March 24, 2017

The Blossom of the Truth

This moment, in Satsang, is the moment of the blossom of this Truth, which is this Reality that breathes as You; It is the cessation, the end of this continuity; it is the solution of this continuity; it is the end of all these expressions of fear.

Everyone only knows - or can only know in the mind - the patterns that are repeated, which are part of this cultural, human, social, educational set. This is something that has become habitual, common, quite very natural to be questioned, for there to be any doubt about the validity or reality of this as being the Real Life.

Therefore, there is no other way for you to awaken, to realize God, to realize the Truth about yourself, unless that is questioned. It is when you are challenged to go beyond envy, beyond jealousy, beyond attachment and detachment, beyond desire and non-desire, beyond that so-called "love", which carries hate as its opposite. There is what is socially, humanly, culturally so appreciated as human relationships ... This lovely and old issue of family.

Love is Consciousness and in It there is Freedom. This Freedom is present when the Reality of Truth is present, and this is present as You, when you breathe as the expression of your Being, as the expression of your Heart. The awakening of Wisdom is necessary, and it happens when Love flourishes in the Truth of this Reality.

So, It has to take form, It has to be shining in your eyes, It has to be in the melody of the song of your speech, in the transparency of that physical body, which appears within a scenario - but It appears as the scenario Itself, without separating from it; it is not an element within the scenario, it is the whole scenario in It and It in the whole scenario.

That is enlightenment! It is the end of the sense of someone in the context of existing as an experiencing entity, being someone to some, and having some to oneself - he being someone, or she being someone. It is this Consciousness, this Presence, this Reality, this Truth, That which is You, like You, that breathes, that is real, as God is real. It can only be real in You. If It does not present Itself as You, then It is only a belief, of which thought can deal, on which great treatises can be created, many books can be written ... others will read these books and will get tired, because theory does not make the noodles, menu does not feed anyone.

This must be alive! I will repeat: This must be alive!

Priests cannot do it! God's representatives cannot do it! The so-called Gurus cannot do it! Philosophy and religion teachers cannot do it! They treat very well by bringing you the menu and presenting delicious dishes, but they'll leave you mouthwatering...

* Transcribed from a video recorded at the Ramanashram
                                                                                              Gualberto, in the city of Campos do Jordão/Brazil - June 2016

March 22, 2017

The Mind’s Imaginary World

Until nowadays you believed that God would come, that He would appear in your life to save you. I am saying that when God comes into your life it is to end this illusion that you need to be saved, rescued. When God comes into your life it is for the end of this illusion that you are here and He is there, that you were here waiting and He just came to meet you. It is the end of this illusion that there are you and Him.

Look at the people around you... What do they say? What do they deal with? They talk about the past, or their personal experiences, their desires, their fears, their beliefs, their disbelief, their hopes, their yearnings, concerns, dreads, their particularities... a constant search for self-fulfillment by sharing something with someone, just to be important, to be seen, to get the validation of the person they believe to be. They are using you, and all of you - as people you are - are using others, all of you are playing the same game.

This chat about nothing never ends! Pure stupidity! It is just the mind talking to itself! Only the “mechanisms” change, the “machines”. 

These “machines” see each other illusory as separated entities in a relationship based on reciprocity, fellowship, friendship, but this is not real because you are not real. If you are not real, the other is not real either; And if the other is not real, who are you talking to? Who are you? It is only the mind in its old and tireless "blablablá". When you are with me, you are in Satsang, and that means being apart of the constant and feverish activity of this inner “blablablá”, of this chattering about  saying things to yourself and others.

Being in Satsang means remaining in Silence, and that is the purpose of coming to me. You come to me to get silent, not to daydream. Do you know what “to daydream” means? This constant walk that takes place in this virtual world created by thought, like this 3D roller coaster, which we have just seen. You wear glasses and make a trip: you rise, drop, turn... but, in fact, you have not left the place. 
The ego works like this. It is as real as this 3D virtual trip with special glasses. You do not leave the place and, however, you travel... A journey that never ends, in which everyone bears it out, in which everyone helps you make.  Everyone says this is like this anyway, that this is the model, the formula, the format, that this is how it should be, and I come to Satsang to question it. 

In Satsang, which means settling in Silence, entering, diving into this Silence, I come to question this illusion - the illusion of someone in a trip. In my talk, in my silence, in my look, I am saying, "you are there, you do not have to make this trip; You do not have to enter into this daydream; You do not have to move into this illusory world of thought, belief, relationship, where you need people and things, where you need to be with other to vent, to release... Release what? Vent what? With whom?

If you remain with this pain, you go beyond it; If you share it, it becomes stronger to maintain its continuity in this illusion, which is the illusion of someone in it, of someone within that pain. There is no one in this pain! This pain will not kill you, because you were never born, so you can not die. You can not experience immortality or mortality. 

So, remain with that pain and find out that it has no reality, except in this imaginary world of thought in which you make a trip on a roller coaster with 3D glasses.

*Transcribed from a talk that occurred during the lunch hour of a meeting at a restaurant in the city of Fortaleza on August, 2016.

March 18, 2017

You only have this moment

Being here is the goal. So, when you say "now I am going home and it is all going to disappear" you do not understand the purpose. The purpose of this work is this moment. You only have this moment. "Ah ... But today is Saturday and the day after tomorrow is Monday ..." "Tomorrow" is already on Monday and you cannot escape this moment. You are with me to learn that there is only this moment, which is the goal, whether now or in a thousand days. This is the moment! Do you perceive the beauty of that!? It will not make difference for you if you learn to stay in this moment.

