May 31, 2016

You do not exist as you believe you do

Do not you see that this occupation with hopeful thoughts about happiness hides the Happiness of your Real Nature, here, at this present moment?

The only truth is that you do not exist as you believe you do; and as you really exist is unbelievable!

When your mind is not present, everything is there as it is; no imagination is possible, and no fantasy there can take the place of reality. The reality is what it is, and we cannot change that.

You have ideas about all of this, but these ideas do not change this present truth. So, as these words here also mean nothing, no word is saying anything.

There is only one way to really see all of this, and that only way is when you are free from the sense of being someone.

*Originally published in Portuguese on May 6, 2015


May 27, 2016

There is a parasite impersonating you - Satsang

Let me point out something here to you. The solution that the mind knows and proposes, does not work. It seems something very practical, but it does not work. This needs to be clear to you, everything we do in Satsang is to see the tricks of the mind and awaken the intelligence that frees us from the illusion of this continuity of the mind.

A very fat woman went to the doctor and said, "Doctor, please help me to lose weight" The doctor said to her, "it's very easy." And she: "you do not understand, doctor. I want you to help me to lose weight without medicine, without surgery and without any diet”. Surprisingly, the doctor looked at her and said: “It is still very easy!". And she:"is it? So do you have a solution for my case? Will I be able to lose weight without medicine, without dieting and without surgery?”he said: "Of course, you just have to shake your head to the left and right, left and right". She asked: "How often do I need to do it?", then he replied: "During the day, when somebody offers you food, you do it. You just have to do it, all day long."

This is an alternative, a practice, but it does not work. It is exactly the proposal that the mind has there, in your head. It has a proposal of freedom, happiness, peace, sanity, but it is a proposal that does not work. We are always listening to what the mind says. What I want from you is that, in Satsang, you begin to look at the mind and see what it is saying.

Do you understand this? For instance now, when I ask the question: "what is the question?" Then no one has any question. In a practical way, we do not know how to solve the situation and at the same time, we have no question in Satsang; we accommodate as Buddhas. The mind producing alternatives, telling us what to do, giving us solutions, but they do not work on us.

During the day, notice how many times the mind is saying things inside your head? Meditation is the art of not confusing yourself with the mind, no matter what it says. Whatever the mind is saying, it is an illusion and it does not work. This has nothing to do with you; there is no thought that you can call yours, unique or functional. Thought, the way it manifests in this mechanism, in what you understand as being "you", which is the body and mind, it's just a parasite. A kind of false identity, attached to the body and mind, saying things.

The mind is not something under control. This false identity is not something under control, but is presented in a convincing way as being you. If you ask me why this is so, the answer is simple: it is because you do not see. You are not aware, conscious, fully alert, as this apparition, this phenomenon called the mind, "I", what you believe that is "you." This is not a reality, but a convincing illusion. I`m going to repeat: this is a convincing illusion. It is not a reality, but this illusion is quite convincing!

There is not something there "being you" as you believe. These suggestions, these alternatives, these proposals are not yours. The search for the solution of a problem is the illusion of "someone" that needs an answer to a given situation. And this “someone” does not exist. You have no problem to solve. You identify yourself with your mental history, with the history of this body, and this false identity, as a parasite, is all the time looking for something, desiring something , trying to solve any subject.

Everything is complete as it is, perfect where it is, in its right place. And there is nobody or nothing that can change it. Your problem is not yours, you do not exist to have problems. We share our lives in several areas: physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, social, emotional, political and so on - the divided and subdivided life. And we put ourselves as "someone", and where are you ...? Where are you?

*Originally published in Portuguese on April 6, 2015

May 25, 2016

Just Remain in Silence

This new attitude, based on trust, seems very strange to us. It is an attitude not planned or scheduled, because it is not something idealized. Trust is a forbidden word, as well as those ugly words that we do not repeat in public, as we were taught in the childhood. Trust, according to the mind, implies the danger of being "abused". So, distrust is the watchword.

To distrust of everything and everyone, in a deeply violent, aggressive and selfish world, seems to be a big deal. However, when we approach to Satsang, a return to the purity of childhood takes place. You only feel comfortable in Satsang, when the old lessons are unlearned to make room for the new ones.

Notice what an interesting this is, because we changed the focus. The focus was to learn, but it is now to unlearn, that means trusting in the existence in order to directly experience. Only when it appears there is a new attitude based on trust and surrender, which can be deployed into a posture of observation and direct experimentation, revealing the place where all miracles appear.

It is the miracle of trusting, of confronting yourself with your own desires and fears - all that before, used to make us run away in fear. This new attitude puts us vulnerable, receptive and opened. So, we are facing the possibility of the miracle, which is the realization of what we are, and then, in this trust, we establish ourselves beyond the fear.

It is a different order of confidence, because it puts you beyond opposites, which arises from the need to be attached to something that is merely sentimental, emotional and intellectual. What we are saying is:  this direct understanding of what we are is not possible, if we do not open ourselves to what is present here and now, if we are not exposed before ourselves. We need to understand that it is this matter of fear that pushes us away from confrontation, this one that leads to the direct observation of what we are.

