October 31, 2016

The blossoming of God

In India, they call Bhagavan or Bhagwan. Bhagwan ... is a name for God. Here, in the West, we have been conditioned to believe that God is in heaven, but God is this Presence. God is this Presence that is present when You are. Whenever You are, God is present.

This presence of God in you is like a rose when it is hidden in the bud. It is already a rose, but hidden. It is a rose, but not in its plenitude ... It has not blossomed yet! So, it is not in its glory, but when it blooms, when it opens, it is presented in all its glory. That is Bhagavan or Bhagwan.

You are God! Wherever You are, God will be present. God is always Omnipresence, undeniable Omnipresence. However, just like the rose out of its glory is still a bud, God is like this in everyone.
So, when He flourishes, when His Glory appears, when His effulgent and glorious Presence appears, which in India they call Bhagwan, what was only a potential is updated; what was only a promise comes true.

It is like one of these automotive models: first, a team of engineers gets together, creates the design and studies how to make it viable. But, it is still just a project!

God is a project, but He can be an execution too, can be the completion of what was once a project. He can be all stages, from the initial idea, the first meetings in the engineering room, the first simple drawings, until the end of everything. When everything ends, God has not changed. He was there since the beginning.

You are God! There is only God! You are an expatriate God, an exiled God, a God who has forgotten, who decided to have a temporary forgetfulness and to impersonate Himself as an idea (inside a meeting), then as a drawing, as a project, as an implementation and as a completion.

When you flourish, you recognize that you have never left this "place", the "place" of God. In India, Bhagwan is the one who is there in Beatitude, in Consciousness, in Presence, in Freedom, what we call, in our language here, as Real Happiness. God at "home", God in "His Land", God in "His place."

*Transcription of a passage from a meeting occurred in Ramanashram Gualberto,
 in the city of Campos do Jordao, Brazil, on July, 2016.

October 28, 2016

The truth is revealed when you are absent

Hello everybody! You are all welcome to one more meeting, here on Paltalk.

We are treating this Thing together... We approached That making use of speech, but it cannot reach and describe That. Here, we call "That" What is out of thought, therefore, outside of the possibility of a description. It is something that be felt is not enough. Feel This, or this Thing, is only one more experience and just like every experience, it is going to pass. Just like the past passed, the present will pass and the future will pass too.

Curiously, the question is whether the past, the future or what we call the present moment is an experience or just a thought. All experience goes by, but... And the past? It passed! Present is passing and the future will pass. But will it be an experience or a thought? For the "person", every heartache, heartbreak, remorse, guilt, regrets, disappointments, frustrations, etc., all this has been experienced in the past, is still being experienced at present and will be experienced in the future. The "person" will always have these experiences.

The question is: are they experiences or thoughts (the past, the present and the future)? Everything that you have lived, are living and that you are going to live is an experience or is it a thought? That is what we are discussing at this meeting.

I categorically deny the reality of time; I deny the reality of the past, present, and of this so-called future. I deny it as an experience. I am constantly saying it is just a thought. This is what the beauty of Awakening is: realize the truth, the veracity and how it is practical to realize the thought only as a thought, although it is expressed as a story, creating the illusion of past, present and future. Everything is now! When I say "everything is now," I am saying that every thought is unfolding as an appearance at this moment. There is nothing happening, in fact. There is only the expression of thoughts, being translated as occurrences, events, incidents which, in reality, are appearances, something completely unimportant - unimportant if there is no validation of this supposed entity present to talk, discuss and tell something about it; to turn in personal what, in fact, is not personal, because there is nothing personal, and there is no "person"; there are only thoughts. They are just thoughts! Thoughts say that there is such room, a body, a mind and the story of "someone" with a name, born in a country, raised in a certain way, educated in a way to be who he now "believes" he is. There is nothing of that!

In other words, never mind the importance you give yourself - because you do not exist as an entity present, who lived the past and will live the future. So, do not care! Do not try to be special by giving importance to the importance of what seems to be important. I talk here about "your" life, which seems to be very important and for which you give importance. So, do not give importance to what it looks like is important, because this "your" life is not real. There is only life, as something that appears. It seems to happen, but it just seems to happen. Then, it falls apart every idea of freedom and choice, determination and will, and the power of decision and accomplishment. There is only God! God is another name for That where everything appears and disappears; for That which has no name, which has no beginning, because it is not in time and will never end... Because it is not in the time... That time is only an idea, a thought. When this is clearly perceived, it is evident that there is nothing important happening, or that has happened or that will happen... Nor to happen, nor happening and nor that happened. This empties this sense of an "I" that considers itself very important, with an important life, while the "person" is only an idea; its actions are just beliefs and experiences, pure imagination. This is something fundamental! It is something fundamental to know that there is no "someone" there, that is because they are only thoughts that are now present and already fading, already walking to the disappearance.

