July 31, 2016

The great divine paradox

Enlightenment is progressive and it is instantaneous. Enlightenment is paradoxical. God is paradoxical. You cannot speculate about that and there is no need to do it. You have no urgency on that and you do not even need to, you cannot have it, there is no need to have it.

Enlightenment is paradoxical, God is paradoxical. The paradox of this Realization is that it is instantaneous and it is gradual. The paradox of this Realization is that the "surrender" is yours, the Surrender is God’s, Devotion is yours, but the Devotion is from God by God. No thought about God happens there, if God does not produce the thought about Himself, about who He Is. The desire for God is God's desire for Himself. Your salvation is not yours, it is God recognizing Himself as safe, untouchable, immutable, unattainable by any distress, suffering and danger. This is the paradox - God has never lost from Himself, He does not want to find Himself, but He does it all the time: He gets lost and wants to find Himself. He will never quit doing it, being a paradox.

You do not hasten a flower to bloom, nor hasten a fruit to ripen on the tree. You can take a button and, on the hand, open this flower, as you can you take a fruit from the tree and warm it or give it conditions to mature, but that is another thing. Enlightenment is not like forcing a flower to bloom or a fruit to ripen; there is not such fraud in the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God. In the dimension of Consciousness, it does not apply and will not work.

The Sage is not a flower that has bloomed by discipline, practices, studies or techniques. The Sage is a flower that has bloomed, a fruit that has matured in the time of Grace. In this Grace, by Grace, there was no time, no technique, nothing happened, absolutely nothing, in order to make This possible, or that have made ​​this possible in a dimension out of Grace, in this technique, skill and discipline, order or force outside of Grace.

"Not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit, says the Lord". (Zechariah, ch. 4.6)

*Master Gualberto talks at dinner table in Ramanasharam Gualberto at Campos do Jordao/BRAZIL, in January 2016.

July 28, 2016

This I Am: The only reality

You haven´t been dedicating your life to this inquiry, to this exploration. You haven´t been dedicating your life  with commitment, with dedication, with fervor, with focus, to this realization.

This Realization is the finding of what is present, being What You Are, being what You Are: This immutable, indescribable, nameless Presence that is the Truth, the Truth of what You Are, the Truth that is You, the Truth that does not appear or disappear as it happens with objects, with thoughts, with feelings, with emotions, with the body... the body appears at birth and disappears in death. Thought appears when it occurs, and disappears when it goes away. An emotion appears when this happens in this body, in this mechanism, this body-mind, and disappears when it goes away. The Truth that You are is not like this. The Truth that You are is not an appearance.

You are here to, with hard-work, with application, with dedication, with fervor, focused, with all the energy of your heart, with all the energy of your being, become aware of who You are. To know that you have never had a father, have never had a mother, have never had siblings. To know that the scenery that appears in the picture is not the screen.

The screen is present before the appearance of the scenary. Before the painting, before the landscape, before the panorama, it is the screen. Even if the landscape, the painting, is destroyed, the screen can be treated again, you can still recover the painting, the panorama, or we can give up from the picture, but the screen will still be there. We can throw another ink on this screen and have a new vision, a new look, a new appearance, a new picture, but it will not change the screen. His story is the painting, is the panorama, is the picture, is the landscape. The screen that does not change is what is not born, which does not die, it is what is prior to any story, which can remain without story.

We have a huge concern about the fate of the planet. I ask you: does the mind know about its own destiny? When you wake up in the morning and remember a dream you had at night, how long can you keep this memory of the dream? It was only a dream! To get involved with the story is like getting involved with appearances, which are here now and soon will not be here anymore.

There is a power, and this power is where the planet, the mind and the body also appear. This power is what takes care of the body, of the mind and of the the planet. When you watch a movie and worry about its characters, you become just a character also to live the drama of the story. But if you can watch a movie knowing that it is just a movie, and that this whole story, the story of that film, the whole storyline of that movie, played by characters, are only appearances in a screen that does not change, you do not mistake yourself for a character there.. If you do not mistake yourself for one of the characters there, you live no more a drama or a comedy, or a horror, or the so-called romance, the love of that cinematographic story, it is when you can see that the screen remains. It was already there before the movie.