This escape only occurs, because there is no trust. I want to invite you to be exposed to yourselves, to each reaction from the past, to every thought with its baggage and its respective feeling with its reactive response, as I would like to invite you to be quiet, very quiet, just looking at it.

A huge trust is necessary for this pain, which arises, can go away. It shows up small, and grows until it reaches a peak, but then descends again.

If you do that, if you allow yourself, if and so, finally, you find out what trust is, as you are exposed to yourself, in this direct view, when the realization of this Presence occurs, which witnesses the reaction manifesting in body and the mind.

This Presence is the untouched witness that You are, where there is no reaction. You are not the body or the mind; you are not desire, fear, guilt, remorse, trauma or anxiety. You are none of those. You are this witness that looks at, that witnesses what appears in this body, THIS, that comes and goes, while you just a witness.

In this confident, unpretentious, diligent, zealous, careful and devoted view, you find That, which is beyond the body and the mind, beyond all these reactions from this mechanism, and, so, you find What does not come ever, does not go away ever does not appear, does not grow, and does not reach a peak, then decreases and disappears. You find out That, which is unchangeable.

Therefore, I would like to invite you to this deep trust of accepting and not resisting, of embracing directly what arises in this exact moment, and staying with it.  Satsang is this space where the Real Trust can flourish - in the Presence of the Guru's Grace. It is the possibility of discovering this Real Trust, so we can go beyond the mind.

Actually, this is the end, and at the same time, the beginning. It is the alpha and the omega.

*Originally published in Portuguese on April 13, 2015 

May 20, 2016

The Awakening is an action of the Grace – Satsang

The Awakening is an action of the Grace. As the tree never knows when its leaves will be swayed, we never know when this breath of the Grace will make us dance like leaves of trees at the mercy of the wind. Awakening is the recognition of the breath of the Grace, this dance of pure celebration, the celebration of this Divine Presence; this is pure Freedom.

Here, this breath blows, the branches sway and the leaves dance effortlessly. All that we have known, so far, is the movement, the artificial movement of the thought. The tree does not move, but even so, you will not see it standing, because the wind blows its breath, ever. It never knows where the wind comes from and does not care about what direction the dance will take ... the dance of the leaves, the movement of its branches.

I want to invite you, during these days, in this meeting, to leave aside the artificial movement of the thought ... To be quiet at the mercy of the wind of this Presence, which is the Grace that, for sure, is already making this dance happen ... something very natural and effortless. You do not get involved into this and do not “exist” to get involved into it. This is our whole illusion: the illusion of doing, of accomplishing, of being somebody; the illusion of moving ourselves.

Nothing moves, and, although, nothing is static. Everything moves according to the breath of this Unique Presence. Only the illusion of the mind, the illusion of the thought, in an illusory and artificial movement, has been disquieting us. Our agitation is not like a dance, but a seizure, a disorderly attack from the illusion created by the thought of being "someone" in motion, doing something; the sense of an author behind the actions.

There is only action, "the actions" in the plural, which is this singular action of this Presence. It is the only one that does, and you are not in it. You are a fraud. You are an illusion. You are the supposed unnatural movement of the effort, the attempt to shape, to change, to do something. Look at the tree, quiet and never still. Right now, there is a dance in the movement of its branches, the dance of the leaves, flowers and fruits, at the season of the fruits. The movement does not stop. However, there is only this action, which is the action of this One Reality, this One Truth present, which moves everything.

*Excerpt from a Satsang meeting, transcribed and revised, held in November of 2013.

May 17, 2016

Meditation is the Consciousness In this Instant - Satsang

The essential nature, that concealed behind each experience, at this very moment, is the Silence, the Truth, the Grace, the Love, the Beauty. So, that what you are experiencing outside of this is just a personal experience, an overlay to this present reality; and this is only possible due to the presence of the egoic mind, as well as this sense of reading, interpretation, translation and overlay to this reality. This is the nature of the mind, this is not the nature of the Self, this is not the nature of Consciousness, this is not the nature of the Truth. All the meaning of the world that you have, all the refusing to look into life, as it is shown, is something that can be unlearned. As long as this is maintained, as long as this is there, there will be no Peace… there will be no Freedom.

You are not a person, You are the Self. Self is Consciousness, which carries on this nature, this essentiality. Into the mind, you are confused; into the mind, you explain yourself; into the mind, you know and do not know, choose, solve, accept, reject, like and dislike. In this personal sense, fear and illusion predominate. Your personal subjects – all of them based in the idea of being “somebody” - are stress factors, conflict, contradiction and all forms of suffering, because, into the mind, you cannot embrace this moment. The mind is, by nature, centered in itself; it lives in its particularly, private world. Awakening or Self-realization is to assume your Real Nature, to assume the Self Nature, the Truth Nature, the recognition of this Truth about oneself. This is not possible in this limitation of mind; it is not possible being someone; it is not possible in the "person", for the person. Person is disorder, confusion; the person is the mind; is what you know and what you do not know, what you like and dislike, what you want and what you do not want, accepting and rejecting ... Every decision, determination, possible alternative to the "person," based on fear and that sense of separation, is like that.The nature of the world is the very nature of Consciousness, which is the very nature of the Truth, which is the very nature of the Self, which is this Freedom. You cannot, at this moment, know what Freedom, Happiness and Peace mean, because this moment, for this "you" that you believe to be is just a bridge to the future. That is what the ego does to the present moment: turns this time into a bridge to the future. So, you cannot live your Real Nature into the mind, in time, into this bridge so called present, because present presupposes past, that has already gone and future that is to come. This is the notion that the person has about this moment, this present moment, which is only interesting to it because "itself" is this bridge. The meaning of the "person" (who has lived the past and will live the future) puts you into this time called present, and there is the illusion of what you are, in this belief of being “someone”.