So, this is your story! There is no one to witness "your" story; there is not "you" being witnessed, being seen. Your entire testimony is a false witness, because you cannot testify about anything. It just means the thought expressing imaginations, talking about things it created, produced, invented, and imagined. Then, so is "your" story! When you write a biography, you are dealing with it, giving a false testimony. You are a false witness of a false "I," of an "I" that is observed, witnessed, acting, talking, thinking, enjoying or suffering.  They are only thoughts... just thoughts. This is your liberation! The liberation of this chain, which is the chain of time - past, present, future; the liberation from this illusion of being witness of a world outside and of an inner world, personal, this world of "someone" you believe to be. So, it is just this Empty, that is the Totality, this Fullness. The Fullness of being is this timeless void, unnamable, indescribable, out of the illusion of time (past, present, future). Then, the thoughts happen, they are expressed in movements, attitudes, actions, just as apparitions, but this is not you! You are always What Is, or rather, you come before this always, which is ahead of time, as pure and elusive Happiness, Love, Freedom, Consciousness, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Truth.

It is not about knowing! It is not about not knowing! It is precisely lack of thought, lack of knowledge. What seems to you, at first, something theoretical, conceptual, intellectual or verbal, is something very natural, if you do not think about it. It is not about understanding This! It is not possible to understand This... it is not possible nor necessary!

Truth is something like this: it is That what is present as the only reality, when "you" are discharged - your beliefs and imaginations, desires and fears, your ideologies and concerns (whether social, economic or political) are all discharged.

Keeping the mind and heart busy with this whole thing, as I realize that some of you do, it is a big waste of time. You need to put your mind and your heart in the Truth, in surrendering to this Grace, clear out internally all this garbage, all this illusion and lie. Then, the truth is revealed when "you" are absent; when there is a space, which was previously occupied with all these junk, with all these things, with all this illusion.

Do you follow this?

You are here in Satsang to go beyond the illusion, beyond all this human misery, this that has been shown to be real for you - the illusion of an existence settled in desire and fear, which implies time, producing constant guilt, remorse, regret, frustration, besides a constant attempt to hit, choosing, deciding, preparing plans and projects, all created by thought; imagination, idealism, something that in fact does not work, has not worked so far and will never work.

You must awaken; go beyond this illusion of separateness, this illusion of thinking with your projects. This is our proposal in Satsang!

What I call investigation is not all this ability that maybe you have to, intellectually, follow speeches like these or elaborate, also intellectually, speeches like these, or even better than these. This has nothing to do with investigation. The investigation is grounded in the sincerity of looking at this "yourself," this "me", this sense of "I" with all its beliefs, including speeches-based beliefs like these (which are also only beliefs) and drop it assuming the Truth - the Truth of your Real Nature, Essential, from What is truly beyond time and all theories.

You can, after some time, learn all this language, and, after listening to a few tens or hundreds of speeches like these, become a true guru and repeat it to others around and give some impression. May give the impression of "one who knows," but it means nothing, absolutely nothing, not for yourself, or for your listeners - two blind men are in darkness and cannot guide one another.

Is it shocking?

Sometimes, I said my speeches are very crazy, but I am starting to realize that it is not my words that are crazy. The common thought is that is crazy. The general thinking is crazy. Truth carries a singleness, a loveliness, a fragrance, a perfume, a delicacy, a softness and a uniqueness that exceed, by far, all ideas and beliefs, all the concepts and prejudices. Wisdom is beyond the mind, time, thought and beliefs. Wisdom is not madness, it is pure sanity and that is what we deal  with in Satsang.

This is the real encounter with the Truth; the Truth about Yourself! This You, that is not "you" that you believe to be, but this You which "you" have never heard, which could never reach you by thought, by beliefs, by practices, by methods, by philosophical or spiritual systems... This You that is prior to all this, which is prior to the body and mind... This You who were never born and therefore cannot die... This You that is prior - prior to the past, to the present, to the future and to this thought.

Let us stop here! Namaste! See you next meeting!

October 24, 2016

Is the Guru needed?

This so controversial issue – that is the issue about the necessity or not of the Guru - is something about which the thought can make statements for or against it. However, this means absolutely nothing! What the intellect affirms now, tomorrow it denies. What it is denying today, tomorrow it affirms.

Guru is the only need, because God is the only need. At the same time, the relevance is not God, is not the Guru. God has no relevance out of His moment. When His moment of being present appears, the relevance appears. Before that moment, you can dispense the Guru, you can dispense God. And, however, He remains as the only real need.

How do you conciliate that? How not seeing a contradiction in my speech at this moment? It is when the disciple is ready, that the master appears. It is when the time to verify the validity, the reality, the real need [of God] is present that the Guru is supremely relevant. Because the Guru is God. Before that, the Guru is not necessary. Before that, the Truth is not necessary, God is not necessary.

