June 28, 2016

I know who You Are!

This Consciousness is "that" present in everything, and that become everything present! This Consciousness is Love, Bliss, Peace and Truth, the Truth about Itself!

Truth is something unheard... unheard and unreachable! When This is present, "you" are not: you and your beliefs, conclusions, ideas, opinions; you and your certainties, doubts; you and your ethics, moral; you and your things... when the Truth is; "you" are not!

It is easy to entertain yourself with simulations, with imitations. It is just another distraction yet, from the intellect, which is the ego. These studies you mentioned, these practices, spending years and years and years reading the speeches from Self realized, all of this is harmless to the ego. That will not achieve your heart like an arrow, and stop this illusion of "someone alive." Only when that "someone alive" is "dead", the Truth is present!

Sitting here is already a Divine Grace! There is no other word! Having the opportunity to be sitting here today is a Divine Grace!

The mind "gives" names to the days, and so it is Sunday today, yesterday was Saturday and tomorrow will be the Monday... besides that, the mind localizes itself in the time, "saying": Sunday is beach day, or to be with the family, not in Satsang; or Saturday is party day and not of Satsang. I am telling you: the days have no name. You only have one day at a time, to get up in the morning, look at the sky and say: today is the day of Truth, Freedom, Happiness! It is the day of God! It is the day that "I Am what I Am!" It is the day of Wisdom! It is a day to be "What I am"! It is a day of "no lie", "non-illusion", of "no conflict", of "no fear"! It is a day of Bliss! A day of Consciousness!

It is not a day of politics, beach, soccer, social changes. It is not a day to remember the independence of Brazil, or... It is a day of "I Am who I Am," a day without stupidity, mediocrity, arrogance, humility, modesty... "A day without me!!!”

Existence is not going to miss you anyway. The universe is going to have no idea that you existed at some point! You are not going be missed anyway, it is not going to be a tragedy anyway! A day without this "me" is a day without being grandmother, mother; without being father, son, grandson; it is a day without fear!

"A day without me" does not have twenty-four hours because "a day without me" is not a day. There is no time, birth, as well as there is no death in this "day without me", too!

How many are willing to This? I can tell you: very few! Everyone wants to live one day being "someone" to some or to many... they want to live many days, years, like this! Where is that who is willing to die right now? Because it is only when you die at that moment, moment by moment, the days are like this: without time!

That is why, when you come close to me, wanting to be "someone," I do not recognize your importance, but it is enough! You do not feel important in front of me, but, you feel that I am seeing you! Do you realize that it is not the other ones that you need? You just need to see yourself in your Real Nature! It is not the image you have from yourself that you need! I repeat: you just need to see yourself in your Real Nature. The image you have from yourself is that gives you self-importance, this is the illusion of needing others, of being accepted and understood by them, who feel the same about you: they want to be accepted, loved, understood... and nothing of this is real! You are not real and they are not real.

The curious thing here is that you feel that I am watching you, but it is not so, because you are not something separate from what I Am. When you look at me, you see me, you see "What I Am", you see what you Are, and it has no self-importance! When you see "What I Am", which is "What You Are", there is no such self-importance! It is only when you are in the blind spot that you believe you are seeing something, understanding, knowing something for sure, and then you think you can fool me. In this blind spot, you are deceiving yourselves, because it is not aware of yourself, what you Are, the Truth about You.

The value of these meetings is exactly this: you cannot fool me, because I know who You Are! This is called Satsang: the encounter with the Truth!

* Excerpt from a speech at a meeting in the city of Fortaleza in August 2015

June 24, 2016

This is my secret

What I have to say to you, right at the beginning, is: do not move yourself!! Thought moves and you end up moving with it. So, do not move yourself!!

It is funny when you come to ask me about this Freedom, this Peace, this Silence, this Truth! The impression that you have is that it is not present and it is not present because there is this illusion - the illusion of being within a certain movement - while, in fact, what moves is the thought and not you! You do not move, it is the thought that moves.

So, do not move yourself! Do not move yourself to an opinion, a suggestion, a wish, a conclusion; do not move yourself to an ideology, neither to a belief; do not move yourself to the past neither to the future; do not move yourself to a relationship; do not move yourself to an association; do not move yourself to patriotism, and neither to religion! Do not move... do not move yourself! It is just the thought that moves! It is the thought that is patriotic, and carries an ideology, a desire, an opinion, a conclusion, a fixation, a belief... it is the thought that carries it all! Do not move!

This is my secret: I do not move myself!

