February 27, 2017

What is the real impediment to happiness?

Hello everybody! Good evening!

After all, what do we deal with in Satsang? What does Satsang treat about after all?

Here we deal with you; with that what I consider the most important thing ... I deal with that what I consider to be fundamental. We are here exactly proposing for you a direct answer to this your permanent search, which is the search for happiness... this art of remaining fully aware, aware of yourself. This is what happens when you are completely free of the egoic mind... Free from the sense of an experimenter present in the experience. Either you are entirely free from all this unrest known for all of us, which is the unrest of the mind, or you are in the mind, in its restlessness.

This science, which is in fact an art, is Happiness. Happiness is this, it is this science, this art, something possible, but which seems to us something quite complicated. However, it is something incredibly simple to live without the sense of the “I”, without identifying ourselves with all this madness that thought produces inside our heads. Is that so or not?

Notice what the thought produces inside your head, the conflict, the present contradiction, the madness that is all this. The beauty of Satsang is you do not get confused anymore with all this stupidity of the mind, which is pure confusion. Satsang means meeting with the Being, meeting with the Reality, meeting with the Truth. The human mind lives in confusion; it is a burden, a weight, a permanent contradiction; it is this chaotic movement of thought, producing desires, fears, anxieties, attachments, beliefs, prejudices, concepts, imaginations of all kinds. This, which does not end, is a real "cloud" of confusion and torment. This is the real blockage, the real impediment to Happiness.

Are we together?

Within us, within you, in the innermost, in the deepest, below that layer of confusion, of restlessness, of noise, of imaginations that do not end, there is a Point that is not touched by this confusion, which is prior to the thoughts, to any and all thought. This remains hidden and veiled, it remains there, even when that dense cloud of mental unrest is present. Happiness is at the deepest center of our Being, as our Real Nature, True Identity, as what we are. However, we are not aware of this.

This work [in Satsang] proposes itself to allow you to perceive this science in a direct way... This science, or Art of Happiness, which is to live in your Natural State, aware of this power of Consciousness, of Presence, of Reality, of Truth, that dwells in each one of us... Which is you.

We believe that happiness is the result of the contact with objects which produce in our body/mind, in our senses, some kind of pleasure. In the interpretation of the mind, happiness is pleasure, to be in the comfort and pleasure. In the interpretation of the mind, when comfort and pleasure lack, the pain appears and happiness goes away. What the mind knows as happiness is this permanent search for filling out that it obtains in the pleasure. That is what in the ego, in that sense of a separate "I", you have been experiencing as happiness, searching for happiness, that is, every experience of comfort and pleasure that objects offer. This is sought in objects, places, and people.

For the ego, this relationship of pleasure, of importance of pleasure, is directly associated with contact with objects, places and people. Hence this tremendous dependence, whether be it emotional, physical or psychological dependence, which the ego calls love and with which it fills itself out, to which it clings itself, attaches itself.

Do you follow this? Is it very strange to listen to that? You who are here for the first time in the room, or second, third time... Who is the crazy in this story? Where is the madness in all this? Is it crazy, this approach that we are taking, or has it been being truly insane the model of life stuck to these so common patterns? Stuck to this model of repetition, of continuity.

Happiness is this Freedom, which is this Present Love, in the innermost, in the deep, that which dwells in the Center, that which remains silent and present, there, as your Being, your True Nature. You are here to recognize It, to assume It and go beyond that state somnambulistic, hypnotic, unconscious, general. You are here to go beyond this entire conditioning pattern. This is what we are talking about in Satsang: the awakening of wisdom... The awakening of the Truth about ourselves.

Is that clear?

We are talking about this State of Being, purely... about this Science, about this Art, which is this ability of purely Being, which means to be beyond the dream state, the common waking state and the deep sleep state. We talk about this clear state of full Consciousness, free from duality (duality here is the sense of separation in this belief of an "I" in the experience of the world), free from all this unrest of thought, of action, of feeling, of emotion. Living in this most direct experience is the pure experience of Being. This direct and clear experience of Being is not an experience with the external world, it is not "someone" in the experience, with something outside. 

We are This, we are that Being. We are that Consciousness. Our being is Itself, the Consciousness... This consciousness is itself, our Being. This is the essential grace and ability of Being. This is the Truth about ourselves. All that we live, or experiment in a direct relation with objects is within this duality of that confused mind that judges and interprets every experience, separating itself from it as a separate entity. In this duality is suffering, conflict, unhappiness. We are talking to you about the Truth of Happiness, which is Consciousness.

Is that clear?

It is enough today, and on Wednesday we will be back. OK, folks. Namastê. See you on our next meeting.

*Transcribed from an online meeting in the evening of September 19th, 2016 via Paltalk app. Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm – Join us!

February 24, 2017

The useless intellectual understanding about the Truth

Welcome once again to this meeting by Paltalk!

These online meetings do not constitute a work, since it does not consist in a speech. Worse than a speech, it is the illusion of understanding it, within this context called Satsang. Worse than a speech, in Satsang it is the illusion of being in agreement with the speech. Satsang is not a subject as a school subject, which you learn and then you agree with or admit a perfect knowledge of that matter. Satsang basically means direct observation; It is not an intellectual thing. Something intellectual you learn from books, you learn from teachers, speakers. Here, we do not deal with “something” that can be learned, but with something experiential. So, here, investigation is not following a line intellectually, but a direct diving; a direct “perceiving”, "feeling", "experiencing". 