What attracts you to me is that as you approach, I share this moment. There is nothing to teach, to learn, to do, to accomplish; nothing to mourn or to seek. When you come, you look into my eyes, you find me, at this moment. I bring you to this moment. There is no effort from my part, because this is the only place, or the only space, or the only "not time", in which you are well. Every time you are in time, you are in the illusion that you are out of this moment. When you are like this, you are not well, because you are not in your Natural State. Your Natural State is timeless, out of time; it is now, here, already, immediately, in the present, in the present moment.

So the purpose of this work is the work, just as the purpose of the hike is to walk. This is Meditation, Silence, Consciousness, Presence! This is God! This is enlightenment... No one enlightened, no one Self Realized... no one.

Do you see what Meditation is? It is not that thing, nothing like that! You have learned that Meditation will give you enlightenment, so you begin to meditate; you become a skilled meditator and keeps meditating. When you are out of meditation, the mind says to you: "Go and meditate, because one beautiful day a lightning will fall on your head... Then continue meditating"; or it says: "This is the goal of meditation: enlightenment." But I say this is not true. I say that Enlightenment is Meditation and It can only be now. When I say Meditation, I am talking about the absence of time, of the meditator and of the goal, of the purpose. Meditation is Enlightenment.

I am in Meditation! I never leave Meditation to enter into Meditation again! No! I do not do this! This is very stupid and it would mean leaving this present moment and entering the fantasy of time; in the illusion of time, where the ego has a purpose, which is to be always in the future. When the ego is present, there is no Meditation and that is stupid. I know that this destroys your meditation, but your meditation is not real, for it is still the meditation of "someone." In my meditation there is no "you", nor "I"; There is no one. So, Meditation is to eat without "someone"; it is to speak without "someone"; it is to walk without "someone"; it is to listen, as now, without "someone".

You asked me yesterday, "So, are we meditating?"

Naturally! Of course! Here and now, you are meditating. You are Meditation, here and now! Look at this girl... Do you have doubt? Not a thought passes by. There is a deep, relaxed, gentle, effortless attention here and now which sweeps away all thoughts, fears, and all the past. You do not remember the dog, the cat, the son, anything, no one. You are now, here, and this is the purpose... Now, here, it means that there is no time, then, a thousand “tomorrows” from now, you will be here; you can only be here. It is very beautiful: no past, no future, no problem, no relatives, no dog, no cat, no house, no... Your eyes shine of pure joy, gratitude, for the existence. This is your Natural State! Sat-Chit-Ananda! Happiness!

What else do you want? What else do you need? Where else can you go to? Yes, you are completely right! Do not move! Stay here... here! Today I understand. This is fascinating, indescribable, without words... The beauty of God! Remain silent and you will know what I am talking about.

Did you understand? This does not require effort! Look at the effort I make! I am tired, very tired ... (laughs). Do I look tired? Do I look tired to you? To be happy, to be in peace, to be in love, do I look tired? Do you think this is a very big effort for me? Do you think it is hard for me? Loving you, loving everything around me? Absolutely! This is not difficult for me. This is not difficult for you. It is a matter of focus. If the mind is in desires, in objects, its energy is in time. All this energy, which is consciousness, it is dissipated in the movement of the egoic mind. That same energy, focused, in a relaxed way, in a very relaxed attitude, in that silence, and done. There is no ego. When there is no ego, there is only love. Love for everything, love for all. Love in everything, love in everybody. There is only love. Without ego, there is not you. Everything is love, everywhere. Everything is God. Everything is God. Everything is God!

People ask me a lot of questions and one of them is this: "how to remain on that?" You cannot get out of That! But when you give space, you create an artificial space to move around in the world of the mind, which are thoughts, imaginations, desires, things, people, objects. So, when you create this artificial space and you get lost in it, you are in trouble. But if you do not get lost in this, there is no way to leave this Real Place of your True Nature that is pure Love, pure Joy and Freedom. Is it clear? The rest is up to you! You will get lost a few times... dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions of times... No problem, there is no problem, because these times are in time, but you are out of time. Your victory is guaranteed, because you are the Buddha, you are the Christ, you are the Enlightened One, you are God! So do not give up! Do not give up! Go ahead! Look, look again, and again, and again! Do not give up! Do not stop!

*Transcribed from a speech happened in Tiruvannamalai Retreat - India on September 2016

March 15, 2017

Without simplicity is impossible

Hello guys! Today we are here on the terrace of the hotel, from where we can see one of the entrances of the main temple here in Tiruvannamalai. This is the city where Ramana Maharshi came to live when he was 17 years old, after the Awakening.

Hearing a conversation between his relatives, he discovered that the mountain of Arunachala is in this city. The name kept coming back to him, until he discovered that this name was exactly this mountain. He thought it was a heavenly place, that there was not this place on the Earth. And now we are here, in India, visiting this mountain every day. It is a sacred mountain! This mountain is one of those mysterious geographic spaces. Why does the Grace do that? Nobody knows. The Grace has saved this place, where many have realized God for several years. And here we are, in this same space, visiting the Ramanashram and the buildings built around it, most of which were built after Ramana had left the physical form.

Those who have the opportunity, granted by the Grace, to come to this place, are brought by Shiva, by the Presence of God. There is something in you that is Arunachala; There is something in you that is this Presence; There is something in you that recognizes this Presence.

