January 30, 2018

Remain in your Real Nature

This is a moment of Consciousness, of Presence, of Silence, of contact with the Reality. Wherever something is present, it is present in this Consciousness. This moment is something like this. When something disappears, that Consciousness is still there. When something is present, here it is Consciousness. When something is happening or appearing, it is this Consciousness, but when it disappears, it is also the same Consciousness. There is no change! It is something that remains unchanging, ever present.

The objects, the feelings, the sensations and the thoughts appear, but they are not separate from the Consciousness, and, when they disappear, the Consciousness remains. We are dealing, in Satsang, with this Consciousness, with this unique Reality that holds all things. The Reality of the objects, of the apparitions is the Reality of Consciousness, and That is something undeniable.

This Consciousness is Meditation, is Presence, is the immutable Reality, beyond the mind and the body. Therefore, when we are dealing with the end of the illusion, we are dealing exactly with this Consciousness. Right now, you are there, and that is the only certainty! It is not you as the body or as the mind. It is You as Consciousness. Consciousness is aware of apparitions, such as thoughts, sensations, emotions, feet, hands, body... What we usually conceive as objects is, in fact, only names and shapes that change, which are overlapped by the mind and the senses in this ever-present Consciousness.

Therefore, when we speak about this Reality, we are dealing with God, signaling this Truth present here and now, beyond the body, the mind, the sensations, the experiences, the feelings, the objects and all the apparitions.

The basis, the substance of all experience is one: Consciousness! It is like the screen on the cinema, on TV, or on a painting in which only the images change. The screen on a frame is always the same. You can throw paint on it, paint an image, and then clean it to put other paint and to produce another image, to paint a new painting, but it will still be the same frame! You are the screen! You are the Consciousness!

When you identify with an image, you become that image. You are being invited to stay in your Real Nature. So, you are welcome to your Natural State, which is Meditation, which is Presence, which is Consciousness. Get disidentified from the images, and do it at this moment! Do not transfer this, as if it were a responsibility of the Guru, of God. You are already This! Knowing yourself in any apparition is Love. This is possible! You are here just for this: to know yourself; to know your Real, Essential Nature.

However, I am observing how much you lose yourself on the apparitions. When a feeling, a thought and a physical sensation appear, you follow them, as if you were the body, the mind, that sensation, or that feeling. When you do it, there you are back to the old game, the old egoic mind. Then, you go back to Satsang, have an encounter with the Guru, and he makes you remember again that Silence, but right after you forget Him once again.

But as soon as you turn to Consciousness again, you take a small step away from this mental world of conflict, of fear, of suffering, of problems, and of difficulties. So, you are back home! However, when the mind arises, you become unquiet again, for your appeals are very seductive and you are addicted to think, to feel, to be "someone". You are addicted to the world (the world is these creations that thought produces there to that "you" that you believe to be).

Satsang invites you to go beyond this limitation "I am the body", which makes the idea "I am in the world" disappear. When the idea "I am the body" is not there, the idea "I am in the world" is not there either, and when you are not in the world, there are no more problems of any kind. What remains is your Reality, which is Love, Peace, Happiness, the Free State of the “me” and the conflicts created by this illusion. The "I" is an illusion, a convincing fraud.

This cannot be intellectual. Do not keep and repeat these words, because this will not work out! You must experience It! It is like getting into a driver training: you have a theoretical basis and then you go into the car beside your instructor. He is not so foolish to get into the car and to leave everything exactly under your control. So, he also has a brake pedal just for him. He has his own a brake pedal, because you are very agitated. You will think that you already know how to do everything by yourself; you will get muddled a little bit and will put the driving school’s car in risk. He knows this, so he goes very quietly, very carefully besides you.

Participant: Master! Is it necessary to be aware at various moments of the day?

Master Gualberto: It is necessary to awaken, which means assuming Consciousness. So far, your life has been being about remaining identified with thoughts, with sensations, with emotions, while your Real Nature is Consciousness, in which all this just comes and goes. I recommend coming to in person Satsang to investigate this deeper.

* Originally published in Portuguese on October 20, 2017 ** Transcribed from a talk in an online meeting on the night of November 28, 2016 Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm Local time: Brazil - BRT Brasilia  -Download the Paltalk App and get involved!

