "view" is very true, although it is not real. That is why in India they call it "the illusion of ignorance”. There is no ignorance, as there is no sleep – it  just seems to be this way. It is because this is very convincing, very persuasive... Such is the ability and the power of illusion.

In India they call it Maya, this game of illusion, of misconception. Having that said, stay there, in your place, leaving everything in its place. This is to be Awakened, Self Realized, Consciousness - being the Presence - it is the Awakening, or any other name that you have for It.

Forget the names!

All of them!

Just play with the names,

and "have fun with the forms."

Nothing is oppressive!

Nothing is heavy!

Everything is in its place!

The Watchman does not interfere, he is just a witness who watches with quite acuity, attention and patience, "without being asleep".


Edited on 16/04/2015

You were born to be God

We often do this: we take the speeches of someone who has realized the Self and create a system. Then, we turn it into knowledge, into a system of beliefs, becoming part of our background, of our spiritual culture. But there is nothing like that! There is not a “collective I”, not an “individual I". There is no burden of an "I" inside, in an experience of the outside’s world. Everything that appears, only appears... It is the illusion of an inside "I" against an outside’s world.  And this illusion is based in the thought, in the images of the thought. Disregard the thoughts and the notion of an "I" experiencing the world ends.  So, there is no burden, the Self is pure lightness.

One day, Annamalai heard when Ramana was asked about the existence of the body:

"Master, for you, how is the existence of the body felt?"

Annamalai heard Ramana’s answer: "I rarely feel the body. When I am walking down the mountain, the body moves, but I rarely feel the body, as well as the presence of the body.”

Then, Annamalai said about himself: "With me it is the same. While I am seating, walking or eating, I do not feel the body."

The identification with the body the burden, and this is only possible when the thought creates this identification, showing the concept of an "I" and an "I-body". When there is no thought, there is no mind. When there is no mind, the concept of a body also disappears. The moment you close your eyes and there are no thoughts, the very own notion of the body disappears. This happens with eyes open too. However, when there are thoughts and you are identified with them, "you" are present. So, here is the burden: the burden of someone inside against the burden of an outside’s world; a world of things, places and people. These people, these things, these places are only lessons thought by this "I". Do not be identify with thoughts and then they will not find support; the support of this present identity, creating this burden… The burden of a world and a burden of a person.

Do not say it is impossible! Do it! Assume that! Work that! Impossible is also just a thought. In fact, the heaviest burden you carry is not to trust what I tell you. By not trusting what I tell you, you are always resisting, creating your stories. I am here deconstructing your stories and you are here, time after time, reaffirming your stories, trying to convince me, to persuade me, as well as hypnotize me. You love doing this!

I am very stubborn... More stubborn than you! You will not convince me that you are a person, carrying the burden of the world on your back, because there is no burden!

You ask me how I see the world. I answer: I see the world without you! The world can go very well without you! You do not get rid of the world, of this Awakening! The world is the one that gets rid of you! The world can not change! It can not disappear, but you can disappear! If you disappear, the burden of the world disappears and the notion "I am the body” also disappears. And so, the idea of ​​dying also disappears! And the idea of ​​others dying disappears too! They are only beliefs! Only beliefs!

The Truth is not personal, Freedom is not personal, Peace is not personal, Love is not personal, the world is not for the person either! If you feel yourself in the world, the world is weighing on you. Your Real Nature does not carry the burden of the world, because the world is something that appears in this Awareness as an apparition, only as an apparition.

Do you feel the weight of your nose? Anyone here feels the weight of the nose? Is your left eye heavier than the right one? Anyone feels that way? You, in your Self, carry the world without any burden! Note this, listen to this carefully: I am saying that just as there is no weight in your eyes or in your nose, Life is not heavy! Give up being "a person", and you will live as God, weightless!

You think that God has many problems because all you can see, from your perspective of thought, in the imagination of this thought (which is where the thinker appears), is a world full of problems! I can assure you: God has no trouble in order to take care of your world. I say your world but, in fact, it is His world, because the world is not yours! The idea of your world is the burden... As the illusion of the eyes’ and nose’s weight! Let your child, your wife, husband, home, sense of an “I”, everything, in care of the Truth!

One day Christ said:

“Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

He is telling about this “I am”! Christ is not speaking of the carpenter from Nazareth, He is speaking about this Awareness, about this “I am”! Assume this “I am” that you are in your Real Nature! This is Christ! You are Christ! He will not be born! He is already what He is, what He was and what He will become, now, here, in your Real Nature, without conflict, without problems, without burden!