Nowadays, there is much intellectuality out there, about all matters. It is interesting because it is very easy to learn this language and to start repeating it, as if you were seeing, realizing, feeling, experiencing it directly. This is a tremendous illusion! This imaginary "I", this imaginary "being", this imaginary "person" is exactly that: a copying movement, a movement of imitation, a movement of repetition. The ego carries this dynamism and this is exactly what works like a veil, which hides the reality of Love, Peace, Freedom and Happiness that are in this Realization. You must see it clearly, feel it clearly, get silent… or we can theorize about it the whole life. Each day, new understood people appear, the access to this theoretical knowledge of words is easier, but there is no truth on it.

Are you all following it?

Realization is not in the field of intellect, nor in the field of explanations, in this ego dynamism. You must see it clearly - not verbally, theoretically, conceptually - that you are this Reality, you are this transparent Presence, which is Consciousness, Silence, Happiness, which is the absence of illusion. We deal with this direct approach experientially, experimentally. Not theoretically! Not verbally! Not as a theory, as a belief ... an Advaita belief that like a parrot you repeat, living in this imaginary "I", speaking from an imaginary consciousness, effectively living in the illusion of ignorance, attachment, desire, in fear, with all the conflicts of a totally noisy mind, in disorder, disturbed, disoriented ... Living, so, with a learned speech, talking about what you do not know, creating songs about it, agreeing with statements and giving explanations about it, creating poems, poems about it. Big illusion!

God, the Truth is not a mind issue. The ego (this sense of being someone) is very, very, very skilled. We are, carefully, patiently, in a dedicated and loving way, discovering the importance of this honesty, the honesty of this surrender to the Truth. This is the only real way to keep ourselves free of this illusory dynamism, that dynamism of the egoic mind, this sense of separateness trying to be something different. We are talking about a present reality in this moment. We are looking for it in the future but this is something that is present when the delusion of this egoic dynamism, this egoic mind, is not present.

Is it clear, guys?

Meditation is present when there is no such identification, when there is no prison to this movement of the egoic mind. Only Meditation is this real space. In this real space, the Truth is present, God is present, Freedom is present, Happiness is present. You cannot here want seeing confirmed your beliefs. In the egoic mind, you will always feel identified with what happens outside, as if that were happening to hit someone and that someone were you, or with what happens inside, as thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations (in this body, as being the body).

So, Realization is something very real when there are no theories about it, when you are willing to go beyond beliefs, beyond theories. It is necessary that sensitivity ... Total and accurate sensitivity to everything that shows up inside and outside. When there is this sensitivity, you do not get confused with it, you do not make it something personal, no longer trust in such one's experience, of this someone you believe to be. So, in this sensitivity, in this delicate sensitivity, Meditation happens, the non-identification with the illusion of an "I" takes place. This is Meditation!

When Meditation is present, you are not. When you are present, there is no Meditation, there is only contraction. These are two words: whether there is Meditation or there is contraction. Contraction is this sense of being someone within the body. It is exactly how you feel especially when you are attached to some feelings, emotions, sensations and thoughts. Some of them are more significant than others, more important than others in order to make you feel that way, in this contraction. So, you are stressed ... 

There you are! When you are sad, there you are; when you are cheerful, there you are; when you are nervous, there you are ... A contraction in the body - the sense of being someone there, in that given experience. When you are worried, it is that "person" who is worried, with his stuff, with his affairs. This is all very personal! This is a very intimate thing of the person, a contraction. Then, when the contraction is present, there is no Meditation. When there is Meditation, there is not this contraction, there is no one in this experience, there is no experience for “someone”. When there is Meditation, you are not, and when you are not, although the body's senses are fully alert, there is no one in this experience. Then, to hear is of great sensitivity, to look is a great sensitivity, to feel present there is a great sensitivity. All this is still happening to you, but there is not this "you".

I do not know if that makes any sense to you ...

So, "you" are no longer there, there is no more the fight, the conflict, desire, fear, the imagination, the future, the past ... this relaxing in your Essential Nature, in your Real Nature, out of the illusion, this illusion "I am the body", "I am somebody here", "I have something to get, to achieve", "I have something which I have to get rid of"... 

So, all this disappears completely. Everything disappears! Completely! Everything goes away, everything falls! No longer this contraction, no longer the sense of “someone”. This is your Real Nature, your True Nature, You in your Being. Your Being is You! That is Life - the Real Life!

You cannot realize this by doing something. You can only realize this by finding it present in this absence of "doing", of "trying to do something" or "leaving something". 

Every and any effort pushes you away. You are fully aware, but effortless. You, in fully awareness and effortless, are not “someone”; you are this Presence, this Reality. Note that every time you get confused with thoughts, imagination, with the future, the past, with a given situation outside or with a sensation there you are back to the body, in the idea of being someone, and of course this is a problem! The only problem you have is you, it is within that dynamism - the personal dynamism, the self-confidence, self-image, the desire to be or not to be.

Any questions? OK people! Let’s stop here! Thanks for the meeting!

*Speech transcribed from an online meeting held on the evening of August 5th, 2016 - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10PM - Download the Paltalk App and participate.

February 22, 2017

Can you see the gaps in this game?

Sensations are experiences in the body, whereas thoughts, emotions and feelings are experiences in the mind. The relationship between these experiences happens in a kind of a virtual game, like the images that we see in the films, the holographic images of some films. 

When you watch a movie with lots of virtual and holographic effects, you see a game of apparitions, and you take those apparitions as real, as being real apparitions. This game of apparitions and this relation between body and mind, between sensations and thoughts, emotions and feelings creates an impression of reality.