January 27, 2018

A Devotee of The Truth

Hello guys! Good evening! Welcome to another meeting here by the Paltalk. It is wonderful that we are together again in this online meeting.

Whenever we are here, your inner disposition must be that one of intelligent curiosity, because it is needed for you to discover That what You are. We do not have to waste too much time trying to prove you that life without this Realization has no meaning at all. It seems to me that this is where all the work begins in earnest, in the objective, applied and dedicated format. Perhaps this is the real meaning of the "devotee" word.

The devotee of the Truth is the disciple of the Truth; it is when you start to ask yourself: "After all, what is the meaning of all this?". So the real devotee is the one who is the true disciple, the disciple of the Truth. Some people come to these meetings and they give me the impression that I have to convince them that their lives has any meaning. That is, they have not yet realized that, in fact, there is no meaning in their lives.

I am not here to convince you that you are unhappy, even because the mind has a fairly strong self-defense movement. So, if I have to convince you that you are not happy, it means that you still cannot see for yourself that your life has no meaning. It means that you are not ready to be a devotee of the Truth.

A disciple of the Truth is one who does not need to be convinced that he must discover a meaning in the midst of this "non-meaning" of life. So, the work begins! So the only thing that matters to you is to discover, amid of this meaningless life, some sense for all of this. It seems to me that this is the real meaning of the "disciple" word. Then, passing it on: the disciple is the devotee of the Truth, is that one who does not need to be convinced that he must have an encounter with God, with his own Truth. The Real Intelligence appears from that point on.

In these lines, I make a very clear distinction between "intelligence" and Intelligence. The Real Intelligence is that which is born from the work of Awakening, of Self-realization. No matter how smart you are in any area, in any model of life, this is not the Real Intelligence. Your ability to deal with any area, model or level of existence, in particular, does not represent Real Intelligence. So, this True Intelligence is the Intelligence of the Sage, of that One who discovers, amidst this meaningless life, the reason for his own existence.

The beginning of the Intelligence or the Awakening of the Intelligence is in self-knowledge. The word "self-knowledge" has also been very poorly understood, because it is not a question of knowing the particularities of the personality, the particularities of the "I". There are several courses that favor this kind of "self-knowledge" - which is nothing more than a psychological approach to this "self".

Here, when I use the term "self-knowledge", I mean something completely different. Self-knowledge is the realization that there is no "self" to be understood. Therefore, it is not about a psychological approach through introspection, self-analysis or any other technique. Self-realization, which is the beginning of the Intelligence, is the fruit of this Intelligence and it begins in the investigation of this false “self”. The disciple is the devotee of the Truth, and the devotee is the true disciple. This is where the Intelligence begins, and this flourishes in Self-realization.

The investigation of the Truth about oneself is the principle of Wisdom, this Something that is present at the end of this false “self”. When it ends the illusion of this "I" (and this is for the disciple, who is the real devotee), the Sage - who is the very Guru, the very Master - manifests itself. Notice that there is no separation between the disciple and the Master - both are only one. One who devotes his life to the Truth is a true devotee - this is the real disciple and the true Sage.

So when you come to Satsang, it is not to be convinced that your life does not have any meaning without this Realization. You are in Satsang because all this is already clear to you. What I am meaning is that I am not the Guru who will convince you to become a disciple of the Truth or a true devotee. When you get here, it has to be within you. Now the expression becomes clear: "When the disciple is ready, the Master appears!"

I have noticed that some of you, here in this room or even in these face-to-face meetings, you have no real interest in this. It is just an intellectual interest, it is just another interesting meeting, where someone has a very interesting sepeach to be heard. You must be willing to go beyond the illusion of this false “self” and this is the sign of the true disciple or devotee.

As already stated, the real disciple is the true devotee; is the one who looks at his life and realizes that, in fact, nothing makes sense without the Truth. For the true devotee, all acts, actions, thoughts, undertakings, goals, have no meaning without this Realization. The only thing that matters for the disciple-devotee is the Realization of the Truth. Everything goes to the background and, in the reason that this work deepens inside him or her, this goes to the third or fourth plane. Nothing makes any sense, because there is no meaning in life without the Realization of that what You are, of the Truth about yourself.

Only one more thing here for you: The only thing that matters is this surrender, this resolution; it is when the Truth can express Itself as the Real Meaning. It is not about the real meaning of life, because Life itself is its own meaning.

