November 25, 2015

Do not believe you are a “person”

When I invite you to come to me, to listen to this, to be here, to look into my eyes, I invite you to become aware of What you Are!

And You, definitely, are not the body, are not the mind, and don’t need to suffer, to live in this illusion, in this delusion. You were born to be free! You were born to be what you Are: Freedom.

But Freedom is not possible while you are full of beliefs, and the first of it is: “I am the body”, “I need to do something”. In the mind, “to be something”, means to realize something on the outside – it is its nature; by nature it is unsatisfied, unhappy.

The mind’s nature is to be miserable, and misery is a shadow that goes along with it. Until you are free from this illusion, you will continue to suffer, because you will continue to believe you are a “person”.

How can I realize this freedom?

It is normal that the mind still tries to hold something. This is exactly what I call “work”, what is happening to you.

Here, it is just the surrender – the deep trust in your Real Nature – that matters. Let the mind, or what is left of it to keep on its little game of territory search.  Let it do what it knows how to do well, or believes it does.

As Papaji has said: “when you meet the Guru, say with simplicity: Lord, how can I be free? How can I realize this freedom?”  Without this simplicity, any of this is possible.

Simplicity is naturalness. Look at a child, he doesn’t know anything about how to be simple, that is just natural.  This is the Grace’s point. It is all an action of the Divine.

The Guru’s form

Participant: What is this that we feel about the Guru’s form?

Master Gualberto: Everything is part of the same joy, in this unique Love towards everything. The Guru’s form is seen with gratitude. There will be always a tribute of gratitude for this Presence that appears and plays with us as a Guru. Everything is just a Grace’s joke! The Guru also doesn’t see himself as separated from anything around him, but his joy is the same before what appears to him, as Grace, in the form of a disciple.

Deep down, there isn’t one or the other, just this Presence playing in a different form with different forms. The form is never the problem, but the sense of separation.  This is the whole conflict! Forms are beautiful, they are expressions of the One.

Any unhappiness is possible in the form, but in the sense that they are real in their separation, which is only possible in the mind’s illusion. If you can look without the mind, you will be able to enjoy the form, because it is nothing but the Grace in its manifestation. Everything is Beauty, everything is Love, everything is Grace, everything is God!

November 24, 2015

We have seen around us great sorrow

We have seen around us great sorrow, great pain, great misery. 

This is the human life centered in this illusionary identity, that has not been investigated, understood – and from what we haven’t been released from.

This has meant a life in profound confusion, profound disorder, profound suffering, and profound misery. 

However, the ones who have been doing work with themselves, have been investigating themselves, the ones who have been going deep, beyond the shallow layer of consciousness 

(that is the common men’ consciousness, the men that carries that weight of contradictions, conflicts, day after day, after day)

, those that have gone deeper into this investigation of themselves, that have the engagement, the real interest... 

Those that have gone with eagerness towards this direction… They have discovered, and have been telling us that: in our Real Nature, we are essentially perfection, truth, beauty, peace and happiness.

November 22, 2015

There is no way to reach There

Awakening, to realize God, Illumination, any name you give, is not to reach there. This “reaching there” is still just a mind’s projection. 

This is the first thing to be understood: there is no way to reach There, because there is no “there”, and no one there to reach anywhere. 

In an objective, practical way, what I can tell you is that some work needs to be done. But not a work to look for something, to practice something, to dedicate yourself to philosophy or spirituality. It is a work of investigation of that thing that acts like it is you, but that it is not you, it is not your Real Nature.

The question is if we can be alert – just alert to this internal movement of the conscience, without any effort, without any discipline, without this will to change, to transform what we see in something else, but just look, stay straight with this. 

It doesn’t matter the kind of thought and its quality: if it is good, if it is bad, fake or true. This “backstage” that judges, that assesses: “this I like, this I don’t like”… When we are with this direct observation, everything becomes transparent, and the State of Conscience, that is present now, takes over its own place.

November 19, 2015

Everything begins and ends with Grace

In Satsang you don’t exist to do or not do something, because everything begins and ends with Grace. Just remain close, remain inside, with your heart in this, and everything comes naturally.

For some time we’ve stayed, unconsciously, negotiating with this and wanting the thing our own way. Simplicity is needed, or we will remain with our own conclusions of how the thing happens, or should happen. And all this is still a mind’s game, buying time.