When you are watching a movie, you have the impression of reality, but that is virtual, it is holographic; it is not there, but it appears there. You are going to perceive this very clearly when you start enjoying this game from the outside. You start seeing the gaps, the holes, the spaces that show up. You start perceiving this, you start watching the game. And when you start seeing the game as a game, you start perceiving that it is not real.

I felt like talking to you about this… 

I perceive that this is exactly how this relation between body and mind happens, between sensations, which are experiences of the body and the experiences of the mind, such as emotions, feelings, thoughts. In the proportion you start "bringing consciousness" to this apparition, the game starts being seen, because the gaps start being perceived, when, then, you see no sense in confuse yourself anymore.

It seems that these gaps, these holes, these flaws begin to show that the game is a game. This is getting clearer and clearer! This is not an intellectual thing or a mental perception, which would be the mind itself projecting an artificial light on this whole thing. It is not like this…

It is as if these gaps, these intervals, these holes, these flaws, in this Super Production were becoming more interesting to you than the story itself, the film itself, the images themselves. In the proportion this happens, you become more disinterested in the Super Production and more interested in discovering this game, in seeing how it happens. Just see, and not understand! When you do this, you stop confusing yourself with these images.

All this virtual or holographic game is an apparition that is still within this base, this unknown "thing". It is not that this begins to be ignored. In fact, this begins to be seen without much importance.

The sensation, at first, is as if this began to be, in fact, ignored; but it is not! It is that it loses the importance! You have been addicted to the game for a long time without understanding it, without realizing it was a game; addicted to the movie without realizing it was a movie; addicted to the experience without realizing it was an experience ... an experience ... just an experience! An experience of the body, an experience of the mind…I divided mind and body, but this division is also arbitrary. It is a division that exists only here, in this speech. There is no division!

As an example of this, you know that when thoughts are passing, that first one has to go out to give space to another. Isn’t it like this? Is it different with the feeling? One feeling appears and then leaves to make room to another. You are never going to find someone sad in the joy or someone glad in the anger. The experience always walks in line. Every experience has a password. Every thought has a password. The thought of password 3.820 is one; when it leaves, the thought of the password 3.821 arrives ... but it is one at a time. The feeling is like this, the emotion is like this, and even the senses work this way. It is because we do not pay attention to that. This is very automatic in the machine, in the body; it is very fast in this structure. But, the brain can naturally detect whose turn it is. There is no way to cut in line ... It is really a queue! It happens in a very high speed, but it happens that way.

Now, if it is like this, what remains in the interval, in the space between one thought and another, between one perception and another, between one sensation and another? What is it that remains? This interval, this space or this silence. This is out of the holographic, out of the experience, out of this apparition. This is this hole, this gap, this interval, something that is out of time!

Your liberation is not "your" liberation, it is the liberation of the illusion that you are in this game. This game is a divine game; it is a game of God. As an example, we have this boy who is not in good health... This has nothing to do with him, and it has nothing to do with you. You have to stop imagining! Do whatever has to be done and get rid of the worries, because that is not your business. Any and all experience is not your "experience"; it is an experience of the dream, it is a holographic experience, it is an experience of the game.

Participant: Why do some of those Self Realized Ones interfere in this game?

Master: There is no awakened interfering with the game. Jesus is the greatest example of this. He said: “I am not that one who does. I do nothing! It is the Father in me who does.” 

You cannot deal with a Self Realized One by seeing someone there. It would be like dealing with the Grace, believing that It is a form, a name, and It is in the space and time. In this way, the Grace would be holographic, just another mirage. Absolutely! Grace must necessarily remain as That which sustains these apparitions, being That which sustains these apparitions. It does as It wants ... It does or does not; or when It does not seem to be doing, It is doing; or when It seems to be doing, It is not.

If you want something from Grace, talk to It. Because you are only a holographic figure, you do not matter to It, but It is the owner of the figure, and It does with it as It wants. When the figure trusts something greater than itself, it gives up. When it gives up, the Grace finds it very funny, because the Grace is pure grace! The Grace laughs and does, but it has nothing to do with someone inside the holographic game, called Guru, or Messiah, or savior, or healer.

Participant: Are these the ones who the least interfere, Master?

Master: No, these ones do not interfere! Everything happens around them naturally.

You know that the sea is liquid, but in some parts of the ocean it can condense and lose liquidity, stop being liquid. It gets dense, turns to stone, turns to ice, but it is still water. Sea is water - stone-shaped, cold, frosty, hard, dense, or in liquid form, flexible, malleable, soft ... but it is water! The Grace is this!
When It takes the dense, petrified, hard, cold and icy form, it is the Guru, and when It is liquid, it is still the Guru! The effect of an ice rock hitting upon something is one, and the effect of liquid water also beating upon something is another; but it is the same water. This block of ice does not decide what it has to hit, neither decides to produce an effect, but when it hits something, it produces an effect. When that same volume of water hits something, the effect is different.

Do you comprehend what I am saying?

That is the difference of how the same water, the same Grace, the same Presence has different effects, in different situations, when It is in a different format. This has nothing to do with the sea, it has to do with the movement it assumes and provokes in this or that way, but that is natural!

* Transcribed from the excerpt of a speech during a retreat in Tiruvannamalai, India, on September 2016.

February 20, 2017

All that you are looking for is the Truth about yourself

Consciousness, Presence, is the real meaning of the Self. Right now, you are this Consciousness, this Presence, there is no way to escape It. This Consciousness, this Presence, is the nature of Reality. 