Ok, guys! Let's stick around! Thanks for this meeting!


* Originally published in Portuguese on October 04, 2017
** Transcribed from an online meeting on the evening of September 8th, 2017.
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January 25, 2018

The Awakening to Meditation

In Satsang, we come across a limitation, which is the limitation of the language and the speech. The purpose in these encounters is for you to go beyond the speech, and if we are silent, go beyond that silence, too - that is because both the silence and the speech cannot really help.

When you accept the limitations of the language, you understand that, nothing that is being talked about here is ultimately something true, something final. However, at the same time that the words can be born from a theory, from a belief, they can also be born from an experience, from a direct experience, and because of that they are loaded with a Power, a Real Presence. In this sense, words become more than mere verbal notes; they come in as powerful bombs and can have a completely destructive effect on this ego structure, which is all this conditioning that everyone brings into Satsang. The same thing happens in this silence, for those who know how to remain in this silence, who know how to enter into that silence.

Our interest here is not to study a philosophical, spiritual system. Here, we do not worry about not making a mistake. Wisdom does not care about it, Truth does not care about it, but a philosophical system does. When you acquire a certain knowledge, you have the concern to remain in it, in that what is only a new doctrine, a new belief system, something learned; this is not Wisdom.

So, the power of this encounter is not exactly in the speech, but in the effect behind it, in what can be felt there, in that explosion that can occur there, this instant. A speech that is born from the real Silence touches the real Silence; a speech that is born from the real Wisdom, touches the real Truth present within you. Therefore, do not worry about the knowledge here in this space. Liberation, Realization, Enlightenment, is not born from knowledge; This happens to the end of this egoic sense, of that sense of separation.

At this moment, you are not listening to someone who knows things, who knows something that you do not know. Here, the point is another! All my purpose in this meeting is to show you how to live without conflict, without suffering, and not to give you any new knowledge. I want to show you that it is possible to live free from the sense of duality, of separation, which means living in Happiness, which is when there is no more fear, illusion, suffering. This has nothing to do with knowledge, to know something that others do not know, to know something that others do not know; it is not about this! It is basically about not being confused with the mind anymore, with its creations, with its beliefs, with its ideas. Therefore, when you are in Satsang make this already very clear to you: do not try to learn something here! You are here exactly to unlearn everything! It is the emptying of all that content, all those beliefs, experiences ... of absolutely everything!

Wisdom is Meditation and Meditation is absence of content. This is you in your Being, in your Natural State. We are always facing something new, unknown, of life in its movement. So is Wisdom, Truth, and this is Meditation! Another name for Meditation is Love. In India they call it Samadhi. It is not a trance, it is not a mystical experience, it is you in your Natural State. In it, you eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy. You have a normal life. Externally, you are like everyone else, but there is no more "person" there, there is no longer the "sense of someone" present in a professional occupation, dealing with business or taking care of the routine of the day.

Do you realize that there is nothing to learn here? You do not learn Meditation, you awaken to It. I am telling you that you get out of sleep and awaken! You investigate the nature of the illusion, surrender it, and thus the Meditation flourishes. This self-inquiry, this self-observation, happens with this surrender, this rendition. This is part of the devotion to God, to the Truth. When that happens, you awaken to Meditation!

* Originally published in Portuguese on November 02, 2017 ** Transcribed from a talk on an online meeting at the night of June 30th, 2017 - Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 p.m. (Brasília time) - To participate you just have to download Paltalk App.

January 23, 2018

It is fundamental to unlearn

For all of you, to learn is very important. However, for me, it is fundamental to unlearn. To unlearn means returning to the innocence. The discovery of the Truth about you is born from this unlearning; it is the result of this unlearning.

All children, when they begin to speak, refer to themselves in the third person. That means they see their own bodies and what goes on in their heads in a not identified way. So, they say, "Ana likes cake", "John does not want to play", referring to themselves as a body and a mind that are part of a totality. That is because they have not learned yet- they were not taught yet - the belief about who they are.

Your whole problem resides in this sense of guilt, because you feel the author and responsible for what happens as if there were someone present doing it. Everything you do in life, you do it because of guilt, driven by fear, and that is the result of this thing you have learned, that belief you have acquired in childhood - the belief about who you are. So, I started by saying that we must unlearn. Unless you unlearn, you will always be afraid and fell guilty. Unless you go beyond knowledge, you will always feel responsible.