Who can decide this? Is it you? Deciding when God will be necessary or not? When the Guru will be necessary or not? If you have this power to decide about it, if you believe you have this power, then, for this moment, the Guru is not necessary.

But, if you have noticed the stupidity, the mediocrity that your life is; if there is something in there burning [for the Truth], burning like a wick, a delicate, almost invisible wick of intelligence; if this is there, then, the question does not even arise! When the heart is ready for the revelation of Truth, stupid questions like this do not arise.

Love is the only need. Truth is the only need. God is the only need. The Guru will always be necessary. I do not see how you can realize God without Him, without His Grace. I do not see how you can fly without wings, swim without water.

Only God can be God. Only the Truth recognizes Itself. Only God sees Himself. God, even with eyes closed, does not cease to be God. Even if it is not His time to open His eyes and recognize Himself, it is God who plays asking stupid questions, asking about His necessity or not, the importance or not of His Presence.

It is God who closes His eyes to do not see Himself, and, then, He opens His eyes saying, "Ah! You are there! I was asking myself, here, with eyes closed, whether or not it was necessary to open the eyes to see You. There were moments I believed so. There were moments I believed not. Then I stopped and asked myself 'Who am I'? I had no choice but to open the eyes and say 'Wow, I am already here, that is it! But is it God? How I was stupid to ignore myself! But it was fun while it lasted ... "

That is it! (laughs)

*Transcribed from a video recorded on a face to face meeting on February 2016, in Ramanashram Gualberto, Campos do Jordão, Brazil. Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m.. Download the app Paltalk and join us!

October 20, 2016

The aroma and the taste of Freedom

When you are on a pole, the other is always present. If you are seeing a side, do not worry, the other is there. It is just one side, but that side is hiding another. In mind, the joy that is known is the opposite of sadness; the love that is known, which is a form of sentimental pleasure, emotional is not real love, it is just the opposite of disappointment, pain, anger, hatred. All this is in the realm of mind, all this is in the contents of the mind, which are beliefs.

The freedom of not being tied, garbled, mixed, confused with the mind, that’s what we call being disidentified - disidentified from history, beliefs, thoughts, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, from the pleasure and pain that the other or the world (which are only images) causes me.

There is no formula to keep disidentified, it is something that you need to find within you. You need to know when that you are in this tangled position with the mind, which means all this images content, thoughts and beliefs, and when you do not lump together, not gets confused with it. What I can tell you, although I cannot give you a formula for this, is that the aroma is completely different, and the taste too. The aroma of being identified is one, and, disidentified, it is another.

Identified means being tangled with the mind and its contents, it means being circumstantially, sentimentally and emotionally involved, both at the level of thought and behavior. The flavor and aroma are very peculiar when you are not identified. The flavor and aroma are freedom; freedom of history, of beliefs. Beliefs such as: "how beautiful is my daughter!"; "How can it be? I do everything for him but he doesn’t see it"; "How can it be? I give everything to her and she is not thankful"; "How could she likes him more than me." Beliefs like above...

Thus, the taste and flavor are very typical and well known, when this identification is present. When that is not present, then the freedom of beliefs gets clear, no need this worry about what the other thinks or expects from you, or what you expect from them.

The disidentification has no history and has not you (you, with this image you have of yourself when is tangled, identified). When disidentified, there is no you, "someone" or others. Disidentified, you are not a person, a relative, nor a friend, you are not a neighbor, a child, not a mother, nor father ... disidentified, you are Freedom! Disidentified, you have no traces of judgments and opinions, therefore, there are no conclusions. Disidentified, there is no conflict; no pleasure nor pain. It is not your story, it is just a story. Is that clear, this way? Disidentified, there is no person, thereby, there is no personal frustration, no personal disappointment. Disidentified, there is no "someone" there waiting for something from the other next to you. Disidentified, any thought about this supposed "you" doesn’t even matter, because whatever the thought still believes that exists is still beliefs, but not beliefs of this "disidentified" one.

This is the aroma and flavor. Living like this is possible, but not for this self-image that you feed as a mother, husband, son, boyfriend, girlfriend ... live like this is possible, but this does not feed pleasure. So, this is not possible for that illusive system dismembered by thought, which we call "I", "me", "person".

Living like this is life in the joy of the Being, but it is a joy that has no opposite. It is not the result of pleasurable excitement that thought creates, on this euphoria that it calls happiness. It is not that, it is another joy. It is a joy without cause, without reason and without anyone; then, it is only Joy. It is a joy with a definite article up front: "the Joy." If the Joy is present, then the smell, flavor and taste are different.