There is a disquietude in all, which only ends when this Realization  is settled. This search for the Divine, this search for God, is a paradoxical thing. Everyone has a searching movement, but some are seeking for It in pleasure, in every form of personal fulfillment: in money, in material comfort, in sex, and everything else that you know. But all this is still a searching for God, it is a search for the Divine, because it is a search for Happiness, Rest, Freedom, Peace, Silence, Consciousness. It is still a search for God, because only God brings Stillness, only God brings Restness, only the Truth is Silence, is Peace, is Happiness.

But the mind does not accept it, so it goes to seek for God in things outside. It seeks for the Truth in knowledge; it goes seek for the Joy in pleasure; It will search for Self-realization in economic success, in financial success; It will search for the Love in relationships. So the mind does all that in its way. The problem is not in the searching, the problem is in the misunderstanding of the illusion of someone in the search. This "someone" is the illusion of a present identity, which believes itself to be able to realize It. But the search is something natural; There is no problem in it.

The question is: who is in this search? When you come to Satsang, I show you that the search is not necessary. The search maintains, sustains, stabilizes, strengthens the idea of a seeker. So the search is not necessary. It is necessary that the search ends! I have just said that the search is not the problem and now I am saying that the search is a serious problem. Do you understand it? Let me try to make it clearer.

My proposal to you is keep yourself quiet, stop searching. However, if you do stop searching and do not become really quiet, and yet go on believing that the search has ended, then your situation will be far worse than the situation of the one who is still searching. Do you understand the difference? I can simply hear that the quest is not necessary and find it very nice, because I hear all sages saying this ... They say: "Stop searching!". Then I completely stop. I do not want to know to go to the temple, to pray, I do not want to know about the guru, sadhana, do not want to receive upadesa (guru’s teaching) ... Now, I say: "I do not need this anymore. I do not need any of this. I am the Consciousness, I am the Truth, I am the Buddha." But it is the ego saying that. It is still the old mind saying: "I do not need anything else". So, I begin to quote Buddha: “Buddha once said, ‘Be a light to yourself’. Do not depend on anything! Do not depend on anyone!" Buddha is an ancient master, who said this thing. So I put He aside and quote a more recent master - a master who makes a sticker of master saying that you do not need a master, however, him itself is teaching. Then he says: "I am not a teacher. Do not follow any master, but I am here. Every time you walk in through these doors, you will hear my speech. I am not a master, but I have a lot to tell you!".

Do you understand what I mean? Do you understand the trick? A great divine joke. I am not saying that this is right nor wrong. I am saying that God is playing, playing with you, playing with us all.

So, if I repeat as a parrot that the search is needless, the guru is needless, just because I learned it, because I decorated it, so, that is, now, only part of a new conditioning. Everything remains the same way. "I do not need a guru; I do not need a teaching; I do not need a search ... " What now? What happens? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is another illusion, a new illusion ... if you can say that  there is a new illusion. What are you going to do to get out of this? This speech explains. It says: "Do not do anything!" So, you do nothing. And when you do nothing, what happens? Also nothing happens.

One of these days someone told me that it had discovered that there was no need for a guru. He had been to some of our meetings and then discovered that it was not necessary anymore. I asked him: "What happened?". He said: "I do not need it anymore". So I asked: "and now?". He said: "Now it is okay!". I said: "How well?". He said: "I am just waiting". I said: "Waiting?". And he: "Yeah ... I learned that this is like a lightning. It comes and hits your head, and I cannot do anything". So I said: "Okay. I understand".

So, this boy is waiting for the lightning. While he waits for the lightning, he keeps his old life, in its old model, in his old practices. He does not want to know about self-investigation, he does not want to know about this surrender to the divine, and he keeps playing his guitar. He is a musician. While he is playing the guitar, he waits for the ray of enlightenment to reach him. This boy did learn very well. He has on his tongue all the teaching that says you do not have to do anything. So, if you listen to him, he looks at you and you realize that his eyes are opaque, his mind is agitated... He does not like the word God, he does not stand the idea of a guru and hates everything that is sacred. If we tell him about a mountain that is the manifestation of the Grace in a form of rock, or of rocks, trees, monkeys and snakes, he will laugh. Do you understand what I want to say?

Ramana Maharshi himself said that this mountain was God for him! It was the Guru for him! He considered that every span and every stone on that mountain as sacred. And this boy with his guitar, carrying all the conflicts of the illusion of separateness, says that Ramana was wrong; Not only Ramana, but thousands upon thousands of men and women who realized God and ended their days free from the sense of separation, free from suffering, free from the illusion of a separate identity. This is very funny for me (LOL). The mind is very stupid, in its arrogance, in its vanity, in its presumption to know.

So, I have something to tell you at this meeting: without humility it is impossible. If you already know, there is a wall in front of you. I recommend you have a real approach: look without prejudice, look without fear, look without conclusions. You can refuse everything and close yourself to everything, but this will be no more than a  stupid behavior.

Let me tell you something, as an illustration:

They say that a man was coming down a slope driving his car, when, suddenly, in the other way, a woman passes by, also in her car, opens the window, looks at him and shouts loudly: "PIG!". He looks at that woman and says: "But how can you? What did I do?". At that moment, he is overcome with anger. That woman called him a pig and he did not do anything! He gets very angry and starts cursing. He is now angry and continues to go down. Up ahead, he picks up a next turn, and when he gets out of it, he comes across a huge pig in his lane, and then he has no more time... He ends up in the pig! This is called reactivity. Reactive mind.