The only decision you can take in life is the decision to be Happiness, to be Peace, to be Freedom, to be God! This is the only power you have: the power of being what You Are. But, you give up this sole power you have to assume the power that the mind has and which entices you, induces you, invites you. It is what the mind does and, therefore, you move yourself. When you move yourself from the place that You Are, you move to "become" or to "stop being", and this is unhappiness, it is not peace, it is not freedom...

You may even carry a "freedom" at this movement, but will be the freedom that contains the contrary, and not the Real Freedom.

In this movement of the mind everyone feels free, but this is not the Real Freedom. How can you be free and unhappy? How can you be free and carry fear with you yet? Look at the world: they are all free... but are they really free? Is there freedom in the world? All of this because you are moving in that illusion, in the illusion of the movement of the thought to "be" or "stop being". And I keep repeating to you: do not move!

In this movement, everybody is seeking, in this supposed freedom, happiness, peace and real love! But it cannot be found - not in the mind! In the mind, this is not possible and it is precisely where the movement happens because you move.

You stop being the Self, to try to be...

So you get into all sorts of trouble: associations are trouble, friendships are trouble, relationships are trouble... or the wish fulfilled, because a child has come, or a husband arrived, or someone arrived, or some have arrived... In this idea of a person "you" present at this thing, you are in trouble, tied, trapped in that illusion of the movement.

However, Freedom requires nothing... Happiness requires nothing... Peace requires nothing... the Truth requires nothing! But the mind requires everything... it moves!

When you come to Satsang you believe, at first, you will learn something. However, if there is something to be learned here, this "something" is stop learning about everything; stop learning about the values that the mind attaches to everything, and see this stupidity!

You are here, right now! This present moment contains all the Truth, Reality, Freedom, Peace, Happiness, all the Love and Silence. It contains all Completeness, Wholeness... the Totality of everything, at the present moment, without movement, without the movement of the mind.

In this movement of the mind, the body is a problem, and the mind itself is a problem. In the movement of the mind, the “person” is this movement, then, it is the problem! Without motion, everything is already in place. You do not need to study and learn anything; no need to grow in any direction, because there is no direction, no place to get to! It does not need to be better than It Is! You do not need to leave something, to get rid of something, to do something, to grow in any direction - either in a positive or negative form; to grow abandoning vices or acquiring virtues; becoming better or ceasing being the worst... you do not need any of that!

It is like a sword in samurai hand: a single movement and that is it, it is over! A single movement! The move to the "no movement"... the movement that ends with all the movements! This movement I call "assume this moment," The Consciousness of being conscious of what happens. Now, you are conscious of my words, my gestures, the colors of this environment, and you are conscious of the people here, how they are sitting, their body posture... I am talking about the Consciousness of this conscious! With a "coup," a single movement, you are beyond the mind, beyond the movement... beyond the movement known by the thought, with its conclusions, beliefs, opinions, foundations, and so on.

It is the Consciousness of a look, of listening, speaking, without the mind; the thought, feeling, emotion, sensation, without the mind. Mind is the idea of "being somebody": victim, guilty or otherwise, successful, heroin, strong, powerful... What I am saying is: there is nothing to do to be What You Are. There is nothing you can do to stop being what You Are. When you move yourself, there is only the illusion of being something else, beyond of that, in fact, you Are. So, do not move!

Can you follow what I am saying?

The rain is falling or the sun is out there: this is not your problem! The thought, a feeling, a sensation or an emotion is going on here, but this is not your problem! What you call "objective experience," the thought says that is not your problem, but what happens as a subjective experience, the thought says: "it is me," "I take care of this," "I am responsible for it." And it is not true! You are only deluding yourself in this movement of being "someone" being busy with something, and this thing is not You. The sun and the rain outside are not You. Thought and feeling happening there inside are not You; emotion and feeling too, are not you... So, do not move! When you create the illusion of the movement, you confuse yourself and no longer assume what you Are to accept a belief, as the belief of what you imagine, think or feel, believing that it is you.

You come to me and say to me: "Give me this, at the weekend or at the end of six months or one, two or three years." I am giving this for you since the first day I met you, and I am not ceasing to give! However, you are not paying attention to my gift. One of these days, in São Paulo, a boy asked me: "what is the difficulty of Grace in giving it," I replied, "none." And he said, "then I want." And I said, "I am giving it to you"!