For you, responsibility is important because, in your belief, it brings order and balance. But, truly, responsibility imposes fear, creates guilt. Obviously, being someone means feeling this way – being afraid, guilty - and when you feel that way, you are not light, you are not happy! So, unlike what you think, responsibility does not bring order, but rather chaos, confusion. All misery in the world is the misery of guilt, something created by this sense of responsibility, which is not born from Freedom. Freedom is born from Joy, from Lightness, from Happiness, and This does not produce chaos or disorder.

Why to investigate all this is interesting? Because, in this way, you discover that what you have built with all the culture and education has not produced what you expected. The mind created an expectation of a peaceful, happy and orderly world, but the mind itself was created by this confusion. So, the confusion in the world is the confusion of the personal life. As long as there is disorder in you, there will be disorder in the world.

Therefore, understand this clearly: you are here just to be who You are, and that is already the order of the world, is already the peace and the happiness of the world.

What could I say to you? Stop worrying about putting your closest relationships in order. Put your “inside” in order first! For this, return to the innocence, unlearn everything you have been taught, abandon the commitment, the responsibility and the desire to change anything outside. So, you realize your Real Nature - when you unlearn everything.

The Sage is not busy about taking care of the world. He is just quiet in his own Being, in his Essential Nature. In this way, He can witness the actions of God; He is not separate from it, there is nothing out of place!

Notice what I am saying to you in this meeting: confusion, disorder, guilt, fear, responsibility, all this is part of the illusion that is learned. The whole complexity of life is the complexity of the mind. You feel life complex, but it is not exactly like that. It is the mind that is complex, because it is full of all this, this is part of its conditioning, its programming; these are its patterns.

This is the encounter with Truth, which is the simplicity of Being, where nothing is known. When nothing is known, Simplicity is present. There is no one left for responsibility and, therefore, for guilt, fear and disorder. So, turn yourself inward! Investigate the "Who am I?" deeply and not "what are the others?", or "What is the world?", or "Who is God?"... Investigate "Who am I?": Who am I before culture, education and knowledge? What is this "I" prior to this name and this shape, this body and this history?

Notice that this is the way to unlearn everything! This is Meditation! When this is present, the Sage is born and, with Him, Happiness, Order, Peace, Freedom, Intelligence, Truth. When innocence is present, God is present! This innocence is this Natural Simplicity.

So, I conclude by saying this to you: the only thing that matters is that thing that is fundamental... to unlearn everything, to abandon the knowledge, to abandon the thought! With this in mind, the whole notion of time ends. The past is memory, is knowledge, is thought. The present is knowledge, memory, thought. The future, imagination, knowledge, thought... unlearn everything!

That is all. Namaste.

  * Published orinally in Portuguese on September 29, 2017

** Transcribed from a speech on August 18th, 2017
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January 19, 2018

To realize God is to be God

It is good to be together for another moment like this.  It was important for you to have discovered the value of this approach that we have here in this meeting, because I am communicating you something that you already carry within yourself. I do not need to give you information about it, even because it is not possible to give them.

If one day you find someone declaring, affirming that can tell you the truth, move away from him, or her, because that is not possible. It is not possible for “someone” communicate you the truth. It is not possible, nor necessary, and nevertheless, we are here before something quite paradoxical. You need to be informed about This, but no one can give us information about This. The beauty of this encounter, its importance is that I can tell you about This, but it is impossible for me or for anyone who is in the Natural State, give "information" about the meaning of Truth.

Then, it is something really important to be in this space. Truth is not communicated, not through information, it cannot be communicated. The real communication of the Truth is by the awakening of your Presence, within you. So, when you have a meeting like this, that we have here today, you are in a very important moment. This is a moment for the awakening of Truth and not for the knowledge of Truth.

When you are before something, such as a sculpture, a painting or a beautiful landscape, it is not the form that is communicating you something, but what is underlying behind that form, that sculpture, that painting or landscape.   It is what is behind the form that communicates this inner state, which you experience as silence, beauty, peace; this ends up being communicated and the physical representation of the painting, of the sculpture, of the landscape is only an external format, apparent, sensorial of this thing. When you are before a living Master, it is not the form, but what is behind the form, which communicates something.  Thus, it is not the speech, but the silence behind the speech.