So are you. You were there before birth and remain there first of all. Before the very apparition of your parents, before the very apparition of your grandparents, your great-grandparents, you were already there. You just do not remember, because you cannot. You cannot remember. The memory is history. The screen does not need to remember. It does not remember of any character who went through it, none of the stories of life in its background, at its base, in its reality.

Is this clear?

What it is out of time does not need time. The thought is in time, it reports the time and describes it. The thought speaks about the past, present and future. You are the Truth, you are the only and ultimate Reality. You are the screen before the panorama, before the culture, before the landscape, before the picture, or before any history of any character in any story of any drama, comedy, romance of a movie.

When you come to see me, I invite you to recognize yourself as the Truth, and the Truth is: I am! Not "I am this" or "I am that." It is not "I am the chair," or "I am these flowers," or "I am this house," or "I am this body," or "I am this story," or I am married, single, I am the son, I am a father, I am a mother, I am a grandmother, a grandfather. You are Consciousness! You are the Presence! You are God! You are out of time.

That is what they call enlightenment. It is not to have an idea about it, it is to have it clear. This "I Am" that is all, this "I Am" that is nothing, this "I Am" that is all the appearances, without exception, this "I Am" that is none of these appearances. Absolutely none.

So God did not create the world as someone creates: that goes there, draws, then picks up the material and build what he wants. God did not create the world as well. God is the world, the world is God, and God continues before this apparition.

In this sense, the problem is not the idea "I am the body," but forget to that this "I Am" is not only this body, it has all the bodies. Ants are part of "I Am", mammals are part of "I Am." The huge elephant and the ant are also this "I Am". There is nothing separate from this "I Am", and although, these appearances in this "I Am",  of this "I Am", do not change. They do not change anything.

Thus, do not worry about the planet. You cannot destroy it. You cannot destroy yourself, generate any damage in the universe, in the existence. God will never miss anything. He will always continue prior to this "you" that you believe to be.

I want to invite you to abandon this illusion, to be what, in fact, You Are. There, there is the end of the world, it is the end of the time, of all time. There, there is the end of mankind, the end of the Planet Earth, the end of the Milky Way, the end of the galaxy, the end of all the galaxies of the universe. There, there is the end. There is the beginning of everything. There, there is You, in your Real Nature. There, there is God!

*Transcribed from a recording of a meeting held in Ramanashram Gualberto in the city of Campos do Jordão in November 2015.

July 23, 2016

The belief that you are someone within the body

We have a unique opportunity here at this meeting. We have the Grace of being together here, in this work, leaving this common model. We are leaving this model which presupposes an existence: the presence of "someone" independent of objects, independent of the world. This is the common model we know, which is the model of evereybody - the model of the existence of a separate identity. The problem you face while this model remains, persists, is that, by imagining so, you try to fit that imagination to life, and it does not fit. You presume that, among things separate from you, you are one of them, being special, being a person. The word "thing" addressed to a person sounds very offensive.

So, these meetings are great opportunities to investigate the illusion of this model that never fits to life. Life is not dual. It is dual in expression, but it is not dual in essence. When I say that it is dual in the expression, it is because in it you find life and death, positive and negative, health and disease ... and everyting that seems antagonic, in fact, only seems, but in the essence, we are talking about the same Reality, the same Presence, which is expressed in this or that organism. Here, you are leaving this model, this independent existence, separated, this illusion, for a real compression, not separatist, not dual.

You imagine things, people, objects and the world as separated. So you live in a multiplicity of things. You are a part of all this gear, a part of this great machine. For you, the universe is a very complex machine, and it is constituted, in its entirety, in several parts that join together, fit together, by the creation of a separate God, too. A separate God, creating separate parts of a separate universe itself, and, of course, also with a separate observer in this observation: you. Someone who, by the way, is very special, very important. Here is the illusion! Here is the model that pressupposes the existence of separate objects, things, people, universe, God and an experimenter who can experience it all. So, you presume that rocks, plants, seas, rivers, animals, insects and people are all separate existences, and I'm saying, in Satsang, that you are just in front of a movie, of a whole that carries a unique Presence, and that there are no objects or people, or things, or world, or God, or observer nor observed thing, because none of this is real, it is only a way to conceptualize a unique appearance. I know that it sounds strange, but this is it.