It is like that instrument on the corner of the room: a complete guitar, including all the strings. Why, then, a professional musician, an expert in the art of playing the guitar cannot "get" a song from this guitar? Because it is not just having a guitar. This instrument needs to be finely tuned so that the musician can produce a sound with it. When you go to a Sage, He sees you as a wise, just as a musician knows that the guitar has all the conditions to be played, if the strings are tuned. When you are going to meet a Sage, you do not know that "you are a Wise, who forgot that is a Wise." That guitar has all the potential to produce music, but it does not have the conditions to, because it requires some time until all the strings are tuned with each one producing its specific note. It is not missing the musician; it is not missing the guitar. Yes, what is missing is the fine tuning! It is not missing the Master, it is not missing the disciple. Only some adjustments are missing!

Participant: Who is going to do this for us?

Master: The one who understands the art of music! He is the one who tunes the guitar! Only a knowledgeable takes care of that! It is what we are doing here. You cannot get this guitar and just play it, because the instrument has to be in conditions to. You get confused with what you are not and so, you cannot "produce sound"!

You get confused, being a "person": a "person" who is not loved, accepted; that is rejected, not special, unhappy. A "person" is this movement of the mind, and you get confused with it. You get confused with the thoughts, the emotions, sensations, and so on; you get confused with the name and the body; you get confused with the story, with the family, with the country, with a political ideology, social... You get confused and feel yourself responsible, as "someone" that you believe you are, in the world you believe to live. Now, you want to fix Brazil, the family, people... You want to fix yourself and improve. This is the movement!

This is the movement in which you see right and wrong things; things in place and out of place; what is ethical and what is unethical, as well as what it is unfair and what is fair; what you can and what you cannot; what you should and what you should not; what is moral and what is immoral and what is sacred and what is profane; what you want and what you do not want; what is yours and what is not... This is the movement that you live in the duality, and live in the duality is to be in dualism. Dualism is the ideology of being dual, being in favor or against, being this or that...

What is up? How is that?

This is the movement. There is the instrument and all the conditions to produce good music with it, but the strings are out of tune... The musician is good, and the material (the wood, the easels, the stringing), all you have there is top notch, but the guitar is out of tune. You see, you hear, you speak, you feel, you desire, you fear and you behave like a "person", and you cannot "produce good music" in this way! The musician will not be able to play because he will have to tune the instrument, at first, since the notes are not notes...A string played does not sound like a musical note, but as a strange thing which do not remind, even remotely,  C,  G,  B,  E,  F, A and D. What happens in Satsang is that you come to stop the hand of the "Musician"! This Silence present in Satsang is the divine tune! That touch, that look, this Silence and this speech is the care of Grace to organize the "string orchestra"!

This is the Work! The Work of Grace, the Work of God! This is called Satsang.

Everything in you is this potential for the divine musician that You Are, in your True Nature.

When you are going to meet a living Master, you are faced with a living Master, - and when I say alive, I am talking about a Master who is not in the books, in the imagination of a belief, that is not a theory, - you are before this divine musician that You Are. The Master will not "produce the musician" that You Are, but to reveal the musician that You Are to you.

How do you discover it? When you realize that this mind-body, all this apparatus, mechanism, organism, does not carry the disharmony of detuned strings anymore. Imagine the guitar fighting with the musician, "you are squeezing me too much," says one of the strings; the other says "I cannot stand it anymore," "I will not endure", "I think it will not be possible," says the other. Six strings...and there is a twelve-strings guitar... it is a drama, it is a drama.

Maybe it is not comfortable for the instrument see itself so manipulated, literally manipulated. Strings being tightened because each string must produce a specific sound, no more, no less; a full tone, is not a semitone - is a tone, a closed tone. E, B, G, D, A, C... there are six notes... and it cannot be any of E, B, G, D, A, C. Six strings, six notes, which should be fine-tuned by the tuning fork; it is something very precise.

But imagine one of the strings saying "do not do this to me"; and the other: "I will not hold, let me go."... Imagine the guitar saying: "Let me handle this alone." The guitar, in this metaphoric language that I am using, you can believe it, "let me produce my sound, let me do it my way"... The name of this is arrogance! It is possible for you to be humble and that humbleness be, at the same time, full of a great arrogance. However, it is impossible for you to be simple and, at the same time, full of arrogance. I do not use the expression "humble", but the expression "simple", "natural"... Natural in your Self, simple, there is no arrogance.