In India, they have a very beautiful expression - Darshan - which means "the encounter with the form of God." When you come across a picture of a living master, or a master who is no longer in his physical body, or you come across a sculpture of him, an image carved in stone, or you come across directly with the physical form of a master - the presence of God in that human form – to look at that form be it a photograph or a sculpture, an image or He in his physical shape, this is the contact with the vision of God in the form. Darshan is "to have the vision of God."

Just as a painting, a sculpture or a landscape brings you or awakens something within you, which is communicated inside you…  It is not the picture, the landscape or the sculpture itself, but what that "thing" communicates internally that awakens something in you. It awakens this beauty, this peace, this silence.

Darshan is something we can compare to this... This Divine Presence is communicated before this look, this contact - this is Darshan. It is a speech of internal communication. In the instant of Darshan, what it communicates is not the speech, is what is behind that speech; it is not the look, it is what is behind that look; it is not this physical presence, but what is behind it. Thus, a non-verbal, non-intellectual, non-theoretical communication occurs.

This is something like all of you were with a piano there with you now and I was with another one here. So, I play a note on this musical instrument, and as we are inside the same room, when I play this note on this instrument, all the pianos present, as a matter of resonance, this same note will receive the same vibration. So, if I play the note "la", for the sake of resonance, this same note will resonate on all the pianos. This is called resonance. Notice that your piano did exactly nothing, it just responded to that resonance. Contact with Reality, with Truth, is something like this. It is in a contact of this level where the Truth is revealed for it is already present. This is the form of communion, or the form of communication, or the form of awakening.

Then, this Silence, this Love, this Consciousness, this Presence, this Truth, awakens you this way, by pure resonance. This is an important moment for this reason. Satsang is a moment of the awakening of this resonance, of this Love, of this Silence, of this understanding, of this Truth, of this Consciousness. This Presence is transmitted by a sort of resonance.

Satsang is this, not a teaching. You do not have to be taught. You are here just to be awakened and to find out that there is a note, the “note la”, in that "musical instrument" you brought into the room. In fact, this is how teaching is communicated; this is the real teaching. Then, the form of the guru, or the disciple, is only the packaging, because, the content is unique. The packaging may look different, but it is the same content; this content is Silence, Truth, Happiness.

Is it clear? The content is just one, but the packagings are many. So, there are many forms of gurus and disciples, but the difference is only in the packages, because the content is always the same. There is only one Truth, one Reality, one God, one Consciousness, Presence, Happiness, Freedom.

Can you follow this?

If you do not bring your "piano", you are not aware that this note "la" is present on it. It turns out that you want the realization of the Truth, you want the Happiness, the Love, the Wisdom, but you do not bring the "piano" into the room. If you want to realize the Truth, you have to be willing to perform it, and you have to bring your "piano". Do you understand what I mean by "bringing the piano"?

How are you going to realize That what you are, moving away from this all the time? If you are busy only on the things of body, of the mind and of the world, how will you go beyond that? If your life is to raise children, to take care of husband or wife and family, if it is to achieve something for that "person" that you believe to be, how can you know who you really are? How can you go beyond this little story created by desire?

To realize God is to be God. Therefore, it is necessary to be what you were born to be. That is your only real necessity. When that is accomplished, everything else around you assumes its place, which it has to assume; and you do not care about anything else. What I am telling you here is not a theory, it is the Truth for this mechanism called Marcos Gualberto.

You are God! How does God care about anything? How can God be afflicted with family problems? Or be worried about health problems, money, or any other need? So the only thing that matters is to realize what you were born to realize. Thus, literally, God will supply all the needs of this mechanism, of this organism, of this body. Everything God needs, God has, because God is everything. So, the only thing you need is to disappear and let God do very well the work He can do, He knows how to do and He has the power to do.

All this happens in this Darshan. To know God is to be God. This is the end of the sense of a "me" present, feeling separate, distant and in need of something.  

Let us stop here. See you next meeting. Namaste!

* Originally published in Portuguese on October 16, 2017

** Transcribed from the speech of an online meeting at the night of September 13th, 2017
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January 17, 2018

Meditation is your Natural State

You need to learn to deal with the body and the mind as easy as you deal with your car. You get in the car, start it and drive... Steering wheel, pedals, gear... Once you get to the destination, you get out of the car, lock it, and that is it. After you close the car, you do not behave as if you were still driving; the car is already behind.