This unique appearance is possible in this unique Consciousness, this unique Presence, and You, as Consciousness, Presence, Being, it is where it all appears. As Consciousness, is in you that the universe is appearing, or this apparent multiplicity of things, people, places, world observer, the observed, and so on ... You are the essence of all this existential manifestation!

We also separate the essence of an existence, but that's just a way of speaking, of putting on, because this is not real, too. The essence is existence, existence is the essence, there is no separation. This is beyond the mind.

The point is that, here, this is not something theoretical, conceptual, verbal, it is something essentially experiential. Experiencing it is being in this "experiment", free from the sense of dualism. This has been the unique experience of all sages, of all time, of all human history. This means seeing the universe from inside, it means being in the heart of the universe; and universe, here, is just a word for this apparent multiplicity manifested to the senses, as several and different expressions of a single reality. What you hear, seems to be many different sounds; what you see, seems to be many different colors; the objects seem to have different shapes, textures and densities; but it seems so to these physical senses, which also are not separated, it only seems that each one works each way.

We are inviting you, in Satsang, to go beyond this sense of duality, to go beyond this model, as I put just a moment ago, which presupposes a present entity experiencing all this as an experimenter.

We are talking about this unique Consciousness, Presence, Being, that is You in your Real Nature, which does not relate to any of this. The experience of relating yourself to it is based on a belief: the belief that you are someone within the body and the body is something separate from what You are. I'm saying that Consciousness does not relate with the world, body and life. Consciousness is the body, is the world, is God, is everything and it is nothing. This can be seen when abandoning this model of being someone, being busy with yourself, in a completely illusory relationship with an external world, with an external life, with a separate existence.

I am saying that Consciousness knows no object. The mind is separatist, the mind of an "I", that person there, with a name, a form, with a certain number of years, with a specific body of 5.90ft or 6.56ft, weighing 286.60lb or 185.18lb, but this is not real, it is just an appearance.

The illusion we have is that the brain is important to keep the Consciousness, but the brain is only an appearance, too, in that Consciousness. Consciousness has no relation to the body, but the body and the brain appear in this Consciousness. You are not the body, and you are beyond the brain. You are that Consciousness which is beyond the world itself. That's your Real Nature! You are Consciousness! You are God!

What is Real?

You talked about your grandmother ... You do believe that your grandmother was real and she came here before you, and I'm telling you that your grandmother appears in You, as your great-grandfather and your great-grandmother too...

The body that you fear losing is something as real as that body you had in the dream last night. That body you had in the dream of yesterday evening has disappeared, and it did not affect you at all. So is your grandmother, your great-grandfather, in this idea that they came before you.

The only reality is this one that is present at this moment as your Real Nature.

Any questions? Well, anyway, we reached the end of today's meeting. Namaste!
* Transcribed from an online meeting speech held on November 30th, 2011
Meetings every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 p.m. - via Paltalk

July 18, 2016

This Supreme Reality that is You

This is a moment of encounter with the Reality. It is one more moment with the Presence, in which we are facing these living words. The words, in Satsang, are born from this point, that is not particular. This point is that "place" we call Consciousness, Presence. Once again, you are facing a direct talk like that.

Satsang is the encounter with the Truth, the encounter with the Reality, it is the time to be together, to approach this perception.

The basic thing in these meetings is what we have been talking to you: the illusion of that thought, of that feeling that keeps this mistaken basis - the basis of someone present. We are deepening  it, working this experiential understanding, what I call direct observation. This experiential understanding, this direct observation, is the certainty that there is no such separate entity. This causes a very big impact, very real, there, inside you. It generates a profound effect on the life of the one who is in Satsang.

This is not an intellectual understanding. There are so many teachers out there ... You must have already  passed through many of them, but right now, you are no longer interested on it..

In Satsang, you are working this experiential understanding, this significant effect on your lives. The intellectual understanding, intellectual comprehension, the mere verbal knowledge, does not transform anyone.

It is needed this direct Knowing, Being and direct Feeling, and that is what you have in front of  a speech like this, in Satsang. Here, you are not listening to a teacher, a theorist. We do not deal with theory but with this direct contact, experimental, with the reality of your own Being, this non-dual Self, this unthinkable Being, unspeakable, this Supreme Reality which is You in your True Nature.

What is the basis of the sense of separation?