There is no lack of Presence, there is no lack of Consciousness, this is something that is never missing. What is lacking is the awareness of this Presence, the awareness of this Consciousness, and this is what we always investigate in these encounters. That is because this Presence, this Consciousness, has imposed upon itself an apparent limitation. It has imposed this apparent limitation, which is the limitation of the thought, which is the limitation of perception. This is basically what we call unconsciousness.

However, we can not divide this Consciousness, which is synonymous with Presence, into unconsciousness and consciousness; There is no such thing. There is no real unconsciousness in this Consciousness. 

This Consciousness is always Consciousness, and It is always this Presence, which means that this Consciousness is ever present. This Presence is pure Consciousness; the nature of the Self is being Consciousness, the nature of the Self is being Presence. This is the divine Truth, it is the truth of God. This Consciousness is also called Happiness. In India, they call Ananda. Ananda is Happiness, therefore, this Consciousness which is "Chit", it is also "Sat" (Self, Truth), and also Ananda (Happiness).

Our work in Satsang aims at this direct observation. It is not about having any special knowledge for this realization; so, it is not about learning about it. We do not need a specialization for this realization, we do need a surrender. It is necessary that you “give” yourself to this Presence, surrender to that Presence. In other words, it means giving up that egoic mind, that sense of separation, which means not identifying oneself from thoughts and this illusory perception. So, that, which is present, manifests. 

Participant: Is it necessary to go through holiness to realize your natural state?

Master Gualberto: The nature of the Self is pure sanity, and sanity is holiness. So, let it be clear: it is necessary to abandon all illusion. The illusion of separateness is the cause of all misery, of all suffering in the world. Misery and suffering are not the nature of the Self. So, holiness or sanity, which is the nature of Consciousness, which is the nature of the Self, is the end of misery, it is the end of the illusion of separateness

Therefore, sanity or holiness must be understood in this way. That is going beyond illusion, beyond suffering, beyond lie, beyond this sense of separateness. The ego lives in this illusion, in this lie, and that is the only sin. Sinfulness is in this sense of separation. When this is present, the illusion is present, the lie is present, the suffering is present.

It is necessary to go beyond the illusion of separateness, beyond all this equivocation, beyond all this format that the egoic mind knows. Man has lived for millennia in fear, envy, anxiety, jealousy, desire, ambition, and all this is within this format of the egoic mind, in that way that  egoic mind moves. It is necessary to go beyond all this, beyond this dependence of the egoic mind, this slavery, this illusion.

In that sense, the Truth is not for those who live in the lie. Truth is only present when there is no lie. The Truth is the real, and the real is present when there is no illusion. The ego, in its model, is pure delusion. The sense of an "I" present in its envy, jealousy, possession, control, ambition, desire, fear, are pure delusion. 

There is no way for that one, who is striving to realize this realization of the Truth, to “marry” this with the lie, to “marry” this with illusion, with this egoic state of pure ignorance, pure fear, pure desire, pure suffering.

It is necessary to have a life focused on the Truth, a life of balance, a life of surrender to this Truth. The human being has abused too much because of this identification with the egoic mind and its desires, its fears and its constant search for pleasure. The human being has abused the body too much, he has been involved in all kinds of actions that damage this machine, this mechanism, that organism. So, what we can see from this is that there is no love for the Truth.

It is necessary a balance, a discipline, a certain prudence with regard to this machine, to this mechanism. The man has abused this: too much food, too much sex, drugs ... all kinds of searching for sensations, creating more and more insensibility in the body, making the body more and more insensitive. You all know this sort of thing very well. This mechanism, this "body-mind", is here for this Realization. If it is destroyed ... it was destroyed.

So, sanity is the key. This sanity is this holiness, it is this balance, it is this discipline; it is this mechanism, that "body-mind", dedicated to this surrender, this Truth. It is necessary for you to dedicate all your years, all your months, all your days, all your hours, to this surrender, to this realization of the Real Nature of the Self. You need a healthy body, or a relative health, in order to make this possible. So, that abuse is completely inadvisable. The egoic nature, this nature of mind, is this constant pursuit of pleasure.

Participant: Is the excess of work included in this abuse?

Master Gualberto: Yes, excess of work too. In fact, work is not the subject of the talk of this meeting here, but work is also a great prison, a great and wonderful prison. Do not underestimate the ego with respect to work, it loves this thing. This gives you a strong sense of existence. There is a great achievement; there is a great pleasure in it. It is not only the issue of money that one earns, but the work itself is very fulfilling. The ego transforms anything into a great source of pleasure, fulfillment, accomplishment. Balance is also needed.

You are here for God, not for working. You are here to realize God, and not to live for having sex all the time, eating all the time. The mind is this: it seeks refuge, it seeks its continuity... this constant pursuit of fulfillment, of satisfaction, of pleasure, and when you do it, you get confused with the mind. 

So, you become a slave - a slave to the pleasure of food, the pleasure of having sex, the pleasure of working. I am putting three examples here, but they are many, they are diverse! It also has the bondage of the pleasure of drinking, smoking, “taking” (drugs)... this complete identification with the body.

Mind loves this sense of being someone in the experience of doing, feeling, obtaining, accomplishing. The question was whether holiness is fundamental... Holiness is this sanity. Without this sanity, there is no holiness. It is something completely insane living in the body, identified with the body; Living for satisfying the desires of the egoic mind, in which the body is confused with. The body gets confused with them and you become confused with the body. Then, there is always the feeling of being the body, of being in the body, of being someone inside the body, because the thoughts are spinning around those satisfactions, that search, the search of accomplishing desires. Do you realize the importance of this that we are telling?