For millennia, people have looked for being in control of this machine, of this car, of this so-called "body-mind". They try to do this by a practice called meditation, and I want to talk a little about it, because I consider Meditation as a matter of extreme importance if you are working on the end of this illusion - the illusion of ego identity, of separateness.

For thousands of years, people have been trying to control their minds. They have phrases like, "If you control the mind, you control the body!" The point is that, in fact, it is essential that you do not get attached to the idea "I am the body". Every human’s problem is exactly this: one has a car, and when one leaves it closed, he continues to behave as if he were driving. So, of course, there must be disorder in life that way. This is completely unhealthy behavior; it is the behavior of ego identity.

You are as identified with the body as someone is identified with the car after he or she turns it off and no longer need it. The body is only a machine, an instrument of Consciousness, but when it is at this identification’s service, what we call the "egoic mind", the problem arises. When the machine is turned off, it is not being used, then you leave it quiet. If it is being used, it is in order. If it is not being used and yet you behave as if it were, then there is the disorder, the confusion, the suffering, the misery and every human’s problem that we know.

The attempt to control the mind and body through a technique called meditation has already been done for a long time, and so far, the further one has been achieved was an artificial control over this mechanism through traditional meditation (use of a breathing technique, repetition of mantras, or certain physical postures).

Meditation is something present as Consciousness, as your own Being. Your eternal Being is Consciousness, is Meditation. So, you do not need to obtain this - this freedom of letting the machine off when it is not being used - because it is already innate, is already there.

Meditation is your Natural State. All you need to do is to let the machine off and not to behave as if it were on. And how do you behave like that? By thinking and by producing the cultivation of feelings tied to the thought, while the body is just standing, doing nothing.

When the body is active, doing some activity such as walking, eating, washing dishes, taking care of the house, brushing the teeth, you do not need the mind involved in it, unless the activity is intellectual, which requires the use of words. In such cases, the intellect will use an orderly way to work with the words, like in writing a book. For this, your entire attention remains in the words you are putting into the book - you are not dealing with the bills you have to pay, nor the naughtiness of your child, nor the anger of your husband, because the activity, there, is just about writing the book, nothing else! Do not confuse yourself with the disorder that thought wants to produce.

Notice that we are approaching this question of Meditation as something totally different from a practice, a system, or a methodology. This has already been tried and has not worked. Meditation is your Natural State of the disidentification from the experiencer in a given experience. Even to use a thought, when it is necessary, there is no need of you there as a thinker, as the author of actions, or as a hurt, injured, or even enthusiastic, cheerful person (which, in fact, is pure mental excitement). In India, they call Sahaja Samadhi, this which is you in your Natural State.

In my case, I do not leave Meditation. Getting out of Meditation would be like behaving as if the car were still with me, instead of keeping the car turned off, parked. This would create disorder! This would be a complete disorder! It would be like I was in traffic and running over people, bumping into them, conflicting with what is. For that, the body and the mind would be necessary, and I do not need to put the body, the mind and all that it represents (feelings, sensations, emotions) in the experience of relations... This would be the illusion of a machine still on.

Do you understand what I am saying?

If you are in the illusion of driving a car while it is parked, you are in the illusion of separation, of control, of fear, of desire, of confusion, living all the misery that the mind has built. You have to be alert, because this is a very addicted, cultural and socially learned thing - an inheritance from parents, from grandparents, from society, from the world, from human insanity... This is the confusion of being a person in the experience of speaking, of getting into relations, of eating, of sleeping, of walking, of working, of dealing with others...

So, what is Meditation? Meditation is you in your Natural State, free from the conflict the mind produces, or tries to produce, all the time, as someone passing you off in the experience, driving an imaginary car. So, you talk too much, you think too much, you feel too much, you get emotional all the time, and, of course, you get very annoyed, you get very upset, you get very bored, you get tedious a lot...

* Originally published in Portuguese on November 7, 2017

** Transcribed from a speech in a face-to-face meeting in the city of Cabedelo, Brazil - on August, 2017.

January 15, 2018

There is no distance between you and the Truth!

What are we doing in these meetings? What is it to be here in Satsang?

First, you need to ask if there is any real distance between you and the Truth. Every time I come across exactly with this difficulty in Satsang: trying, through the words, to show that there is no distance between you and the Truth!