If you are closed, there is a wall. You cannot realize God in this way without humility. I do not use that word very much. My favorite word for this is simplicity. Humility can be a cultivated thing and that is not what I am dealing with; I am speaking of simplicity: to live without reactivity, without a reactive mind, without prejudices, without conclusions, without formed opinions, remaining open, with an open heart to listen, to be taught, to discover, to investigate.

OK? Let's stick around? Thanks for the meeting. Namastê!

*Transcribed from an online speech transmitted from Tiruvannamalai, India - Via Paltalk Senses
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March 8, 2017

Truth is experiential

On these speeches we are just making remarks, and on these remarks, we are investigating that, which apparently, like a veil, like a cover, hides the truth of our Real Nature, of our Essential Nature.

It is important to understand that the greatest of all certainties - something quite obvious, clear, present - is that we are, now, here... We are present here. The most obvious thing of all is the fact that there is a Presence present, and This is ourselves! This is the first thing, quite obvious: "I Am." If I were not present, I would not be aware, for example, of these words, nor aware of these thoughts that appear, nor of these feelings, of these sensations, of these perceptions of the senses. So, this is the first thing. The second is that this is known; there is a "knowing" about it. The first is this "I Am"; the second is the recognition of this "I Am", it is to know this "I Am".

So this remark needs to be clear to you. You are here investigating the nature of Truth, the nature of Consciousness, the nature of Being, your Real Nature, This which is ever present... present and aware. This "I Am" is something present and this awareness of this "I Am" is also something present. So, they are the first and the second thing.

Therefore, we have this fundamental quality of Being. The fundamental quality of the Being is Being, which, here, I do not place as a quality, but as That What It Is. Being is That What It Is! The fundamental qualities of Being are this "Knowing" and this Presence. Thus, the nature of Being is Presence, the nature of Being is the aware of Being, it is Consciousness, it is Knowing. So what else you can realize about it is that you are constantly aware of Being, aware of this Presence and of these experiences, such as thoughts, sensations, emotions, feelings, and sensory perceptions.

Why is it important? It is important because this is not something that remains hidden, veiled. What makes it seem veiled and hidden is this constant occupation of the mind with itself. The mind occupies itself because it loses itself, because it confuses itself, because it identifies itself with thoughts, with sensations, with experiences, with emotions. So, That which is present and conscious remains veiled.

You are always This present, which is Consciousness, that is this “Knowing”, but as your attention is entirely lost in the experiences of the senses, of the thoughts, of the sensations, of the emotions, you confuse yourself with these experiences and make it something that, in fact, it is not. You make it be something personal. This way the illusory sense of someone present is born, and this is the veil that hides this reality, which is to be Consciousness, which is to be this “Knowing”.

This is like an open space. You have an open space, wide open. In this space, some things are put, but they do not enlarge or reduce this space. So are the experiences, the sensations, the emotions, the perceptions and the thoughts going on there. Just like these objects do not enlarge or reduce this space, these experiences - which are apparitions present in this Presence, in this Consciousness - also do not alter anything. But here is the whole thing! Since a little child you have been addicted to confuse yourself with these objects. You are the Space, but you confuse yourself with the objects and get lost in them. So, you limit yourself as an entity, as a person, as someone... Someone who has a name and a form; someone who has history, mind, body and is living in the world. But mind, body and world are objects in this Space, and the presence of someone in there is only the idea of that very thought occupied with itself, in its experiences of perceptions, sensations, emotions and feelings, that it translates in an individual way, private and personal.

Can you follow that?

Then, we have the origin and the continuity of this illusion. Thus arises every notion of time and space, of being born and dying, of being someone, of having somebody. Identified with the body, the mind is afraid of losing this experience. You become confused with the mind, and then fear becomes yours when death approaches. This phenomenon of death is very simple. Death does not happen to you, it is not your experience; death is only an experience of the thought. It is with the thought that you confuse yourself and then, death becomes feared. I am mentioning the matter of death, but it is for every experience you have. It is like this when you get confused with the idea of being someone. When you get confused with the idea of being someone, you have things.

Therefore, there is not only the fear of the death of the body, there is the fear of death of this or that experience, in which the mind is maintaining its life. So you are afraid of being betrayed, of being deceived, of being abandoned... This is the common state of the person. The person never ceases to suffer, because "person" means suffering. This is the individual and particular experience of separativity. Separativity is basically this: it is the sense of someone here. And there is no one here! This illusion of someone here is this veil, which is the occupation and identification with these objects. You are identified with thoughts. They are not just an apparition; they are your own life, your own story... someone’s story! So this someone is running away from the pain, choosing the experiences. To choose experiences is to escape from pain. That is why there is a deep pain in there, in that sense of someone present. It is the pain of the sense of separation!

Simplifying this: this imaginary "I" is in its imaginary world, experiencing the lack of peace and seeking peace; experiencing the lack of freedom and seeking freedom; experiencing the lack of happiness and seeking happiness; experiencing lack of love and seeking love... love in relationships and happiness in pleasures, in things. Understanding this intellectually is very easy. You listen to this, read about it, memorize and repeat, but nothing solves. So, it is inadvisable you be paying attention to my speeches and be keeping this. You are listening to these lines just to observe this movement and not to learn about it. It is to observe this movement happening into you.