Consciousness is the present Freedom that you, as a separate entity, cannot know what it is. Freedom is what is present that you, as a separate entity, as oneself, as a person, as an individual being, cannot know what it is. It is necessary to learn how to look, to listen, to feel and to be without the "person"; it means to be in this abyss, in this free fall, where nothing can be achieved by your hands, where there is no escape. This is Meditation.

Meditation is the Consciousness in this very moment, where what is seen, heard, felt, is seen, heard and felt by nothing, nobody, an empty. This notion of being someone, who gives you so much importance, who sets you as an entity, as an identity, living a personal life, it is the cage, it is the prison, it is the confinement, it is that cave which I told you yesterday: damp, dark, with a non-breathable air.

You must die for it, but to die physically does not solve this. Every day, thousands and thousands of people are dying there; some, even, to get rid of anguish, pain, of all this suffering, and they believe that they could disappear with death, that they accelerate the process. To destroy the body is not the way. You do not need a physical death; you need a death... something complete, something total. Every day the body "dies". You lie down to sleep, the body "dies", but in the morning, the body appears again. Why suffering is present? In deep sleep it is not present, but you, in the morning, are present. It is not the appearance of the body that brings it, but the sense of this identity, the sense of separateness, the sense of being "one" with this view of life, the world, the existence... It is the sense of "self", the sense of "me"... It is the sense of ego and separate entity.

The real death is not the disappearance of the body, but the disappearance of the sense of body, of somebody in the world. This someone is this "you" that you believe to be. The self-realization or awakening, or enlightenment, is the end of the sense of someone present in the experience. Then the experience, in its Real Nature, unique, just it, without anyone present, is Love, Peace, Silence, Truth…It is God. You debate yourself with situations created by this sense of separateness, because fear is something present there.

Yesterday, someone said: "My problem is money." Then comes someone else and says, "My problem is relationship"; "My problem is... is... is...," there then comes the list. That what you believe is your problem, it is not your problem because it is not only that. The sense of separateness involves much difficulty, which you do not have the slightest awareness that those are present until they are disturbed, until they have the opportunity to appear; then, you realize that they “caught” you. You say, "It has gotten here"; you say your problem is money. Let death comes and takes your wife or your child, for you see if your problem is money. You just have an accident and you have to undergo an amputation, get off your leg... Is your problem money? What would not you give to continue with your leg still in place?

The sense of separated identity, the sense of being someone is the only problem you have. There is no security in the sense of being someone. There is much fear of losing what you consider precious, this you that you believe to be, which is a fraud, which is an illusion. You are so attached to everything around you, in this sense of being someone, to support that person you believe to be, who claims to have personal problems. Your "private things" are not your problems. Your problem is you, the belief that you are there, that this body is yours, that those relationships are yours, that this world is yours, that this is your life, that the money you have in your account is your money, or the lack of that money is your lack. You can take examples around and put them there... The problem of my health, the problem is this, is that...

Knowledge is the problem, and not knowing too; having, as well as not having, is the problem; being someone, self-esteem, is the problem; being nobody, low self-esteem, is the problem; trauma, phobia, desire, fear, they all are the problem. The mind particularize this whole thing, and I am saying that the only problem is you, in this sense of "being someone" living in the body, experiencing the world; in the sense of an experiencer, separated from that instant; the agent, the author of the facts, of what happens, a "self and the world." The end of the body is not the solution; only the end of this illusion, this psychological sense of being in the world ... End of story.

You do not simplify it, you complicate it. All your movement is to complicate it. You were born only to realize your Real Nature, the Consciousness of God, this non-separateness , this present Presence, conscious, free from the sense of someone, free from the sense of a world being experienced, of a private life being lived, and then there is no ego, there is no sense of separation, there is no fear, there is no illusion. This is the end of suffering, the end of ignorance, it is wisdom, it is life present in this Presence at that moment, finishing from moment to moment, from moment by moment ... the course of events suffer no interruption. The sun is still rising in the morning and setting in the afternoon, the clock continues running, the temperature keeps changing, as well as the clouds continue going through. The course of events and on goings continues to happen, but the notion of time, the presence of this illusion of someone there in this experience, ends. This is liberation! This is self-realization

Excerpt from a speech on the second day of an in-person meeting in Rio on 3/15/2015
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