The basis is unconsciousness. You are born unconscious, grow up unconscious, become teenager, young, get married, have children, become grandfather and die totally unaware, carrying this sense of separateness, all conflict that life represents for this illusion of separation.

Pure unconsciousness! Wakening or Realization of God, or Enlightenment is this flowering of Consciousness. The common state of man, the usual state of the human being, is of  whole and complete unconsciousness. Life, in this unconsciousness, is conflict and suffering. This is the nature of the egoic mind.

Notice that my invitation to you to this dive in your Authentic Nature, Real, is for you to realize, understand and feel by yourself - not intellectually, because this is impossible, but experientially and directly - that You are not a separate entity.

This "you", to whom I am talking to, is the Consciousness. This Consciousness where the flowers, the sun, the stars, the sea with its waves, the people in their office, in your workplace, your clients, friends, neighbors and relatives appear.

Nothing is separate from what You are! These are only names that the mind understands as entities and separate things from what You are, but this is the misconception, the illusion. Everything is happening in you, appearing in you, in what You are. You are the Life! Everything is appearing in You! You are the car that you drive, the flat tire, the own nail in this tire ... You are that Consciousness, in which the entire universe appears!

All your misery and unhappiness are in your head, not in your life. They are in this illusory and separatist mind; in this mind and its beliefs. Without this, there is no conflict, there is no fear and no suffering.

The fear is only possible when the sense of separation is present. If you are not separated from living and dying, there is no fear. Life and death, health and disease, the negative and the positive, show up as appearances in what you are. Besides being all that we have just said, you are beyond all this, beyond all appearances, beyond the own body and its sensory functions that perceive the tire and the nail in the tire. You are beyond the senses, beyond the experience "mind, body and world."

I know it sounds very absurd.

Participant: It´s very confusing.

Master Gualberto: This “confusion” is also an appearance in what You are. A blessing. A real approach on it makes all your feelings, perceptions, which have appeared and have been seen in a frightened way, now, begin to be seen in a completely different way.

Before, your feelings and thoughts have only confirmed the sense of being someone. Now, even with all this nonsense, with this stupidity of the egoic mind and what it creates, you look at all this and you know, you have this Knowing, this Being, this Feeling that everything is just a dream.

There is no any separate experience from this ultimate Truth.

All people who come to me today are invited to this Happiness. The perception of God present is pure Happiness, Love, Peace and Freedom. Satsang means the encounter with Happiness –the only Happiness possible - that is in this Realization about what You are, in which all Divine Will appears; the well-known good things or bad things, sad, stupid and absurd things like cruelty, violence, terrorism and all suffering.

Once this fundamental ignorance is exposed and becomes clear, these thoughts, feelings and the activities motivated by this egoic mind, all the madness of this illusion, this sense of separation, begin to "fall", begin to fade, little by little.

Even though thoughts, activities and feelings still appear driven by these vasanas (latent tendencies of the egoic mind in its on misunderstanding), they cannot be fed by this fundamental misconception that there is someone in it, and, then, they will be fading, because there is no longer how to maintain this continuity.

So, the mind becomes entirely free from this confusion, from all anxiety, all lie, all illusion, from all that has always characterized its continuity, its movement.

Therefore, I recommend: do not get confused with the thoughts, they are not real. All thoughts are a fraud, an illusion.

When this happens inside you, when it is clear within you, the world is no longer a potential of peace, love and happiness. This is not just an imaginary thing that still produces more weight, more guilt and more suffering.

In fact, the world is now experienced in a direct way, life is experienced in a direct way, something that is lived inside. You are no longer in a hostile world, you are now in a living world, vibrant, friendly, full of this Divine Presence, with the certainty that the Grace is taking care of everything, that everything is right, that everything is in the right place.

So, knowing the world is being the world, and being the world is to love the life and to love the life is to be beyond an imaginary world, a world created by the thought, a colorful world of concepts, beliefs and ideas, a world loaded with the burden of duality, of separateness. Life without this weight, the world without this burden, is this "Knowing-Being."

Forty-one people in this room and, however, a single Presence, a Single Reality, a Single Awareness, a Single Truth.

Let’s stop here? Grateful for the presence of all. Namaste!

*talk transcribed during an online meeting via Paltalk on the night of November 23rd, 2015.