All society, all culture - this world we live in - encourage this, explore it. People love going to the mall. There is a constant search for objects; There is a constant search for the experience of the senses - touching, feeling ... "I am the body, I am someone, I need to get this, to get that". The mind spins around this constant search for pleasure, satisfaction, fulfillment of desires. If it is stuck in it, you are in a prison, and so you impose that limitation on yourself. When you mix yourself up with the mind, you are imposing upon yourself that limitation that you are the body, that you need this or that.

Whatever you are, in fact, looking for is not in the mind. All you seek, in a real way, is Peace, Love, Freedom, Happiness of the Self, that nature of Consciousness, which is "Sat-Chit-Ananda." All you are seeking is the Truth about yourself.

*Transcribed from an online meeting on the night of August 3rd 2016 - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm – Join Us!

February 17, 2017

This silent space of absence of the ego

It is very easy for you to get lost in the mental world, on that journey from mind to world, to "your" world. However, when you are in Satsang there is a very great facility to stay in the present, to stay now, here, without these fluctuations of the mind, without these daydreams.

The mind works like this: either you go into the past or you go into the future. The egoic mind does not know the now, it does not know this moment, this instant. It has no interest in this instant. The interest that the egoic mind has in this instant is to turn it into something that it can remember, or something that it has a goal to obtain. In other words, this moment is interesting for it to get things in the future or for it later remember this same moment in the past.

Have you ever noticed that when we are together in Satsang, when I look at you, I provoke a "stop" there in your mind and I bring you back to this present moment? Therein, there is this Emptyness, this silent Space of the ego's absence. The energy of the  Silence, of this Presence, brings you to this moment, which is the moment of pure attention, of unclouded attention, of the attention free from the clouds of the past or the future.

So, here it is very easy, because you are in your place, at home. You are out of the ego, out of time, out of the problems that ego knows. But when you leave, when you keep away a little, the common world of the ego, the world of the mind, returns.

Then, these entering and exiting of this state are what the ego knows. In these entering and exiting it has a remembrance of what it has been and that something has been lacking for it, but there is in you a clear inner impression that this absence of the person is this Space of Silence, Joy, Bliss and Freedom. This is very easy here, presently.

The Presence of the Guru is like a bomb of Consciousness. When He arrives, you stand in front of this bomb, there it explodes and you are brought into that Space. These face-to-face encounters have this power: the power to put the machine, there, in a condition to access this Natural State of disidentification of mind and body.

So when you sit here, or whenever you are with me, obey what is intuitive there, what is already natural. Consciousness is meeting itself - by not to use the expression looking for itself. Therefore, it is intuitive, it is natural, there, you seek the Darsham, seek that Guru's gaze. So, there is this access to this Space, which is not a space, which is That which contains all spaces.

The most important thing in Satsang is not the master's speech, but it is the power of the Presence here. It is not what he says, it is what he Is. Just as, for you, the most important question is not the questions you have, but the sensitivity to the Silence you already bring there. This is what answers all the questions or ends with all the questions, because that is what exterminates the questioner. The great power of Satsang is in the gaze of the Guru. There is the Presence, there is the Grace, there is the access to this Space. It is much simpler for you to observe the restless movements of the mind here, in presencial Satsang. It is much easier.

Attention is this careful, patient, dedicated observation that makes you observe all this external and internal movement without getting lost in it. I see you getting lost in what the eyes are seeing, and when you get lost, you identify yourself with the story that your brain tells you. The brain always tells a story about what it hears, about what it sees. So you look at something and the brain tells a story. You do not stand in the look, in the state of Mindfulness, of pure Consciousness.

It works like this: you look at this object and the brain, in its habit, already begins to classify, to imagine, to label, to give names... It is fast! The movement of the brain, by practice, is associative, then one thought arises and triggers another, which triggers another ...

Annamalai Swami said: "If the thinker withdraws his attention from the arising thoughts or challenges them before they have the opportunity to develop, the thoughts will all starve. You challenge them by repeating for yourself several times[...]" Therein, the technique of Ramana comes in: "[...] who am I? Who is the person who is having these thoughts?"

My tip is still more direct: you should not ask, but look. Just look, and you'll be back to the witness's place. Just look is enough. There is no thought, and when there is no thought, you stand before of this unmeasured Space, immeasurable. This is Meditation!

*Stretch transcribed from a presential meeting at Ramanshram Gualberto
In the city of Campos do Jordão, São Paulo, on August 2016

February 15, 2017

Life is your Natural State

All this human’s problem about human existence, about being in life but separate from it, standing in a conflicting way before it, all of that is solved when we understand that all conflict is born from this contradiction, from this inadequate response. That is because we do not remember - and it is important that you remember - where all this is happening.