All existence is being attracted to evidence this. To some, the thing gets to a point that nothing else can be a distraction anymore. It comes the great moment of God appearing in the shape of a Guru. God does as he wants, always. That is it and there is nothing else to say, not to you, not to others.

The Truth is in the Silence

How many words have been said in all the books? In all the speeches? We wake up in the morning and talk until night, talk and talk… And what is being said? The Truth is in the Silence, in the power of Silence. You want to listen to words, the mind is fed from answers, and that is why you make questions. You want to listen to words, but I don’t have any interest in this. 

You don’t come to Satsang to listen to words, but to rest in the silence of the Presence. You come to rest with me in silence, in silence is where all answers are. 

Even when I speak, I am speaking about the silence, not about the words.  Silence is the answer. Happiness comes to you by itself… How can words provide that? You remember who you are in Satsang, and why?  Because I allow you the silence. You are into the silence, there is the Joy; that is where Peace and Love become possible.

There is something wrong somewhere

You are here with me now, in Satsang, to unlearn everything you have learned about yourselves.

You don’t know what is Happiness, because you take yourself for something you are not. You give up of what you Are, for something that you are not.

Suffering is a great gift, a great divine Grace, because in it you notice that there is something wrong somewhere. At first, you believe it is outside of this; then you begin to find out that you are inside it.

It is not the world that makes you suffer, that produces suffering. You don’t know you are God, the Consciousness, the Presence, the Self, the Love, the Truth. Your true Nature is Freedom!

November 11, 2015

Do you know what is your single problem?

Do you know what is your single problem?  

The idea of an outside world to be lived. Nevertheless, it is inside you. The world outside is an idea of the thought. The mind produces this world and goes in its search. You, getting identified with this, are a slave and will never be free, because everything you do increases your years of prison, in this “jail” of illusion. 

For ages you have been in this, like your parents, grandparents and grand grandparents. All human history has been in this for ages. Here, or there, happens that someone pays attention to something outside all this, jumping out of it. So then, they say: “look, he is awake, he has Realized God, he has Realized the Truth.”

You are in Satsang because this is your time to realize This. Nobody is forcing you to suffer, nothing in life forces you to suffer, because you are God, you are Happiness.  This is your True Nature, but it does not have anything to do with your life’s history, but with Life as it IS. Your life’s history – all of it learned from society, from the world, from the parents, from the teachers – it is only repetition from what they have lived, are living and will live.

In India, they call Bhagavan the one who lives with God… It is the Jivamukti, the one who is awake in life. He is the same as you and me: goes to the bathroom, eats, sleeps. Some are married, have a social life, go to birthday parties, go to weddings, and sometimes get divorced and remarry again. It is interesting, it is the same as your life and my life, but they don’t suffer anymore because they don’t identify themselves with the story that the thought tells, that the mind tells. 

November 6, 2015


Happiness happens when the mind rests from its search, from its activity, from its movement, in this space called Consciousness, in this space that is God. When the mind, for a few minutes or seconds, gives a break to all desires, because the objective, the target, the purpose, on that moment, is being realized.

So the movement of the mind stops, and the Consciousness flourishes! But soon the mind comes back creating new desires, saying: “I need more fulfillment!” It attributes this realization to itself, and believes that it is in itself that this happiness is being found.  Then, it goes searching for more! It is simply like this! In other words, the search for pleasure, for realization, for happiness is what prevents Happiness, and Real Realization, the Joy of this Real Realization.

Happiness is the nature of Consciousness, is the nature of the Self, and it is not temporary. Temporary is the arrival and exit of the mind. Temporary is the mind’s movement that comes and goes. So, this happiness that comes and goes, presents itself in this form only for this illusion, which is the illusion of the mind in this movement. In your Natural State, you are Happiness!

The thought inside us

The thought inside each one of us has an autonomy, a franchise, a freedom. It has a freedom of action, a freedom to happen.

The direct way of dealing with the thoughts is by not caring about them. What provides energy to a determined kind of thought that worries us, is this attention that we give to it.

It is as if you looked at the sky and saw it full of stars, and your eyes were kept by them, without realizing that the stars are appearing at the back, in this infinite space.