This seeking for peace, happiness, love and freedom for the person is the mind playing of finding, inside itself, something that it wants to produce. But what it can do is to find what it is. This mind, in this sense of separateness, is suffering, it is illusion, it is pain. This absence of Peace, this absence of Happiness, this absence of Freedom, this absence of Love, this absence of God is totally apparent - it appears in this identification with the egoic mind in this illusion of an entity present in the seek for this, but it is something totally illusory. All that this sense of the “I” seeks is Happiness, Love, and Freedom, but this seek centered on the idea of an "I" is the problem itself.

You cannot realize God if you are in there. If you are, God is not. It does not matter how many theories you have about it, how much you have read and studied, and how much you can repeat it with great mastery. That does not make you what You Are! Truth is not eloquent by words; Truth is eloquent by Happiness, by Freedom, by the cessation of the egoic mind.

When the sense of separation is not, the Truth is! Then, the eloquence of Truth is in the absence of the sense of separation; it is not in the theoretical knowledge about it. And the egoic mind is very clever at turning that knowledge into something its, too. Every purpose of philosophy, religion, and science to reveal the Truth is useless, because they occupy themselves with what is known as transformation. So religion does not work, science does not work, philosophy does not work... All this means nothing! It is something completely stupid! Something produced also by the mind. Transformation is a word I rarely use because, in fact, there is nothing that can be done. You are unrecoverable; there is no way to repair it! Then, the word "transformation" does not apply well here. It is completely inadequate!

Truth is experiential in the absence of a sense of separation, and that is the end of the mind and all its knowledge, all its experience, all its science, philosophy and religion. In this Realization, in this Truth, there is the "Knowing" without the knower. The Sage does not know. He is the "Knowing" without the knower. If you that are listening to me know something, you have to unlearn it! This realization dissolves this illusion of the knower, the experimenter, the religious man, the philosopher, or the scientist. In this Realization is the true "Knowing", which is not the "knowing" of the knower; it is the true "Knowing", which is not the "knowing" of one who knows.

This is possible when there is no longer the sense of separation. There is only one and single reality, which is Consciousness, which is Being, which is Presence. This understanding needs to come to you, but in a way so strong and so real that it overthrows you and your beliefs, you and your theories, you and your concepts, ideas, philosophy, religion and science. This has to come to you in such a way that it breaks the idea that you are there in the experience of being someone in the world.

Therefore, God is Reality! It is not the word God, it is the reality God; it is not the belief God, it is the reality God. God is only real when you are not; God is, only when the world is not, when the mind is not, when the body is not. So, there is Truth in this absence of the sense of separation, but there is no philosophy about it anymore, no knowledge, no explanations or ideas. They call it Awakening or Enlightenment.

It is not "you" enlightened, it is not "you" awakened, it is not "you" self realized. It is God self realized! It is God awakened! So, this transformation is not a transformation... It is a complete revolution; a destruction of the old.

How is this for you?

Are you going to learn this? Is there a speaker memorizing this speech? It will not work! You are going to teach about it, but it is "blah, blah, blah".

Truth is not knowledge! Truth is absence of the sense of separation! Truth is Realization! That is what my Guru gave me. The Guru gives you this, God gives you this, Grace gives you this, Consciousness gives you this: the end of this "you" that you believe to be. You do not remain to treat of this! There is no longer you!

Once this is established there (not theoretically, not philosophically, but as the experiencing of Reality, where there is not you experiencing), there is a cessation of the sense of the experiencer. The ultimate nature of this experience, when there is no experiencer, is God! It is not you and God; it is God! The ultimate experience is Happiness! It is not someone's happiness; It is Happiness!

The highest purpose of philosophy, religion, and science is to reveal this, but, in fact, they are not revealing it. So, it has not worked, it is not working, because there is no absence of the egoic mind in these sciences. This absence of the egoic mind is only possible when there is Meditation. Meditation is the end of separation, it is the end of duality, it is the end of someone present in this instant, at this moment. This is Meditation!

Meditation is the nature of Consciousness... I said Meditation, not the practice of meditation! That is something else! This is very primary yet! The nature of Meditation is the absence of the thinker, it is the absence of the experiencer, it is the absence of the sense of the "I" and its history, it is the absence of the "person." In India, they call it Samadhi, which is you in your Natural State. There is no you and the world, there is no you and the mind, there is no you and God, there is no you and beliefs, there is no you and concepts, there is not you and words.

You, in your Natural State, are Freedom, are Love, are Happiness, are Consciousness, are Peace. Words must be used here in these speeches, or among us, just to go beyond them. Otherwise, we are theorizing and even creating discussions about this, endless! Then, there are two stupid egos arguing about the Reality of God, which is out of the ego.

When you go to a Sage, do not argue with him, because he is God! You are God! There is only God, if you are Wise! If you are not Wise, your ideas, beliefs, concepts and speeches are stupid, they are inside duality; they are only philosophical, religious, spiritual, esoteric and mystical thoughts learned through reading books, but they are of no use. They are just rubbish ... mental rubbish! They are objects in this open space. There is a Space, which is Consciousness, which is your Real Nature, which is occupied with these useless objects, translated as knowledge.

How is this for you?

If you really want this, you have to disappear, and you just disappear when the Guru pulls your head out. The Guru is the Presence, not a person; He is Consciousness, He is the Truth! Whether He has the form or not, He has to cut your head off! The Truth must overthrow this you that you believe to be from that ring. If He overthrows this you on that ring, this you will not get up anymore. It is knockout! It is from there to the grave! There is no way to this you to come back to a next fight! You will not bear it anymore, because the fight will be over, because you will be dead, and there will be no doctor to save you.