Truth is a groom looking for a bride like that, to marry her. When the Truth, this groom, finds his bride called Simplicity, it marries her. Before that, there is no marriage nor pretention of engagement.  The truth is very far from the arrogance, and no matter what name this arrogance has, even the name of humility, because you cannot deceive the Truth. The Truth is never wrong and never gets confused; it only recognizes the Simplicity, the Naturalness. Naturalness and Simplicity are always present in this present surrender. It is when the guitar with its strings, do not resist, do not fight, it is not proud of wanting to do "its way."

So, feel it, be fully open, receptive, vulnerable to it: "Be done Thy will"; "You know, I do not"; "You can, I do not"; "You want to, I do not"; "You reign, I do not"; "You are the Lord, I am not." Do not verbalize, feel it! In these days, I said in one of the speeches in Satsang: do not listen to me, but take on this speech. Be what You Are, without resistance. Jesus called this "purity of heart": "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Only by being simple, this Simplicity, you are a bride with whom the Truth wants to marry, then, God presents Himself. God is not hidden from Simplicity that Jesus calls "purity of heart". The Bible says that "he, who sees God dies."

Yesterday, someone was talking to me, "Master, in front of your words I do not know what to do. What can I do?" And I said: "die" He was surprised: "How?" And I answered: "exactly what you heard, die! You cannot do anything, but can give up of staying alive. You have this power to give up of "being somebody." And he continued: "but I do not understand." I replied, "this is the problem, you want to stay alive! The proof is there, because you want to understand. Friend, who dies is dead. Who dies do not know, do not understand and seeks nothing else!

It is amazing when we talk to you... You think we are talking about high philosophy, a metaphysical thing, and I am talking about something very direct with each of you. To die means to be dead, simple like that! Are you interested in it, or do you want to be happy? Be "someone" happy, "someone" beloved, "someone" accepted, "someone" understood, "someone" Wise? Be "someone"? Do you want to be "someone"?

*Transcript of a speech in a meeting in Fortaleza city in August 2015 
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June 21, 2016

The madness of God

Here we go again in this adventure! These speeches are always an adventure because we are breaking new, entering into a new and unfamiliar territory. These meetings mean a proposal to recognition of the Truth.  The first few times you come, a speech like this is something that sounds pretty weird. Here, we are talking to you about this Freedom - the Freedom of the Natural State, which is not a thing known. Although natural, it is not common, and here begins its strangeness.

I am always talking to you, in Satsang, about finding that "place" inside. I am indicating a "place" within you, a space, something in there that does not want to modify anything, does not want to change anything, and, therefore, it is entirely free.

When you find what is there, which is already present, all despair and suffering end. This thing inside you, which does not want to alter or change anything, does not want anything and it is not afraid of anything.

It is pure Freedom, charged of that perfume of Silence. It is like when you stop at the edge of a river and see the amount of water coming down softly. Unhurried, it descends and creates its undulations, deviates itself from the stones ... It, bright under the sun, gently goes down. So are you in this "place" without any resistance, in this indescribable flexibility, in the ability of being tied to nothing.

When this, which is You, is found there, all illusion ends. Right now, someone just entered the room and said: "This is crazy!". The real madness is the resistance to life as it presents itself, what can not be changed, because it carries its own destiny, the way of being, the way of happening, the way of moving. When the mind, in its resistance, fights against it, we are facing the insanity.

Here, we are talking about this Self-realization, this Truth, this Reality, indicating to you that "place", which does not want to change anything. Only there, you are really on your own place. Only there, there is sanity! Without this, in the mind everybody is crazy!

This phrase of the person who entered this room is quite inspiring, and, perhaps, it is exactly what we are doing here: finding a kind of madness, something that is crazy from the “eyes of mind”.

In this madness of resistance, to live without resistance is, in fact, madness; in this madness of fear, to live without fear is, in fact, crazy; in this madness of desire, to live without desire is, in fact, crazy; in this madness of addiction, to live free from the idea of owning something is, in fact, crazy. So here, the sanity is this holy madness; it is the Grace in Its madness.

A wise man, in India, named Ramakrishna, used to say: "Everybody cries for something or for many things. They are able to cry countless tears for their desires, but the rarest thing is someone who is willing to shed a few tears to realize God”.
Everybody is crazy in this world! Most of them are crazy about their own world, and some rare, few, are crazy for the Truth, the Freedom! They are willing to find, in themselves, this place, this thing that does not want to change anything, does not need anything, does not desire, does not fear: the Truth of God!

This is what brings you here, to this meeting, what makes you investigate this as a real crazy person; that made you look for IT in books, videos and speeches like these. This made you get involved in all sorts of religious and spiritual practices.