If you attention, your focus, your vision, is on the stars, you loose the space. Resting in your Natural State is to recognize yourself as this “space”, where the thoughts, feelings and emotions, as the stars, can appear.

Stop listening to what the mind says

Stop listening to what the mind says inside your head, so then, you stop listening to whatever the mind is staying through the other’s mouths. People on the outside are just as illusory as the person inside. 

If the body is feverish, with any illness typical of his, this is his, it is not you. Because the mind says things there, it is not your enemy, as your body is not your enemy. If you identify yourself with the mind and get separated, believing to be able to change what it produces in your imagination, then you have an imaginary enemy. The actual sense of having someone present is the illusion of someone wanting to change something that doesn’t have repair.

The Zen says...

“You” won’t reach Illumination someday, therefore this is a very hopeless idea.

Where do you think this center called “me” is? This is just an idea. Nobody is doing this, because nobody can do it. Nevertheless, it simply happens. 

You are entirely involved in this work, however, it does not happen because “you” do something. On the other hand, it also doesn’t happen if you don’t give your whole life completely to This. 

It is needed that you disappear, die for This, but this is too strong and the mind doesn’t want you to hear it. The mind loves to be active and to be stimulated in some way, but here we are talking about a different direction.

The Zen says: “eat when you are hungry and drink when you are thirsty, in a life without past or future”. The mind doesn’t have anything to do with the Realization, because this is out of it. It is not an idealization that the “person” can reach.

You are here to Realize God

In this real work my Guru has showed me that it is needed a total surrender, a complete focus, a full energy directed to this, all our resources into this. You are here only for that: to Realize God.

All your time, all your health, all your money, all our emotion and all your energy, before put into an intellect, worried with the search for information, the exchange of opinions and judgments, all these have to turn to this Realization. 

This structure of “being someone” is based on power, on what grants you power. So, everything in your life gives you power, power that, in the face of a living Guru, will have to fall.

Buda, Jesus, Ramana, and all others have pointed for the surrender of the power of “being someone”, based on the money, the health, or anything else. Where the structure of “being someone” is based, it will have to be exploded by the Grace’s dynamite.

You are not alone

Satsang is a work to go beyond the illusion, beyond these patterns that you carry. You want to stop with some things that jeopardize your self-image, that produce suffering, but what you consider a source of pleasure you don’t want to let go, to give up (and that is also ego). So here, in Satsang, you become aware of that. 

Participant: This is very difficult…

M. Gualberto: It is difficult because you think you are “alone”, but it is not “you” doing this, it is letting the Presence do this.

When we use the expression “Presence”, or “Grace”, you don’t have any idea of the power of that, of what that is.

You will see that the patterns carried by the ego will fall in Satsang, but it is because it is not you doing this. You will see that there is something coming inside and doing it. I only ask you one thing to help you getting out of the ego: trust what I ask you, what I tell you, because there is something out of the visible field, the tactile field.

November 4, 2015

"You love the desire, not the desired"

Free adaptation from a comment that Master Gualberto has done on a Nietzsche’s phrase, made from a participant in Satsang. 

“Never anyone has done anything entirely for others. Every love is self-love. Think about the ones you love: dig deeply and you will see that you don’t love them; you love the pleasant sensations provided by this love in you! You love the desire, not the desired.”
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

MG: This is evident. Nobody does anything for the other. There is no one and the other does not exist. There is only one mind working with itself, interested in itself, in its own movement of emptiness. This is the whole misery!

All suffering is on the illusion of being someone (for himself), being someone for “the other”. This search for “the other” is a need of the egoic mind, a miserable prison. This is what you call love, but love is only Love when there isn’t this “someone”, this “own self”. So then, there is not “the other” as well.

What I am saying is that everything you feel for the other is dependence, need, desire and fear. More and more fear. You will only know what is to Love the other when he does not exist anymore, when you do not exist. This is Love.

Love is not a verb. Love is the truth’s nature. If you want this real Love, accept to disappear, because you cannot have this. To accept this is to be nobody, to loose everything, really everything! It is to be you in your Real Nature: God.

The mind quickly says: “I want this very much, I want this Love!” But just make your part, which is to be in Satsang, and let each one do whatever they can, whatever they feel like doing. The one who shows God to God is God!