* Transcribed from an online meeting on October 12th, 2016 at night, via Paltalk
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March 6, 2017

Your life: a cartoon scribble

On those days, I was watching a cartoon and saw something  that happens in Satsang too. Those who appear in movement, in the cartoon (the characters of the cartoon), "feel" very alive to suspect, at some point, that their lives are similar to the life of any other object also drawn there. 

The life of the character of the cartoon, this movement and vivacity of this character, is very convincing for the character, for him, at some point, to stop and to observe a tree, or a stone, or a mountain, and to see that all this is constituted of the same material from which they are made. All those are drawings, scratches. Some ones “get” a life because of the movement, and others are lifeless because they are static, but all of them are basically colored scratches; they are drawings.

We have a difficulty in Satsang: it is also accepting that "this life" is like the movement of the characters, which we call living beings; That "this life" is the same life as inanimate beings, such as trees, stones, rivers and mountains. The difficulty we have here, which is a difficulty that any cartoon character has, is accepting that all this manifestation is also a cinematic manifestation and that the material of everyone is the same

In the cartoon, the raw material is the scratches, the drawings (drawings made of scratches).The raw material in this world we know, in this film we know, is thought. Your body is thought and the body of everyone around you is thoughts. The chair where you are sitting is thought. The food you ate is thought. The thought that you thought and the feeling that you feel are also thoughts. It is this way, too, with emotion and sensation. 

Thought is creating for you the illusion that "you are the body", that you are in the world and that you are alive, while the stones are dead; That you have a "personal life", the other has a personal life and that the trees, although they have life, have no a personal life... Plants and stones have no personal life, but you have a “personal life” as well as the people around you.

In the cartoon, the character will never suspect that “he” is not real. Here, if you are not warned about this, you will never suspect that "your life" is not real either and that the material in everything is the same material; Everything is of the same quality and nothing has more value, nor less value. There  is only one material that composes everything, which manifests everything.

As in the animated film, in this "movie" here, there is Something behind making all this possible, making all this appearance have the format that it has and assume a temporary format of "who I am". What I mean is that, in that cartoon, the character is having difficulties, having problems, and in this "movie" here, you are having difficulties and problems, too. 

In that cartoon film, the character is seeking an accomplishment. In this "movie", you as "someone" are also seeking an accomplishment. In that cartoon, that character will never stop being what “he” is, because it is only a character, no matter how accomplished “he” is for doing something or happening to “him” something great.

In this "movie", the same thing happens. In that cartoon, the character is not aware that everything is just a movie, just a cartoon. Here, if you do not realize the Truth about yourself, you will never find that here this is just a "movie" too. Do you understand?

I want that you in Satsang begin to suspect that what you are experiencing is not "you" living, but rather something greater than you is doing, making this apparition possible... It is, by the way, an apparition in which you as a character are not more important than any other character; You are not more important than animals, plants, stones, sun, moon, stars, the sea... Anything else.

The nature of thought is the same in everything! The nature of the drawing in a cartoon is the same in everything... scratches... colored scratches. Some drawings have more colors or more movements than others, which are the characters, and we say they are alive there. You know it is a drawing, but the characters do not know that they are just a drawing. You know they are not alive, but they do not know they are not alive. 

When you listen to these speeches, what kind of challenge do you have in front of you? Each character, whether in this "movie" here or in that film there, feels odd, unique, leading its "own life", enjoying or suffering the consequences of its taken and chosen actions. But in this "movie" here or in that movie there, is this true?

Participant: No!

Master Gualberto: So, when you watch a cartoon, you can accept that the author of the whole story has designed those characters and he is doing what he wants with them, but do not you accept it here? It is because here there is this sophistication of thought that confuses. And what about the sophistication of the drawing? What is the difference between the sophistication of drawing and the sophistication of thought? Is there a difference? There is a sophistication of designs "there" and a sophistication of thoughts here, but what is the difference?

Participant: The drawing is not with us, it is not me, it is not personal.

Master Gualberto: But the character of the drawing can say too: "the life of you human beings is not with me". I think that this is what makes it personal, is not it? When you say: "this is not my business, it is its business". Is not that personal? When you do that, what have you done?

Participant: When I do this, I assume the reality of this "I".

Master Gualberto: When you do this, you assume that you are a separate entity. Where? "In this movie". So why will you keep doing it now, after you have been warned about it. Who has problems here, yet? Everybody?

When you say "I have a problem", it is like a cartoon character saying the same thing, is not it? What is this character saying in this "movie" here, or in that movie there? What is “he” basically saying? “He” is saying, "I have an illusion", "I exist", "I exist as a problem". 

As for your name, your family, your goods and real state, your body health or disease, health or financial illness, health or emotional, psychological illness, etc., may you say that this is "yours"? May you realize how this is clear, that saying this means assuming something that is not yours ?!

* Transcript of a speech from a Presential Satsang in the city Cabedelo - Intermares Beach - João Pessoa; On October, 2016.

March 3, 2017

Here is everything

In a mysterious way, this manifestation of Consciousness, which is the manifestation of God in His game, can make some manifestations of His Presence more intense; This is a mysterious thing. For example, the mountain of Arunachala is such manifestation; IT carries a very strong Presence, a manifestation power of this very strong Presence, and this has been witnessed by various Sages and Saints in Indian history. This visitation to the Mountain is not the visitation to a simple mountain, it is the visitation to the Divine. So I would recommend that you keep silent, get more focused on this Silence that the own Mountain has to communicate to you.