After all, what is the distance between this Consciousness and the objects of which It is conscious (body, mind and world)? Is there any distance? What distance is that? Where is this distance created, produced?

If you investigate this, in a simply and direct way, you will see that there is no distance; that this separation is not real; that this Consciousness is always present, and the mind, body and world are appearing in It - they are not separate things.

In other words, you only look through a belief, an idea from the thought about that experience happening. You never dive deep within this experience. However, if you do so, you will find that there is no one present in it; there is only the experience happening in the Consciousness. In this way, the mind, the world, the body, the sensations, the emotions, the feelings, and the thoughts are happening without the illusion of separation, of duality.

Duality means two things happening: the "consciousness" witnessing and the mind, body and world appearing in an independent way... but this is not real! The mind is not independent, the body is not independent, the world is not independent! There is no separation, there are not two things! The thought is not independent from the thinker! In fact, the thinker is only a belief, an idea, another thought as well, that does not work in an independent way from that Witness, that Consciousness.

There is no thinker, thought, body and world as a separate thing, with an independent life. All this is real, but only in this Consciousness. You do not need to get rid of the thought, nor the mind or body. Who would be trying to do that? Only the illusion of separation, of duality; the illusion of someone who is present as the thinker, separated from the thought; the observer separated from what it observes; the one who feels separated from what is felt.

All problem you have lies on the idea that there is a life of yours, a particular life happening; the idea that this life is someone's life - someone and their choices, desires, determinations, intentions... So, whom are you fighting with? Discussing with whom? Complaining with whom? All your problem with others is a problem with whom? All your problem with the world, all your problem with the very mind, with the body, is a problem with whom? Is your conflict with your girlfriend, your wife, husband, neighbors?

You like some fews, but do not like some others... So, whom do you like? Whom is important to you? Whom do you get along with? Notice that it is the same duality, it is the same sense of someone present. "Someone present" has always friends and foes; it is the same illusion: if you have friends, you have enemies too; if you do like someone, there is someone you do not like of; if you are loving someone, there is someone you are not loving. You can not have one thing without having the other. This is the duality, the illusion of separation!

So, who makes you annoyed or happy? In a moment you are happy, but in just another moment you are sad, but whom is turning you this way? Who is this that feels happy or sad? Why is that he feels this way? Why is there something outside that makes you happy or sad? To whom does this separation exist? To whom does this duality exist?

That is very clear, isn’t it?

All this is happening in this illusion of getting confused with the belief of being someone separate, in the control of this moment, of this experience, that is, of the thought, sensation, emotion, world, body, of the "other"...

Notice that I am always pointing to the Natural State, outside the duality, outside the illusion, outside this separation between subject and object, between observer and object of observation. Notice that in this Silence, which is Consciousness, which is Presence, there is no separation. It arises only as a belief, when you, as an entity, separate yourself from what is happening. It is always a belief, an idea, the illusion of someone present creating a distance - "me and the body", "me and the mind", "me and the world"... As if there were two things!

Here, before you, is the challenge of this work, which is to closely approach this realization; the challenge to not get separated in order to not produce conflict, suffering, illusion. When you get separated, you create the conflict. To not get separated means to stop this war, with the fear, the suffering. You must do this work now, in this instant, until It begins to take shape, until This begins to take Its place over there.

Remember that you are going in the opposite direction - the illusion of separation, the illusion of the egoic mind is going in one direction and you are going in the opposite way; the egoic mind, the separatist mind, the illusory mind, it is going and you are coming back. You are leaving this route, this way, this hand, you are getting off this road! You are coming out of the ego, duality, illusion, Maya, sleep, unconsciousness, egoic mind, person's history... You are very used to this road, to this way, and now you are taking an another way: the way back… back home.

Home, here, means Happiness, Freedom, Consciousness, Wisdom.


* Originally published in Portuguese on September 21, 2017
**Transcribed from an online meeting on the night of February 13th, 2017
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January 10, 2018

When you search outside, you forget who You are.

In these meetings I am pointing What I consider to be the principal thing, which is not the speech itself. Your experience with the world of the senses, with the sensory world, is the experience that the mind knows and appreciates. You have an education, such a conditioning that makes you always look at the outside world, at the world of the senses.

My emphasis in these meetings is always to point out to you what I consider the main thing: your own recognition, What you are inside; not the experience you know, but the Nature where those experiences are arising from, where they are appearing… The Nature of the experience itself, which is this Consciousness that You are.