While the mind is busy with its own business, the burden is present; the distress, worry, grief and fear! Ramana used to say: "Let with Bhagavan, that Bhagavan takes care!" He used to say!

Participant: So, the question: "What are we humans doing here in this planet?", is it a creation of the mind as well?

Master Gualberto: Yes! The desire to "become", to become something, to accomplish, is created by the ego’s mind. It creates the body and it needs a world to live and accomplish its aspirations, its desires. The body is an appearance in the ego’s mind. The ego, searching to enjoy, suffers. It builds the world, separating itself as an entity, to enjoy this world, and now the mind is held to its own fantasy, its own illusion - identified with the body, the mind seeks its desires.

Participant: And where did this come from, Master? In which moment of the existence has this emerged, which has separated and created the desires?

Master Gualberto: The Consciousness, this Presence, this Reality is always what it is! The illusion has no beginning. It can have an end, but it has no beginning. The idea of ​​a beginning is the idea of ​​time, which, in the Consciousness, this game is an appearance. When the Natural State is Realized, it finds out that it has never really existed; it only seemed to be like that. It has no beginning, but it can have an end! The idea of a mind separating from the Consciousness at a certain time is an illusion, because, in fact, this separation never happened! Now, paradoxically, this has always been like that!

We are facing something paradoxical, which is only understood when the Christ is born, when the Buddha is born, when the Awakening of that he or she blossoms! When this blossoms, you say:  "Wow! What a joke! I have always been what I am! Where was I? No, I have never left this Place!"

One day, you will laugh about all these questions! And you will laugh about all the answers you have heard! You will find all the speeches funny because they all just seem to be very real right now. But, soon enough, you will laugh about it because you will realize that this was all a big joke, and that God has been having fun for a long time! Since God is God He has been having fun with this joke!

That is why there is no explanation, there is no reason to be, there is no way to explain what life is, what it means... Any of it! These are all our fantasies! We create these fantasies! We have created the questions and produced the answers! The answers, when they seem to be very “fulfilling”, we say that they came from heaven, from God, from the Divine; when they are incomplete, we say, "no, that is stupid, it is madness." But, in fact, everything that seems to be happening is a big joke played by God, until the moment that it becomes clear that everything is already what it is.

Participant: So in fact, each one who has realized the Self, tries to explain to those who are asleep, but there are no words to explain it. The most you can say is: “trust it, it is worth it, one day you will understand!”  It is "tough". Then, we even understand the use of the words "nameless", etc.

Master Gualberto: what remains, and the Buddhists have found a word for it, is Compassion. This is the movement of Consciousness, in the form of Someone who has Realized the Self, moving towards us, in order to say: “Wake up!” But the word compassion is not an appropriate word, because there is not any decision “to make” it by the One who is in this State. There was no decision.

It is a movement of the very own Consciousness , playing to say: “you are what you are! You are This!” Then this Presence, this pure Awareness, takes you. It is revealed in the form of the Guru, the Master, and it is so beautiful because it is like a glove for your hands! It has something on Him that will enchant you, mesmerize you, and bring you closer.

So, the game will start. A divine game, an inexplicably beautiful game, which is a love affair, a heart involvement, something that will replace all the "love" of your life. It will bring you to this proximity...  And you will recognize yourself! One day, you will recognize yourself and say: “Wow!”  You will give Namaste to the Guru, who is your very Self. Then you already have His eyes, you already have His heart, you already have His lightness. You carry that Grace, His scent, which is not Him nor you, it is That! A big joke!

The image of the Guru, the photo, the songs, devotional moments we have... So you sing for God, sing for Grace, sing for the Guru! Today, they write music and name as "Master Gualberto!”  I think it is hilarious, so funny, because all this is a big joke! I would sing a song for you too, because I love you! I would put your name in the music and sing for you, for the love for you! So you sing songs for love to the Master! It is the same joke! This leaves the ego very offended because it does not see that this is just a game, a beautiful game of heart’s meeting!  There is no one bigger, there is no one smaller; there is no one who knows or does not know; there is no Guru as someone special nor the disciples… There is nothing like that! It is just a little joke of the Presence, the little joke of Compassion, the little joke of Grace! It is just a little joke of God!