In a mysterious way, you were drawn to this work by the Grace of Ramana, which is the Grace of Arunachala. Arunachala was the most intense form to Ramana, the form where this Consciousness was present most intensely. The Mountain itself is Consciousness, IT is this Presence. One day Ramana was asked if in some parts of the Mountain it was easier to access this Presence, if some parts of the Mountain were more sacred. Ramana's answer was: every inch of land and every stone of that Mountain have the same sacredness, the same Presence.

So it is an opportunity for you who have not yet been in Arunachala. Do not spare effort in order to come here if you are invited by me to return here, because the very Grace of the Mountain, of Ramana, of the Guru has the power to facilitate you to come here, your arrival at that Mountain. Being here together, in this opportunity to bring Consciousness to this so common movement of the egoic mind, to work this immersion, this immersion in our Natural State, is something unique. 

The word "retreat", in my view, should carry this meaning: it is not about standing back from the external world, it is about not identifying with this illusion of an inner world, which, on the other hand, creates the illusion that you are "someone” living in the world, externally, as a present entity. The finding of your Real Nature is the finding of Arunachala, it is the finding of Silence, the finding of the Guru. Awakening, Realization is priceless and that means there is nothing you can do or pay for having It; So you must not have any notion, any idea of sacrifice. This is beyond anything you can do or pay for.

Realization is something free, but it is not cheap. When you arrive in India, here in this country, you tell the seller that something is expensive, you negotiate, and then he makes a deal with you. But with God it is not like that, because He is not offering you a product. He is giving Himself to you, but He is not cheap. The one who realizes God is God, and being God is simple, it is natural, but it is not a negotiable product. He is definitely not a product. So you can not afford it for a price that "you can deal with seller."

There is no measure of "amount of efforts" or "sacrifices" or "surrender," there is no measure that can buy it. Never negotiate with God, because He does not appreciate such nonsense; He is not an Indian seller offering you a product. We are used to have everything as easy as possible, with less effort, with less surrender and always with less sacrifice, so everything is easy and fast. Self Realization is out of time, so it is not a quick thing. Realization is not a product and, therefore, IT is priceless. Realization is not a “doing something”, so there is no effort.

Putting it in another way: It takes all your heart, all your energy, all your willingness, and that is still too little to realize the Self. All this means nothing to realize the Self, because it is an action of Grace, but this means that you have to disappear. With effort, it is impossible, but, paradoxically, without effort, without surrender, without work and without a very high "price", it is impossible too. This requires nothing, only your death – the death of the illusion of this "person" you believe you are and try to sustain at all costs. So, this is the price.

What you are going to do with what you have heard and gotten, with what I have shared with you, it is up to you. I am just a voice speaking from That place, saying, "Here is everything, whatever you have been looking for, you had been looking for in somewhere else, it is here, in this place." Either you be with It or you keep with your choices!

Either  you go beyond this world, this limitation, this conditioning, this oppression, this model, this format, this known form of fear, desire, judgment, choices, exclusion, separateness, conflict, deception, boredom, loneliness, jealousy, envy, control, possessions, mediocrity, stupid complicity; you go beyond all of that, beyond this known place and “jump” to this new Place, to this space which has the freshness and the perfume of Freedom, which is the only Happiness - although it means or might mean the end of this "you" that you know; or, then, you remain in this illusion of being in somewhere or that you can go somewhere else, choose a better place, or that you can "be yourself," "be yourself" in your personal life, in your individual and human life... tremendous illusion, ignorance and unconsciousness...

*Excerpt from a speech transcribed from a retreat in the city of Tiruvannamalai – India, on September, 2016. 

March 1, 2017

You are not in control

A moment of discovery, of verification, is possible within an investigation, which is what we do in Satsang. What we do in Satsang is to investigate this: that you are not who you think you are. The idea is that you are who you think you are... An idea you make of yourself, an old, ancient idea that you have... One of those things that thought produces, it makes you believe that it is the body or the mind, or that you are the body with the mind...

In fact, what you "seem to be" is not also the Truth, it is not true. Listening to this in a meeting like that, for the first time, is something very strange. It takes some time for you to start recognizing this in a very clear way. At first, when you listen to this (the idea that you are not the body and not the mind), you also come to confusion. This opens a loophole for yet another belief, the belief that you are an entity within the body, a spiritual entity; that you are a spirit within the body, and this is also not true. So some people back away soon from such a meeting when they listen to this.

You have been tracking this body: it was a baby, then a small child, a girl or a boy, became a teenager, then a young man or a young woman, and now it becomes a man or a woman, it reaches middle age; some have already passed middle age... You have been tracking the body and all those changes that happen internally, "from the body to the inner side", what we call mind, feeling, emotions, sensations. Let us put this in a very basic, very simple way.

Then, your belief is the belief of an "entity present within the body". A person is an entity present within the body; an entity listening, speaking, experiencing objects through the senses, having the experience of touch, sight, smell, taste. The idea is, basically, that you are within this experimentation. In Satsang, we questioned this. Not inquiring about your True Nature causes you to remain, until the end of the days of the body, in that belief. This has incredible implications, dire implications, and extraordinary implications.

The biggest implication of all of this is to be in a dream, confusing yourself with the mind and the body in this experience of the world, without realizing that all of this is a dream, that it is just something that thought is producing in this wakefulness state. This internal dissatisfaction, this sense of inadequacy, that something is missing, is something always evident, always clear, in some moments more than in others, but it is basically a mental state, which is this rather complicated dream state.