Your whole existential frustration is based on the orientation you have been experiencing from the senses. In other words: you are forgetting who you are and you are losing yourself on the experiences from the senses. For the egoic mind, all that matters is the experience of the senses. So, if you observe it closely, you are very impressed with what you see, what you listen to, what you touch, what you perceive. For you, the sensory perception is something very important and is always at ego identity’s service, which is this person you believe to be. So, you do not see from What you are. You look from the mind, you hear from the mind, you speak, you touch, you feel from the mind... Here, I mean this separatist’s mind, this egoic mind.

That is why there is no beauty in your life, because there is no depth. The nature of the person is to be superficial. It is the nature of the ego. However you have very beautiful things around you, you remain in the shallow, looking at people like a person. You talk to people as if you were a person. You listen to someone as if you were someone too. So, all your contact with the external world is only a reflection of that internal superficiality of the egoic mind, because there is no depth, and when there is no depth, there is no Wealth, there is no Grace, there is no Beauty, there is no Truth.

It works like this: you see yourself as someone and want to be fulfilled by the other; you want to be rich in the other, to become deep in the other, full, happy... You want to live the love, you want to live the freedom, but always in the other. What do we do in these meetings called Satsang? We investigate the illusory nature of this "me" that you believe to be, which is fundamental, because this frees you immediately from expecting some form of fulfillment in the "outside world”.

The ego lives in a very needy, very frightened, dependent... quite unhappy way. It needs appreciation, recognition, love coming from the other - always from there to here, from the outside to inside. It is a constant search for being someone to the other. This is the nature of the ego and you have to go beyond that, beyond this illusion of being someone, this one that has made your life so superficial. Boredom is born from it, loneliness, depression, anxiety, shyness and all forms of fear arise from this, because there is no depth.

One basic thing that you need to understand to go beyond the egoic mind is that you need to discover the Love that does not depend on the other. The Peace that does not depend on the other, the Freedom that does not depend on the other. For that, you need to get rid of the mind, to leave aside those images that the mind produces all the time in your head about who he or she is to you. You cannot depend on it! Only then, you will begin to be serious about yourself, to enjoy Life as it is.

You need to look at what it is presented at that moment, not lose yourself on it, not be impressed, not look at life in a romantic way, believing that something on the outside or someone outside will give you what you already have therein. When you search outside, you forget who You are.

When you begin to listen me, I destroy your relationships, because I want you to find the Love in yourself. Only then, you can go to the outside, date, marry, have children, friends, because nothing else can make you suffer, including - especially - boyfriends, friends, husbands, children... What you call "my world" and that is just the story of a character you believe you are.

Is it hard to follow this up?

This history is your misery. It is not your happiness. First, you find yourself and realize Happiness; then, you go outside. This is completely different from what you have learned. You have heard phrases like "you will never be happy if you do not make the other happy!" This is a lie! You are not here to make the world happy. You are here to realize that there is no world and, therefore, there is no other but You.

Your liberation and happiness are the liberation and happiness of the world. But the world and the other are not separate from You. Therefore, you realize who You are, not what the other is, when you realize Happiness. This way of thinking "the other and I" is totally wrong, pure duality.

The mind lives all the time bound to this imagination. This is what produces your dream, the dream of your life, this history of the ego identity, the person who has a name, who has a father, who has a mother (or has had), who has brothers, has friends... The person has so many things and lives deeply lost on the midst of everything he or she has. The person lives worried, scared, jealous, trying to control, trying to hold, to protect, just not to be unhappy when it all goes away.

To be someone, to see yourself as someone, is very miserable. When you see yourself as someone, there is  always something new coming into your life, and this "new thing" gets old and you want to replace it with something new, which later on you want to replace with another thing, because that one is old too... Then, there is no freedom.

In Satsang, I invite you to disappear, to be only What you were born to be. So, everything is gone and curiously everything is already present!

Here, it works with a different "math": when you have nothing, you have everything. In the ego, in the mind, it is another "math": you have everything, but you have nothing, because you do not have yourself. It is very miserable to be someone ...

OK? Let's stop for now! Namaste!

* Originally published in Portuguese on September 19, 2017

** Transcribed from a speech at an online meeting on the night of August 11, 2017
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