You have done all sorts of things, because there's something inside you  that feels, knows and realizes that there must be something out of this crazy world; it has to be some madness of full sanity, something out of the world, out of time, body, mind, out of your known past or your imagined future.

You are here because I invited you to come! Because I am That! I am That, inside you, which does not want to change anything, to alter anything. I am what You are, and You are That! You are the Truth, the Sanity, the Wisdom; You are Consciousness, You are Presence, You are God! Love is your Real Nature; Freedom is your Real Nature, and this is what you feel when you meet me.

When you meet me, you find yourself! You find yourself when you find me! There is no other place to go after you find within yourself, That what I am, That what You are, this thing which does not want to change anything.

There is a song that plays at a known rhythm. The music is new, but the rhythm can be recognized. I note that, in this room, some of you are new here. You do not even know why you entered in this room neither why you remain here, despite hearing something so strange - but which is not strange. The rhythm is known, the music is new ... but this music does not seem so new. Perhaps the rhythm is strange, what is all the same.

The fact is that you are listening to this call to be crazy like that. This space is called Satsang. This is an Indian word that means "the encounter with what it is", "the encounter with the Truth", which here I have just called "madness of God".

All of this is so crazy! I have warned you all since the beginning. I have repeated many times to you that here is the craziest thing, the most nonsense, the most illogical thing that you could find. As our friend said: "This is crazy".

While everybody is concerned about changing the world, here, you are listening something inside you that does not want to change anything... Something inside you that cannot suffer for anything, fear or desire anything.

Let's stop here. Thanks for the meeting. Namaste!

*Excerpt from a talk held by Master Gualberto during an online meeting via Paltak, on September, 2015.

June 14, 2016

The Power of Truth

The Truth is this space, which is Consciousness, which is Presence, which is the Self, which is the Truth... the Truth about what You Are!

You are not contained within the body! All the space, including the body, is contained in What You Are.

Remain in What You Are, where the body and the space appear, and where the world, ideas, beliefs, opinions, judgments, doubts and certainties appear.  You are free! You are that Freedom!

Nothing imprisons or chains You, unless the idea - always the idea, the thought, the belief, the judgment, the opinion, the acceptance or the rejection... That is what imprisons you in a specific and imaginary world where you become as real as the “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. You become as real as Santa Claus, there, in this world of ideas, beliefs and thoughts.

This is the world that interprets the reality, which gives color to the reality, paints the reality. When you stop painting - because as a character you no longer situate yourself in the imaginary world of thought - when it stops, the Reality appears as It Is, and in It, there is no conflict, there is no separation.

It is when you can - as Consciousness, as Presence – see without the observer, see without the observed object, see without interfering. That is what I just called "to be free", "to be Freedom."

What do you think about this talk? Do you appreciate it or not? It is the same! One more time, to agree or to disagree does not mean anything. Rather, it means that you are wrong, and that, again, you missed the point ... missed and are not seeing what is being shown.

You come to Me for this Awakening, as if the Awakening could be found in this movement made by a supposed entity, in this world of fantasy. As if “Mickey”, “Goofy” or “Uncle Scrooge” came to me and said: "I want to find out who I am." It is like that! It is literal! Characters, in a story of this imaginary comic book of thought, come to me and say, "I need Your Light, I need your Grace, I need the Awakening".

Listen to what I am going to tell you! I have something to give you, and I am already giving you, but you cannot get it! While this belief, this idea and that thought prevail, you cannot receive what I have to give you. What I have to give you, I am already giving you, and what you have to receive, you cannot.

My talk is not to confuse you; it is to disperse the clouds that hide the clear and bright sky of the Present Reality, therein What You Are. Do you know which clouds these are? The imagination, your imaginary world, your life, your existence, in the thought...

A make-believe life... a life of Little Red Riding Hood, of Mickey Mouse, of Donald Duck, of Uncle Scrooge and his nephews... Your beliefs, your concepts, your opinions, conclusions and choices are these clouds covering this sky of Reality, bright, light, clean, but hidden!

These speeches are not to give you the Reality, because It cannot be given! What I have to give you, you cannot catch, you cannot hold.

These speeches - all of them - are for these clouds to disperse and for this imaginary world to disappear, and along with it, all these characters created by the thought. Thus, conflict, pain and suffering end, because this way the illusion ends!

These speeches have the scent of Reality, the fragrance of Reality! They carry the elixir of the Real Life, of Life beyond the opposites, beyond birth and death! They carry the power of Silence, the power of Truth! They carry the power of Freedom!

* Speech from a face to face meeting held in Fortaleza, in July 2015.