My Guru was the only love I had in my life! He showed me God! He showed me what I am! He loved me like no one has ever loved me! He fought with me like no one has ever fought! He asked me things that no one dared to ask! He was my father, my mother, my wife, my daughter, my brothers! He was everything, He is everything! He gave me you... Brought you to me! I am no longer alone! In fact, He gave me that child who is there in Ethiopia that you say is dying...  He gave me everybody, He gave me everything! He gave me this joy of Being, this Freedom of Being, this "no fear" of Being! He shows me who You Are when I meet you, when I look in your eyes! I know who you are, because He gave me This!  In His grace, He enabled me to see It! I trust in what He has delegated me! He delegated this: the ability, the capacity, the wisdom to know who You Are.  And I do not trust what your mind says! I do not trust your stories! I keep trusting my view! And my view says that you are It! You do not need religion, mystical practices, esoteric, rituals, ceremonies, none of that! You do not need scriptures; you do not need to read books, hundreds of thousands of books...  You do not need any of that! You just need to look at Him! Look at Him!

In the Bible there is a verse, in Isaiah, that says: “Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth. For I am God, and there is no other .”

You just need to have a look! That look you had when you were flirting the first time with your boyfriend or your girlfriend! That look that says:  “You are so beautiful, so beautiful! Let me stay close, let me let me win your heart, let me look at you!”

You just need to have this! Flirt with God! Fall in love with God! Move closer to Him, saying, “I do not know, I do not want to understand, I am here just to feel this!”

I am not good with words; I even think that this is a blessing to you! Some of you are sick of words! You have read too much, studied too much…

When I was a kid I wanted this, exactly what I am today: I wanted to live God, I wanted to know what God is. When I was a child, I felt He was not in heaven, He had to be here available to my heart. And that is what I am sharing with you! I am not sharing knowledge or experience; I am sharing what you are! I am talking about something that you are already and so am I! When I look into your eyes, I do not believe in anything other than This... I do not see anything other than This! My belief is not a belief, it is a vision, it is a certainty: you are Love, Peace, the Buddha, the Christ, Krishna, you are God, you are the Truth.

Some are born to be a soccer player, others are born to build bridges, to be engineers, to be presidents of nations... I was born to be God! I was born to wake you up! This is what you were born too! You were also born to be God!

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How someone who realized the Self sees the world?

When I am involved in an intellectual activity that requires thinking, I cannot see in myself a sentence being formulated to be expressed, so I get as surprised as you do. I listen to it at the same time as you do. I am always in the point zero. For example, when I tell you a story, I hear it at the same time as you do. When I begin to talk in Satsang, I know it will come, it will flow. For example, when you are looking at the bottom of a well, you look down there and cannot see anything. You let the bucket down in the water hole to bring up water, and then you pull back and take the bucket of water, and then two, three buckets, and so on. Dealing with Consciousness is something like this: you do not know in what depth you will find water, but the well is never dry; you do not know what kind of water you will find either.

People speak from knowledge; the lecturers can confirm. You study, research on the internet, memorize some lines, highlight some catchphrases, but you do not speak from the void of not knowing, of silence. Consciousness is not like that; It does not need it... It is the Source. And you never know what will come out of the Source: freshwater, saltwater, polluted water or pure water. I never know what I am going to say before saying it.

Participant: The memory is in the mind?

 Master Gualberto: What you call mind is a reservoir of information. When you drive a car, what is in action? The motor memory? Note that the mind is more than memory of words, images and ideas, it is also a moving memory. And where the memory is? Inside the mind. But the mind has to be understood as an invisible reservoir, where you can find everything: products in good condition, in poor condition, spoiled things, things with expired date, etc. The mind is something like an invisible reservoir, but with one detail: no one owns this reservoir; nobody has anything that belongs to them there. This reservoir has subdivisions: visual memory, auditory memory, emotional memory, etc. This reservoir, I repeat, has no owner, but has some rooms that are supposed to be privately owned - and there is the person, which is nothing but memory. This entire reservoir is only an apparition, without any importance in this space, which is Consciousness.

Participant: Is this what gives reality to the person? Do I need the brain to access it?

Master Gualberto: That which gives reality to the person is only memory, but, somehow, by a machine disability, this memory, supposedly located in this particular space, has some flaws. It can even be permanently deleted from that body-mind organism, represented here by these spaces. All that is mechanical and independent, and happens automatically. However, the relation with the memory of that One that has realized the Self is different, because it is related to the Consciousness, to the Presence. In this body, the automatism and the functions can be changed provided by the freedom that Awareness brings. But you do not need to realize the Self, you can act as a machine, a puppet in the world. God is a luxury... Consciousness is a luxury... Presence is a luxury. You feel the need of God only when you realize that it is not enough to be only this memory, this automatism anymore. It cannot only be that; there must have something out of all this craziness!

Here is the key to realize the Self! How the Realized views the world? He does not see the world... He is the beginning and the end of the world. He is never separated from the beginning and the end, so there is no fear... Fear of what the mind calls death. How can there be the disappearance of That, which creates everything, the way He wants, when He wants? I will never experience death, because I am death, but I am also life... I am the apparition and the disappearance, the Alpha and the Omega, the Consciousness playing to realize itself.