Say something from within and from that unlimited Presence that You are. That speech will be born from this natural state, free from this mixed salad of emotions, sensation, feelings, images, stories, concepts, differences ... Say something now from this "place" where the person is not. Whatever is said, will be told from this Silence, this Emptiness, this Presence, which is pure Joy, a Joy that is not smile, is not "little jump", "small bounce", which is not personal fulfillment, it is not personal satisfaction, not personal pleasure. Tell me from this disidentification ... look, smile, cry, eat, play and flirting from there. From there, everything is normal, everything is natural.

In the Natural State there is no sadness, because sadness comes from images, imaginations, conditionings of an "I" hurt, an "I" insulted, an "I" offended, an "I" annoyed, an " I "disappointed, of an "I" frustrated. All these adjectives are attached to this imagined subject that thought has created and given the name of "me", "I".
As long as there is the machine (body), there may be emotions. Anger, for example, is a neurological thing, physiological, an action of self-protection of the machine, that has nothing to do with you; It is the natural state operating in the machine. If you ask a doctor, he will say that an electric shock produces anger. You take an electric shock and it affects your central nervous system, which produces an emotion on the machine, a rage without history. The feeling needs history, but emotion not. You should not confuse emotion with feeling.
Anger is an emotion but the anger that the ego knows is a feeling; a feeling that appropriates the machine. We’re used to say that this anger is an emotion, but it is another feeling, for it needs imagination. Anger is a very dangerous expression when there’s a content story. Thus, it is directed to some purpose. So, the anger on the "I" is a very dangerous thing, because it will tell a story, and the story is: "Kill it", "kill him", "destroy what causes you anger." However, the anger itself is a beautiful thing. A nerve irritation is angry, but when a story creates a feeling that creates a nerve irritation, which is the anger, this illusion of a present "I" is driven to kill or destroy what caused its anger. The anger will not do that.
Participant: Is it the same about fear, too?
Master Gualberto: This goes for fear too, because fear is an emotion, but fear as the ego knows is not an emotion, it is an illusion created by this sense of imagination that thought produces. So, fear in the ego is pure imagination at 99.9% of the time. A very real fear only for the ego has no truth at all.

There is a real fear, as an emotion before a danger, when the body protects itself using defense mechanisms. An object comes towards your eyes and they close for fear. An escape movement, a getaway. Fear can make the legs go out running or become freezed, depending on how the machine react to a threat, but this is a natural fear. However, there is a fear created by thought, by imagination; a fear with history. It is the fear of elevator ride, the fear of heights, airplane, closed places, to marry, to relate, public speaking, and so on ... All this is pure ego! All these are images that create this so-called fear.

Don’t you see the most absurd thing that is the fear of death? You have to imagine a lot to be afraid of death, have to make a very big effort. Right now no one was afraid of death, but when I said "fear of death" you have started asking for yourselves: "am I afraid of death?". You have to wonder to know if you do so. It is only those who have time to think that can imagine and fear death.

When death comes, it is instantaneous, nobody fears it, there are no room for the fear of death, it is a fulminant thing. Now, if someone says: "You are dying", the mind will build a post-mortem and will create a fear. But the fear of death is an absurd thing, like these fears of lifter, height, etc. All imagination!

We are still talking about the identification with the contents of the mind, which has this aroma and this very specific flavor. When there is this, there is no such freedom. In this disidentification, this freedom, any emotion is possible, but without a story, it is natural. Anger can be something like that, fear can be something like that ... but you can count on the fingers what would be an emotion in the natural state. However, you cannot count on the fingers what means feelings and emotions for this illusion of a present identity, which is this belief of being someone, this "me", this "self", this ego.

That is why when you are before the Sage, before the Guru, in the Presence, you do not see this wave, you do not see this sea full of waves of emotions, feelings, sensations. You do not see these chaotic reactions. You see emotions, but you do not see this chaotic thing. This chaotic thing is a superficial thing, has no depth at all, it is not real, it is something created by thought.

The ego lives in this coming and going of joy, sorrow and pain. With extraordinary speed, goes from joy to sadness, from sadness to anger, anger to fear, from fear to despair, from despair to anxiety, anxiety to the courage, from the courage to dare ...Isn't it quite like this?

Identified with the ego, everything is circumstantial. The sense of a "self" moves circumstantially: a compliment lets you cheerful; a mean comment lets you sad, angry, offended or willing to kill, because, besides anger, the desire  to kill the one who hurt you comes.

In fact, it is all happening within there, there is nothing going on out there. It is all within that same content, which is the content of the mind. The mind provoking itself - being provoked and reacting to provocation - seeking for guilty and living all these dramas. It is a hopeless case, no salvation. The ego is a miserable state of a useless complexity.

*Transcribed from a presential meeting in the city of Fortaleza at May 2016 Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10PM (in Brazil) download the Paltalk app and participate.