April 29, 2016

Stay In That “I Am” – Satsang

All the relationships are based on the assumption of "someone with someone," but they appear in this unlimited space that is you, within this unspeakable Being. Everything is appearing, as relatives, friends, other people, things and places, but while all of that changes, you do not change. 

That's how it happens: one comes, other goes; while one is born, the other dies; a friend moves away, another friend comes; a teacher comes, the other goes away; a student comes, the other goes away. They are just experiences in that only immutable experience, which is pure consciousness, pure Presence, which is you, and that never loses or wins; It does not increase, when more things come, or decrease when things disappear. This is so simple!

Only the mind sees difference, because it always has another point of view. I am saying that there is only one point of view, which is that of consciousness. You can call it "Panoramic View". This is the only real point of view, but the mind has created a particular view based the story that it knows. The whole interpretation of life, which is related to that story, is within a purely mental and illusory point of view, which splits, separates, divides, compares, judges, wins, loses and consequently creates multiplicity. This is mind standpoint.

The distorted and illusory view of the mind rises to a false identity that goes by you. The emphasis in these meetings is to look and clearly perceive it: the illusion of mental point of view.

You are the sound of a singing bird, at the moment that happens. You are always what happened, what is happening and what will happen. Everything is happening in you; there is no profit or loss, nothing is added or taken away. Stay in that I Am, which you are. Only then all the beliefs, like "I am this, I am that", "I am like this, I am not like that", "cooked rare or well done", so disappear.

Stay in that I Am, that is the only door. Only then Grace, love, freedom and happiness will appear. Going through that door you will finally find the wisdom of your True Nature, which has always been there.

*Originally published in Portuguese on January 23, 2015

April 26, 2016

There is a perfume in Satsang

I am used to saying that recognizing who you really are is simple, but not that easy…I am not saying that it is difficult, the fact is that you have been trusting in your thoughts for a long time. For so long you have been having ideas, believing in concepts. You have beliefs and judgments, opinions, and all sort of education, which has been being confused with that ... You believe to be "someone," you believe to be "it", but "it" is nothing more than a set of thoughts that are strengthened and continued simply by the force of the habit. This is the dream, this is the sleep ... this is the illusion.

So, if you also believe that the Awakening, Enlightenment is all about the supernatural, you are seeing those who are outside the dream, the sleep, the illusion, like superhumans, privileged ones. The mind there will continue repeating, "this is not for me", "I will not get it," "this is the same as to find the four-leaf clover" ... however, this is a trick of the mind, seeking for its own continuity.

To realize or to evidence "what you Are" is simple, because this is what you already are. But if you do not put your heart into it completely, entirely, everything will continue being what it has always been: a dream, a sleep, an illusion...

There is a perfume in Satsang: the perfume of your Real State of your True Nature. However, the mind lives from images and, of course, creates an image also about this natural state. I have something to tell you: while you keep these images about "yourself", you will be living an illusion, amid all your practices, your studies and spiritual readings. So while there are these pictures there, or any picture about "yourself", about what is happening to “yourself”, about any experience that you have been having, you will be living an illusion: the illusion of this hypnotic false identity, the idea of being "someone".

No matter how much your mind has accumulated over this long journey of learning and growth, this is something else. The Awakening is literally the end of the sense of separation, or of "someone" being present. What remains is only this Presence. It´s necessary to discover how to listen to your own heart, in simplicity and surrender. The truth only knows this way because there is no  other for it to reveal itself. Do not think, do not analyze and do not speculate about it ... Just feel what I am saying or everything will remain the same. Here in Satsang, the perfume is from the heart and not from  the head.

Originally published in Portuguese on January 20, 2015