It is not about being reactive or proactive in life; it is not about accepting or rejecting the set of events in life; it is not about crossing our arms and doing nothing, or going out for the fight, trying to do something. It is, simply, to overfly all this, to be above it, to go beyond that. 
So, it is important that you remember that the thoughts and actions resulting from the thoughts, the emotions and actions resulting from the emotions, the sensations and the experience of these sensations are happening in a dimension where it does not touch you, really. It can touch the body and the mind; It can manifest as the realization of projects or the non-realization of these projects; It can manifest as joy or sorrow, as pleasure or pain; but you are above all that, beyond this or that circumstance, when you remember that it does not touch, it does not reach, it does not change in anything your Essential Nature, your Real Nature. That is when you find yourself above, or overflying all this, having a fair appreciation to what is appearing at this time.
This is the real Meditation: do not be disturbed, do not be confused, do not mix yourself up, do not believe - in an illusory way, of course - that you have control. There is a Power moving everything, making everything happen. Remember this! The freedom you have is to overfly it, it is to be above it, not being confused with appearances, which are only manifestations of Life.
Therefore, it is not about denying or accepting what happens, being reactive or proactive, remaining passive or active, feeling that you have to do something or haven’t. It is basically about this remembrance that these events are not yours, but from a Power that moves all by the way It determines, which does or doesn’t do “everything” the way It determines.
It is always in this "your point of view" that things are happening or not happening, that there is pro or against, for "your" good or "your" bad. Here there is this confusion, this illusion, this identification.
Here, it is essential the remembrance of not being confused with the experience "body-mind-world". To overfly all this, to be above all this ... A living not circumstantial. That is the only real way to take on your Real Identity that does not conflict, does not wars, does not fight, that is never tense with whatever presents out. 

Freedom is this supreme art: The art of remembering that there is no “someone” in that. There is no one there, there is no “someone” there ... All this is a great divine game, a great movie of God, a great theater. Life is a sacred theater. A theater play is the Life. 

Your Freedom is the Freedom of Being, which implies to overfly, not to be confused, not to assume this arrogance of trying to determine what happens, because that is not in your power. 

If you can not determine your next breathing, how can you determine the future of your children? How can you be sure about the next trip, or the New Year's Eve on a cruise ship or at a certain place? “What is the most urgent for you is your next breathing and you do not control it. How can you control the safety of your children, or the happiness of your boyfriend, or of your marriage? How can you feel responsible and take so much responsibility for the future of the world, the planet, or anything? It is this arrogance that I am talking about!

Your Freedom is not personal, it cannot be forged by your choices and decisions!

I know that this is the contrary to all that you have heard until today, but it is a fact. If you can not determine that within five minutes your heart will still be beating, if you can not determine this safely, how can you determine anything else?

So, here, it is about being in that overflight, above this movement of thought, sensations, emotions; above the movement of these activities or non-activities, these actions or non-actions, of what happens or what seems that has not happened yet.

Your Natural State is Meditation, and, in Meditation, there is not "you". Life is your Natural State, and, in Life, "you" do not enter, except as one more element in this theater of God.

Okay? That's it!

* Transcript from a meeting at the Ramanashram Gualberto locate in the City of Campos do Jordão/Brazil, on June 2016

February 13, 2017

Why do I see myself in the body?

Silence is Consciousness, It is Presence. What we here call Presence, Consciousness and Silence is this Truth that we are, What is there, present beyond the mind.

When we put the word Consciousness, we are dealing with That which is aware of the experiences. Consciousness means whatever is there, present, conscious of the experiences.

Consciousness is something different than mind. Mind is the meaning of thoughts and images, in which, considering our speeches here, can be included the feelings and the sensations, as well as the perceptions. All this are part of the mind.

In Satsang, we are inside a work of investigation, but it is not about the investigation of the  mind, what would be the investigation of the history; It is about the investigation of this illusion of the mind and not about the mind itself.

The mind's content is thoughts, images, feelings, perceptions, sensations, and all of that is part of the history. We do not investigate the story, but the illusion of it. Thus, we do not investigate the mind, but the illusion that it is. We let this question about mind investigation to the specialists, such as psychologists, therapists, and those who treat the mind.

Here, we only investigate the illusion of the mind, we do not investigate the mind; We do not investigate the content, for it is the history. Do you notice this difference?

While the Consciousness is something always present, mind is intermittent, always. This Consciousness is like a screen where the images, which are intermittent, appear. Consciousness is this ever present screen. Notice that the images appear, but then they disappear, while the screen stays. These images are also made of screen, but they are intermittent. So, thoughts, sensations, emotions, perceptions and experiences are intermittent appearances, but there is something that remains immutable: the screen, the Consciousness.

Our Real Nature, True One, is something always present; It is this ever-present Consciousness. This is wonderful: no to get confused, lost, and identified with the mind. If you go deep into the nature of the thought, emotion, sensation, experience, you find no distinction, because all that you find is this Consciousness, although It remains unchangeable.

While the mind is changing (it changes all the time), it is clearly understood that it is not something different from the Consciousness. So, the image, the present appearance, is still this Consciousness.

It is not the mind that perceives that it is conscious. The mind is this experience of thoughts, but there is something that perceives. This something that perceives is the Consciousness. It perceives, while the mind is what is perceived, which is only an apparition. 

This is the key to remain not identified. Everything appears in this Consciousness, everything is made of this Consciousness, everything appears and disappears in this Consciousness. You always remain as this Consciousness, although you may confuse yourself with the history, which is what the mind always does. When you are identified with the mind, it merges with the history and assumes this illusion.

Participant: "Why do I see myself in the body, despite it is very clear to me what you are saying?"

Master Gualberto: You do not see yourself in the body; the body has only been seen. There is a thought about what is seen and that confuses you. Thus, you assume this illusion of being this thought "I am the body" or "I am in the body", but this is only a thought.

Something has to happen for the body to catch the attention of the mind, and the thought appears to say: "I am this arm, I am this hand" ... "This hand that hurts is me". This is just a thought, an idea, but the body catches the attention of the mind, the thought appears and the mind identifies with that thought and says: "I am this foot, I am this arm that hurts, I am this body".

In deep sleep, there is no such idea, like in the faint too, and when there is nothing wrong with the foot, you have no awareness of its presence as being you.