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Satsang - The illusion of the disappearance of the "I"

Let's give an example for you: the pain of losing a father has to have a story. And for every body-mind mechanism is a specific story. In a family, for example, when somebody dies, that "somebody" who has died for the others "somebodies’", the others "selves", the others "peoples", from that family, that "somebody" who died has a certain importance.

So everybody that is still alive suffers the pain in a peculiar, different, unique way. Is it like that? Or the pain is the same for everybody? We all know that it is not.  And why not? Because the investment on the image that each one has on the other is a different investment. It is simple!

A lot of investment in an image, a lot of pain when it is taken from you. Little investment in an image, little pain. No investment, no pain. At the family's neighbor nobody cried. In a family of five, one died, stayed the four and, each one of the four, felt it in a different way. But in the neighbors’ family nobody felt anything.

And what is the lesson we take from that? The lesson is:  the "I" is a fraud, an illusion. It is just an image, investment on images. Images are just stories, stories that each one tells to his own self. Each one who? Who tells to himself? Images!

The "I" lives of stories, loves stories. The "I" without stories is not "I". What matters is to be somebody, have a history and carry this sense of existence. And nothing better to bring meaning to the existence of someone than suffering. Suffering is the most desired jewel of all. The most desired jewel of all is the jewel of suffering. Because suffering gives the sense of a very strong identity, energizes you, provokes strong feelings, gives you a sense of a very great importance.

We get confused with this suffering, we mess with this feeling, this suffering. We mess this feeling with another feeling, the feeling of pleasure. So there is great pleasure in pain, there is a great pleasure in suffering. The pleasure in suffering is the sense of existing as someone important, someone as sensitive and as capable of feeling sorrow for "the other."

What other? Who suffers? By whom? As in this example, when someone dies, you believe that you are crying for the other’s loss? It is not true, we are crying for ourselves. This loss of the other is an image being cut off from us. The other is not important for the "I", for the "me". The other has no importance at all. The other is an instrument of pleasure. The other is the image of pleasure, the image of completeness,  the image of  satisfaction, is the image that confirms this "me", this "I".

Do you follow this? Is this clear? This dependence of the pleasure in the image is what we call attachment. All this is this structure of the ego’s mind, in this false identity that I believe I am. Can I let go, can I leave the “other” free? In other words, can I live without images? We do not only have images of people, others "selves", we have also images of objects, is it not like that? Or you have never observed?

That silver platter, that picture, that rug, that house, that place, all images.  Images that confirm the sense of an identity present there, strengthening the sense of an identity there. This attachment... Attachment is the expression, the name we give when we are clinging to someone, to a place, to an object, to something.

That thing now is part of the structure of this false identity. Is this clear? Huh? Is it like that? It is not? Where all this is happening? Or seems to be happening - because it is not happening. It is a story, like a science fiction movie, something imagined. The mind is this, you know? The mind is a movement, an illusion of extreme gravity, yes, of extreme gravity, to this pseudo identity, and for this pseudo identity only.

The universe, the existence, the Cosmos, they do not know anything about this. That is why the Self-realized call that “ to be asleep”. And we call them “Awakened”. There comes a time, that it is clear that something is wrong, not wrong with them, wrong with us. So we are sleeping and they are awakened. And those awaken say: “you believe you are sleeping and in this sleep you are dreaming. And that is the dream. The dream requires a dreamer. First to sleep, and then, to dream. And, in this dream, the dreamer.

Sleep, dream, dreamer. The sleep of  the "I".  That is why we do not talk about detachment. Who detaches? Just another dream. The dream of detachment. The dream of attachment and the dream of detachment. The dream of being asleep and the dream of waking up. We speak of Divine-realization, God-realization, Awakening, Enlightenment. But here, basically, it is about becoming free of this belief, which is the belief of an entity, a separate identity. It means to be free of this illusion, this hypnosis, this magic, this belief-feeling, this feeling-belief, this "I," this "me."

So this release is the release of the illusion of not being released. It is the release of the illusion of being someone, someone in the body relating with the world outside the body, and a God above this world. That is how the whole thing is.

You accumulate inside this dream, from the illusion in this dream, all sorts of things that strengthen even more the sense of being someone. Every kind of belief, philosophy, religion, teachings, all kinds of studies... You do not want to learn how to cook to learn how to make an appreciated dish, a tasty one. You want to learn the science of the Mayas, of the magicians, of the mystics.

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