This means the illusion of "someone" in the world; the world is one thing, you are another thing and God is something else. So, we have a duality there, "I" and the world, and a permanent struggle in the search for pleasure, in the desire for happiness, for peace, for freedom, for a completely happy and free life, complete,  next to it a complete escape from everything that can produce suffering, pain, conflict, problems. But despite this, everything continues in the same way, with a constant dissatisfaction, fight and fear.

The mind is producing a state after another, a tremendous restlessness, a restless and constant movement of thought. This state, in this illusion, in this dream, is a state of deep misery, which is often cushioned by these brief moments of pleasure and joy caused by the external environment, and when this lacks, joy is lacking. So you live in this duality, pain and pleasure, fear and desire; in an internal war, in the search for a constant peace; in the unhappiness seeking the happiness, that unhappiness that the mind produces in the search of a happiness that it itself imagines.

This is a very basic speech for those ones who are here for the first time in this meeting. Although you are not here to hear a lecture, a teaching, we are just making some remarks, some confessions. This is something you can perceive very easily: all that the mind can experience are apparitions. These apparitions have the same quality of dreams that you have at night. This is here now, and in a little while it is not going to be here anymore. Even this joy leaves a void, leaves a lack. The world seems to be real, but it is just a dream.

After all, what is this world? If you truly awake, get out of this dream, what happens to this world? Then, all your suffering, your desire and your fear are in this dream; all your search is within that dream. And if you awake from this dream, where does this world go to? ... This world of people? ... In fact, your family is a dream, your house is a dream, your health is a dream, your professional achievement is also a dream, and all of that can be taken away from you.

So, since the body itself is a dream, it can suddenly disappear and you have no control of it... It is a dream happening, nothing is certain, nothing is safe, nothing is eternal, everything is changing, and what is here now, soon it will not be here anymore. Now, things start getting a bit more frightening... You thought you were going to live forever... Those ones you say you love will not be here anymore one day; you will not be here for them anymore either.

The point is: what happens to your world if you awaken?

What I can tell you at this meeting is: your world  disappears, and when your particular world disappears, life becomes "as it is"... and "as it is" means no conflict, no desire, no fear, no problem, no suffering, because there is no illusion, because there is no such idea of being in control, of possession, there is no longer this illusion of "being someone" and of being appreciated by someone, of being important to  someone... It is when   the end of this illusion is possible, this Illusion of living and dying, of being happy and unhappy, of desiring and fearing .

If you awaken from this dream, there is no dream anymore. In this dream, you go to places, meet people, get married, have children, have a house; you are a child, then a teenager, then a young man, a boy, a girl, middle age, old age, gets old and dies sick - this if an accident does not happen to you and you can see the body grows old - but nothing is certain. In this dream, all this is happening, and I want to tell you that there is Something there that is beyond that dream. There is Something there that is beyond this world, that is beyond this personal experience, and that is what we are dealing with in Satsang. This "Something" is this real Presence, this Divine Consciousness, this Presence of God, this Consciousness of the Truth about yourself, and that is the end of the dream.

So, do not worry, because nothing will happen to You! Everything is happening only in the dream. Listen carefully: nothing has ever happened, nothing will ever happen, everything has always happened and everything will always continue to happen, but only in the dream. You are not that dream. You are not within that dream... You are outside it, as Presence, as Consciousness, as Truth, as Happiness, as Peace, as Love and as Freedom. This is your Real Nature! You do not have to believe what I am saying. You can go deeper and discover this by yourself, and go beyond fear, conflict and suffering. They call it Awakening, Realization, Enlightenment... Do not worry about names.

Go beyond that sense of a present "I", that "I" with health or illness, living well or ill, being happy or unhappy, because all of this is just concepts, beliefs, ideas, thoughts, and that is the dream. You are very attached to this "person", and that person is the dream. You are very attached to other people and these other people are part of that dream - that dream of the "person" you believe to be.

You are very attached to this life that is these things that surround you, such as the body, the objects, the mind and the sensory experiences, but this is not You, it is not your Real Life. You are attached to objects, to places, to a house, to a car, anyway, all of this that is part of that dream, and I want you to discover how to observe it, so you can go beyond that, go beyond this attachment. It means being beyond attachment and detachment, beyond the illusion of having and not having, of being or not being. Then this Reality comes and presents itself in its own way.

When this Reality presents itself, you realize yourself as Love, as Peace, as Happiness, as Completeness. When I say "you realize yourself", you are verifying this Presence there, That which is already there, it is not to realize in the sense of doing; here is to realize in the sense of verifying this present Peace, this Love, this Happiness. This happens without any thought or belief about it; In fact, the beliefs, the ideas about It, stop It, moving you away from That which is present as this Realization. This Realization already Is, it is already here, beyond the idea "I am the body", "I have the mind"; beyond the idea of a doer, of "someone" doing something. We have to insist a lot on it, we have to persevere on it.

The participant says: "But the illusion of free will and control is very precious in this dream." The matter is: for whom? The matter is: who knows this free will? Who knows this control?

When this Reality arrives, when It presents Itself, you can laugh at all of this, after all who is suffering? Who is this one that wants to escape from suffering? Who is this one who believes it can control? There is a Power that takes care of everything, that accomplishes everything, that does everything the way It wants! There is no one on it, in control... there is no one on it, on this supposed freedom to do what it wants.

*Transcript from an online speech, in the evening, on August 22nd, 2016
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