However, if there is a thorn in the foot, if one of the toes is hurting, the body draws attention. You have a stomach, but only if there is something wrong with it you will become aware that you have a stomach; And this awareness is just a thought that you have that part of the body there, present.

However, if there is nothing wrong with your stomach, you will never remember it, because, in fact, it does not exist to you - you are not this stomach; This stomach, in fact, is not yours.

If there is something wrong with your left eye, you will become aware that you have a left eye. But, if it is fine, you will have no idea of its presence, which will be working there on its own.

The body is like this: it works by itself and it has nothing to do with you. It is a misappropriation to want to be yours what, in fact, is not yours; That is, the foot is not yours, neither is the eye. The body belongs to existence, to life, to nature, to the earth, but it is not yours. It is only when the remembrance, the thought, arises that you have things; All problems are exactly based on this.

It is curious, because That which perceives is unidentified; The mind is what assumes an identification. What perceives the presence of the body is not identified with the body. The mind is which takes on, through the thought, an illusory identification with the body. It is not the mind that perceives, that is conscious, but this aware Consciousness, perceiving, always. The belief that the mind perceives, that it is conscious, makes no sense, because the mind is a perceived thing; It does not perceive. Only Consciousness is aware ... aware of mind and body.

It is always this Consciousness that knows itself, that recognizes itself, even as an apparition. The body and the mind are an apparition, but it is always this Consciousness recognizing itself all the time. In fact, any and every object is just the mind appearing, too. If you do not get attached, you do not allow that mind get attached to anything; there is no mind. If you are not attached to any object, there is no mind, and when there is no mind, there is Freedom.

Our work here is to get out of this dream, to Awake. When you see some shape, name or object and you identify with them, it is just a dream. It is better to Awake. When I fall asleep, I dream that I am married, that I have children, that I have a house, a body, a mind …

Participant: "Master, how do I stop identifying with the mind? Everytime I try to be in silence, more and more thoughts appear".

Master Gualberto: Of course, because there is always someone doing it, there. Silence is not a thing the mind produces. The silence that the mind produces is one that some people can achieve through the practice of meditation, but as soon as they quit, everything keeps the same, because it is an artificial silence, practiced by the thought. You may discover techniques of silencing the mind, but it is the mind silencing itself. Realization is not the silent mind; it is the end of this illusion, which is this identification with the movement of the thought.

*Transcribed from the talk of an online meeting on the night of July 27, 2014 - Meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm, download Paltalk and participate!

February 10, 2017

The art to recognize yourself

Ramana came and expressed this Presence beautifully, this Supreme Truth, this Divine Truth, and liberated thousands from this illusion of separativity. We are having this opportunity because of this Grace, the Grace of Ramana. Some of you are new and are arriving now to this work, you need to have a lot of patience and a heart turned to this approach. Otherwise, it will not be possible for you. 

This work investigates the nature of the Truth, something we, with our ideas, beliefs, opinions and conclusions, cannot get really close. It is necessary a new approach. The new approach is that the heart can do, but the mind cannot, as well as the thought. This approach of the Wisdom is the approach of the Truth that we bring, it is inherent to our Self. Wisdom is our own True Nature, it is our own Real Nature, and this is the nature of the Truth, it is the nature of God.

Therefore, it is not something that we can discuss, debate, analyze, weave ideas about… Just like the nature of the fish is to breath in the water, your real nature is the Wisdom. However, all of us were born and appeared in this scenario “world-body-mind” with a nice dose of conditioning. We have come across this from the moment we were born. We are surrounded by this conditioning, this is everywhere around us. With that, we have been confused, we have been diverted; We are lost, disoriented, being guided by thought, being guided by ideas, beliefs, conclusions, deductions, for all this so common programming.

In Satsang you learn the art of recognizing yourself… of recognizing yourself as your True Nature; of recognizing yourself as the Consciousness, as the Truth, as Wisdom. The beauty of this is the end of this conditioning, it is the end of this prison that the mind has been producing to itself and has been living on it, submitting itself to it. The beauty of this is the vision of life so simple and natural, without the distortions that the imagination produces - those imaginations about what it should be, about what it was or what it could be.

You all know this very well, how much the mind produces in its dream, in a life that is never real, in an existence that never happens. Everything the mind can produce, it has produced and will produce, and it is still part of itself. The mind is essentially conflict, division, separation and imagination. It overlaps itself; it remains as a veil concealing the simple nature of Reality, the simple nature of Truth.

This life, as it is, it is so simple… It is where everything happens because it happens; where everything happens as it happens; where everything happens exactly where it must happen. However, the thought inside you says something else; the conditioning inside you says something else. That was what I meant on “being guided by the thought”; that was what I meant when I said you have been conduced, guided, oriented by thought.

This attitude is very common around you, it does not matter the country you were born. We are now talking directly from India. This country has been producing Sages for millennia. Sages are those ones who awakened. To awaken, here, is to be out of of this conditioning pattern, out of this identification with this mind that is pure conflict, with this mind that is pure disorder. But even in a country like this, you arrive here and perceive how many things the mind has been producing, especially about religion. You know that the mind puts its spice on everything, and religion is something like this too, where the mind has been putting its spice.

The word religion means to go back home. It comes from “relig(are)”, that means be back home, turn home. This is something that the mind does not know, so it produces something to replace this “go back home”. Then, what has it done? It has built churches; it has put images there, gods, priests… So, religion became something also from thought. Therefore, this “go back home” is not a real go back home. This has dropped down to rituals, ceremonies, external practices, all in the name of this "go back home." This country, India, is full of this, maybe much more than in any other place in the world. Here you find all of this.

Reality, the Truth, is something beyond the thought; therefore, it is something beyond rituals, ceremonies, practices, gods, churches and priests. In Satsang our interest is in the realization of this present Truth. Something that is now, here... something present as your Essential Nature, as your Real Nature, as the Truth of your Being, as what You Are. Being what You are, nothing can take this from you, and no priest or ritual can give you this.

Then, basically, that is the point: going back home. You know that speaking is an expression of the thought, be it oral or written. All we can do on the speech is to express ideas, images, symbolized through letters, words. This is still part of the thought, too. So, this speech is naturally something limited, because it is something also from the thought. However, we are talking about something beyond it, something that is in the Silence. And Silence here is not the absence of the sound; it is the realization of the intrinsic Nature, of the Essential Nature, of the Essence, of the Core, of the Heart of everything. It is in this Silence that is the realization of the Truth.

When I deal with this “go back home” with you, I deal with the real religion. In this sense, Satsang is religion. A man who realizes God is deeply religious - and here, to realize is to verify this Silence. But it does not mean somebody’s presence, it means the Presence of the Whole; the Presence of this Consciousness in this human shape. This is of a beauty, of a rather unique singularity.

We deal with the sacred in this space called Satsang; we deal with this unique and singular beauty: the beauty of the religious heart. This is the real sense of the Sacred, of religion, of Truth, of the Meeting. Notice that I said Meeting not search. The mind, on its search, created all this apparatus, all this external paraphernalia of symbols and images. My invitation to you, in Satsang, is for Silence, and Silence is Meditation, and Meditation is Consciousness, and Consciousness is Happiness, that is Wisdom, that is Freedom.

This is the end of the “I”, of the “me”; it is the end of “have”, of “possess”. When the idea of the “mine” appears, the illusion appears, because the “I” appeared. Do you know well what this “I”, this “me” is? It is the one who says “mine”. When the thought uses this expression and feels this, when the mind appears and says “mine”, it is taking something from the Lord. The Lord is Consciousness, the Lord is this Silence, the Lord is this Truth, the Lord is this Presence.

When the mind says “mine”, it is trying to steal this from the Lord, from God, from Silence, from this Consciousness, from this Presence, from this Truth, from this Whole. It tries to particularize as a property something that is not its. You need to go beyond the “I”, that is when you are beyond the “mine”, and when you are beyond the “mine”, there is no you. When you are beyond the “I”, there is not this “me”, then only That which owns everything remais. You have so many things… and you do not have Yourself.

Online participant: I would like to be there with you.

Master Gualberto: You say you would like to be here with us. You are in Brazil… And why have not you gone to the Ashram yet? The mind is something like that, it wants the most miraculous, the most complicated thing. Come to India means nothing. India is just a country, it is just one more place. You do not have to come to India, you need to meet Your Self. Take home something from India and do not have Your Self is a big silliness, it is something totally useless. You do not need to be here, you only need to be there.

I do not have the answer if one of you ask me: “Then, what are we doing in India?” I do not know. Maybe one more of this silliness that we do during lifetime, thinking that we are going somewhere, to meet something, to see something, to catch something and take to our old place with us. It does not matter at all. What matters is Being… Being what You are, here and now! This is beyond the body, beyond the mind. I am going to wait for you in Campos do Jordão, for it is much closer to you than have to cross the ocean on a more than twenty hours flight.

If you meet me, you will meet your India; if you find yourself, you will find the whole India, but you will find also the Egypt, Ceylon, Pakistan, Japan, China… the whole Asia! You will also find all countries of the Latin America, all countries of Europe, the whole planet Earth, all the nooks and crannies of this planet, even to that hidden abode of that little ant. You will find our solar system, with all its planets. You will find the Milky Way! This galaxy and every other galaxy! You will find the entire Universe and then, you will laugh at all this. 

Then, you will laugh at all this dream of being somewhere, or of leaving somewhere, or finding somewhere… as well as you will laugh at the dream of being with someone, of separating from someone, or finding someone; of being with an object, of separating yourself from an object, or finding an object. Basically, the mind in its dream, works only with these images of things, places and objects. There is no thought happening or appearing that is not dealing with this; it is always with this: things, people, places, objects.

When the mind does this, it externalizes the world as being something real – a person, an object or a place as being real. When the mind does this, once more you forget where this appears from and where this disappears. On Satsang, we are dealing with this Space – that is not a space – this essential nature, the core, the Heart of these apparitions, and this is not in the time.  For example, here we are on Tuesday, at seven thirty a.m., and you there are on Monday, at eleven p.m. This Truth we are dealing with does not deal with time. Time is this illusion that appears when the illusion of space e of distance appears. The illusion of distance creates the illusion of time. It is needed the illusion of time to go through distance.

Here, we do not deal with this illusion; we deal with its end. We do not deal with the illusion of space, either; so, we do not deal with the importance of being in space. This is the illusion of the body in the time, of the body in the space; of the mind in the time, of the mind in the space. It is the mind on its illusion that produces all of this. Satsang ends with all of this. This is the Awakening! This is the end of the “me”, of the “ego”, of the “I”, of suffering; it is the end of being born and die; it is the end of the illusion “I am here”, “I was there”, “I will be somewhere”. Then, this Wisdom, this Truth, is present as your Real Nature, your Essential Nature.

*Transcribed from a speech via Paltalk transmitted from Tiruvannamalai, India, on September 6th, 2016.